Word: STET

The word STET has appeared in at least 847 clues on different crosswords.

"""Belay that deletion!"""
"""Cancel that change"""
"""Do not change,"" to an editor"
"""Don't change a thing!"""
"""Don't change it"""
"""Don't change that"""
"""Don't change this!"""
"""Don't change!"""
"""Don't change!"" to a printer"
"""Don't change"""
"""Don't change"" to a printer"
"""Don't change,"" to a printer"
"""Don't change,"" to an editor"
"""Don't dele!"""
"""Don't dele"""
"""Don't delete this"""
"""Don't delete"""
"""Don't delete"" notation"
"""Don't expunge that!"""
"""Don't expunge that,"" e.g."
"""Don't strike"" notation"
"""Don't take this out"""
"""Don't touch!"" editorially"
"""Hard to believe, but they had it right the first time"""
"""Ignore edit"""
"""Ignore my correction"""
"""Ignore previous notation"""
"""Ignore that change,"" to a printer"
"""Ignore that correction"""
"""Ignore that edit"""
"""Ignore that editing change"""
"""It's OK after all"" in editing"
"""It's fine as it is"""
"""It's okay after all"" in editing"
"""Keep after all"" marking"
"""Keep as is"""
"""Keep it in"""
"""Keep it"""
"""Keep it"" mark"
"""Keep it"" notation"
"""Keep it,"" to an editor"
"""Keep this word in,"" to a proofreader"
"""Keep this"""
"""Leave as is"""
"""Leave in"""
"""Leave in,"" to a proofer"
"""Leave in,"" to a proofreader"
"""Leave it be"" editorially"
"""Leave it in"""
"""Leave it in"" mark"
"""Leave it in,"" editorially"
"""Leave it in,"" in proofreading"
"""Leave it in,"" to a manuscript editor"
"""Leave it in,"" to a proofreader"
"""Leave it in,"" to an editor"
"""Leave it"""
"""Leave it"" to a proofreader"
"""Leave it,"" editorially"
"""Leave it,"" to a proofreader"
"""Leave it,"" to a typesetter"
"""Leave that comma in after all"""
"""Leave this alone"""
"""Leave this in"""
"""Leave unchanged"""
"""Let it be"""
"""Let it be,"" to a proofer"
"""Let it stand"""
"""Let it stand"" editorially"
"""Let it stand"", to an editor"
"""Let it stand,"" to an editor"
"""Let it stand..."""
"""Let it stay,"" to a printer"
"""Let stand"" direction"
"""Let this stand"""
"""My bad"" in proofs"
"""Never mind the correction"""
"""Never mind!"" notation"
"""Never mind"" in editorspeak"
"""Never mind"" mark"
"""Never mind"" notation"
"""Never mind"" to an editor"
"""Never mind,"" in certain instances"
"""Never mind,"" to a proofer"
"""Never mind,"" to an editor"
"""Nevermind!"" to an editor"
"""No dele"""
"""Nope, you had it right the first time,"" on a proof"
"""Okay to leave"""
"""On second thought"" mark"
"""Put it back in"""
"""Put it back"""
"""Stay with it"""
"""The author was correct"""
"""The dele's off"""
"""Undo"" mark"
"""You don't know what you're talking about"" on pages"
'Ignore change'
'Ignore my correction'
'It was right the first time'
'Keep it in'
'Keep it in' notation
'Keep this in'
'Leave it in'
'Leave this in'
"'Let it be,' to a proofer"
'Let it stand'
"'Let it stand,' to an editor"
"'Let it stand,' to editors"
'Never mind' in editor-speak
Absorb the loss
Alteration canceler
Amendment to an amendment
Annotation in proofreading
Annul an edit
Another printing directive
Bit of marginalia
Blue pencil marking
Blue penciller's override
Blue-pencil notation
Call off a dele?
Cancel a change
Cancel a change on a galley
Cancel a correction
Cancel a dele
Cancel a deletion
Cancel a deletion.
