Word: TEEN

The word TEEN has appeared in at least 884 clues on different crosswords.

"""90210"" extra"
"""American Bandstand"" fan"
"""Aqua ___ Hunger Force"""
"""Boston Public"" extra"
"""Dawson's Creek"" character, often"
"""Dawson's Creek"" extra"
"""Dawson's Creek"" type"
"""Dawson's Creek"" watcher, usually"
"""Felicity"" type"
"""Grease"" extra"
"""Happy Days"" extra"
"""Happy Days"" type"
"""Harold ___"" (old comic strip)"
"""High School Musical"" extra"
"""Jeopardy!"" tournament participant, sometimes"
"""Not Another ___ Movie"""
"""One Tree Hill"" target viewer"
"""Saved by the Bell"" cast member"
"""Scream"" extra"
"""Smells Like ___ Spirit"" (Nirvana's first hit)"
"""That '70s Show"" extra"
"""The Fault in Our Stars"" fan, likely"
"""The O.C."" viewer, usually"
"""The ___ Commandments"" (1958 hit)"
"""Twilight"" enthusiast, often"
"""Twilight"" fan, probably"
"""Twilight"" reader, probably"
"""Valley Girl"" extra"
"""West Side Story"" extra"
"""___ Angel"" (1959 hit)"
"""___ Angel"" (1959 song)"
"""___ Angel"" (1960 #1 hit)"
"""___ Angel"" (Dion and the Belmonts)"
"""___ Angel"" (Donovan hit)"
"""___ Angel,"" 1959 song"
"""___ Angel,"" 1960 song"
"""___ Angel,"" Mark Dinning classic"
"""___ Beat"" (mag from 1967-2007)"
"""___ Beat"" (magazine that's had Menudo and NKOTB on its cover)"
"""___ Wolf Too"" (1987)"
"""___ Wolf"" (1985)"
"""___ Wolf"" (1986 Fox film)"
"""___ Wolf"" (MTV series based on a Michael J. Fox movie)"
"""___ Wolf,"" Michael J. Fox film"
"#1 hit of 1960 ""___ Angel"""
'Twixt 12 and 20
'YM' reader
'___ Wolf Too'
'___ Wolf' ('85 film)
"11th grader, e.g."
12-20 filler?
12-to-20 gap-filler
"12th grader, e.g."
1950s diner denizen
"1960 #1 hit ""___ Angel"""
"5SOS fan, probably"
Acne sufferer
"Acne sufferer, usually"
"Adolescent, for short"
"Adult, at one time"
After-school mall frequenter
Age group
Age-mate of Donatello
Ager of parents?
Ager start
Ager starter
"Algebra student, typically"
"Almost any girl in ""Gossip Girl"""
An age
And ten: Suffix
And ten: Suffix.
Any of the Ninja Turtles
"Anybody featured in a high school yearbook, if you don't count teachers"
Arcade patron
"Arcade patron, frequently"
"Arcade patron, perhaps"
Archie or Jughead
"Archie or Jughead, always"
"Archie or Jughead, e.g."
Archie or Veronica
"Archie, Betty or Veronica"
"Ariel the mermaid, e.g."
"Auto-school client, probably"
Awkward-aged one
"Babysitter, often"
Bar Mitzvah boy
"Bar Mitzvah boy, e.g."
"Bar mitzvah attendee, certainly"
Bar mitzvah boy
"Bar mitzvah boy, barely"
"Bar mitzvah boy, for one"
"Bar mitzvah boy, just barely"
"Bar mitzvah, e.g."
"Bat Mitzvah girl, just barely"
Beavis or Butt-head
Beginning driver usually
"Beginning driver, usually"
"Best Kissers in the World ""Miss ___ USA"""
"Betty or Veronica, for more than 60 years"
Between 12 and 20
"Bobbysoxer, e.g."
Boston Public extra
"Boy band fan, typically"
Britney Spears fan
"Britney Spears fan, maybe"
"Britney Spears fan, most likely"
"Britney Spears fan, often"
"Britney Spears fan, probably"
"Britney Spears fan, typically"
Britney's fan
"Brooke Shields, for one"
"Bubblegum pop star, often"
Buffy or Willow
"Buffy, for one"
Burger buyer
Cardinal suffix
Cardinal suffix.
