Word: TEN

The word TEN has appeared in at least 1421 clues on different crosswords.

"""... a ___ O'clock..."""
"""... a ___ o'clock scholar"""
"""And Joseph's ___ brethren went down to buy corn"" (Gen. 42"
"""And the servant took ___ camels"" (Gen. 24:10)"
"""Big"" college football number"
"""Big"" number in college athletics"
"""Down for the count"" count"
"""Down for the count"" number"
"""Here's tonight's Top ___ List"": Letterman"
"""I wouldn't touch it with a ___-foot pole!"""
"""I wouldn't touch that with a ___-foot pole!"""
"""Little Indians"" number"
"""Lords a-leaping"" number"
"""Perfect"" number"
"""Take ___"""
"""Taps"" hour"
"""Taps"" time"
"""___ Cents A Dance"""
"""___ Cents a Dance"""
"""___ Commandments of Love"""
"""___ Little Indians"""
"""___ Little Indians"" (1965 thriller)"
"""___ Little Indians"" (Christie classic)"
"""___ Little Indians"" (Christie mystery)"
"""___ Summoner's Tales"" (Sting album)"
"""___ Things I Hate About You"" (1999)"
"""___ cubits shall be the length of a board"" (Ex. 26:16)"
"""___ little Indian boys"""
"""___ lords a-leaping"""
"""___ lords aleaping... """
"#209 on Rolling Stones' ""500 Greatest Albums of All Time"""
'Taps' hour
'X' amount
+ 6
1992 Pearl Jam album
"2007 David Wain movie, with ""The"""
40% of what's left?
A VHF channel
A bill
A dozen minus two
A fifth of fifty
A fourth of 40
A fourth of what's left?
A full score or a half score
A half-score
A number of perfect people?
A perfect score
A perfect score for some
"A real knockout, perhaps"
A scholar's arrival time.
A scholar's hour.
"A, in the hexadecimal number system"
A.L. team
After 9:59
"Agatha Christie's ""___ Little Indians"""
"Album with ""Alive"" and ""Even Flow"""
"Album with ""Jeremy"" and ""Even Flow"""
Alexander Hamilton locale
Anger management number
Appointment time
Athlete.s perfect score
Atomic number of neon
BAsketball courtful
Back-row bowling pin
Baker's dozen minus three
Balance beam perfection
Ball with a blue stripe
Bart Simpson's age
Bart Simpson's perpetual age
Base ___
Base based on our hands
Base for digital calculators?
Base in wide use
Base of decimal system
Base of many operations
Base of many operations?
Base used by many
Basic number.
Basis of logarithms
Basis of the decimal system
Basketball courtful
Beauty mark
Beauty mark?
Bedtime for some
"Bedtime, for some"
Before jack
Big Cassino.
Big ___
Big ___ (NCAA conference that actually has eleven teams)
Big ___ (NCAA conference with 14 teams)
Big ___ (NCAA conference)
Big ___ (college football division)
Big ___ (college sports elite)
Big ___ (conference that has eleven teams in it)
Big ___ Conference
Big ___ of Midwest
Big ___.
Big casino's spot
Big casino.
Big cassino.
Big number in the Midwest.
Big or top follower
Big score on the floor
Bill depicting the Treasury Building
Bill depicting the U.S. Treasury
Bill gets a top rating
Bill in a till
Bill of Rights amendment count
Bill passed regularly
Bill passed regularly?
Bill picturing U.S. Treasury
Bill showing the Treasury Building
Bill with Hamilton
Bill: Colloq.
Billfold bill
Blackjack card
Blackjack component
Blackjack half
Blair's address
Blair's house number
Blair's old house number
Blair's street number
Blue Jays or Orioles
Blue stripe
Bo Derek classic
Bo Derek comedy
Bo Derek film
Bo Derek flick
Bo Derek movie
Bo Derek's rating
Bo Derek's score
"Bo Derek, in a 1979 film"
"Bo Derek, numerically"
Bo's number
Bo's score
Bodacious rating
Bout count conclusion
Bout-ending number
Bowler's ___-strike
Bowling number
Bowling pin count
Bowling-pin count
Boxing count
Break time
Break time for many
"Break time, maybe"
Bridge honor card
Bridge honor card.
