Word: TEX

The word TEX has appeared in at least 276 clues on different crosswords.

"""Nice shootin', ___"""
"""Oedipus ___"" (PDQ Bach oratorio)"
"""You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often"" singer Ritter"
'60s soul musician Joe
'60s-'70s soul singer Joe
-- -Mex
1830s-'40s Southwestern republic: Abbr.
1970s group Disco ___ and the Sex-O-Lettes
1979 S.E. Hinton novel
1982 Matt Dillon movie
A Ritter
A Ritter of films
AL West team
Actor Ritter
Animator Avery
Antoine or Rickard
Apt name for a Dallas cowboy?
Avery or Ritter
Avery who created Bugs and Daffy
Bandleader Beneke
Big D resident
Big ___ (Dallas fair icon)
Big ___ (State Fair icon displayed in Dallas)
"Buck's buddy, maybe"
Buddy Holly's st.
Buddy Holly's state: abbr.
Bugs Bunny cartoonist Avery
Bugs Bunny cartoonist ___ Avery
Bunkhouse nickname
Cartoonist Avery
Cartoonist Avery who created Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny
Cattleman's nickname
Classic S.E. Hinton book
Classic cowboy name
Common cowboy nickname
Common name for a cowboy.
Common nickname for a cowboy
Country great Ritter
Country singer Ritter
Cowboy Ritter
Cowboy moniker
Cowboy name
Cowboy nickname
Cowboy nickname.
Cowboy singer Ritter
Cowboy sobriquet
Cowboy's handle
Cowboy's moniker
Cowboy's name
Cowboy's nickname
"Cowboy's nickname, often"
Cowboy's sobriquet
Cowhand handle
Cowhand's moniker
Cowhand's nickname
"Cowhand's nickname, perhaps"
Cowpoke moniker
Cowpoke's handle
Cowpoke's moniker
Cowpoke's nickname
Cowpunch's moniker
Cowpunch's sobriquet
"Cowpuncher's moniker, perhaps"
DDE's birthplace
DFW airport home
DFW's state
Dallas cowboy?
Dallas's state: Abbr.
Drive handle
Droopy creator Avery
Familiar appellation for a cowpuncher
Follower of Gore?
Football Hall of Famer Schramm
Football Hall-of-Famer Schramm
"Former Cowboys president Schramm, appropriately"
Former Dallas Cowboys GM Schramm
Geographical nickname
Gore follower
Gore follower?
Gore won't campaign there much: abbr.
Gore-___ (fabric)
Gulf st.
Half a southwestern cuisine
Handle on a ranch
He's home on the range
Home for G. W. Bush
Home of DFW
Home to the Rangers: abbr.
Houstonian's nickname
"Humble person, for short?"
It's between La. and N.M.
Jazzman Beneke
John Ritter's dad
John Ritter's father
Joseph Arrington Jr. or Joe ___
LBJ's home state
LBJ's state.
La. neighbor
Laredo nickname
Lone Star State cowboy
Lone Star State handle
Lone Star State moniker
Lone Star State nickname
Lone Star Stater
Lone Star guy
Lone Star handle
Lone-Star nickname
Lonestar nickname.
Looney Tunes animator Avery
Looney Tunes' Avery
MGM animator Avery
Man from Big D
Man from Dallas.
Man's nickname.
Many a cowpoke's handle
Matt Dillon title role
Matt Dillon title role of 1982
Moniker for a Lone Star cowboy
Moniker for a cowboy
Movie with Matt Dillon
Mr. Ritter
Name on the range
Neighbor of La.
Neighbor of Okla.
Nickname for a cowboy
Nickname for a cowboy.
Nickname for a man from Austin.
Nickname for someone from Houston
Nickname of B-western actor Robert Allen
Nickname on a cattle drive
Nickname on the range
Nickname uttered in the Lone Star State
Oater moniker
Oater name
Okla. neighbor
Old talk-show host McCrary
One Ritter
Panhandle handle
"Person from Pasadena, familiarly"
"Poke, probably"
Popular cowboy name
Popular cowboy nickname
Puncher's nickname
Ranch handle
Ranch moniker
Ranch nickname
Ranch sobriquet
Ranch tag
Range moniker
"Rangers, on a sports ticker"
Ritter of country
Ritter or Antoine
Ritter or Avery
Ritter or Beneke
"Ritter who sang ""I Dreamed of a Hill-Billy Heaven"""
Rodeo nickname
S.E. Hinton book
S.E. Hinton classic
S.E. Hinton novel
S.E. Hinton novel set on a ranch
SE Hinton novel
San Antone sobriquet
Santa's helper & '60s Riley model
Sax player Beneke
Saxophonist Beneke
"Saxophonist Beneke who sings on ""Chattanooga Choo Choo"""
Short ranch hand?
Singer Joe
Singer Ritter
"Singer/songwriter Joe from the south, obviously"
Singing Ritter
Singing cowboy Ritter
St. with a panhandle
State below Okla.
State: Abbr.
Stereotypical cowboy
Stereotypical cowboy name
Stereotypical cowboy nickname
Stereotypical cowboy's nickname
Stereotypical oater nickname
Stereotypical rodeo nickname
TV weatherman
TV's Antoine
The Stars' state: abbr.
U.S. state with a secessionist movement
U.S. state with its own elec. power grid
W.'s home
Waco nickname
Western moniker
Western nickname
Western nickname.
Westerner's nickname.
Where Amarillo is: Abbr.
Where Odessa is: Abbr.
Where Shamrock is: Abbr.
Where to find Paris and Odessa: Abbr.
Woodward Maurice Ritter's nickname
Wrangler's tag
"Yankees first baseman, familiarly"
___ -Mex
___ Avery of Looney Tunes
___-Mex cooking
___-Mex cuisine
___-Mex food
Cowboy nickname
Cowhand handle
Saxophonist Beneke
Cowboy's nickname
Austin's home: Abbr
Ted Cruz's home: Abbr
S.E. Hinton classic
Fabric, in some product names
__-Mex cuisine
Lone Star State moniker
Cowboy's moniker
Cowboy's nickname
With 18-Across, Southwestern cuisine
____-Mex cuisine
Lone Star Stater's moniker
Ranchero sobriquet
Generic nickname for a cowpoke
__-Mex cuisine
State south of Okla.
Many a Dallas cowboy
— -Mex cuisine
Singer Ritter
S.E. Hinton novel
Singer Ritter
Cowpoke nickname
Saxophonist Beneke
__-Mex cuisine
Cowboy moniker
Sax legend Beneke
Ranch moniker
____-Mex cuisine
La. neighbor
Cowboy nickname
Part of 15-Across (Abbr.)
Cowboy handle
Gore-___ (waterproof fabric)
— -Mex cuisine
One of two sts. with bordering panhandles
___-Mex (Southwestern cuisine)
Cowboy Ritter
Handle on a ranch
Singer Ritter
A diminutive and familiar statesman
Ranch sobriquet
Fort Worth's state: Abbr.
Cowboy's nickname
La. neighbor
___-Mex (cuisine with tortillas)
___-Mex food
Ritter of country music
Cowhand handle
La. neighbor
____-Mex cuisine
Handle on the range?
— -Mex cuisine
"Oedipus __" : P.D.Q. Bach western-themed parody
Cowhand's nickname
Singer Ritter
Cowboy moniker
Cowboy nickname
Singer Ritter
___-Mex cuisine
Nickname for a cowhand from San Antonio, maybe