Word: STAR

The word STAR has appeared in at least 1515 clues on different crosswords.

"""... name of the ___ is called Wormwood"" (Rev. 8:11)"
"""... there shall come a ___ out of Jacob"" (Num. 24:17)"
"""...a ___ to every wandering bark..."": Shak."
"""...following yonder ___"""
"""...for we have seen his ___ in the east"""
"""...there shall come a ___ out of Jacob"" (Numbers 24:17)"
"""A ___ In Born"""
"""A ___ Is Born"""
"""And I will give him the morning ___"" (Rev. 2:28)"
"""Bright"" inspiration for Keats"
"""Entertainment Tonight"" subject"
"""Fade Into You"" Mazzy ___"
"""Flaming ___"" (1960 Elvis movie)"
"""Impossible Dream"" item"
"""Kansas City ___"" (1968 Roger Miller hit)"
"""M*A*S*H"" partition?"
"""Mario Party"" prize"
"""National Enquirer"" competition"
"""Notch"" on Orion's belt"
"""Shining ___"" (1975 #1 hit)"
"""Shining ___"" (Earth, Wind & Fire)"
"""Shining ___"" (Earth, Wind and Fire hit)"
"""So Tonight That I Might See"" band Mazzy ___"
"""The Evening ___"" (1996)"
"""The Lone ___ State"" on Texas plates"
"""The ___ Chamber"" (1983)"
"""The ___-Spangled Banner"""
"""The ___-Spangled Banner,"" written by Francis Scott Key 9/14/1814"
"""There shall come a ___ out of Jacob"" (Num 24:17)"
"""When they saw the ___, they rejoiced..."" (Matt. 2:10)"
"""Would you like to swing on a ___?"""
"""You are here"" symbol"
"""You don't have to be a ___, baby, to be in my show"""
"""___ 80,"" 1983 film"
"""___ Search"" (show that LeAnn Rimes and Usher appeared on)"
"""___ Trek"""
"""___ Trek"" (TV show with a captain's log)"
"""___ Trek"" (show with the catchphrase ""I'm a doctor, not a..."")"
"""___ Trek: Deep Space Nine"""
"""___ Wars"""
"""___ of the County Down"""
'___ Trek'
'___ Wars'
*Natural nuclear-fusion reactor
- crossed: doomed
A feature of Old Glory
A film might receive one
A negative film review may have one
A telephone button
A twinkler
AF jet symbol
Above-the-title talent
Acclaimed one
Ace among hurlers
Achernar or Acrux
"Achernar, e.g."
"Achernar, for one"
Acrab or Acrux
"Agena, for one."
Al Tarf is one
Alcor or Altair.
Aldebaran is one
"Aldebaran, e.g."
"Aldebaran, for one."
Alex Chilton's Big ___
Algol or Antares
Algorab or Altair
"Alioth, e.g."
"Alioth, for one"
All ___.
All trailer
All- ___ Game
All-___ Game
All-___ game
Alpha Centauri.
"Alpha, beta or gamma"
"Alpha, e.g."
Alt-rock duo Mazzy ___
Altair or Antares
Altair or Atlas.
Altair or Rigel
"Altair, Almach, or Al Suhail"
Amazon rating unit
An AL representative in a midseason game
"Anatares, e.g."
Andrews movie
Antares is one
"Antares or Betelgeuse, e.g."
Antares or Deneb
"Antares, e.g."
"Antares, for one"
"Any Wimbledon winner, in the tennis world"
"Any pop music icon, for example"
Apostrophe in Macy's logo
Aptly placed decoration for this theme
"Arcturus or Alpha Centauri, e.g."
Arcturus or Antares
"Arcturus or Dubhe, e.g."
Arcturus or Rigel
"Arcturus or Rigel, e.g."
"Arcturus, for one"
"Arcturus, for one."
"Asterisk, to a phone dialer"
Astro's cap insignia
Astrology item
Astronomer's concern
Astronomer's concern.
