The word STEVE has appeared in at least 298 clues on different crosswords.

"""12 Years a Slave"" director McQueen"
"""All About ___"""
"""All About ___"" (2009 movie starring Sandra Bullock as a crossword constructor)"
"""All About ___,"" 2009 Sandra Bullock bomb"
"""Back In The High Life"" name"
"""Bullitt"" Mustang driver, actor ___ McQueen"
"""Bullitt"" car-chase actor, ___ McQueen"
"""Cocoon"" star Guttenberg"
"""Crocodile Hunter"" Irwin"
"""Date Night"" actor Carell"
"""Higher Love"" singer Winwood"
"""King Tut"" singer Martin"
"""The Tao of ___"" (2000 film)"
"""Tonight Show"" host before Jack, Johnny, and Jay"
"""You know how to whistle, don't you, ___?"""
"""___ Canyon"""
'70s-'80s baseball all-star Garvey
'This Old House' star
1978 Triple Crown jockey Cauthen
1980 800-meter winner Ovett
60 Minutes first name
A Martin
A Wynn in Vegas
A big Wynn in Vegas
AOL co-founder Case
Actor Buscemi
Actor Carell
Actor Guttenberg
Actor Martin
Actor Martin or quarterback McNair
Actor Martin or quarterback Young
Actor McQueen
Actor Reeves
Actor/comedian Martin
Allen of the 20th century.
Allen or Brodie
Allen or Lawrence
Allen or Martin
Allen or McQueen
Allen or Reeves
Allen or Rossi
"Allen who hosted ""The Tonight Show"""
An Allen
Apple Computer co-founder Jobs or Wozniak
Apple co-founder Jobs
Apple cofounder Jobs
Apple cofounder Wozniak
Apple's Jobs
Apple's Wozniak
"Australian ___ Irwin, ""The Crocodile Hunter"""
B-movie muscleman Reeves
Balboni of baseball
Ballmer who succeeded Gates
Balloonist Fossett
Banjo man Martin
Baseball Sax
Basketball's Nash
Bodybuilder Reeves
"Canadian comedian Smith of ""The Red Green Show"""
"Caniff's ""___ Canyon"""
Canyon in the comics
Canyon of air adventures.
Canyon of comics
Canyon of the comics
Canyon or Carlton
Canyon or Martin
"Canyon, for one"
"Canyon, of the comics"
"Carell of ""Dinner for Schmucks"""
"Carell of ""Evan Almighty"""
"Carell of ""Foxcatcher"""
"Carell of ""The 40 Year-Old Virgin"""
"Carell of ""The 40-Year-Old Virgin"""
"Carell of ""The Office"""
Carell of Hollywood
Carlton in Cooperstown
Carlton of Cooperstown
Carlton or Canyon
Carlton or Martin
Case who co-founded AOL
Cauthen in the irons
Cauthen or Martin
Clark of Def Leppard
Comedian Harvey
Comedian Martin
Comedic Martin
Comic Martin
Comic actor Martin
Comic strip character Canyon
Computer honcho Wozniak
Computer pioneer Wozniak
Cooperstown's Carlton
"Daryl's ""Roxanne"" co-star"
"Det. McGarrett of ""Hawaii Five-O"""
Either Apple cofounder
Either Apple founder
Either co-founder of Apple
Either founder of Apple
Either of the Apple founders
Elkington or Pate
Entertainer Allen
Eydie's man
Eydie's partner
Fargo's Buscemi
"First ""Blue's Clues"" host"
First lady canonized
First name in TV.
First name on TV.
First name shared by both founders of Apple
Forbes editor Forbes
Forbes of Forbes
"Forbes, for one"
Four-time Gold Glove winner Garvey
"Funnyman Carell of ""Date Night"""
Funnyman Martin
Garvey of baseball
Giants co-owner Tisch
"Grid great Young, who is retiring"
Guttenberg or Howe
Harvey or Garvey
"He ran against George, Orrin, John, Alan, and Gary"
Hercules portrayer Reeves
Humorist Martin
Innovative Jobs
Jobs at Apple
Jobs at Pixar
Jobs in Silicon Valley
Jobs in computers
Jobs in computers?
Jobs in technology
Jobs in technology?
