Word: TANS

The word TANS has appeared in at least 306 clues on different crosswords.

Absorbs solar emissions
Acquisitions at the beach
Almond and ecru
Avoids a burn
Baskers' rewards
Basking aftermaths
Basks on deck
Beach acquisitions
Beach benefits?
Beach shades
Beach sights
Beach vacation acquisitions
Beachgoers get them
Beachgoers' boasts
Beachgoers' goals
Beachgoers' hues
Beachgoers' quests
Beats but good
Beats the backside of
Beige and ecru
Beige relatives
Black and ___ (bar beverages)
Black-and-___ (mixed drinks)
Bronzes at the beach
Brown glows
Brown shades
Brown shoes.
Browning works?
Browns in the sun
Browns on the beach
Camel and caramel
Camel hair colors
Catches rays
"Catches rays, e.g."
Catches some rays
Certain star treatments?
Changes (hide) into leather.
Changes color
Colors at the beach
Converts a hide
Converts hide into leather
Converts into leather
Converts skin to leather
"Coverage of the ""Jersey Shore"" cast members?"
Creates leather
Cures leather
Cures rawhide
"Cures, as leather"
Darkens from light
Darkens in the light
Darkens in the light?
Darkens in the sun
Darkens in the sunlight
Doesn't burn
Doesn't spare the rod
Earns a bronze?
Earth tones
Earthy colors
Emulates Hamilton
Evidences exposure to ultraviolet light
Fall faders
Fire Island hues
Gets brown
Gets brown on a beach
Gets browner
Gets color at the beach
Gets dark during the day
Gets dark outside
Gets darker
"Gets darker, in a way"
Gets less and less pale
Gets less white
Gets some color
Gets some color at the beach
Gets some color on the beach
"Gets some color, as they say"
Gets some rays
"Gets some salon treatment, maybe"
Gets some sun
Gets sun-bronzed
Gets the bronze?
Gives a good whuppin'
Goals for some people in beds
Goes for the bronze?
Grabs some rays
Heliophiles' goals.
Hose shades.
Hosiery shades
Hosiery shades.
It fades in the fall
Key Biscayne products
Khaki and camel
Khaki kin
"Khakis, for instance"
Landscape colors
Lays in the sun
Lays out at the beach
Lays out by the pool
"Lays out, in a way"
"Lies in a bed during the day, say"
Lies under a UV lamp
Lifeguards have good ones
Light browns
Light colors
Light shades
Makes chamois
Makes into leather
Makes leather
Many are fake these days
"Many are fake, these days"
Neutral colors
Neutral shades
Pale colors
Poolside shades?
Prepares a pelt
Prepares hides
Prepares leather
"Prepares, as leather"
Processes in a way.
Processes leather
Red-yellow hues.
Responds to UV rays
Results of sunbathing
Riviera acquisitions
Salon acquisitions
Salon goals
Salon offerings
Salon outcomes
Salon services
Salon treatments
Seashore acquisitions
Shades at the beach
Shades from sun
Shades from sunning
Shades from the sun
Shades of summer
Shades on the beach
Shades that fade in fall
Shoe shades.
Shore acquisitions
Sits in the sun
Sits on a sundeck.
Slow burns
Soaks up rays
Soaks up some rays
Soaks up some sun
Soaks up sun
Some browns
Some people get them on beds
Some players acquire them at spring training
Some salon acquisitions
Some salon offerings
Some shoes.
Some vacationers' acquisitions
"Spring-break acquisitions, perhaps"
Stimulates melanin
Summer acquisitions
Summer acquisitions.
Summer coatings
Summer colors
Summer goals
Summer goals for some
Summer shades
Sun shades
Sun shades.
Sun shades?
Sunbathers' aims
Sunbathers' goals
Sunbathers' hues
Sunbathes successfully
Sunbathing goals
Sunbathing souvenirs
Surfers usually have them
Takes the sun
The Black and ___
They are yours for the basking
They can be had for the basking
They can be yours for the basking
They fade in fall
They may be sprayed on
They're hidden in the theme entries
Toast and others.
Treats hide
Treats hides
"Treats, as hide"
"Tropical acquisitions, maybe"
Turns bronze
Turns brown from the sun
Turns color in the sun
Turns hides into leather
Turns into leather
Turns tawny
UV effects
Uses a UV lamp
"Uses a bed, in a way"
Uses a sunlamp
Vacation acquisitions
Vacationers often go home with them
Vacationers' shades
What beachgoers get
What bronzers simulate
What sunbathers seek
Whips but good
Works hides
Works on hides
Works on leather
Yellowish browns
Beach acquisitions
Some browns
Works leather
Neutral colors
Browns in the sun
Browns in the sun
Vacation souvenirs
Salon offerings
Catches some rays
Catches some rays
Earth tones
Earth tones
Beige cousins
Beige cousins
Neutral colors
Neutral colors
Lifeguards usually have them
Neutral shades
Darkens from the sun
Browns in sun
Lies by the pool, say
Browns in the sun
Browns in the sun
Beach acquisitions
Salon offerings
They may be fake
Browns via the sun
Light browns
Browns in a booth
Brown shades
Shades of brown
Gets darker, in a way
Beach shades
Summer shades
Gets some sun
Works on hides
Works with hides
Earth tones
Preps hides
Sunbathers' goals
Browns in the sun
Brown shades
Browns in the sun
Lies in the sun
Browns in sun
Light browns
Light browns
Brown shades
Some are sprayed on
Gets darker, in a way
Sun worshippers' hues
Catches some rays
Browns in the sun
Treats hides
Catches some rays
Catches some rays
Catches some rays
Catches some rays
Basks in the sun
Summer colors?
Browns in sun
Turns brown in the sun
Prepares hides