Word: TATA

The word TATA has appeared in at least 465 clues on different crosswords.

""" 'Til next time!"""
"""Adios, I'm ghost"""
"""Au revoir!"""
"""Au revoir"""
"""Be seein' ya"""
"""Bye bye!"""
"""Bye for now!"""
"""Bye for now"""
"""Bye now!"""
"""Bye now"""
"""Bye,"" to a Brit"
"""Bye-bye, love"""
"""Bye-bye,"" elsewhere"
"""Bye-bye,"" to a Brit"
"""Catch ya later!"""
"""Catch you later!"""
"""Catch you later"""
"""Ciao, old chap"""
"""Ciao,"" in Chelsea"
"""Fare thee well!"""
"""Farewell, folks!"" in Folkestone"
"""Good-bye, old chap!"""
"""Goodbye, old chap!"""
"""Goodbye,"" in Brighton"
"""Gotta be going!"""
"""Gotta leave!"""
"""Gotta run!"""
"""Hasta la vista!"""
"""Hasta luego!"""
"""I must be off, old chap"""
"""I'm 'eading 'ome!"""
"""I'm history"""
"""I'm off!"""
"""I'm outta here"""
"""Later, Jeeves"""
"""Later, alligator!"""
"""Later, chap!"""
"""Later, dude!"""
"""Later, gator"""
"""Later, guv"""
"""Later, love!"""
"""Later, old chap!"""
"""Later, old chap"""
"""Later,"" in Leeds"
"""Later,"" in London"
"""Off for now, love"""
"""See ya later!"""
"""See ya!"""
"""See ya!"" in Soho"
"""See ya"""
"""See ya,"" in England"
"""See ya,"" in Liverpool"
"""See ya,"" in Stratford"
"""See you another time"""
"""See you at the polo match!"""
"""See you later!"""
"""See you later"""
"""See you later"": Hyph."
"""See you!"""
"""See you"""
"""See you,"" in Savoy"
"""So long!"""
"""So long"""
"""So long, dah-ling!"""
"""So long, dahling"""
"""So long, luv!"""
"""So long,"" in Surrey"
"""Till we meet again"""
"""Until next time!"""
"""Until next time"""
'Bye now
'Gotta run!'
"'I'm off, dear chap!'"
"'Later,' in Leeds"
'See ya!'
'See ya'
'So long!'
Adieu elsewhere
"Adieu, elsewhere"
"Affected ""Bye"""
"Affected ""bye"""
"Aloha, in Britain"
Au revoir!
B'bye (4)
"Bath ""bye"""
Be seeing you!
Birmingham bye-bye
Bit of baby talk.
"Breezy ""Bye!"""
"Breezy ""bye"""
"Breezy ""so long"""
Breezy farewell
Breezy farewell.
Breezy send-off
"Brighton ""Bye!"""
Brighton adieu
Brighton bye-bye
"Brit's ""Bye-bye!"""
"Brit's ""Bye-bye"""
"Brit's ""Later!"""
"Brit's ""bye!"""
"Brit's ""bye-bye"""
"Brit's ""later!"""
Brit's 'Bye!'
Brit's bye-bye
Brit's farewell
"British ""Bye-bye!"""
"British ""Bye-bye"""
"British ""bye-bye!"""
"British ""bye-bye"""
British bye-bye
British farewell
British goodbye
Bye at Wimbledon
Bye now!
Bye words
"Bye, now."
Bye-bye in Brighton
Bye-bye in Brighton (4)
Bye-bye in Britain
"Bye-bye, in Bath"
"Bye-bye, in Brighton"
"Bye-bye, in Britain"
"Bye-bye, in Soho"
Can finish
Casual farewell
Casual farewell.
Casual good-bye
Casual parting
Catch you later
"Chap's ""ciao"""
Checkout line?
Cheerio alternative
Cheerio's cousin
"Cheery ""bye"""
Cheery send-off
"Chelsea ""Ciao!"""
Childish leave taking.
Ciao cousin
Ciao to a toff
"Ciao, in England"
"Civilised ""see ya!"""
Conversation conclusion
"Cousin of ""Ciao!"""
Cry before disappearing
Cutesy farewell
Darathy's dag? [Blair Puzzle Lords]
Exit line
Familiar farewell
Familiar farewell.