Cancel an edit
Cancel the dele
Cancellation notation
Cancellation of a kind
Change one's mind about changing
Command that cancels a correction
Command to a copywriter
Composing-room word
Copy desk work.
Copy editor's mark
Copy editor's marking
Copy editor's term
Copyeditor's mark
Copyreader's term.
Correction canceler
Correction correction
Correction for a correction
Correction to a correction
Correction-undoing mark
"Crosswordese word, with or without its first letter"
Decide not to take out
Decide to leave
Dele a dele
Dele breaker?
Dele canceler
Dele canceller
Dele countermand
Dele deactivator
Dele killer
Dele killer?
Dele me out?
Dele negator
Dele not
Dele opposite
Dele overrider
Dele retractor
Dele reversal
Dele reverser
Dele that dele
Dele that dele!
Dele undoer
Dele's antithesis
Dele's antithesis.
Dele's countermand
Dele's negator
Dele's opposite
Dele's superceder
Deler's choice
Delete a dele
Delete a deletion
Delete deletion
Delete the deletion
Direction to a printer
Direction to printer.
Directive to typesetter
"Disregard the change, on a galley proof."
Ditch a dele
Do not cut
Do not delete
Do not omit
Don't cancel the test
Don't change a word!
Don't change it
Don't dele
Don't delete
Don't remove
Don't strike out
Don't strike!
Dotted underscore in blue pencil
Dotted underscore marking
Ed. note
Ed.'s note
Edit text
Editing direction
Editing entry
Editing mark
Editing mark that means to keep something previously cancelled
Editing notation
Editing note
Editing order
Editing word
Editor s word
"Editor's ""Don't dele"""
"Editor's ""Leave it in"""
"Editor's ""Leave it"""
"Editor's ""Let it stand"""
"Editor's ""Never mind"""
"Editor's ""On second thought"""
"Editor's ""don't change that"""
"Editor's ""don't change"""
"Editor's ""don't touch"""
"Editor's ""ignore me"""
"Editor's ""ignore this"""
"Editor's ""it's fine after all"""
"Editor's ""keep it"""
"Editor's ""keep"""
"Editor's ""leave it in"""
"Editor's ""leave it"""
"Editor's ""let it be"""
"Editor's ""let it stand"""
"Editor's ""my bad"""
"Editor's ""never mind"""
"Editor's ""put it back in"""
"Editor's ""undo"""
Editor's 'keep this in'
Editor's 'leave it in'
Editor's 'let it be'
Editor's 'never mind'
Editor's 'put this back in'
Editor's O.K.
Editor's afterthought
Editor's annotation
Editor's cancellation
Editor's cancellation notation
Editor's change of heart
Editor's choice
Editor's command
Editor's countermand
Editor's direction
Editor's directive
Editor's instruction
"Editor's instruction, perhaps"
Editor's marginal note
Editor's mark
Editor's marking
Editor's notation
"Editor's notation that means ""let it stand"""
"Editor's notation, perhaps"
Editor's note
"Editor's note, perhaps"
Editor's note.
Editor's order
Editor's override
Editor's overruling
Editor's request
Editor's retraction
Editor's reversal
Editor's scribble
"Editor's scribble, perhaps"
Editor's sign of ignorance?
Editor's signal
Editor's term
Editor's term.
Editor's veto
Editor's word
Editor's word in the margins
Editor's word of reversal
Editor's word.
"Editor's, ""I changed my mind"""
Editor.s mark
"Editorial ""Forget it!"""
"Editorial ""keep"""
"Editorial ""never mind"""
Editorial 'never mind'
Editorial O.K.
Editorial U-turn
Editorial cancellation
Editorial direction
Editorial directive
Editorial instruction
Editorial mark
Editorial mark.
Editorial marking
Editorial notation
Editorial nullification
Editorial override
Editorial reconsideration
Editorial undoer
Editorial word
"Editors ""never mind"" mark"
Editors notation
Galley countermand
Galley instruction
Galley mark
Galley marking
Galley notation
Galley note
Galley order
Galley reader's term.
Galley reversal
Galley term
Galley term.
Galley word
Go back on the dele?
Going back in Time?
