Word: SOW

The word SOW has appeared in at least 198 clues on different crosswords.

"""As you ___, so shall you reap"""
"'As you ___, ye are... '"
An adult female hog
"Animal going to market, maybe"
Babe's mom
"Babe's mom, for one"
Babe's mother
Barnyard animal
Barnyard animal.
Barnyard denizen
Barnyard denizen.
Barnyard female
Barnyard inhabitant
Barnyard mom
Barnyard mother
Belle of the boar
Boar adorer
Boar belle
Boar's beloved
Boar's counterpart
Boar's mate
Certain pig
Den mother
Do a farm chore
Do a farmer's job
Do a seedy job
Do a seedy job?
Do farm work
Do seedy work?
Do some planting
"Do this, then reap"
Emulate Appleseed
Farm animal
Farm animal.
Farm creature
Farm denizen
Farm denizen.
Farm female
Farm girl
Farm mom
Farm mother
Farmyard critter
Farmyard female
Fat farm female
Female Berkshire
Female badger
Female guinea pig
Female hog
Female in a pasture
Female in the pen
Female oinker
Female pig
Female porker
Female swine
Follow up on reaping
"Foment, as suspicion"
"Future bacon, perhaps"
Gal with a big snout
Gal with a snout
Get growing
Hog's mate
"Inculcate, as suspicion"
Lay the groundwork for
Litter bearer
Litter producer
Madame of the sty
Make like Johnny Appleseed
"Mama bear, for example"
Mama in the sty
Mama porker
"Miss Piggy, e.g."
"Miss Piggy, for one"
Miss piggy
Miss piggy?
Mother bear
Mother hog
Mrs. Porker
Not a boar
Oblong iron mass
Pen denizen
Pen mother
Pen pal?
"Petunia Pig, e.g."
"Petunia Pig, for example"
Petunia or Miss Piggy
Pig with little piggies
Piglet parent
Piglet producer
Piglet's ma
Piglet's mom
Piglet's mother
Piglet's parent
Pigsty dweller
Place seeds
Plant seeds
Porcine mama
Porcine parent
Porker parent
Porker's parent
Porky female?
Put in the ground
Reap's precursor.
Scatter across the earth
Scatter seed
Scatter seeds
"Scatter, as seed"
"Scatter, as seeds"
She's a big pig
She's a pig
She's a real hog
Shoat's mom
Sooey respondent
Spill seed
Spread abroad.
Spread for growth
Spread on a farm
Spread seed
Spread seeds
Spread some seeds
Start a garden
Start the growing season
Strew or sprinkle about
Strew seed
Sty denizen
Sty dweller
Sty female
Sty mama
Sty matriarch
Sty mom
Sty mother
Sty occupant
Sty resident
Sty she
Swinish female
Throw around the farm
Use a seed drill
"What Tears for Fears will do to ""The Seeds of Love"""
What the reaper did
What to do before you reap
What to do with wild oats
Work in the field
Plant as seed
Plant as seeds
Boar’s mate
"You reap what you ___"
"You reap what you ___"
Sty mother
Piglet's mother
What Johnny Appleseed did
Plant seeds
Thus get wife an animal
Scatter, as seeds
Farm mom
Piglets nurser
Scatter, as seed
Plant seeds
Scatter seed
Female pig
Animal like this wife
Piglet's parent
C P —, author of novels Homecomings and Time of Hope
Female adult pig
Grunting female
Fat farm creature
Plant seeds
Barnyard female
Start a future crop
Piglet's parent
Ms Piggy
Female pig
What to do before you reap
Female pig
Thus gets wife an animal
Female pig