Astronomer's interest
Astronomer's sighting
Astronomical observation
Astronomy figure
Astrophobe's fear
Award for a good student
Award of merit
"Bad Company's ""Shooting ___"""
Badge form
Badge out West
Badge shape
"Ball, in ""The Lucy Show,"" say"
Balthazar's guide
Banner spangler
"Barbra Streisand, Helen Hunt or Madonna"
Be brilliant
Be brilliant.
Be featured
Be featured (in)
Be featured in a movie
Be featured.
Be pre-eminent.
Be the best
Be the headliner
Be top banana
"Beck ""Dark ___"""
"Bellatrix or Mirzam, notably"
Betelgeuse e.g.
Betelgeuse is one
Betelgeuse or Deneb
Betelgeuse or Rigel
Betelgeuse or Sirius
Betelgeuse or Streisand
Betelgeuse or Vega
"Betelgeuse, e.g."
"Betelgeuse, for one"
Beverly Hills sighting
Big Dipper component
Big Dipper part
Big Dipper point
Big ___
Big draw
Big name
Big name in Hollywood
Big name in tabloids
Big shot
Big tabloid
Bill topper
Billing for backward rats
"Bing's swing, in a song"
Bit-player's idol
"Blockbuster film's need, usually"
"Boater's guide, maybe"
Body located by an astrolabe
Bono or Madonna
Box ___office draw
Box office draw
Box-office drawer
Brigadier general's insignia
Brigadier's insignia
Bright Belly album?
Bronze ___
Bronze ___ (military decoration)
Bunting unit
Button below the 7
Canopus or Aldebaran
Canopus or Procyon
"Canopus, e.g."
"Canopus, for one"
"Capella, e.g."
"Capella, for one."
Capital 8
Capital 8?
Capital indicator
Capital symbol
Capital-city map mark
Cast topper
Castor or Pollux
Castor or Pollux.
Cat Stevens never wanted to be one
Celebrated actor
Celebrity rats
Celebrity to begin but not finish (4)
Celestial body
Celestial twinkler
Celine or Mariah
Center feature on a Scrabble board
Center of a Scrabble board
Center of attention
Central Scrabble board symbol
Certain billing
Certain twinkler
"Chevalier, for one."
Chief attraction
"Child's reward, perhaps"
Chinese checkers board shape
Christmas cookie shape
Christmas symbol.
Christmas tree topper
Chrysler symbol
Common flag feature
Common flag symbol
Common newspaper name
Common word in Sci-Fi titles
Commonwealth ___ (symbol on Australia's flag)
"Connell's 'Son of the Morning ___"""
"ConocoPhillips' refinery in Billings, MT earned an Energy ___ rating in 2006 and 2007"
Constellation component
Constellation member
Constellation part
Converse symbol
Cosmologist's concern
Cowboy helmet feature
Cowboy's emblem
Cowboy's symbol
Cowboys helmet feature
Cowboys' emblem
Critic's award
Critic's bestowal
Critic's rating unit
Critic's unit
Critical unit?
Cross: Christianity :: ___ : Judaism
"Cult song on ""Basketball Diaries"" soundtrack"
"Dad, today"
Dallas Cowboy emblem
Dallas Cowboy helmet emblem
Dallas Cowboy's emblem
Dallas Cowboys emblem
Dallas Cowboys helmet feature
Dallas Cowboys symbol
Dallas Cowboys' emblem
Dallas NHLer
Dallas athlete
Dallas hockey player
Dallas ice man
Dallas iceman
Dallas pro
Dark ___ (1953 Derby winner)
Deneb is one
Deneb or Altair
Deneb or Arcturus
Deneb or Betelgeuse
Deneb or Mizar
"Deneb or Mizar, e.g."
Deneb or North
Deneb or Polaris
Deneb or Procyon
Deneb or Rigel
Deneb or Vega
"Deneb, e.g."
"Deneb, for one"
"Deneb, for one."
"Denebola, e.g."
"Denzel Washington, for one"
Derby winner Dark ___: 1953
Dial phone's lack
Diamond standout
Dipper component
Dipper part
Dipper unit
Directional guide for the Three Wise Men
"Diva, e.g."
Dog or North.
Dog or lucky
Dominate the marquee
Draw in a picture?