Cardinal-number ending
Carl Ed comic character
Carl Ed's comic-strip hero
Carl Ed's comical creation
Carl Ed's comical hero
Cause of gray hair?
Cause of old age?
Cause of some gray hair?
"Certain ""Jeopardy!"" tournament contestant"
"Certain ""Jeopardy!"" tourney player"
Certain age
Certain minor
Charlie Brown never became one
"Chelsea Clinton, e.g."
"Chelsea, until February 2000"
Child not quite 20
"Coed, often"
"College applicant, usually"
"College freshman, typically"
"College freshman, usually"
Comic-strip hero
Comical Harold
Comics hero
Comics target
Comics' Harold
"Coming-of-age movie subject, perhaps"
Common age
Concert attendee
"Contestant in some ""Jeopardy!"" tournaments"
Cosmo Girl! reader
Date film target
"Debbie Gibson, when she became a star"
"Demographics target, maybe"
Doogie Howser was one
"Driver ed student, usually"
"Driver's test taker, typically"
"Driving exam taker, often"
"Driving test taker, typically"
"Driving test taker, usually"
"Driving-test taker, typically"
"Eagle Scout, often"
"Eagle Scout, typically"
"Eagle Scout, usually"
Early age
Either of Blondie's kids
"Either of Blondie's kids, e.g."
Either of Dagwood's kids
"Either of Dagwood's offspring, e.g."
Emerging adult
Ending 'twixt 12 and 20
Ending at nine
Ending for cardinal numbers.
"Ending for four, six, etc."
Ending for ump
Ending on a cardinal number.
Extra in many an iPod ad
"Fake ID user, often"
"First-time driver, often"
"First-time pot smoker, maybe"
"First-time voter, often"
"First-year college student, usually"
"Follower of four or six, but not five"
Former girls' magazine
Four or six follower
"Four, six or seven attachment"
Fox's ___ Choice Awards
"Freddy Adu, for one"
Freddy Krueger victim
"Freshman, most likely"
"Freshman, probably"
"Freshman, typically"
"Freshman, usually"
Future adult
Future duogenarian?
Generation Y member
Girls' magazine
"Groupie, usually"
H.S. student
"Hannah Montana, for one"
"Hanson fan, perhaps"
Harold of comics
Harold of old comics
Harold of the comics
Harold of the funnies
"Harry Potter, e.g."
"Harry Potter, for one"
"High school freshman, most likely"
"High school or college freshman, usually"
"High school senior, normally"
"High school senior, typically"
"High school senior, usually"
"High school soph, e.g."
"High school soph, most likely"
"High school student, usually"
High school subject?
High schooler
"High schooler, e.g."
"High schooler, often"
"High schooler, probably"
"High schooler, typically"
"High schooler, usually"
"High-school grad, e.g."
High-school pupil
High-school student
"High-schooler, usually"
"Holden Caulfield, for one"
Hop-goer of old
Huck Finn for one
"Huge fan of One Direction, e.g. (um, obvs, they r a.ma.zing)"
"Idol worshiper, maybe"
Important age
"Injury, old style"
It can follow six
"It follows ""four"" but not ""five"""
It follows four but not five
"It may follow four or six, but not five"
"Jaden Smith, for one"
"Jeremy Duncan in 'Zits,' e.g."
"Joan of Arc, e.g."
"John Green book reader, likely"
Jughead is one
"Jughead, or any of the first names in the theme entries"
"Juliet, for example"
"Justin Bieber fan, often"
Kett contemporary
Kid older than 12
Kid too old to trick-or-treat
Kind of age
Kind of age.
Kind of ager
Kind of angel or idol
Kind of angst
Kind of idol
"Landon's werewolf, e.g."