British P.M.'s house number
Brunch time
"Brunch time, perhaps"
Caesar's X
Canvas count
Card below a jack
Card complement in a standard Rorschach test
Card immediately below a jack
Card worth 0 in baccarat
Cardinal number.
Casual time to start work
Cato's X
Certain perfect score
Certain scholar's hour
Certain scholar's time
Certain shoe size
Choir member: Abbr.
Chorus mem.
Classic 1991 album
Classic Pearl Jam album
Classic album of 1991
Classic grunge album
Coffee break hour
Coffee break hour.
Coffee break time
Coffee-break hour
Coffee-break time
"Coffee-break time, perhaps"
Comaneci accomplishment
Comaneci feat
Comaneci score
Commandment count
Commandment number
Commandments count
Commandments number
Commandments' count
Common base
Common break hour
Common countdown start
Common news hour
Common scale topper
Common toe count
Common-logarithm base
Commonest card value in blackjack
Commonly used base
Commonly used numerical base
Complimentary number
Cons' partner.
Council of ___ (Venetian tribunal)
Council of ___ (governing body of old Venice)
Count in a full count
Count on both hands
Count on both hands?
Count on one's fingers?
Count on two hands
Count on your fingers?
Countdown beginning
Countdown kickoff
Countdown number
Countdown start
"Countdown start, often"
Countdown starter
Countdown's start
Coveted sports award
Crab leg count
David Letterman list count
Decadal number
Decade count
Decade number
Decade years
Decalogue number
Decamerous group
Decimal base
Decimal basis.
Decimal interval
Decimal number
Decimal system base
Decimal unit
Decimal unit.
Decimal-system base
Decimal-system unit
Dennis Rodman on the Pistons
Derek film
Derek vehicle
Derek's rating
Diamond's value on the Mohs Scale
"Diamond, on the Mohs scale"
"Diamond, to Mohs"
Digital number
Digital number?
"Diver's ""perfect"""
Diver's goal
Diving ideal
Down-for-the-count count
Downing St. number
Downing St. number of note
Downing Street address
Downing Street number
Dress size
Dress size.
Dudley Moore comedy
Dudley Moore film
Dudley Moore movie
Early Pearl Jam album
Easy multiplier
Easy-to-multiply number
Eli Manning on the Giants
Elite Downing Street address
End of a boxing referee's count
End of a ring count
End up two short of a dozen
Equivalent of a Roman X
Evening hour
Excellent rating (unless it's out of 100)
"Express lane limit, often"
Extra-inning number
FBI's most wanted list number
Face card value
Face card's equal in blackjack
Face card's value in blackjack
"Face card's value, in blackjack"
"Face card's value, often"
"Face value, in blackjack"
Face value?
Fairly large shoe size
Famous Downing Street address
Famous Downing Street number
Far-reaching power base?
Farthest-right bowling pin
Feet from floor to hoop
Fight-ending word
"Figure skater's ""perfect"""
Final countdown starter
Finger allotment
Finger count
Fingers count?
Fingers number
First and ___
First and ___ (football term)
First card below the faces
First double-digit number
First down yardage
First down yardage.
First in double figures
First-down distance
First-down yardage
Five after five
Five and ___
Five doubled
Five pairs
Five's partner
Five-and-___ store
Flawless routine
Floor-to-hoop footage
Folding money
Forenoon hour.
"Four bells, aboard ship"
Four bells.
Four preceder to CBers
Fourth of forty
Fran Tarkenton's retired number
Frequent countdown starter
Full complement of fingers
Full complement of toes
Full count
Gallons in a hat?
