Word: TERI

The word TERI has appeared in at least 394 clues on different crosswords.

"""... words ___ wind"": ""Comedy of Errors"""
"""Bond girl"" Hatcher"
"""Burnt Toast"" author Hatcher"
"""Close Encounters of the Third Kind"" co-star Garr"
"""Desperate Housewives"" Hatcher"
"""Desperate Housewives"" actress Hatcher"
"""Desperate Housewives"" co-star of Eva and Felicity"
"""Desperate Housewives"" costar of Felicity"
"""Desperate Housewives"" name"
"""Desperate Housewives"" star Hatcher"
"""Glazed,"" in Japanese food names"
"""Lois & Clark"" star Hatcher"
"""Lois and Clark"" Lois portrayer"
"""Meet The Parents"" actress Polo"
"""Mr, Mom"" actress, Garr"
"""Mystery Date"" actress ___ Polo"
"""They're real, and they're spectacular"" actress Hatcher"
"""Tootsie"" co-star Garr"
"""Tootsie"" co-star fro Dustin"
"""Tootsie"" name"
"""Tootsie"" star Garr"
"""Tootsie's"" Garr"
"""Yes, I'm Ready"" singer DeSario"
"""Young Frankenstein"" co-star Garr"
"""Young Frankenstein"" costar Garr"
"""Young Frankenstein"" costar of Cloris and Madeline"
'Mr. Mom' actress Garr
1980's-90's actress Copley
2005 Golden Globe honoree Hatcher
A Garr
A costar of Felicity
Actress Austin
"Actress Austin of ""Knots Landing"""
Actress Copley
Actress Copley or Garr
Actress Garr
"Actress Garr of ""Mr. Mom"""
Actress Garr or Hatcher
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher or Garr
Actress Polo
"Actress Polo of ""Beyond Borders"""
"Actress Polo of ""Meet the Fockers"""
"Actress Polo of ""Meet the Parents"""
Actress Polo or Copley
Actress Polo or Hatcher
"Actress Polo who played a presidential candidate's wife on ""The West Wing"""
"Austin of ""Knot's Landing"""
"Austin of ""Knots Landing"""
Austin of 'Knots Landing'
"Austin of TV's ""Knots Landing"""
Austin or Garr
Author Hulme
"Ben's ""Meet the Fockers"" costar"
"Ben's ""Meet the Parents"" girlfriend"
"Ben's girlfriend in ""Meet the Parents"""
Bond girl Hatcher
Buckeye State Garr
Co-star of Eva and Felicity
"Co-star of Eva, Felicity and Marcia"
"Co-star of Eva, Marcia and Felicity"
"Co-star of Felicity, Eva and Marcia"
"Co-star of Marcia, Felicity and Eva"
"Co-star of Marcia, Felicity and Nicollette"
"Cohort of Eva, Marcia, and Felicity"
Copley or Garr
"Copley, Austin or Garr"
"Costar of Dustin in ""Tootsie"""
Costar of Eva and Marcia
Costar of Felicity
"Costar of Felicity, Marcia and Eva"
Costar of Marcia and Felicity
"Costar of Marcia, Felicity, and Nicollette"
"Costar of Nicollette, Eva, Marcia, and Felicity"
"Costar with Eva, Felicity and Marcia"
Crossword fan Garr
"Dean's ""Lois & Clark"" co-star"
Dean's Lois and Clark costar
Desperate housewife Hatcher
"Dustin's ""Tootsie"" co-star"
"Dustin's ""Tootsie"" costar"
Emmy nominee Hatcher
Emmy winner Hatcher
Emmy-nominated Hatcher
Eva and Felicity's costar
"First name among the ""Desperate Housewives"" cast"
"First name among the ""Tootsie"" cast"
"First name in the ""Desperate Housewives"" cast"
"First name in the ""Tootsie"" cast"
First name on 'Desperate Housewives'
Funny Garr
"Gar of ""Micahel"""
"Garr in ""After Hours"""
"Garr in ""Mr. Mom"""
"Garr in ""Oh, God!"""
"Garr in ""Witches' Brew"""
Garr in pictures
"Garr of ""Close Encounters of the Third Kind"""
"Garr of ""Close Encounters"""
"Garr of ""Friends"""
"Garr of ""Michael"""
"Garr of ""Mr. Mom"
"Garr of ""Mr. Mom"""
"Garr of ""Oh, God!"""
"Garr of ""The Winter of Our Discontent"""
"Garr of ""Tootsie"""
"Garr of ""Young Frankenstein"""
Garr of 'Firstborn'
Garr of 'Michael'
Garr of 'Mr. Mom'
"Garr of 'Oh, God!'"