Last year's twelve-year-old
LeAnn Rimes is one
"LeBron James, for one"
"Learner's permittee, maybe"
Like some idols
Like some pregnancies
"Likely viewer of ""The Hunger Games"""
Lillums Lovewell's beau
"MTV fan, often"
MTV target
MTV target viewer
MTV viewer
"MTV viewer, most likely"
"MTV viewer, often"
MTV watcher
"MTV watcher, often"
MTV's target viewer
Mag for minors
Magazine with dating tips
Major responsibility for a parent
Mall crawler
Mall denizen
Mall frequenter
Mall habitue
Mall habitu
Mall rat
"Mall rat, maybe"
"Mall rat, most likely"
"Mall rat, usually"
"Mallrat, usually"
Malt shop customer
"Mandy Moore, for one"
"Many a ""Divergent"" reader"
"Many a ""High School Musical"" viewer"
"Many a ""Hunger Games"" fan"
"Many a ""One Tree Hill"" character"
"Many a ""Twilight"" fan"
"Many a ""Twilight"" viewer"
Many a BMX bike rider
Many a Babe Ruth League participant
Many a Boy Scout
Many a Britney Spears fan
Many a Clearasil customer
Many a Facebook listee
Many a Jessica Simpson fan
Many a Jonas Brothers fan
Many a McJob holder
Many a MySpace user
Many a Nintendo player
Many a RYLA participant
Many a Snapchat user
Many a Taylor Swift fan
Many a Twitter twitterer
Many a bar mitzvah attendee
Many a bio student
Many a camp counselor
Many a college applicant
Many a driver's ed student
Many a fake ID user
Many a freshman
Many a minor
Many a new driver
Many a new voter
Many a pop music fan
Many a prom attendee
Many a rave attendee
Many a summer temp
Many a texter
Many a texting whiz
Many an 'N Sync fan
Many an Abercrombie & Fitch shopper
Many an Instagram user
Many an MTV viewer
Many an Xbox player
Many an acne sufferer
Many an applicant for a learner's permit
Many an idol worshiper
"Mark Dinning ""___ Angel"""
"McDonald's part-timer, often"
Member of Generation Z
Member of many an idol's fan base
Member of the senior class
Middle schooler
"Middle-schooler, maybe"
"Miley Cyrus fan, perhaps"
"Millennial, e.g."
"Minor party, perhaps?"
Minor party?
"Minor, maybe"
"Minor, often"
"Minor, usually"
Miss ___ USA
Mock election voter
Mullins contemporary
"Music biz sensation, perhaps"
N'Sync target listener
Nancy Drew <P>e.g.
Nancy Drew or King Tut
New Kids on the Block fan
"New driver, frequently"
"New driver, maybe"
"New driver, often"
"New driver, perhaps"
"New driver, typically"
"New driver, usually"
"New voter, often"
Not quite adult
Not-so-little kid
Number between 12 and 20
Number ending
Number suffix
Number suffix.
Numerical ending
Numerical ending.
Numerical suffix
Numerical suffix.
"Octogenarian, in 1946"
"Octogenarian, once"
Of bopping age?
Old comics character
"Older child, perhaps"
"Olympic female gymnast, typically"
"Olympic gymnast, often"
One 'twixt 12 and 20
One between 12 and 20
"One driving a car with two brakes, often"
"One going off to college, maybe"
One in MTV's target audience
One may be hard to raise
One nearing adulthood
One not quite 20
"One of the ""Beverly Hills 90210"" crowd"
One of the ages
"One on a first date, perhaps"
"One on a first date, probably"
One past 12
One past twelve?
One preparing for the prom
"One recently bar mitzvahed, e.g."
"One smitten by puppy love, usually"
One still maturing
"One taking driver's ed, perhaps"
One twixt 12 and 20
One who's not yet a twentysomething
"One with Bieber fever, probably"
One with high car insurance rates
Onetime (and possibly future) Los Angeles team
Over 12
Over 12 and under 20
"Owner of ""Leapin' Lena"""
Owner of Leapin' Lena
Parent's challenge
"Parent's challenge, perhaps"
"Parent's challenge, sometimes"
"Parent's challenge, stereotypically"
Past 12 but not 20
"Past twelve, going on twenty"
"Pediatrician's patient, perhaps"
Person 'twixt 12 and 20
Person between 12 and 20
Person granted the vote by the Twenty-sixth Amendment
Person nearing adulthood
Person soon to be 20
Person under 20
Popular youth magazine
Preadult person
"Prep school youth, usually"
"Preppy, e.g."
