The word SPRAT has appeared in at least 177 clues on different crosswords.

"""Jack ___ could eat no fat"""
A Mother Goose Jack
A nursery Jack
Avoider of fat
Baltic Sea swimmer
Big name in fat avoidance
Big name in lean dieting
Certain choosy eater
Clean platter name
Diet-conscious fellow of rhyme
Diet-conscious nursery rhyme fellow
Dieter Jack
Dieter of nursery rhymes
Dieter of rhyme
Dieter of rhyme Jack
Early cholesterol avoider
Either of a nursery rhyme couple
Epicure of nursery rhyme.
Famed eschewer of fats.
Fat avoider Jack
Fat eschewer
Fat eschewer of rhyme
Fat forgoer of rhyme
Fat-avoiding Jack
Fat-avoiding fellow
Fat-shunning Jack
Fat-shunning fellow
Fictional dieter Jack
Fictional weight watcher
Fish traps
Food fish
Gourmet of nursery rhyme.
He ate lean
He ate lean cuisine
He ate no fat
He could eat no fat
Herring family member
Herring of the east North Atlantic
Herring species
Herring type
Herring variety
Herring's cousin
Herringlike fish
Herringlike fish.
His wife got fat
Inconsequential one
Inconsequential person
Insignificant one
Jack ___
Jack ___.
Jack in a kiddie's rhyme
Jack in a nursery rhyme
Jack in nursery-rhymes who ate no fat
Jack of a nursery rhyme
Jack of lean cuisine
Jack of nursery rhyme
Jack of nursery rhyme fame
Jack of nursery rhymes
Jack of rhyme
Jack of the nursery rhyme
Jack who ate no fat
Jack who avoided fat
Jack who could eat no fat
Jack who would eat no fat
Jack who's a picky eater
Jack with a fat wife
Jack with a low-fat diet
Jack's fish
"Jack, the picky eater"
"Jack, who ate no fat"
Lean Jack
Lean cuisine lover
Lean eater
Lean eater of rhyme
Lean eater.
Lean man
Lean-eater of rhyme
Little fish.
Lover of lean cuisine
Lover of lean cuisine?
Man on a nonfat diet
Memorable dieter
Mother Goose character
Mother Goose character.
Mother Goose dieter
Mother Goose's dieter
Name of a nursery rhyme family with cholesterol issues
No-fat Jack
No-fat eater of rhyme
No-fat man
Nonfat Jack
Nonfat advocate Jack
Noted surname in dietetics
Nursery rhyme Jack
Nursery rhyme character
Nursery rhyme character for whom fried bacon isn't an option
Nursery rhyme character.
Nursery rhyme dieter
Nursery rhyme diner
Nursery rhyme eater.
Nursery rhyme guy
Nursery rhyme name
Nursery rhyme surname
Nursery rhyme weight watcher
Nursery-rhyme Jack or his wife
Oily fish
One nursery-rhyme Jack
One of a nursery rhyme couple
One on a nonfat diet?
One who doesn't chew the fat?
Picky eater of rhyme
Pilchard's kin
Returning sailors receive a penny for singular catch (5)
Sardine relative
Sardinelike fish
Silvery herring
Skinny guy
Small fish
Small fish.
Small food fish
Small fry
Small herring
Small herring.
Small silvery herring
Swivel canvases around for nursery rhyme character (5)
Thin Jack
Type of herring
Weight watcher of rhyme
"When canned, it's a sardine"
Young 'un
Young anchovy.
Young herring
Small herring
Different parts of a fish
Lean-eater Jack
Jack of nursery rhymes
Anchovy or sand eel
Little dispute about river fish
Do its wrong parts get eaten?
Minor argument about river fish
Insignificant person
Jack who shunned fat
West Point student
Jack ___
European —, small marine food fish also called a brisling
Jack of rhyme
Good source of omega-3 for someone on a restricted diet
Food fish
Different parts of fish
Smoked fish
Small food fish
Jack ___
Jack who avoided fat
Mackerel's favourite fish?
European —, small marine food fish also called a brisling
Jack who ate no fat
Dieter of rhyme
European —, small marine food fish also called a brisling
Jack who ate no fat
Small herring
Nursery rhyme dieter
Either of a culinarily picky pair
Small fish
Different parts of fish