Garr of 'Out Cold'
Garr of 'Short Time'
Garr of 'Tootsie'
Garr of 'Young Frankenstein'
Garr of Hollywood
Garr of Mr. Mom
Garr of film
Garr of films
Garr of films^TER
Garr of flicks
"Garr of the Star Trek episode ""Assignment: Earth"""
Garr of the movies
Garr of the screen
Garr on screen
Garr or Hatcher
Garr or Hatcher of film
Garr or Polo
Garr the actress
"Garr who portrayed Inga in ""Young Frankenstein"""
"Garr with a ""Tootsie"" role"
Garr with a 'Tootsie' role
"Garr, of 'Tootsie'"
"Gene's ""Young Frankenstein"" co-star"
"Gene's ""Young Frankenstein"" mistress"
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' co-star
Girl's version of a usually unisex name
"Girlfriend of Weird Al in ""UHF"""
"Glaze, in Japanese"
Golden Globe winner Hatcher
"Hatcher in ""Lois & Clark"""
Hatcher in Hollywood
"Hatcher of ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Hatcher of ""Lois & Clark"""
"Hatcher of ""Lois and Clark"""
"Hatcher of ""Spy Kids"""
"Hatcher of ""Tango & Cash"""
"Hatcher of ""The World Is Not Enough"""
"Hatcher of ""Tomorrow Never Dies"""
Hatcher of 'Desperate Housewives'
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark'
Hatcher of 'Soapdish'
Hatcher of Hollywood
Hatcher of Lois & Clark
Hatcher of Lois and Clark
Hatcher of RadioShack ads
Hatcher of TV
Hatcher of TV plots
"Hatcher of a ""desperate"" plot?"
Hatcher of film
Hatcher of plots involving Lois
Hatcher of plots?
"Hatcher on ""Desperate Housewives"""
Hatcher on TV
Hatcher on the screen
Hatcher on the small screen
Hatcher or Garr
Hatcher or Polo
Hatcher or Polo [see NOTE above]
Hatcher that doesn't sit on eggs?
"Hatcher who co-starred in ""Tomorrow Never Dies"""
Hatcher who played Lois
Hatcher who played Lois Lane
Hatcher who was a Bond girl
Hatcher with a Golden Globe
"Hatcher, for one"
Hollywood Hatcher
Hollywood's Garr
Hollywood's Hatcher
Housewife portrayer Hatcher
Howie colleague in RadioShack ads
"Howie colleague, in ads"
Howie's partner in RadioShack spots
"Inga in ""Young Frankenstein"""
Inga in Young Frankenstein
Inga's portrayer
"Jack Bauer's ""24"" wife"
"Jack Bauer's murdered wife on ""24"""
"Jack Bauer's wife on ""24"""
"Jack's wife in Season 1 of ""24"""
"Jack's wife on ""24"""
Lane portrayer Hatcher
Lois Lane portrayer Hatcher
Lois and Clark actress Hatcher
"Lois in ""Lois & Clark"""
"Lois on ""Lois & Clark"""
Lois on TV
Lois player
Lois player on TV
Lois portrayer
Lois portrayer Hatcher
"Lois portrayer of ""Lois and Clark"""
Lois portrayer on TV
Lois to Dean's Clark
Lois' portrayer
"Lois, on TV"
"Lois, to Dean's Clark"
Marcia and Felicity's co-star
"Michael's ""Mr. Mom"" co-star"
"Michael's ""Mr. Mom"" costar"
Michael's 'Mr. Mom' co-star
Michael's Mrs. Mom co-star
Mr. Mom first name
Ms. Garr
"Ms. Garr of ""Mr. Mom"""
Ms. Hatcher
"Murphy of TV's ""Hard Copy"""
Newman who is running against Jerry Costello for Illinois' 12th congressal district
Nicollette's co-star
"One of Dustin's co-stars in ""Tootsie"""
One of the Garr girls
Oscar nominee Garr
Playing Polo?