Drawing card
Dressing room door figure
Dressing room door ornament
Dressing room door symbol
Dressing-room door adornment
Dressing-room door ornament
Dressing-room door symbol
Dubhe or Duhr
Dwarf or giant ___
"Dwarf or giant, maybe"
Dwarf or giant?
"Dwarf, e.g."
"Each state, symbolically"
"Earth, Wind & Fire #1 hit ""Shining ___"""
"El Nath, e.g."
Elevator symbol indicating the lobby
Emblem on Captain America's shield
Eminent one.
End of a fairy's wand
Energy ___ (EPA program)
Enif or Izar
Evening or dog
"Everclear's ""Rock ___"""
Excelling others.
Feature of Captain America's shield
Feature of Somalia's flag
Feature of a Cowboy's helmet
Featured actor
Film VIP
Film critic's unit
Film headliner
Film rater's unit
Film rating symbol
Film's lead
Film's most prominent actor
Film-rating symbol
Film-rating unit
First name on a marquee
First one to be billed
First-billed performer
Fish flower or grass
Five-___ restaurant
Five-pointed figure
Flag feature
Flag five-pointer
Flag symbol
Flag symbol.
Flower or fish
Fomalhaut <P>e.g.<P>
"Fomalhaut, e.g."
"Fomalhaut, for one."
Former part of the USSR
Fusion site
Gable or Garbo
Galactic bit
Galaxy component
Galaxy glitterer
Galaxy member
Galaxy standout
Galaxy unit
Game winner
General acquisition
General acquisition?
General decoration
General indication?
General indicator
General indicator?
General symbol
General's accrual
General's insigne.
General's insignia
General's shoulder wear
General's symbol
Geppetto wished on one
Gertrude Lawrence film bio
Get the lead.
Get the limelight
Get top billing
Get top billing.
Get your name on a marquee
Gmail message icon
Gold ___
Gold or Lone
Gold or bronze award
Gold or shooting
Good student's reward
Gossip-column subject
Grable or Gable
Grade schooler's reward
Grade-school reward
Grade-schooler's reward
Gravitational force
"Great athlete, e.g."
Great ball of fire
Great ball of fire?
"Guess Who hit ""___ Baby"""
Guide for the Magi
Guide to Bethlehem
Guiding light at night
Guiding light?
Half of a binary system
Has marquee status
Have a leading role
Have the biggest part
Have the lead
Have the lead part
Have the lead role
Have the leading role
Have the main role
Have top billing
Hawaii's is the 50th.
Head a cast
Head the bill
Head the cast
Headline (in)
Heavenly body
Heavenly light
Heavenly sight
Heavenly twinkler
Heavenly unit
Heineken bottle feature
Heineken bottle symbol
Heineken logo
Heineken logo feature
Heineken symbol
High light
High light?
Hold the lead
Hollywood Boulevard embedment
Hollywood Boulevard feature
Hollywood Boulevard sight
Hollywood V.I.P.
Hollywood VIP
Hollywood Walk figure
Hollywood Walk of Fame feature
Hollywood Walk of Fame figure
Hollywood Walk of Fame implant
Hollywood Walk of Fame insignia
Hollywood Walk of Fame item
Hollywood Walk of Fame name
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbol
Hollywood figure
Hollywood headliner
Hollywood heavyweight
Hollywood honcho
Hollywood hotshot
Hollywood notable
Hollywood sight
"Hollywood sight, maybe"
Hollywood sighting
"Hollywood sighting, sometimes"
Hollywood success
Hollywood's Walk-of-Fame feature
"Hope, for instance."
Hot ball of gas
Hotel-rating unit
Hubble focus
Important email marker
In K.C. it's black and white and read all over
Indianapolis newspaper
Insignia on an Astro's cap
Inspiration for Keats
It can be silver or bronze
It could be you on a map
It gives Us competiton
It may be seen before 69
It may be wished upon
It may shine or fall
It may twinkle
It often goes out with a bang
It twinkles
"It's black, white and read in Kansas City"
It's left of zero
Item a colonel wants.