Generations from Adam through Noah
Goal for an angry count?
Good companion for an ace in Vegas
Great gymnastics score
Great score
"Great score, or half of one"
Great snore
Groundbreaking result for Nadia
Gymnast s goal
"Gymnast's ""best"""
"Gymnast's ""perfect"""
Gymnast's aspiration
Gymnast's dream
Gymnast's goal
Gymnast's ideal
Gymnast's joy
Gymnast's objective
Gymnast's perfect mark
Gymnast's perfect score
"Gymnast's perfect score, once"
Gymnast's perfection
Gymnast's quest
Gymnast's reward
Gymnastic perfection
Gymnastics feat
Gymnastics ideal
Gymnasts's goal
Half a Score
Half a score
Half a score.
Half of a score
Hamilton -- or half a Jackson
Hamilton bill
Hamilton in a wad
Hamilton is on it
Hamilton portrait setting
Hamilton setting
Hamilton's bill
Hamilton's note
Hamilton's pet number?
Hamilton's place
Hamiltonian bill
Handy bill.
Hang ___
Hard-to-make point in craps
Heavenly body?
Height in feet of a basketball rim
Hexadecimal A
High end of many scales
High rating
Highest Apgar score
Highest Scrabble letter value
Highest Scrabble tile value
Highest non-face card
"Highest number on a standard ""Mario Party"" dice block"
Highest tile value in Scrabble
Honor card
Honor card.
"Hoop height, in feet"
Hosiery size.
"Hottie, perhaps"
Hour for blowing taps
Hours in a Saturn day
Houston Interstate
Houston interstate
"How many ""Summoner's Tales"" Sting told"
How many little Indians?
How old Jonesin' Crosswords recently turned
Hut opening?
Hut preceder
Ideal figure
Impeccability indicator
Important metric number
Important number on Downing Street
"In fourth grade, maybe"
"In hexadecimal, it's A"
"Indefinitely, many."
Indians or pins
Interstate through Houston
Interstate through Phoenix
It bears Hamilton's portrait
It can be a perfect number
It may be hung on a board
It may be taken to rest
It's A in hex
It's an honor
It's just below a court card*
It's perfect
It's taken to calm down
Its ancient equivalent was used to create this puzzle's theme
Jack's inferior
Jack's inferior?
Jack's neighbor
"Jack's value, sometimes"
Jefferson's bill
"Judge's highest rating, on ""Dancing with the Stars"""
Jury minus 2
K. O. count.
K. O. number
KO count
Kayo count
Kerry Strug's goal
Kind of spot or strike
Kind of strike
King beater in pinochle
"King beater, in pinochle"
King's equal in blackjack
"King's value, sometimes"
Knock out
Knock out count
Knockout count
Knockout number
"Knockout number, in more ways than one"
Knockout of knockouts
Kordell Stewart's jersey number
Lacrosse complement
Lacrosse contingent
Lacrosse quorum
Lacrosse squad
Lacrosse squad count
Lacrosse team
Lacrosse team complement
Lacrosse team count
Lacrosse team number
Lacrosse team.
Large shoe size
Largest number in a deck of cards
Last of a count
Last of the count
"Last round, usually"
Late dinner time
Late evening
Latin X
Lepidus's X
Letterman list count
"Letterman list, e.g."
Letterman's list number
Letterman's list total
Letterman's top number
Like many fifth graders
Like many fifth-graders
Like most fifth-graders
Lionel Messi's number
List complement
"List total, often"
Little Indian number
Little Indians' number
Little indian count
Lobster's leg count
"Looker, numerically"
Lords a-leaping number
Louganis rating
Louganis score
Low card in a high straight
Low card in a royal flush
Low euchre card
Lowball hand that is usually close to 50-50 against a draw*
Lowball hand that wins approximately half the time against a one-card draw*
Lowest card in a royal flush
Lowest honor
Lowest honor card
Lowest royal-flush card
Lowest two-digit number
Lowest two-digit positive integer
Major's house number
Mark for Retton
Mark of excellence
Mark of perfection
"Maximum rating, often"
Medium crew size
Metric base
Metric multiple
Metric-system base
Mid-morning hour
Midmorning hour
Minimal minyan
Minimum number of men in a minyan
Minyan minimum
Mohs scale top
Moore film
Moore movie
Morning coffee break time
Most wanted number
Mus. voice
Musical abbreviation.
