Word: TENS

The word TENS has appeared in at least 462 clues on different crosswords.

"""... two ___ for a 20?"""
"""Moreover thou shalt provide..., and rulers of ___"" (Ex 1"
"""Register"" them next to the fives"
"""Two ___ for a twenty?"""
"7 + 3, 5 + 5, 1 + 9, etc."
A Spanish 21 deck has none
A score has two
Accountant's column
Adder's column
Adding column
Addition column
Addition place
Alexander Hamilton's picture is on them
All the best?
Arithmetic column
Bank stack
Bases of the decimal system
Basis of decimal system
Beautiful people
Beauty marks?
Best scores for gymnast Retton
Big billfold fillers
Big casinos.
"Billfold contents, sometimes"
Billfold fillers
Billfold items
"Billfold items, sometimes"
Bills Hamilton is on
Bills depicting the U.S. Treasury
Bills displaying the U.S. Treasury building
Bills due for a redesign
Bills featuring Alexander Hamilton's portrait
Bills featuring Hamilton
Bills featuring the Treasury
Bills featuring the US Treasury
Bills getting redone in 2020
"Bills jocularly called ""Hamiltons"""
Bills picturing Hamilton
Bills slated to be redesigned in 2020 to include a woman
Bills with Hamilton on them
Bills with Hamilton's portrait
Bills with Sir John A. MacDonald's portrait
Bills with the U.S. Treasury on the back
Bills you might break 20s into
"Bo Derek and all wives, e.g."
Bo Derek and others
Bo and other beauties
Bo's equals
C-note change
Cards not used in Spanish 21
Cards with the most pips
Cash drawer section
Cash register section
Cash register slot
Cash register slot between fives and twenties
Cash register stack
Cash-register stack
Certain bills
Certain bills.
Certain column
Certain currency.
Certain greenbacks.
"Certain honors, at bridge."
Certain till fill
Change for a $20 bill
Change for a 20
Change for a 50
Change for a Benjamin
Change for a C-note
"Change for a C-note, maybe"
Change for a Jackson
Change for a fifty
"Change for a fifty, maybe"
Change for a hundred
"Change for a hundred, maybe"
"Change for a hundred, perhaps"
Change for a twenty
Change of a twenty
Column in math
Column next to the ones
Column that's two to the left of the decimal point
Column to the left of the ones
Column to the right of the hundreds
Comaneci achievements
Commandments and pins
Composition of some wads
Counting intervals
"Counting intervals, e.g."
"Counting intervals, perhaps"
"Counting intervals, sometimes"
Counting method
Counting system
Decade numbers
Decade units
Decathlon numbers
Decimal groupings
Decimal groups
Decimal system
Decimal system base
Decimal system units
Decimal units
Decimal units.
Decimal-system bases
Dice throws.
Double-digit bills
Dress sizes.
Duo in a score
Easy math column
Easy-to-count groupings
"Exchange for a twenty, maybe"
Failed rocker's bills
Fair pair
Five make fifty
Five of 50
Fives and ___
Folding money
Folding money.
Fox ratings
Goal of Olympic competitors
Gold medal numbers
"Gold medalist's numbers, perhaps"
Good cards in pinochle.
"Great scores, or half-scores"
Groups of people at small show
Gunboat sizes?
Gymnast's coups
Gymnast's dream-come-true
Gymnast's dreams
Gymnast's goals
Gymnastic coups
Gymnastic goals
Gymnastic perfect scores
Gymnastics coups
Gymnastics top scores
Gymnasts rarely see them
Gymnasts' coups
Gymnasts' goals
Gymnasts' perfect scores
Gymnasts' perfections
Half scores
Halves of a score
Hamilton adorns these
Hamilton bills
Hamilton commemoratives
Hamilton notes
Hamilton's bills
Hamilton's notes
Hamilton's portrait graces them
"Hamiltonian papers, so to speak"
"Heavenly bodies, if you're keeping score"
Heavenly bodies?
Herod s X s
High ratings
High scores
Honor cards
Honor cards.
Hosiery sizes.
Hotornot.com ideals
Hotties' ratings
Ice skater's perfect marks
"Jack toppers, in solitaire"
Jacks beat them
Jacks take them
Jackson fractions
Kind of column
"Kind of column, in math"
"King toppers, in pinochle"
"Knockouts, so to speak"
Label for second digit left of the decimal
Lacrosse teams
Lacrosse teams.
"Lesser-seen bills, thanks to ATMs"
Lowball hands that are about 50-50 against a one-card draw*
Lowest cards in royal flushes
Lowest honor cards
Math class column
Math column
Mathematical column
Mathematical place?
Mathematics column
Medium bills
Might need these for cash-only show
Monopoly stack
Nadia's ideals
Nadia's scores
Not quite openers
Numbers column
Numeric place
Olympian ideals
Olympian's dream scores
Olympic coup
Olympic gymnast's goals
"Once-yellow, now-blue Monopoly bills"
One of a score's two
Ones neighbor?
Ones' neighbor
Ones' neighbors
Ovid's X's
Pairs of fins?