Item on a diva's door
Item on a flag
Item on a military shoulder
J.S. for five decades
"Jerry Yang or Jeff Bezos, in the business world"
"Jones of ""The View"""
"Julia Roberts, for one"
Julie Andrews film.
Julie Andrews film: 1968
Julie Andrews movie
Julie Andrews movie.
Kansas City daily
Kansas City newspaper
Kansas City or Indianapolis newspaper
Kansas City paper
Kaye or Kitt.
"Kevin Costner, for ""Field of Dreams"""
Key player
"Kid's reward, maybe"
Kind of anise or cactus
Kind of apple or chamber
Kind of billing
Kind of boarder
Kind of cactus
Kind of chamber
Kind of dust
Kind of fish or dust
Kind of pupil
Kind of pupil or gazer
Kind of sapphire
Kind of witness
"Kindergarten ""grade"""
Kindergarten award
Kindergarten reward
Kindergartner's reward
"Kindergartner's reward, maybe"
Late-night twinkler
"LeBron or Leonardo, e.g."
Lead a troupe
Lead actor
Lead actress
Lead on Broadway
Lead on the silver screen
Lead passage from first article (4)
Lead player
"Lead singer, usually"
Lead the billing
"Lead, usually"
Lead-role player
Leading actor
Leading lady
Leading light
Leading man
Leading man e.g.
Leading man or lady
Leading performer
Leading player
Leading role
Leonard Maltin review symbol
Liberia's flag has one
Light at night
Light in space
Light up?
Literary luminary
Liza or Mizar
Logo for Macy's or the Dallas Cowboys
Logo of Macy's
Lone ___ State (nickname of Texas)
Lower-left phone button
Lucky or movie
Luminous orb
Macy's logo
Macy's logo feature
Macy's symbol
"Madonna ""Lucky ___"""
"Madonna's ""Lucky ___"""
"Magi ""guide"""
Magi guide
Magi's directional guide
Magi's guide
Magi's interest
Magi's magical guide
Magic wand feature
"Magic wand feature, often"
Magic wand tip
"Magic wand tip, sometimes"
Magic wand topper
Main actor in a play
Main attraction
Man with the --- (joker)*
Man with the ---: joker*
Man with the ---: the joker*
Man with the ___ (joker)*
"Mantle or Mays, once"
Many a Hollywood premiere attendee
Map symbol
Mariner's guide
Mariner's sighting
"Mark as important, say"
Mark of excellence
Marquee luminary
Marquee name
Marquee name.
Marquee performer
Marquee topper
Marquee-name entertainer
Marquee-worthy player
"Marshal Kane's badge in ""High Noon,"" e.g."
Marshal's badge
Marshal's badge.
Matinee idol
Maze runners <--
Mazzy ___
Merak or Mizar
Michelin guide symbol
Michelin rating unit
Michelin reward
Mickelson or Sutton
Midnight twinkler
Military award
Milky Way component
Milky Way ingredient
Milky Way ingredient?
Milky Way part
Milky Way sparkler
Milky Way unit
Mira is one
Mira or Rigel
Mira or Vega
Mizar or Procyon
Morning or evening sight
Movie V.I.P.
Movie VIP
Movie biggie
Movie critic's symbol
Movie draw
Movie idol
Movie lead
Movie moneymaker
Movie player?
Movie rating unit
Movie review symbol
Movie reviewer's unit
Movie-poster name
Musical VIP.
Musical lead
Name above the title
Name in lights
Name in lights.
Name of many a newspaper
Name on a marquee
Name on the marquee
Name that gets top billing
National Enquirer competitor
National Enquirer rival
Navigation aid
Navigational aid
Navigator's aid
New '___ Wars': Worth four months in line?
Newman or Woodward
"Newspaper that Hemingway wrote for, the Toronto ___"
Nicholson or Streep
Night light
Night light?
Night sight
Night sight in the sky
Night twinkler
Night vision
Night vision?
Night-sky light
Nighttime twinkler
Nihal or Nunki
Ninja projectile
Non-numerical phone button
North Carolina flag feature
North ___
North ___.
North or movie
"Nova, e.g."