Prom attendee
Prom dancer
Prom date
Prom goer
"Prom-goer, for one"
"Prom-goer, usually"
"Promgoer, e.g."
"Promgoer, probably"
"Promgoer, usually"
Pubic heir?
Reader of Seventeen
"Rebellious one, maybe"
Referring to any of seven numbers
Rock fancier
Rock hound?
Romeo or Juliet
"Romeo or Juliet, e.g."
SAT taker
SAT taker usually
"SAT taker, e.g."
"SAT taker, maybe"
"SAT taker, usually"
Salad-days person
Sassy reader
School age
School kid
"Selective Service registrant, agewise"
Seven or nine ender
Short adolescent
Six follower
Six or seven follower
Six or sub follower
"Skateboard rider, usually"
"Skateboarder, often"
"Slumber party attendee, typically"
"Slumber party attendee, usually"
Slumber party participant
Sock hop goer
Soon-to-be adult
Sophomoric one?
Spice Girls fan
Steve Urkel e.g.
"Student driver, most likely"
"Student driver, perhaps"
"Student driver, typically"
"Student driver, usually"
Sub or ump follower
"Subway door-blocker, often"
Suffix 'twixt 12 and 20
"Suffix for ""four"""
Suffix for 13 to 19
Suffix for four
Suffix forming cardinal numbers.
Suffix meaning ten
Suffix on certain numbers.
Suffix on numbers.
"Suffix with 4 or 6, but not 5"
Suffix with a number.
Suffix with four or nine.
"Suffix with four or six, but not five"
"Suffix with four, but not five"
"Suffix with four, six, etc."
"Suffix with four, six, or seven, but not five"
"Suffix with four, six, seven and nine"
"Suffix with nine, but not ten"
Suffix with six
Suffix with six and seven.
Suffix with six or seven
Suffix with six or seven or ump.
Suffix with six or seven.
"Suffix with six, seven, etc."
"Summer intern, often"
"Summer job seeker, often"
"Summer temp, often"
"Summer-job taker, often"
"T.I. fan, perhaps"
TRL enthusiast
"TV's Sabrina, for one"
Target MTV viewer
Ten and: Suffix
Ten and: Suffix.
Termination of certain numbers.
"The comics' Luann or Jughead, e.g."
This follows four or six
Tiger Beat alternative
Tiger Beat reader
"Tiger Beat reader, most likely"
Traditional rebel
"Trend follower, often"
Tween 12 and 20
Twixt 12 and 20
"Typical ""Belieber"""
"Typical ""Hunger Games"" fan"
"Typical ""Hunger Games"" trilogy reader"
"Typical ""Twilight"" fan"
Typical 10th-grader
Typical Abercrombie & Fitch customer
Typical American Eagle Outfitters shopper
Typical Archie Comics character
Typical Elle Girl reader
Typical Facebook listee
Typical Hollister Co. customer
Typical Hunger Games fan
Typical Justin Bieber fan
Typical MTV viewer
Typical Mad reader
Typical Popstar! reader
Typical Selena Gomez fan
Typical college applicant
Typical college freshman
Typical driver education student
Typical driver's ed student
Typical driving student
Typical first date
Typical high schooler
Typical high-schooler
Typical mall rat
Typical promgoer
Typical texter
Ump chaser
Ump chaser?
Ump ending
Ump follower
Ump follower?
Ushering-in age
Usual SAT taker
What Shirley Temple was in the '40s
"Wii user, maybe"
Woodstock attendee
Word after can or ump
Word before angst or pregnancy
"Word ladder, part 4"
Word with ager
Worrisome age
YM competitor
Young adult
"Young adult, sometimes"
Young age
Young person
Young voter
"Young voter, perhaps"
Youngest possible voter
Youth group participant
Youth magazine
Youthful age
___ People (magazine launched by Time 1/9/98)
___ People (popular magazine)
___ Puzzlemaker Week
___ Vogue
___ Vogue magazine
___ age
___ age.
___ ager
___ canteen
___ idol
It can follow six or seven but not five
Many an MTV viewer
Many a McJob holder
Soon-to-be adult
Typical Aeropostale shopper
High schooler
"""Belieber"" most likely"
Many a driver’s ed pupil
High schooler, most likely
Many a prom attendee
Many a college freshman
Many a senior
"The Hunger Games" extra
New driver, usually
Student driver, usually
New driver, usually
New driver, often
Practically any high schooler
Many an Olympic gymnast
Young adult
Young adult
Many a summer job holder
Freshman, usually
Young adult
High school student
Archie or Jughead
Romeo or Juliet
Olympic gymnast, often
Learner's permit holder, often
Alexander or Cookie Bumstead
Nancy Drew for one
Jeremy of "Zits," e.g.