"Hands off, printer!"
Ignore a Time change?
Ignore the emendation
Indication to leave something in
Indicator of second thoughts
Instruction on a proof.
It cancels a dele
It cancels a takeout order
"It means ""let it stand"""
It undoes a dele
It's used when you have the wrong change
It's written near a dotted line
Just okay
"Keep as is, from an editor"
Keep in
"Keep in ""Time""?"
Keep in order?
Keep in print
Keep in the test
Keep one's word?
Keep one's words?
Kill the dele
"Latin for ""let it stand"""
Latin verb used on galleys.
Leave as is
"Leave as is, in editing"
Leave as it was
Leave as written
Leave be
"Leave be, editorially"
Leave in
Leave in after all
"Leave in after all, to an editor"
Leave in place
Leave in the copy
"Leave in, after all"
"Leave in, as text"
"Leave in, editorially"
"Leave in, in editing"
"Leave in, in proofreading"
"Leave in, to a proofreader"
"Leave in, to an editor"
Leave it alone
"Leave it as is, editorially"
"Leave it, editorially"
Leave text as is
Leave text as is!
Leave text in
Leave text in!
Leave unchanged
"Leave unchanged, to an editor"
Leave uncut to Ochs
Leave without changing
"Leave, in publishing"
Leave-as-it-was notation
"Let be, editorially"
Let it be
"Let it be, editorially"
"Let it be, in journalese"
"Let it be, on a proof"
"Let it run, to printers"
Let it stand
Let it stand in setting
Let it stand!
"Let it stand, editorially"
"Let it stand, to an editor"
Let it stand.
Let it stand: Lat.
Let it stand: Printing.
Let it stay
"Let it stay, editorially"
Let stand
Let stand to Ochs
"Let stand, in editing"
"Let stand, in editorial parlance"
"Let stand, to Ochs"
"Let stand, to an editor"
"Literally, ""let it stand"""
"Literally, let it stand"
MS. mark
Manuscript annotation
Manuscript directive
"Manuscript editor's ""Leave it in"""
Manuscript imperative
Manuscript mark
Manuscript marking
"Manuscript marking, perhaps"
Manuscript notation
Margin directive
Margin directive to a printer
Margin mark
"Margin mark, perhaps"
Margin marking
Margin notation
Margin note
Marginal manuscript marking
Marginal mark
"Marginal mark, perhaps"
Marginal marking
Marginal notation
Marginal note
Marginal word
Mark consisting of a series of dots
Mark for retention
Mark in a margin
Mark in the margin
"Mark indicating ""O.K. as is"""
"Mark meaning ""no change"""
Mark of editorial reconsideration
Mark of reconsideration
Mark on a manuscript
Mark on a proof
Mark on galleys
"Mark that means ""do not change"""
Mark to keep
Mark to undo a deletion
Mark with subscript dots
Mind-changer's mark
Mississippi quartet
"Never mind, to an editor"
Nix a dele
No dele
Not delete
Note for a typesetter
Note in the margin
Note to a printer
Note to keep?
Note to the typesetter
Nullify a correction
Nullify a dele.
Nullify a deletion
Nullify an edit
"Opposite of ""dele"""
"Opposite of ""dele."""
Opposite of dele
"Opposite of dele, to a typesetter"
Opposite of dele.
Order in
Order in?
Order on margin?
Order to a printer
Order to keep on the books?
Overwrite a blue pencil
Prevent something from being no longer in Vogue?
Printer s direction
"Printer's ""Let it stand"""
"Printer's ""let it stand"""
Printer's Latin term.
Printer's direction
Printer's direction.
Printer's directive
Printer's instruction
Printer's instruction.
Printer's mark
Printer's mark.
Printer's notation
Printer's order
Printer's reversal
Printer's sign.
Printer's symbol
Printer's term
Printer's term.
Printer's word
Printer's word.
Printer.s term
Printers save
Printers' term
Printing direction
Printing direction.
Printing directive
Printing instruction.
Printing mark
Printing term
Printing term.