"Nova, for one"
"O ___ (hot, massive celestial body)"
O'Toole is one
Old D.C. paper
Old Glory
Old Glory detail
Old Glory feature
Old Glory unit
Old phone's lack
Olympic class keelboat
One assigned to a bomb?
One at the top of the bill
One billed first
One billed higher than the rest
One in the lead
One in the limelight.
One may be assigned to a bomb
One may be rising
One of 12 in the European Union logo
One of fifty.
One of five on China's flag
One of five on the Chinese flag
One of seven in the Big Dipper
One of three in Orion's Belt.
One on the Walk of Fame
One telephone button
One who has the lead
One who shines
One who takes the lead
One with a print outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre
One with top billing
Orion member
Orion's Belt unit
Oscar winner.
"Our sun, for one"
Outstanding one
Outstanding player
Overhead light
Paparazzi prey
Paparazzi target
Paparazzi's target
Paparazzo's subject
Part of Hollywood Boulevard
Part of Old Glory
Part of Orion's belt
Part of Pegasus
Part of Texaco's logo
Part of Virgo or Aries
Part of a constellation
Part of a galaxy
Part of a knight's insignia
Part of the Big Dipper
Part of the flag.
Part of the name of many a newspaper
"Patrick's last name on ""SpongeBob SquarePants"""
"Pearl Bailey, for one."
Pegasus part
"Penn or Law, e.g."
"Pentacle, e.g."
Pentagram for a perfect paper
Pentagram shape
"Pentagram, e.g."
Perfect paper pentagram
Perfect paper stick-on
"Performer in the title role, usually"
Pherkad is one
Phone button
Phone button below 7
Phone button below the 7
Phone button symbol
Phone key
Piece of Orion's belt
Pitcher like Seaver
Plain-Belly Sneetch's lack
Planetarium light
Planetarium site
Play a big part
Play a big part?
Play lead
Play the choice role
Play the hero
Play the lead
Play the lead role
Play the lead.
Play the leading role
Player like George Brett
Player like Michael Jordan
Point to guide by
Polar ___ (Polaris)
Polaris or Aldebaran
Polaris or Pollux
"Polaris or Pollux, e.g."
Polaris or Rigel
Polaris or Sirius
Polaris or Vega
"Polaris, e.g."
"Polaris, for one"
Political symbol.
"Pop singer, e.g."
Pound alternative
Pound sign partner
Power-pop godfathers Big ___
Prima donna
Prima donna.
"Procyon, e.g."
Prominent player
"Proxima Centauri, e.g."
"Proxima Centauri, for one"
Pupil or gazer
Put an asterisk by
Quality unit
Quick-dial symbol
"R.E.M. ""___ 69"""
Ranking symbol
Ranking unit
Rat's reversal?
Rater's unit
Rating indicator
Rating part
Rating symbol
Rating symbol at Amazon.com
Rating unit
Ratings unit
Rats' reversal
Red carpet VIP
"Red dwarf, e.g."
"Red dwarf, for one"
Red giant or white dwarf
"Red giant, e.g."
Reference mark
"Regulus, e.g."
"Regulus, for one"
Report-card paste-on
Representation of a state on the U.S. flag
Restaurant rating unit
Restaurant review symbol
Review unit
Reviewer's award
Reviewer's handout
Reviewer's reward
Reviewer's symbol
Reviewer's unit
Reward for merit
Rigel is one
Rigel or Adib
Rigel or Alpha Centauri
Rigel or Altair
Rigel or Antares
Rigel or Betelgeuse
Rigel or Deneb
Rigel or Spica.
"Rigel or Vega, e.g."
"Rigel, e.g."
"Rigel, for one"
"Rigel, for one."
"Rigil Kentaurus, e.g."
Rock ___
Rock or tin follower
"Rod Stewart ""You're the ___"""
Rodents being raised
Rooney or Clooney
Rotary phone's lack
Sabik or Salm
Sadr or Salm
Sailboat designed by Francis Sweisguth in 1911
Sailor Masefield's steering aid
"Sailor's guide, maybe"
Sapphire feature
Sapphire or chamber
Sapphire or pupil
School reward
Scrabble board symbol
Seasonal symbol.