Nadia's mark
Nadia's number
Nadia's number?
Neon's atomic number
Neon's number
"Net, another way?"
New time for Leno in New York
Neymar's number
Nice round number
Nine plus one
Nonet plus one
Nonscoring baccarat card
Notable Downing Street number
Noted Downing St. address
Noted Downing Street address
Number after Big or top
Number for Retton
Number in Letterman's list
Number in a minyan
Number in scientific notation
"Number of ""Little Indians"""
"Number of ""little Indians"""
Number of Biblical commandments
Number of Canadian provinces
Number of Commandments
Number of Gold Gloves Mike Schmidt won
Number of Lost Tribes of Israel
Number of Mahler symphonies
"Number of Masters Tiger will win, according to a Nicklaus prediction"
Number of Saturn's satellites
"Number of albums under Elvis Costello's belt when he released ""King of America"""
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
Number of arms a squid has.
Number of birds hidden in starred-clue answers
Number of clues in this puzzle that contain factual inaccuracies
Number of dimensions required for superstrings
Number of doctors?
Number of fingers on a chimp
Number of fugitives on a noted list
Number of generations between Noah and Abraham
"Number of hot dogs in a package, typically"
Number of hydrogen atoms in a butane molecule
Number of hydrogen atoms in butane
Number of items in Letterman's lists
Number of items on a Letterman list
Number of legs on a prawn.
"Number of letters in this week's contest answer, and the number of theme entries you seek"
Number of little Indians
Number of lords a-leaping
Number of lords a-leaping in a Christmas song
"Number of mispelled words in this puzzle's clues (oh, by the way, watch out for those tricky circled squares!)"
Number of numbers in a number
Number of nursery-rhyme Indians
Number of official cards in a Rorschach test
"Number of one-voweled, seven-letter words in this puzzle"
Number of pins in a strike
Number of points scored by Seattle in their only Super Bowl
Number of points the Chiefs scored in Super Bowl I
Number of prime ministers on Downing Street?
Number of provinces in Canada
Number of sides in a decagon
Number of states that border the Mississippi
Number of summoner's tales
Number of teams in the Big 12
Number of toes on a chimpanzee
Number of years between U.S. censuses
Number of years between censuses
Number of years in a decade
Number on David Cameron's door
Number on Gordon Brown's door
Number on John LeClair's uniform
"Number on a Z, in a game"
Number starting many a countdown
Number to count to
Number to count up to
"Number worn by Messi, Neymar, and James Rodr
Number worn by Pel
"Number worn by Pel
Number worn by Vince Young
Numerical perfection indicator
"O'Hara's ""___ North Frederick"""
Olympian's quest
Olympic diver's ideal
Olympic diver's perfection
Olympic ideal
Olympic maximum
Olympic perfection
Olympic top score
Olympics ideal
Olympics top score
One kind of strike
One kind of strike.
One meaning of X
One million divided by one hundred thousand
One of a score's two
"One of the albums that defined ""grunge"""
One of the bills
One of two in a score
One of two needed for a score
One-fourth of forty
Original Amendments count
Original amendments count
Our base
Our base system
Pair of fins
Part of a countdown.
Part of a royal flush
"Part of a split, perhaps"
Part of prime time
Part of some straights
Part of the countdown.