"Polo in ""The Arrival"""
"Polo of ""Little Fockers"""
"Polo of ""Meet the Fockers"""
"Polo of ""Meet the Fokkers"""
"Polo of ""Meet the Parents"""
"Polo of ""The West Wing"""
Polo of 'Meet the Parents'
Polo of 'The West Wing'
Polo of Hollywood
"Polo of TV's ""The Fosters"""
Polo of film
"Polo on ""The West Wing"""
Polo on TV
Polo on screen
Polo on sets
Polo on the big screen
Polo on the screen
Polo or Austin
Polo or Garr
Polo or Hatcher
"Polo seen in ""Meet the Parents"""
Pop singer DeSario
"Portrayer of Susan on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Raul's ""One From the Heart"" co-star"
Richard's 'Close Encounters' co-star
Richard's Close Encounters wife
"She co-stars with Nicollette, Marcia"
"She had a ""Tootsie"" role"
"She played Inga in ""Young Frankenstein"""
She played Inga in 'Young Frankenstein'
She played Lois
"She played Lois in ""Lois & Clark"""
"She played Lois on ""Lois & Clark"""
She played Lois on TV
She played Phoebe's mother on 'Friends'
"She played Richard's wife in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and John's wife in 'Oh, God!'"
She played Richard's wife in a UFO classic
"She played Susan on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"She played one of Pierce's Bond girls in ""Tomorrow Never Dies"""
"She plays Lois on ""Lois & Clark"""
"She plays Susan on ""Desperate Housewives"""
She was Lois in 'Lois & Clark'
She was Lois to Dean's Clark
"She's Susan on ""Desperate Housewives"""
Singer DeSario
"Susan on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Susan player on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Susan portrayer in ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Susan portrayer on ""Desperate Housewives"""
"Susan's portrayer on ""Desperate Housewives"""
Susan's portrayer on 'Desperate Housewives'
"Susan, on ""Desperate Housewives"""
TV Lois
TV actress Hatcher
TV costar of Eva and Nicollette
TV's Hatcher
The rite girl
Theatric Hatcher
WSJ fashion columnist Agins
___ Jon (fashion label)
___ Jon (fashion line)
___ Jon (women's apparel label)
___ Jon (women's fashion line)
"___ Polo of ""Meet the Fockers"""
___Lois and Clark___'s Hatcher
Felicity’s costar
Actress Hatcher
Gene’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ co-star
Garr of "Tootsie"
Hatches of “Desperate Housewives”
Actress Hatcher
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives"
Actress Garr
Actress Hatcher
Hatcher of TV plots?
Actress Polo
Actress Polo of 'Meet the Parents'
Hatcher of 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
Hatcher who played Lois Lane
Actress Hatcher
Garr of 'Young Frankenstein'
With 14-Across, 'Meet the Parents' co-star
Polo of "The Fosters"
Hatcher of "Lois & Clark"
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher
With 4-Down, "Little Fockers" actress
Actress Hatcher
Garr of "Young Frankenstein"
Polo of "Meet the Fockers"
Hatcher of "Lois & Clark"
Garr of "Young Frankenstein"
Hatcher of "Lois & Clark"
Garr of "Mr. Mom"
Polo of "The Fosters"
Actress Hatcher
Garr of the screen
Actress Polo of "The West Wing"
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Hatcher
Actress Polo
Hatcher who was a Bond girl
Garr of "Tootsie
Dustin's ''Tootsie'' costar
Polo of "The Fosters"
Garr of "Mr. Mom"
TV's Hatcher
Hatcher of TV
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Hatcher
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Hatcher
Actress Garr
Actress Hatcher
Actress Polo
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Hatcher
Hatcher on TV
Gene's "Young Frankenstein" co-star
Hatcher who played Lois Lane
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives"
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher
Garr of 'Tootsie'
Actress Garr of 'Young Frankenstein'
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher
Polo of "The Fosters"
Actress Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives"
TV's Hatcher
She was Lois to Dean's Clark
"Desperate Housewives" actress Hatcher
Actress Garr
Actress Hatcher
Garr of "Tootsie"
Polo on the small screen
"Tootsie" costar Garr
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher
Garr of "Young Frankenstein"
Actress Garr
Actress Hatcher who has a recurring role on TV's "Supergirl"
"Tomorrow Never Dies" actress Hatcher
Polo of 'The Fosters'
Gene's "Young Frankenstein" co-star
Actress Hatcher
Polo of "The Fosters"
Hatcher with a recurring role in TV's "Supergirl"
Polo of "Meet the Parents"
Ms. Garr
Polo of "The Fosters"
Austin of "Knots Landing"
Hatcher of "Lois & Clark"
TV's Hatcher
Hatcher who was a Bond girl
Actress Hatcher
Oscar nominee Garr
Garr of 'Tootsie'
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives"
Garr of Hollywood
Garr of films
TV's Hatcher
Comic actress Garr
Polo of "The Fosters"
Actress Hatcher
Alternative to Tessa
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Polo or Garr
Hatcher or Garr
Garr of "Tootsie"
Actress Hatcher who played Rhea on "Supergirl"