"Sela or Jenna, say"
Self-luminous body
Shape at the end of a wand
Shape of Fort McHenry
Shape of a fish.
Shape of a pentamerous flower.
Shape of the board in Chinese checkers
Sheriff badge shape
Sheriff's badge
Sheriff's badge shape
Sheriff's emblem.
Sheriff's symbol
Shining example
"Ship's guiding light, maybe"
Show leader
Showbiz big wheel
Sight in the night sky
Sign that an answer is spelled trickily
Silver or bronze follower
"Singer, usually"
Sirius e.g.
Sirius is one
Sirius or Antares
Sirius or Mizar
Sirius or Polaris
Sirius or Rigel
Sirius or Vega
"Sirius, e.g."
"Sirius, for one"
"Sirius, say"
Skat or Mira
Skat or Vega
Sky light
Sky sight
Sky twinkler
Sol or Antares
Sol or Vega
"Sol, for one"
Solar sytem center
Solomon's seal
Somalia flag feature
Some billing
Something out of this world.
Something to wish on.
Something to wish upon
Something to wish upon.
Southern Cross part
Southern Cross unit
Soviet symbol
Spica or Rigel
Spica or Rigel.
Spica or Vega
Sports ace
Sports celebrity
Stage bigwig
Stage billing
Stage celebrity
Stage lead
Stage-door symbol
Stand out
Standout player
State indicator
Streisand is one
Streisand or Sills
Streisand or Sirius
Streisand or Streep
Subject of a Keatsian sonnet
"Sun, e.g."
"Sun, for one"
Superior one.
"Supernova, originally"
Symbol by the L in an elevator
Symbol for Macy's
Symbol in Cuba's flag.
Symbol in the center of a Scrabble board
Symbol in the middle of the field at AT&T Stadium
Symbol of achievement
Symbol of rank.
Symbol of the Dallas Cowboys
Symbol on Captain America's shield
Symbol on Morocco's flag
Symbol on Texas's flag
Symbol on Vietnam's flag
Symbol on a Cowboy's helmet
Symbol on a Top Gun jet
Symbol on a flag
Symbol on a phone button
Symbol on the Confederate flag.
Symbol on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Symbol on the center square of a Scrabble board
Symbol used by the answers to the asterisked clues
Symbolic telephone button
TV's '-- Search'
TV's '___ Search'
"Tabloid near ""OK!"" and ""The Enquirer"""
Take the lead
Take the lead?
Take top billing
Talented one
Talented performer
Tannenbaum object
Tannenbaum topper
"Tannenbaum topper, perhaps"
Team leader
Telephone button
Texaco logo
Texaco symbol
Texaco trademark
Texas flag feature
Texas flag symbol
Texas symbol
"The Guess Who's ""___ Baby"""
The Sun is one
"The Sun, for one"
The View evictee
The design of Berlin's Judische Museum is based on a shattered ___ of David
The one assigned to a bomb?
The sun is one
The sun is the closest one to earth
"The sun, e.g."
"The sun, for example"
"The sun, for one"
The sun.
Theatre attraction
Thing to wish upon
"Thuban, e.g."
Tiger Woods or David Duval
Title role player
Tom Hanks is one
Tom Hanks. e.g.
Top banana
Top colonel's reward
Top name on a marquee
Top of the cast
Top player
Top reporter
Top the cast
Top-billed actor
Top-billed one
Top-billed performer
Top___billed one
Toronto daily
Toronto newspaper
Toronto paper
Toronto's largest daily newspaper
Touted one
Tree decoration
Tree ornament.
Tree topper
"Tree topper, at times"
Treetop symbol.
Tropical apple
Twinkler in the sky
Twinkler over Bethlehem
Type of chamber or quality
Type of gazer
Type of power
Type of sapphire
Type of witness
Uncontrolled nuclear fusion site
Unit in general rankings
Unit of a galaxy.