"Pearl Jam ""Garden"" album"
"Pearl Jam ""Oceans"" album"
"Pearl Jam ""Why Go"" album"
Pearl Jam album
"Pearl Jam album with ""Alive"" and ""Jeremy"""
Pearl Jam release of 1991
Pearl Jam's debut album
Pearl Jam's debut studio album
Pearl Jam's first
"Percentage of your income you should invest, according to some financial planners"
Perfect Apgar score
Perfect Olympics score
"Perfect beauty, maybe"
Perfect dive
Perfect diving score
Perfect figure
Perfect figure?
Perfect grade
Perfect gymnastics score
Perfect number
Perfect number to a gymnast
Perfect rating
Perfect rating in gymnastics
Perfect score
Perfect score for some
Perfect score sometimes
"Perfect score, at times"
"Perfect score, for some"
"Perfect score, maybe"
"Perfect score, often"
"Perfect score, perhaps"
"Perfect score, sometimes"
Perfect score?
Perfect to a gymnast
Perfect woman?
"Perfect, in a way"
"Perfect, in an Edwards film"
"Perfect, on the parallel bars"
"Perfect, to most"
Perfection in gymnastics
Perfection indicator
Perfection symbol
"Perfection, for some"
"Perfection, in some sports"
"Perfection, sometimes"
"Perfection, to Dawes"
"Perfection, to Retton"
"Perfection, to Strug"
"Perfection, to a gymnast"
"Perfection, to some"
Phil Rizzuto wore it as a Yankee
Phil Rizzuto's number
"Phil Rizzuto's number, retired by the Yankees"
Phil Rizzuto's retired number
Phil Rizzuto's uniform number
"Phil Rizzuto, on the Yankees"
Pica pitch
Piece of bread?
Pin count in an alley
Pin in many a bowling split
Pin in some splits
Pin in the back
Pin near a gutter
Pin near the gutter
Pin number?
Pinochle card
Pinochle king-topper
Pins or commandments
Pins or penny preceder
Pins to be bowled over
Plagues count
Playing card
Playing card that has the most pips
Playing card with the most pips
Playing card.
Pole footage?
Popular Downing Street address
Power base?
Preteen age
Prime television time on the east coast
Prime time
Prime time hour
Prime time time
Prime time.
Prime-time hour
Prime-time time
Punk band ___ Foot Pole
Purple-tinged Canadian bill
Q's point value in Scrabble
Q's value in Scrabble
Rare gymnastics score
Rating number
Rating-scale topper
Real good-looker
Real hottie
Recently redesigned Canadian currency bill
Reds manager Sparky Anderson's number
Referee's count
Referee's last number
Retton score
Ricky Rudds number
Rightmost bowling pin
Rightmost pin in some splits
Ring count
Roman X
Roman numeral X
Rorschach card complement
Round number
Routine perfection?
Royal flush card
Royal flush component
Royal flush necessity
Royal flush part
Royal-flush card
Royal-flush necessity
"Rush ""Force ___"""
Rusty Staub's retired number
Scale extreme
Scale topper
"Scale topper, often"
"Scale topper, perhaps"
"Scale's top, sometimes"
Scholar's due time
Scholar's time
Scholarly hour?
Scholarly time
Score X .5
Score cut in half
Score for Mary Lou Retton: 1984
Score for Nadia Comaneci
Score for Retton
Score half
Score halved
Scrabble double word score for START
Second highest pinochle card
Second-highest pinochle card
Second-lowest denomination of euro banknote
Second-lowest stripe
Sextus's X
Sexy thing
Shoe length
Shoe size
Sign of perfection
Sinai number
Sir John A. Macdonald's bill
Site for Hamilton
Six plus four
Slo-pitch softball complement
Small crew
Smallest noncototient number
Sock size
Softball complement
Some people take it to relax
Something to take when you're tired?
Speeds on bikes?
Spot card.
Spot for Hamilton's portrait
Standard envelope size
Start of a countdown
"Start of a countdown, often"
"Start of a countdown, perhaps"
Start of many a countdown
Start of many countdowns
Start of the end of a countdown
Stellar score
"Storm, on the Beaufort scale"
Strike count?