Printing word
Proof annotation
Proof command
Proof correction
Proof direction
Proof instruction
Proof mark
Proof marking
Proof notation
Proof reversal
Proof term
Proof word
"Proofer's ""leave it alone"""
"Proofer's ""nevermind"""
"Proofer's ""save"""
Proofer's 'keep this in'
Proofer's command
Proofer's countermand
Proofer's direction
Proofer's mark
Proofer's never-mind
Proofer's nevermind
Proofer's notation
Proofer's order
Proofer's remark
Proofer's retraction
Proofer's word
Proofing mark
Proofmarker's marking
Proofreader s notation
"Proofreader's ""Never mind"""
"Proofreader's ""don't change"""
"Proofreader's ""keep it"""
"Proofreader's ""leave as-is"""
"Proofreader's ""leave it"""
"Proofreader's ""leave it"" mark"
"Proofreader's ""reinstate"" mark"
"Proofreader's ""save"""
"Proofreader's ""that's OK"""
Proofreader's 'leave as printed'
Proofreader's 'never mind'
Proofreader's direction
Proofreader's direction.
Proofreader's instruction
Proofreader's mark
"Proofreader's mark, sometimes"
Proofreader's mark.
Proofreader's marking
"Proofreader's marking, perhaps"
Proofreader's notation
Proofreader's note
"Proofreader's note, perhaps"
Proofreader's row of dots
Proofreader's save
Proofreader's second thought
Proofreader's term.
Proofreader's word
Proofreader's word.
Proofreader.s keep
Proofreaders' mark
Proofreading annotation
Proofreading direction
Proofreading instruction
Proofreading mark
"Proofreading mark meaning ""let it stand"""
"Proofreading mark that means ""keep it in"""
"Proofreading mark that means ""let it stand"""
Proofreading notation
Proofreading word
Put back
Put back in
Put back in order?
"Put back, in a way"
"Re-edit, in a way"
Redactor's word
"Reinstate, in a way"
Reminder to stick to one's story?
Renege on a dele?
Restoration notation
Restore to copy
"Retain, in a way"
"Retain, in printing."
Reversal of Fortune?
Scratch a dele
Sign on a galley
Symbol in proofreading
Term in printing.
Test new editor's command (4)
"Text preserver, to an editor"
Time reversal?
Tommy's gun
Touch not!
"Typesetter's ""leave it in"""
Typesetter's cue
Typesetting direction
Typesetting mark
Underline with dots
Undo a change
Undo a dele
Undo a deletion
Unmake changes
"What ""........"" means to a typesetter"
What a line of dots may signify
What blue dots signify
What dots beneath a proofreading mark mean
"What dots denote, in proofreading"
Word canceling a deletion
Word for a keeper?
Word in proofreading
Word often written in blue pencil
Word on a galley
Word on a galley proof
Word on a galley.
Word on a proof
[Ignore edit]
[Ignore this deletion]
[Leave as is]
[Leave it in]
[Never mind that deletion]
[The copy-editor doesn't know what she's talking about]
[ignore this deletion]
___ processus (delay order in law)
Editorial veto
Editor’s “leave it”
"Editor's ""leave it"""
"Let it stand" editorially
Editor's countermand
Proofreader’s reversal
Editor's override
Leave in
"Don't delete" editorially
Delete a deletion
Delete a deletion
"Let it stand" in editorial circles
Leave in, to an editor
"Leave as is" mark
Undo a dele
Undo a body modification, perhaps
Editor's directive
Editor's direction
Proofing mark
Let it stand
Dele reversal
"Let it stand"
Veto of a proofer's deletion
Proofreader's 'leave it'
Dele reversal
Manuscript mark
Leave in a galley
"Keep it in"
"Let that sentence stay"
Proofreader's reversal
Undo 52-Across
Proofreading mark
Editorial reversal
Editor's "leave it"
Let it stand
Editor's "on second thought"
Remove again from the street or don’t remove
Leave in
Proofer's "never mind" mark
Editor's override
"Don't change this!" (editorially)
Leave in as text
"Ignore this correction"
Undo a dele
Proofer's mark
Proofer's editorial mark
Editor's "Never mind"
"Don't change that!"