Farewell from London
"Farewell, informally"
Final word
First half of the initialism TTFN
Flippant farewell.
Folkestone farewell
Folkestone farewell!
Friendly farewell
Garden party goodbye
Garden-party goodbye
Gatwick good-bye
Going away statement
"Good-bye, nursery style."
Goodbye from a chap
"Goodbye, London style"
"Goodbye, slangily"
"Goodbye, somewhere"
Gravesend goodbye
Hanky-waver's goodbye
Hasta luego!
Heathrow takeoff sound?
India's largest automaker
Indian car company trying to break into the U.S. market with the Nano
Informal farewell
Informal farewell.
Informal good-bye
Informal goodbye
It's heard from one taking off
It's heard while leaving
It's said when taking off
Last words
Later alternative
Later relative
Leave-taking of a kind.
"London ""Later!"""
London goodbye
"Londoner's ""Later!"""
"Londoner's ""Later!"": 2 wds."
Mobile message ender
Part of TTFN
Parting phrase
Parting remark
Parting syllables
Parting word
Parting words
Polite good-bye
Pre-takeoff cry?
Relative of bye-bye
Relative of toodle-oo.
Repetitive farewell
"Salisbury ""See ya!"""
See ya!
See you later!
"See you, in Soho"
Sheffield farewell
Sing-song signoff in Salisbury
Slangy so-long
So long
So long in Soho
So long!
"So long, in England"
"So long, in London"
"So long, in Soho"
So long.
"Socialite's ""bye"""
Socialite's signoff
"Soho ""so long"""
Soho 'So long!'
Soho sign-off
Soho so long
Soho so-long
Some parting words
Splitting syllables
Splitting syllables?
Splitting words
Terse farewell
The TT in TTFN
Toodle-oo at Ascot
Tot's farewell.
Tot's word.
"Twee ""later"""
Umpire Terry
Wodehouse goodbye
Brit’s “bye-bye”
Brit’s “bye!”
Casual goodbye
Parting comment
"I'm off, old chap!"
'I'm outta here!'
''See ya!''
'So long!'
Soho send-off
"Bye, old bean!"
"Gotta run!"
"Toodles," in Twickenham
Brighton "Bye!"
"I'm off!"
Parting syllables
"See ya!"
"See ya!"
"Bye-bye," to a Brit
Posh "Peace!"
Brit's "Bye!"
Brit's ''Bye!''
"See ya," in London
Compliment a takeaway inside and say thanks
'I'm off!'
Brit's sign-off
Informal farewell
"Until next time!"
So long, and thanks again
"Bye for now"
'Later, old chap'
'Later, old chap'
"I'm off, old chap"
"Bye now!"
Londoner's "Later!"
Bye at Wimbledon?
"See ya!"
British ''Bye-bye!''
Part of TTFN
"See ya"
Brit's sign-off
"See ya!"
British ''Bye-bye!''
Airy farewell
"See ya!"
Parting remark
Informal farewell
Casual farewell
"See ya!"
"See ya!"
End of a conversation, perhaps
"See ya later!": Hyph.
"See ya!"
"I'm off now!": Hyph.
"See ya!"
Wodehouse farewell
Part of TTFN
So long, to Basil
'So long, dear boy'
"Cheerio!" (Hyph.)
'Bye for now!'
Good-bye, in London
"Toodles!" (Hyph.)
Londoner's "later!"
Bye-bye, in Bath
Brit's "see ya"
So long, and thanks again
Parting twins?
''Be seein' ya''
'Later, luv'
"Toodle-oo!": Hyph.
'See ya!'
British goodbye: hyph. wd.
"Cheerio!": hyph. wd.
"Later," stylishly
"See you later!"
"See ya, old chap!"
Yorkshire farewell
Brit's "Bye!"
"Cheerio!": Hyph.
"Catch ya later"
"Later, old chap!"
Wodehouse farewell
British "Bye-bye!": Hyph.
Brit's farewell: hyph. wd.
"Bye!": hyph. wd.
"Ciao!": Hyph.
Informal farewell
British "Ciao!"
Brit's "Later!"
Good-bye, in London
"Later," in 33-Across
"See ya later"
Goodbye from a Brit.
Goodbye from a Brit.
"Cheerio, mate!" (Hyph.)
"Bye-bye!" (Hyph.)