"Part of a poker hand, sometimes"
Perfect Olympic scores
Perfect gymnastic scores
Perfect gymnastics scores
Perfect marks
Perfect ones
Perfect scores
Perfect scores at Seoul in 1988
Perfect scores for some
Perfect scores in the rink
"Perfect scores, in figure skating"
"Perfect scores, often"
"Perfect scores, perhaps"
Perfect specimens
Pin numbers?
Pinochle cards
Pinochle cards.
Pins on the far right
Place between units and hundreds
Place for an adder?
Place in math class?
Playing cards
Playing cards.
Poker cards
Poker holding
"Poker holding, perhaps"
Poker pair
Poker pair.
"Porter Wagoner ""My Last Two ___"""
Recently redesigned Canadian bills
Register compartment
Register section
Repeated word in Metronomy title
Retton's best scores
Round numbers.
Sawbuck bills
Scale leaders
Score halves
Scores for Comaneci
Scores for Retton
Second column
Second column from the right
Second column to the right
"Second column, when adding"
Second column?
Second digit from the right
Second numbers column
Second place from the right
Second place in a math competition?
Second place?
Second-highest pinochle cards
"Second-to-last digit, often"
Section in a till
Shoe sizes
Shoe sizes.
Sir John A. Macdonald's bills
Some ATM bills
Some Monopoly bills
Some Olympic coups
Some billfold bills
Some bills
Some bills in tills
Some folding money
Some greenbacks
Some honor cards
Some mathematical groupings
Some perfect scores
Some pinochle-deck cards
Some softball teams
Some till bills
Some wallet bills
Spent to get into show
Subtraction column
Summer's column
Super scores
Super-hot dishes
"Supermodels, e.g."
Symbols of perfection
Symbols of perfection (4)
Teller's stack
The U.S. Treasury is on their backs
The two for a twenty
The two in a 20
The two in a twenty
There are 16 per deck in this puzzle's card game
They beat kings in pinochle
They come between fives and twenties
They come betweens fives and twenties
"They commemorate Hamilton, in a way"
They elicit wolf whistles
They're often next to fives
"They're sought on ""Dancing With the Stars"""
Things may be counted off by them
"Third till drawer from the right, maybe"
Till bills
Till compartment
Till contents
Till denomination
Till drawer
Till pile
Till section
Till stack
Top diving scores
Top ratings
"Top ratings, at times"
Top scores
Top scores in Olympic diving
"Top scores, sometimes"
Top vaults
Top-rated items
Treasury bills
Treasury bills?
"Two make a ""Jackson"""
Two make a score
US bills
Untoppable gymnastics scores
Vault triumphs
Wallet bills
Wallet contents
"Wallet contents, maybe"
"Wallet contents, perhaps"
Wallet fillers
Wallet items
What singer on indy label has rolls of?
Winning numbers
X ratings?
"X's, maybe"
"X's, sometimes"
"X, X, X"
"XXX, at times"
"XXX, sometimes"
Yellow Monopoly bills
___ and Adders (Stud Poker variant)
___ of thousands
___ of thousands.
___ place
Some till bills
Column of numbers
Addition column
Poker pair
Addition column
Simple change for a 20
Cash drawer slot
Till bills
Addition column
Certain bills
Certain bills
Large integers
Wallet bills
Blue Monopoly bills, now
Deck quartet
Figures to make nets
Bills in tills
Luxury watch brand
Addition column
Perfect scores
Perfect scores
Hamilton bills
Hamilton bills
Hamilton's bills
Hamilton's bills
Certain bills
Certain bills
Certain bills
Certain bills
Perfect gymnastics scores
Perfect gymnastics scores
Cards with the most pips
Hamilton settings
Perfect scores
Perfect scores
Wallet bills
Bills that will soon honor women's suffrage
Treasury bills?
Hamilton bills
Hamilton bills
Certain bills
Certain bills
Some bills
They display two Miss Liberty torches
Till bills
Pound notes with Darwin
Perfect scores
Hamilton bills
Certain bills
Go Fish request
Perfect gymnastics scores
Wallet bills
Yellow Monopoly bills
Till bills
Bills picturing Hamilton
Hamilton notes
Perfect scores
Addition column
Addition column
Bills depicting the Treasury Building
Hamilton's currency
Addition column
Register stack
Bills featuring the Treasury Building
Hamilton bills
Dice rolls equally probable as fours
Addition column
Arithmetic column
Addition column
Perfect scores for divers
Top scores from a "Dancing With the Stars" judge
Till section
Change for a twenty
Certain bills
Certain bills
Change for a $20 bill
Addition column
Figures in decimalisation
Addition column
They now sport ''We the People''
Hamilton's bills
Wallet bills
Notes depicting Hamilton
Change for a $20 bill
Fifty's five
Poker pair
Addition column
Perfect scores
Hamilton bills
Babes and hunks
XXX, perhaps
Change for a $20 bill
Certain bills
Till stack
Till compartment
Perfect gymnastics scores
Addition column
Perfect scores
Hamilton bills
Certain bills