Editor’s note meaning ‘let it stand’
Editor’s note meaning ‘let it stand’
Proofer's mark
Proofer's mark
Undo a dele
Undo a dele
"Never mind," to an editor
"Never mind," to an editor
Undo a dele
Undo a dele
Proofer's mark, sometimes
Proofer's mark, sometimes
Proofreader's mark
Proofer's notation remark
Editorial override
Editor's 16-Across mark
Leave in extract from Beau Geste tragedy
Editor's mark, sometimes
Leave in
Let it stand
Note meaning ‘let it stand’
Word used as an instruction to ignore a correction on a manuscript
Editor's cancellation notation
Editor's "never mind"
Let it stand the test anew
"Leave in," to proofers
Reversal of a 29-Across
Editor's notation
Marking from a proofreader
Editor's afterthought
Editor's "never mind"
Remain as is
Proofreader's "leave it in"
Dele undoer
Copy editor's "Leave it in"
Galley notation
Editor's mark
Leave in
Meant to get out statement or leave it as it is
Proofreader's note
Let it stand
Let stand, editorially
Undo a dele
Undo a dele
Editor's "never mind"
Editor's override
''Don't delete'' mark
Proofreader's mark
Proofreader's mark
Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was
Mark meaning ''keep''
Proofreader's notation
Editor's "keep it"
End up leaving
Let it stand
Editor's "leave it"
Editor's margin mark
Undo a dele
Let it stand
Let it stand
Let it stand
Undo a dele
Proofing note
Editor's mark
Editorial override
Editor's mark
Let it stand
''Leave it in'' notation
Undo a dele
Undo a deletion
Word used as an instruction to ignore a correction on a manuscript
Editor's "never mind"
Let it stand
Editor's "never mind"
Dele undoer
''Don't delete'' notation
Change one's mind about dropping
"Let it stand"
Dele nullifier
Editor's decision
"Cancel that deletion"
Let it stand
Proofer's retraction
Proofing note
Dele undoer
Undo a dele
(Leave it alone)
Editor's "never mind"
"Undo" mark
"Save that deletion!"
Let it stand
Proofer's "never mind"
"Let stand" command
Leave in
Proofer's "let it stand"
Proofing mark
Editor's "never mind"
Editor's word
Galley instruction
"Don't make this edit"
Manuscript mark
Let it stand
Undo a dele
Let it stand
Editorial overruling
Word used as an instruction to ignore a correction on a manuscript
"Leave it in" mark
Editorial override
"Let it stand" in editing
"Leave it in"
Editor's direction
Let it stand
Editor's word
Dele canceler
Galley direction
Editor's mark
"Let it stand"
Editor's mark
Retain deleted material
Editor's note
Leave in
Editorial notation
Editorial "let it stand"
Newsroom cancellation
Don't strike!
Proofreader's save
Editor's leave it
Printer's term
Editor's direction
Leave in, in margins
Let it stand
Galley direction
Word of editorial reconsideration
Leave in, editorially
Don't strike!
Editor's direction
Put back, editorially
Editor's "Let it stay"
Put back
Galley mark
Printing term
Dele undoer
"Hands off," editorially
Editing word
Put back
Put back, to an editor
Editor's "leave it"
Galley note
Printer's direction
"Don't dele"
"Leave in," in proofreading
Undo a dele
Leave in, to an editor
Editor's retraction
Proofreader's ''don't delete''
Put back
Galley direction
Editor's mark
Proofing note
Printing term
Keep in
Proofreader's word
Editor's mark
''Don't remove'' instruction
Editor's term
Proofer's mark
Decide not to take out
Manuscript mark
Editor's mark
Printer's direction
Proofer's "undo"
"Leave it in," to a proofreader
Change one's mind about changing
''Leave it''
Editorial override
Let it stand
Leave in, to an editor
Dele override
Leave a section of writing as it is
Let it stand
Editor's mark
Proofing note
Let it stand
Manuscript mark
Manuscript mark
Galley notation