Unit of critique
Vega or Polaris
Vega or Rigel
Vega or Spica
Vega or attraction at Vegas
Vega or nova
"Vega, for one"
Vietnamese flag feature
Wagon hitch sometimes
"Wahlberg's terrible ""Rock ___"""
Walk of Fame attraction
Walk of Fame award
Walk of Fame depiction
Walk of Fame embedment
Walk of Fame feature
Walk of Fame figure
Walk of Fame honor
Walk of Fame implant
Walk of Fame insignia
Walk of Fame piece
Walk of Fame sight
Walk of Fame symbol
Wars or Chamber
Weekly World News rival
"Western ___, big-rig brand"
"What ""Estelle"" means"
What most rockers want to be
What rocker wants to be
What the Magi followed
What the man of La Mancha followed
What this puzzle's central phenomenon may have once been
"White dwarf, e.g."
White spot of forehead of a horse.
White spot on a horse's forehead
White spot on the forehead of a horse.
Wish medium.
Wish receiver
Wisher's sight
Wisher's sight or site
Wishing object
Wishing site
Wishing spot
"With 34D, a mariner's guide"
"Woods, Duval or Mickelson"
"Word with ""movie"" or ""shooting"""
Word with board or chamber
Word with dust or chamber
Word with fish or dust
Word with let or pupil
Word with movie or shooting
"Word with tin, silver, or gold"
Xmas tree topper
Yuletide tree topper
Zaniah or Zosma
Zubenelgenubi or Dubhe
Zubenelgenubi or Izar
___ Alliance (airline bloc)
___ Chamber
___ Wars
___ boarder
___ chamber
___ dust
___ of David
___ of India
___ pupil.
___ quality
___ system
___ witness
"___-Banner (Ocala, Florida paper owned by The Times Company)"
Take the lead
Magi’s guide
Telephone button
Paparazzo subject
Cowboys helmet feature
Dallas Cowboys logo
Top-billed performer
Top-billed performer
Vietnam flag feature
Part of a rating
General’s imsignia
Marquee name
Canopus or Capella
Play the leading role
Oater badge shape
Sirius, for one
Rating unit
Symbol seen in ratings
Marquee name
Sirius or Polaris
Name on a billboard
Telescope sight
Constellation component
27-Across, for one
Bit of a constellation
Receive top billing
Night twinkler
Flag feature
Capital symbol, on maps
Big Dipper component
"A ____ Is Born"
Marquee name
Heavenly light
Leading lady
Dallas Cowboys logo
Hollywood headliner
Celestial body
Certain phone button
Top-billed performer
Must argue about celebrity
Christmas tree topper
Symbol to the left of a zero on a phone
Big Dipper component
Principal actor in a film
Brigadier general's insignia
Rating unit
Walk of Fame figure
Rating unit
Sirius or Polaris
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
Hollywood Walk of Fame honor
One with top billing
Restaurant rater's unit
Thing in the night sky
Dallas Cowboys emblem
"A ____ Is Born"
Rating symbol
Heavenly light
Golden-__ (senior)
Shining light
Topline, as a movie
Enjoy top billing
Touch down, as a plane
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
Big Dipper component
Big Dipper component
Street-smart, informally
Brigadier general's insignia
Marquee name
One receiving top billing
Top-billed performer
Symbol at the center of a Scrabble board
"A ____ Is Born"
"A ____ Is Born"
"A ____ Is Born"
"A ____ Is Born"
Twinkling sky light
1968 biopic starring Julie Andrews as Gertrude Lawrence
1968 biopic starring Julie Andrews as Gertrude Lawrence
Sheriff's wear
Sky light
Celestial body
One putting butts in movie seats
Last argument about a sun
Principal performer
Leader of the 1st Army
The sun, for one
Walk of Fame sight
Astros cap feature
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbol
Upsets despicable types opening type of 6 down
Heavenly light
Heavenly light
Symbol on the Texas flag
Top-billed performer
Marquee name
Navigator's aid
Wish receiver
Night twinkler
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
Big Dipper component
It may put a twinkle in your eye
Feature of the Texan flag
Five-pointed figure
Celestial body
Heineken logo
Symbol on many flags
"A ____ Is Born"
"A ____ Is Born"
Something to wish upon
Heavenly light
Christmas symbol
Heavenly light
One of 50 on the U.S. flag
Most prestigious part of flight - after one disembarks
Celestial body
Night twinkler
Vapour (5)
Mates using old form of power (5)
Top-billed performer
Regulus, for one
Brilliant nightlight
Lead role actress
Celestial twinkler
Houston Astros logo image
Michelin unit
Toronto paper
Top-billed performer
Big Dipper component
Expression of annoyance over principal
Liberia's flag has one
Celestial body
Betelgeuse is one
Marquee name
"A ____ Is Born"
Rating unit
Leading cast member
Celebrity appearing nightly?
