Word: TAPA

The word TAPA has appeared in at least 116 clues on different crosswords.

TAPA definition(s):

• A kind of cloth prepared by the Polynesians from the inner bark of the paper mulberry.

• A kind of cloth prepared by the Polynesians from the inner bark of the paper mulberry; — sometimes called also kapa.

• Seasoned slices of dried or cured meat in Filipino cuisine.

• Any appetizer or snack served in the evening as part of tapas.

• a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark

• the thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus

Acapulco appetizer
Andalusia appetizer
Andalusian appetizer
Aperitivo accompaniment
Appetizer abroad
Appetizer for Juan
Appetizer in Barcelona
Appetizer in Espa
Appetizer in una taberna
Appetizer served with drinks in a Spanish bar
Appetizer served with sangr
Appetizer served with sherry
"Appetizer that literally means ""lid"""
Aragon appetizer
Bar food in Barcelona
Barcelona bar bite
Barcelona bite
Bark cloth
Bark cloth.
Bark of the paper mulberry
Bite with un aperitivo
Bite-size Spanish appetizer
Bite-size appetizer
Cantina appetizer
Cantina hors d'oeuvre
Cantina snack
Cantina tidbit
Cloth made from bark
Coarse cloth
Coarse cloth.
Dish for sharing
"Empanadilla, e.g."
Fiesta finger food
Finger food at a fiesta
Greece : meze :: Spain : ___
Hawaiian cloth
Hors d'oeuvre for Hernando
Madrid morsel
Madrid munchie
Madrid tidbit
Mulberry bark
Mulberry bark.
Mulberry cloth
Mulberry cloth.
Mulberry-bark cloth
Mulberry-bark cloth.
Pacific bark
Pacific bark cloth
Pacific cloth
Pacific island cloth.
Paper mulberry bark.
Paper mulberry tree bark
Paper-like cloth
Paper-mulberry bark
Paperlike cloth
Part of a bar order
Plate for sharing
Polynesian bark cloth
Polynesian cloth
Polynesian cloth.
Polynesian fabric
Polynesian's clothing item
Pre-paella bite
S. Pacific fabric
Sevilla snack
Seville snack
Sherry bar appetizer
"Sherry bar appetizer, perhaps"
Singular snack of Spain
Small dish
"Small plate of patatas bravas, e.g."
Snack in Madrid
Snack in un bar
Snack of Spain
Snack with cerveza
South Sea cloth
Spanish appetizer
Spanish bar food
Spanish bar snack
Spanish bar tidbit
Spanish finger food
Spanish hors d'oeuvre
Spanish morsel
Spanish small-plate snack
Spanish snack
Spanish tasty tidbit
Spanish tidbit
Taberna snack
Tahitian cloth
Tidbit in Toledo
Toledo tidbit
Unwoven cloth.
___ keg (get the beer flowin')
Spanish hors d’oeuvre
Spanish appetizer
Barcelona bite
Spanish appetizer
Cantina snack
Spanish bar tidbit
Complains, so to speak
Taberna appetizer
Cantina tidbit
Cantina tidbit
Cantina snack
Spanish snack
Tidbit at a Spanish bar
Appetizer for Juan
Spanish appetizer
Spanish hors d'oeuvre
Spanish snack
Taberna tidbit
Cantina tidbit
Appetizer of Andalusia