Strike number
Strug strives for it
Sum of little Indians
Sum of the first three prime numbers
Sundial X
"Super fly, after ""a"""
Symbol of gymnastic perfection
Symbol of perfection
Take ___
Take ___ (rest)
Take ___ (take a short rest).
Tanqueray gin brand
Taps time
Target number for an angry counter
The U.S. Treasury is on its back
The base of our system
The cardinal number equal to 9 + 1
The number at left + 1
The top number?
"Theme answer count, amount of letters in each, word hidden in each, and, when repeated twice, today's date"
This conference is Big
Till bill
"Time for ""Taps"""
Time to play taps
Tithe percentage
"To relax, take it"
Toe count
Toe number
Toe quota
Toe total
Toes count
Top Olympics number
Top ___
Top ___ (singles listing)
Top ___ hit
Top end of a scale
Top gymnastics rating
Top mark
Top number
Top number in the Mohs scale
Top number?
Top of some rating scales
Top of some ratings
Top of some scales
Top point value of a Scrabble tile
Top rating
Top rating on some scales
"Top rating, often"
"Top rating, perhaps"
"Top rating, sometimes"
Top score
"Top score, or half a score"
"Top score, sometimes"
Total hottie
Total number of your toes
Traditional number of seas plus three
Treasury bill
Trig. func.
Tumbler's dream
Twice five
Two down from a queen
Two fins
Two fivers
Two fives
Two handfuls
Two hours before midnight
Two hours before noon
Two short of a dozen
Two-digit card
Tyler's place among presidents
Type of strike
Up to 50% of American adults will fall victim to identity theft in the next ___ years
Upper limit of mineralogists' Mohs scale
Upper limit of some scales
Usual number of paces
V : five :: X : ___
"Valley of ___ Thousand Smokes, Alaska"
Value of Q in Scrabble
Venice's Council of ___
Wallet bill
"Wallet bill, perhaps"
Wallet item
"Wallet item, perhaps"
Wallet note
"Walt Frazier, for the Knicks"
"Wayne Rooney's jersey number, for Manchester United"
Well-known Downing Street address
"What ""decem"" means."
"What ""dix"" means."
"What ""zehn"" means."
What Bart Simpson has been for years
What X can mean
What X may mean
What X may stand for
What X might mean
What a jack just beats
What a king may be worth
What a ref may count to
What people on a break may take
What some take to relax?
"What the Roman numeral ""X"" stands for"
When some late news starts
When some local news starts
When taps is played
Where Hamilton is
Widely used base
Woodstock's ___ Years After
Word following Big or Top
Word of perfection
Word signaling the end of a match
Word that ends many fights
Word that has ended many fights
Word that may end a fight
Word that's ended many fights
Word to end a fight
"Word with ""hang"" or ""take"""
"Word with ""take"" or ""hang"""
Word with Big or top
Word with hang or take
Word with pins or cents
Word with pins or penny
Word with speed or spot
Word with take or hang
X can mean this
X on a sundial
X on some faces
X rating in old Rome?
X rating?
X to the Romans
"X, as a number"
"X, at times"
"X, in Roman numerals"
"X, in old Roma"
"X, maybe"
"X, now"
"X, numerically"
"X, on some dials"
"X, sometimes"
"X, to Caesar"
"X, to Cato"
"X, to Cicero"
"X, to Nero"
"X, to Xanthippe"
"X, to some"
X-rated movie?