Archie or Jughead
High school junior, usually
Any of the Ninja Turtles agewise
"High School Musical" extra
27-Across taker, typically
Student driver, probably
New driver, usually
New driver, usually
Romeo or Juliet
Mock-election participant
Many a manga fan
High-schooler, usually
Freshman, usually
Many a first-time voter
People aged 13 to 19
Young adult
Young adult
Parent's "ager"?
College applicant, usually
Typical high school student
___ Vogue
Typical Snapchatter
Minor soon to reach adulthood
13-19 year-old
Ball ___ hammer
This puzzle's constructor, for one
Young adult
Many a Taylor Swift fan
Holden Caulfield, for one
Young adult
Mark Zuckerberg when founding Facebook, e.g.
Young adult
High schooler, typically
Youngster of innate energy
__ Vogue
Young adult
Any high schooler
Typical high schooler
Prom attendee
Many a Taylor Swift fan
One under 20
Many a summer job holder
Many a mall rat
Typical high-schooler
Archie or Jughead, since 1941
Many a freshman
Young adult
Young person supports dropping second name
Young adult
Suffix for some numbers
Youngster of acute energy
Many a bar mitzvah attendee
Many a Generation Z member, now
Any of the Ninja Turtles
High-schooler, e.g.
Many a college freshman
13-19 year-old
Young adult
College freshman, usually
Many a summer job holder
Numerical suffix
Typical college freshman
Many a fake ID user
Freshman, usually
LeBron James, as a rookie
Student driver, often
Student driver, often
Freshman, typically
Follower of four or six, but not five
Romeo or Juliet
Typical habitual texter
Frequent texter
College freshman, often
New driver, usually
High-school kid
Many a new driver
High schooler, usually
Student driver, usually
Young adult
Someone who's older than 12 and younger than 20
Archie or Jughead, perpetually
Prom attendee, usually
Number suffix
Tiger Beat reader
Many a new driver
"___ Angel"
McJob trainee, often
Freshman, usually
High-schooler, usually
Many a gamer
"Soul Train" viewer
High schooler
Young adult
Romeo or Juliet
New driver, often
"Road Rules" viewer
Mall habitue
New driver, typically
High-schooler, typically
Many a McJob holder
Numerical ending
Horror-film hero, often
Promgoer, probably
Young adult
Freshman, usually
Many a Snapchat user
Video game rating
Typical "Belieber"
Dobie Gillis, e.g.
Prom dancer
Many a freshman
Baby sitter, often
Numerical suffix
A minor
Person who might be undergoing puberty
Young adult
"___ Vogue" (magazine with a "Sexual Health & Identity" section)
1985 film comedy starring Michael J Fox and James Hampton
Young adult
Many a first-time voter
Freshman, usually
Arcade patron, usually
Bar mitzvah boy, e.g.
"___ Angel"
Cardinal number suffix
Many a first-time voter
What "T" stands for, in video game ratings
Typical Girls' Life reader
Someone who was born between 1999 and 2005, now
"High School Musical" extra
Young adult
Young adult
New driver, often
New driver, typically, in terms of age
Any Ninja Turtle
Young adult
Babysitter, frequently
Many a summer temp
Typical high-schooler
One twixt 12 and 20
Many a Snapchat user
Young adult
Youngster of innate energy
Many a camp counselor
Typical high-schooler
Arcade habitue
High school freshman, usually
Freshman, probably
One between twelve and twenty
"Bandstand" viewer
Many a character in Ann M. Martin's "The Baby-Sitters Club"
"Road Rules" viewer
Youngster of innate energy
___ Titans (young superhero group)
Driving test taker, typically
Romeo or Juliet
New driver