Sirius, for one
Most arguments are about celebrity
Movie attraction
One with top billing
Heavenly light
Be the lead performer in a film
Sticker on a perfect paper, maybe
Flag feature
Paparazzo's subject
Lead in a film
Top-billed actor
Point of a constellation
Marquee name
Marquee name
Castor or Pollux
Vega, for one
Critic's assignment
Online rating symbol
Center square symbol, in Scrabble
Play the hero
Most arguments are about celebrity
Light up? Balderdash!
Play the lead
Rating unit
Walk of Fame symbol
Twinkler up high
Movie premiere VIP
Most arguments are about celebrity
Top draw of a flick
Night twinkler
Night light
Big Dipper component
Symbol on a Scrabble board's center space
Five-pointed figure
"A ____ Is Born"
Heavenly light
Sticker on some perfect papers
Red giant, maybe, seen in movies?
Cowboys helmet feature
Phone keypad symbol
Have the lead role
Person famous in most areas
One with top billing
Rating unit
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
Symbol in the middle of a Scrabble board
One with top billing
Hollywood draw
Ratings unit
Celestial body
Walk of Fame sight
Sky shiner
Most arguments are about celebrity
Hollywood headliner
Galaxy component
Rating unit
Stage celebrity
Keypad symbol
Texas flag feature
"A ____ Is Born"
Elementary school award
Heavenly light
Red symbol on Mao's cap
Symbol in the middle of a Scrabble board
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
A celebrity on board, right?
Constellation part
Most arguments are about celebrity
Marquee topper
Toronto paper
Marquee name
Top-billed actor
Most arguments are about celebrity
Principal actor in a film
Top-billed actor
Not only highly expert, this board is right!
Top-billed performer
Rating unit
Be a headliner
Have the lead
"A ____ Is Born"
Type of billing
Five-pointed figure
Top-billed performer
Milky Way unit
Sheriff's pin-on
The sun, for one
Pitt or Penn, e.g.
Film headliner
Great ball of fire
Symbol on a keypad
Rigel or Vega
Headlining performer
Heavenly light
Night twinkler
Big Dipper component
Sirius or Polaris
Most arguments are about celebrity
Top-billed performer
Constellation component
Twinkling sky light
Reviewer's unit
Celestial body
Most arguments are about celebrity
Sky twinkler
Telephone button
Be a headliner
"A ____ Is Born"
Sky twinkler
Heavenly light
Cast header
Insignia on a Houston Astros cap
Marquee name
Antares, for one
Hollywood Boulevard symbol
Phone keypad symbol
Rating unit
Night twinkler
One with the lead
Dipper unit
Betelgeuse or Sirius
Polaris, e.g.
Flag feature
Night twinkler
Lead actress
Have top billing
Expert activist in the arts?
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbol
Part of Orion's belt
Astronomy study
Headline a film
Word before "Wars" or "Trek"
Movie celebrity
Texas flag feature
Toronto daily
Big Dipper component
Brilliant time to leave foundation
Symbol on the Texas state flag
"A ___ Is Born" (Jay-Z song)
Take the lead
Christmas decoration
"A ____ Is Born"
Sky light?
Film attraction
Sirius or Polaris
Hollywood headliner
Sunny sort of celebrity?
Hollywood headliner
Most arguments are about celebrity
Light source
Cast leader
Heavenly light
Phone keypad symbol
With 24 Down, sci-fi franchise
Night twinkler
Symbol on the Texas state flag
Top-billed performer
Heavenly light
Sunny celebrity?