The word STETS has appeared in at least 223 clues on different crosswords.

"""Dele"" opposites"
"""Keep it in"" notations"
"""Let it stand"" orders"
"""Put it back in"" marks"
"""The dele is off"" notations"
Allows to remain
Antitheses of deles
Bits of marginalia
Calls off the dele
Cancels a correction
Cancels a correction on a proof.
Cancels a dele
Cancels a takeout order?
Cancels deles
Cancels the dele
Changes back
Chooses to leave
Correction corrections
Countermands a deletion
"Countermands, in proofing"
Decides not to dele
Decides not to delete
Decides not to drop
Decides not to remove
Decides not to strike out
Decides to keep in
Decides to leave
Dele cancellations
Dele deleters
Dele reversions
Dele revokers
Dele undoers
Deles opposites
Deles' opposites
Deletion undoers
Directions for printers
Dismissed deles
Doesn't dele
Doesn't delete
Doesn't strike out in the end
"Editing ""never minds"""
Editing notations
Editor's commands
Editor's directions.
Editor's instructive words
Editor's markings
Editor's marks
Editor's orders
Editor's reversals
Editorial changes of heart
Editorial directives
Editorial instructions
Editorial marks
"Editorial marks meaning ""leave as is"""
Editorial overrides
Editorial reversals
Editors' marks
"Editors' marks meaning ""put back in"""
Editors' okays
Editors' reversals
Galley commands
Galley marks.
Galley notations
Galley orders
Galley proof marks
Galley words
Galley-proof words
Instructions to a printer
Instructions to eraser-happy proofreaders
Keeps in
Keeps in a text
Keeps in print
"Keeps in print, in a way"
Keeps in the manuscript
"Keeps in, editorially"
"Keeps, in a way"
"Keeps, in print"
Leave as is
Leaves alone
Leaves alone after all
"Leaves alone, in a way"
Leaves as is
Leaves in
Leaves in after all
Leaves in the manuscript after all
"Leaves in, editorially"
"Leaves in, in a way"
"Leaves in, to an editor"
Lets it stand.
Lets stand
"Lets stand, editorially"
"Lets stand, in proofreading"
Lets stand.
MS. words
Manuscript annotations
"Manuscript annotations, perhaps"
Manuscript markings
Manuscript marks
"Manuscript marks based on the Latin for ""stand"""
Manuscript notations
Marginal comments?
Marginal editorial commands?
Marks a manuscript
"Marks for retention, perhaps"
Marks on a manuscript
Marks on a proof to leave in
Marks on galleys.
Marks on proofs.
"Marks to be retained, in printing."
"Marks with dots, in editing."
"Marks with dots, in proofreading."
Marks with subscript dots
Nixes a dele
Notations on a galley
Notations on proofs
Nullifies a correction
Nullifies a dele
"Nullifies a deletion, on proofs."
Nullifies an editorial change
"Opposite of deletes, in typesetting"
Overrules an editor
Printer's marks
Printers' directions
Printers' directives.
Printers' marks
Printers' orders
Printers' retentions
Printing directions
Printing marks
Prohibits a strike?
Proof notations
Proof overrides
Proofer's comments
Proofer's notations
Proofers' reverses
Proofreader's commands
Proofreader's imperatives
Proofreader's marks
Proofreader's marks.
Proofreader's notations
Proofreader's notations (5)
Proofreader.s notations
Proofreaders words
Proofreaders' directions
Proofreaders' directions.
Proofreaders' marks
Proofreaders' second thoughts?
Proofreaders' words
Proofreaders' words.
Proofreading marks
Proofreading orders.
Puts back
Puts back in
"Puts back, editorially"
Puts dots on a manuscript
Rescinds a deletion
Restores a word
Restores to copy
"Restores, in a way"
Retaining instructions
"Retains, in a way"
Reversals of Fortune?
Reverses a dele
Reverses a deletion
Reverses an edit
Reverses deles
Reverses the deles
"Reverses, in a way"
Some editorial notations
They negate deles
Undoes (an edit)
Undoes a cancellation
Undoes a change
Undoes a dele
Undoes a deletion
Undoes an edit
Undoes copy editing
Undoes the deles
"Undoes, as an edit"
Words on proofs
Decides not to strike
Some marginalia commands, editorially
Decides not to strike out
Changes back
Editors' marks
Doesn't delete, after all
Doesn't delete, after all
Manuscript marks
Manuscript marks
Leaves in
"Keep it in" notations
Leaves in, in editor-speak
Editor's correction cancellations
Editors' reversals
Nullifies, in editing
Dele nullifiers
Some editorial marks
Editor's leave-ins
Correction corrections
Reverses, as a deletion
Editor's marks
Undoes a dele
Marks in margins
Reverses, palindromically
Cancels a change made in editing
One smoothing the way?
Dele reversals
Editorial commands
Proofreading notations
Fails to delete
Cancels a dele
Decides to leave in the manuscript
Deles' opposites
Editors' reversals
Editorial commands
Decides not to dele
Lets it stand
Lets it stand