Jobs in the computer biz
Jobs in the computer business
Jobs in the computer field
Jobs in the computer industry
Jobs of Apple
Jobs of computers
Jobs or Wozniak
Jobs with Apples
"Jobs, to friends"
Jockey Cauthen
Journey singer Perry
"King, to friends"
Lawrence or Largent
Lawrence or Martin
Legendary McQueen
Liv Tyler's pop
Man's nickname.
"Martin of ""Cheaper by the Dozen"" (2003)"
"Martin of ""Father of the Bride"""
"Martin of ""L.A. Story"""
"Martin of ""Roxanne"""
"Martin of ""Shopgirl"""
"Martin of ""The Jerk"""
Martin of Hollywood
Martin or Allen
Martin or Canyon
Martin or Garvey
Martin or Lawrence
Martin or Martini
Martin or McQueen
"Martin who hit #17 with ""King Tut"""
Martin who played Clouseau
"Martin, a ""wild and crazy guy"""
"McQueen of ""Bullitt"""
"McQueen of ""The Great Escape"""
McQueen of movies
McQueen or Martin
Microsoft's chief executive Ballmer
"Mike, Robbie and Chip's dad"
"Miller of ""Swingtown"""
Miller of note
Miller or Perry
Miller who's a joker
Mound great Carlton
Mr. Brodie.
N.F.L. QB Young
NHL's Yzerman
Name of two cofounders of Apple
Nash of the NBA
One of the Allens
One of the Allens.
Original 'Blue's Clues' host
Pate or Elkington
Pavement singer Malkmus
Pitcher Carlton
Pitching great Carlton
Publisher Hoffenberg
Rock singer Tyler
Rock star Winwood
Rocker Miller
Rocker Winwood
Runner Prefontaine
"Sandra Bullock film, 'All About ___'"
Shredder Vai
Singer Lawrence
Singer Winwood
Singer/guitarist Earle
Skier Mahre
Skier Phil's twin brother
South African activist Biko
Stone or Carlton
Tiger's caddie
Title character in a 2009 Sandra Bullock crossword film
Top jockey Cauthen
Trachsel or Finley
Versatile Allen
Warriors coach Kerr
Winwood of Traffic
Winwood or Wozniak
Wozniak or Jobs
Wozniak who co-founded Apple Computer
Young or Martin
"___ Austin (""The Six Million Dollar Man"")"
"___ Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man"
"___ Ballmer, new Clippers owner and speaker of the quote"
___ Brady
"___ McGarrett, who said, ""Book 'em, Danno!"""
Either Apple cofounder
McQueen of "The Great Escape"
Actor Buscemi
Martin of movies
Carell of "The Big Short"
Either Apple founder
Actor ____ Martin
Rock's Perry
Comic ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
McQueen of "The Great Escape"
A saintly woman can make a man's name!
Comic ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Jobs in tech
Jobs of Silicon Valley
Actor ____ Martin
Actor ____ Martin
Apple cofounder __ Jobs
Actor ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Jobs once in California
Actor ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Jobs in the tech industry
Actor ____ Martin
Canyon of comics
Comic ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Harvey on TV
Martin of movies
Jobs or Wozniak of Apple
Actor Carell
First name of two of the three Apple co-founders
Martin of movies
Actor Carell
Comedian-actor who played the title role in 1996 comedy Sgt Bilko
Madden of fashion
McQueen or King
Comic ____ Martin
Apple cofounder Jobs
Actor ____ Martin
Comedian Martin
US golfer; 2007 winner of The Barclays tournament
Actor Carell
Actor Carell of "Battle of the Sexes"
Actor ____ Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Comedian ___ Martin who wrote the novella "Shopgirl"
Funny Martin
Six-time Emmy winner ___ Harvey
'Family Feud' host Harvey
Comic Martin
Actor ____ Martin
Actor ____ Martin
Comedian/banjoist Martin
Comic ____ Martin
Martin or Miller
McQueen or Allen
Allen or McQueen
Actor ____ Martin
Actor ____ Martin
Harvey of "Family Feud"
Comic ____ Martin
Boy's name
Comic Martin
Pop singer Winwood
Comic ____ Martin
British rower; gold medal winner at five consecutive Olympics from 1984-2000
Martin of movies
Co-founder with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne of Apple Computer, Inc
Martin or McQueen
Actor Buscemi who plays God on TBS's "Miracle Workers"
1986-99 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC striker; 1989 England debutant against Scotland
Forbes, for one