Yarborough's lack
Years Abram dwelt in Canaan
Years in a decade
"Yellow ""Monopoly"" bill"
Yellow Monopoly bill
You can hang it or take it
Z's point value in Scrabble
Z's value in Scrabble
___ Commandments
___ Downing St.
___ Downing Street
___ Downing Street.
___ Little Indians
___ Years After (Woodstock band)
___ code (CB user's slang)
___ code (set of numbers used by CBers)
___ o'clock scholar
___ of diamonds (big casino)
___ spot.
___ strike
___ strike.
___-down (this answer)
___-four (bit of CB slang)
___-gallon hat
___-speed bike
___-speed racing bike
___-to-one odds
Word after Big or top
Perfect score sometimes
Perfection to a gymnast
Eli Manning on the field
Common base
A Hamilton
Baker’s dozen minus three
Start of many a countdown
Bill in a till
A in hexadecimal
Number of lords a-leaping
Jack's value sometimes
Number of lords a-leaping
Jack's value sometimes
Second-highest card in pinochle
Pot ___
Pin adjacent to a gutter
Jack’s value in blackjack
Decimal base
Number worn by Tony La Russa as a tribute to Sparky Anderson
Fifth of fifty
Morning break hour
Kayo count
Content with the quantity
Commandment complement
What X may mean
On a scale of one to __
Content with quantity
Common base
Finger count
Roman X
Content with quantity
Knockout count
Something to take for a break
Midmorning hour
Content with quantity
Value of Q, in Scrabble
Highish card
Bill with Hamilton's visage
Jack's value, sometimes
See 18-Down
Half a score
Number represented by X in Roman numerals
Late dinnertime
Hamilton bill
Base of the decimal system
____-gallon hat
Our base system
Decimal base
Content with quantity
Scale topper, often
Low card in a royal flush
Kayo count
Score for 45-Across
Half a score
Decimal base
Big ___ Conference
Twice five
Bill depicting the Treasury Building
Number that's the basis of the decimal system
Content with quantity
Number of years in a decade
Common scale extreme
Commandment number
Decimal base
X, to Cato
Full finger count
Wallet bill
Finger count
Quantity of contents
Rightmost bowling pin
"Lords a-leaping" count
Knockout count
Bo Derek's score
Wizard role turned down by Connery
Whom Whoopi succeeded on ''The View''
Number represented by X in Roman numerals
Hamilton bill
Commandment total
Full complement of bowling pins
Express disapproval
Wallet bill
Wallet bill
Equivalent of the hexadecimal A
Equivalent of the hexadecimal A
____-gallon hat
____-gallon hat
____-gallon hat
____-gallon hat
Perfect gymnastics score
Hamilton's bill
X, in old Rome
X, in old Rome
"___ Things I Hate About You"
"___ Things I Hate About You"
Perfect gymnastics score
Perfect gymnastics score
Group of listeners
Hamilton's bill
Hamilton's bill
Bill of Rights amendment count
Wallet bill, sometimes
Wallet bill, sometimes
Lowest royal-flush card
Highest point value for a Scrabble tile
Gymnast's ideal
Figuratively, the heart of a lion?
Figuratively, the heart of a lion?
Half a score
Half a score
Twice five
Twice five
The ... Commandments
Billiard ball with a blue stripe
Half of a score
Content with quantity
Figure often reduced
Wallet bill
Highest value in the Mohs scale
Kayo count
Slow-pitch softball complement
Much-used base
Decimal base
The ... Commandments
It counts for nothing in baccarat
Hamilton's bill
Half a score, or a perfect one
Figure to hearten Tottenham
Bowling pin on the far right
Common coffee break hour
King's equivalent, in blackjack
What some people take to relax?
Wallet bill
Score x .5
Knockout count
Knockout count
Quantity of contents
Hamilton bill
Hamilton bill
Bill in a till
Base ___
Midmorning hour
High card
Quantity of contents
Quantity of contents
____-gallon hat
____-gallon hat
Twice five
Kayo count
Deity (3)
Dog returned to exalted figure (3)
Toes tally
Transgression (3)
Offence of losing (3)
X amount
Number represented by X in Roman numerals
Large integer
Toe count
Perfect gymnastics score
Coffee break time
Wallet bill
What you might take to relax
Twice five
Hamilton's bill
Kayo count
Crab leg count
Knockout count
Hamilton bill
Top rating
One of two in a score
____-gallon hat
X, at times
Half a score
Maradona's jersey number
Perfect gymnastics score
The ... Commandments
Twice five
Royal flush card
Content with quantity
Midmorning hour
Card with the most pips
Blue-striped billiard ball
Finger count
Value of a Q or Z in Scrabble
Midmorning hour
The net figure?
Certain bill
Content to hold quantity
King's value, at times
Bowling pin number
Coffee break time, perhaps
A double quintet of lutenists
Ring count
Lacrosse team count
Group of malcontents?
It's A in hexadecimal
Toe count
A prime-time time
What X equals in Roman numerals
Knockout count
Prime-time hour
What Lionel Messi wears
Prime time hour
X, maybe
Common base
Content with quantity
Decimal base
Number of intentions
Legs on a lobster
Boxing count
Yards needed for a first down
Cardinal number
Start of a countdown
Hamilton bill
Half a score
Content with quantity
Decimal base
Content with quantity
Beauty mark?
____-gallon hat
Part of a royal flush
Noted Downing Street address
Content with quantity
Blue-striped ball
Twice five
The —, 1956 film drama starring Charlton Heston as Moses
Roman X
Digital number?
Heartily contented group
Toe count
Decimal base
Rightmost bowling pin
Common base system
''Lords a-leaping'' count
Hamilton's bill
A number of hit men missed him?
Decimal unit
Number of contents
Knockout count
Bill with Hamilton on it
Wallet bill
Prime-time hour
"Top" ranking
Number of contents
''Puppy paws'' dice roll
Decimal unit
Hamilton bill
Number of contents
Toe count
Our base system
Finger count
Common base
Number of contents
____-gallon hat
Perfect gymnastics score
Decimal base
"Dancing With the Stars" achievement
Number of World Series rings for Yogi Berra as a player
Part of a royal flush
Base ___
Q's point value, in Scrabble
Twice five
Then not a hot number?
Bill not depicting a president
Square root of 100
Perfect diving score
What a 1-Down may count to
Full count
Common math base
Countdown start
Royal flush card
Cardinal number
Perfect score, or half of a score
Original Amendments count
Number of sides on a decagon
Top rating
Top rating
Decimal base
Number of contents
Decimal base
Group of listeners
Top rating
Top songs set
Team size in men's lacrosse
Noted Downing Street address
Roman X
Cardinal number
X, sometimes
Knockout count
Hamilton bill
Hamilton's bill
Rightmost bowling pin
Rating max
An honor card in bridge
Two plus eight
The ... Commandments
Decimal base
Number of contents
Take this, to relax
Decimal base
Number of contents
Two fives
Perfect score in diving
Decimal base
Top rating, often
Top gymnastic score
Young listener's age
J's value in Words With Friends
Big ___ Conference
Base __
____-gallon hat
Great diving score
Figure in the late news
Decimal system base
Kayo count
Fraction of a dozen
Toe count
Half of twenty
Twice five
Awesome beauty mark?
Not old enough for a state nurse
High rating
Hamilton's bill
Figure to achieve a net return
Time for a coffee break
Decimal base
Number after Big or top
Pearl Jam's debut studio album
Card that's beaten by a jack
Ring count
Seven plus three
Perfect gymnastics score
Pin near a gutter
Twice five
One two three four
Gymnast's goal
Knockout count
Yellow bill in classic Monopoly
Downing Street number
A number of kittens
Knockout count
Decade number
Make up the number
Common base
Perfect rating
Number of years in a decade
Referee's count
Number of Commandments
Hamilton bill
Number of sides on a decagon
Decimal base
Number of contents
Billfold bill
Countdown start, often
Part of a royal flush
Number of contents
Half a score ... or a perfect score
Twice five
Value of J, Q, and Z, in Words with Friends
Knockout count
____-gallon hat
Perfect gymnastics score
Common scale extreme
Derek's number
Twice five