Word: TIN

The word TIN has appeared in at least 770 clues on different crosswords.

TIN definition(s):

• (transitive) To coat with solder in preparation for soldering.

• to place into a tin in order to preserve

• To place into a tin in order to preserve.

• (countable, squash (sport)) The bottom part of the front wall, which is "out" if a player strikes it with the ball.

• (uncountable) A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn.

• money

• to coat with solder

• prepare (a metal) for soldering or brazing by applying a thin layer of solder to the surface

• element

• A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn.

• Computer hardware.

• made of tin

• A tin-plate canister, often cylindrical, for preserved foods such as fruit, meat, or fish.

• preserve in a can or tin; "tinned foods are not very tasty"

• (transitive) To cover with tin.

• plate with tin

• (countable) A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc.

• (transitive) To place into a tin in order to preserve.

• Made of galvanised iron or built of corrugated iron.

• airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.

• (UK, countable) An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food.

• Made of tin.

• a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion; used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion; obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide

• A small, round-shaped metal container, used for different purposes like storing food or liquids, or collecting money.

• metal pan

• To coat with solder in preparation for soldering.

• A metallic element with symbol Sn, occurring in cassiterite. It is a malleable silvery-white metal.

• airtight container

• To cover with tin.

• A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc.

• to cover with tin

• container

• To preserve in a can or tin.

• metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour

• An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food.

• a vessel (box, can, pan, etc.) made of tinplate and used mainly in baking

• The bottom part of the front wall, which is "out" if a player strikes it with the ball.

"""Cat on a Hot ___ Roof"""
"""Man"" in ""The Wizard of Oz"""
"""One ___ Soldier"" (antiwar song)"
"""___ Cup"" (1996 Kevin Costner golf movie)"
"""___ Cup"" (1996 Kevin Costner movie)"
"""___ Cup"" (1996 golf movie starring Kevin Costner)"
"""___ Cup"" (Kevin Costner golf film)"
"""___ Cup"" (Kevin Costner movie)"
"""___ Man"" (America)"
"""___ Men,"" 1987 film"
"""___ roof...rusted"" (shouted ""Love Shack"" lyric)"
#50 on a table
'Sn' element
'___ Men' (1987 Richard Dreyfuss movie about aluminum siding salesmen)
-- Pan Alley
--- Pan Alley
10th anniversary gift
10th anniversary material
10th anniversary metal
10th anniversary symbol
10th-anniversary gift
10th-anniversary material
10th-anniversary metal
50 on the periodic table
A base metal
A kind of ear
Adjective for ear
Altoids container
Altoids holder
Aluminum siding: slang
"America ""___ Man"""
"America #4 hit ""___ Man"""
"America hit ""___ Man"""
An Oscar is mostly this
An element
Anchovy container
Anchovy holder
Anniversary gift for the year after pottery
Antimony's neighbor on the periodic table
Atomic number 50
Badge material
Baker's need
Baking container
Baking pan
Before ear or horn
Beggar's receptacle
Big Chinese export
Big natural resource in Malaysia
"Billy Bob Thornton movie ""Pushing ___"""
Biscuit holder
Bolivia's mainstay.
Bolivian export
Bolivian export.
Bolivian shipment
Bowie band ___ Machine
Breath mints buy
Brit's can
British can
British container
"Britney Spear's ""___ Microphone"""
Bronze component
Bronze ingredient
Bronze metal
Cake ___
Cake container
Can across the pond
Can coating.
Can component
Can composition
Can makeup
Can material
Can metal
Can or cup metal
Can or horn preceder
Can or pan material
Can or type
Can stuff
Can to a Brit
Can's composition
"Can, in Cambridge"
"Can, in Canterbury"
"Can, in Cornwall"
"Can, in London"
"Can, to a Londoner"
Candy container
Candy holder
Canning metal
Canterbury can
Cassiterite product
Cassiterite yield
Cheap metal
Cheap roofing material
"Chemically, Sn"
Cigarette holder
Common alloy component
Common foil material
Component of bell metal
Component of bronze
Component of bronze or pewter
Component of pewter
Component of pewter.
Component of solder
Composition of Jack Haley's Oz character
Composition of some cups
Composition of some stars
Container at a cookie exchange
Container for Altoids
Container for some breath mints
Container metal
Contents of a stannary mine
Cookie container
Cookie holder
Cookie repository
Cookie sheet
Cookie store
Cop's ID material
Corrosion-resistant plating
"Costner's ""___ Cup"""
Cup material
Cup metal
Cup or can material
Cup or soldier
Cupcake holder
David Bowie band ___ Machine
David Bowie's ___ Machine
Do soldering
"Dog, Part 2 or 3"
Ear or horn
Ear type
Element #50
Element after indium
Element before antimony in the periodic table
Element between indium and antimony in the periodic table
Element in bronze
Element in pewter
"Element mentioned repeatedly in ""The Wizard of Oz"""
Element obtained from cassiterite
Element of cavity protection
Element of surprise in this puzzle's theme answers
Element whose chemical abbreviation is only one letter shorter than the element itself
Element whose symbol is Sn
Element with the shortest name
Element with the symbol Sn
Element with twice as many protons as manganese
English can
Faience glaze ingredient
Fancy food container
Flatfoot's badge material
Foil ingredient
Foil lead-in
Foil material
"Foil material, once"
Foil material.
Foil stuff?
Foil type
Food container
Food holder
Former Davie Bowie group ___ Machine
Gift for a 10th wedding anniversary
"Grass's ""The ___ Drum"""
"Haley's metal in ""... Oz"""
Hat or horn start
Horn leader
Important import
Indonesian export
Inexpensive roofing material
Ingredient in Delftware glazing
Ingredient of bronze.
Ingredient of some solders and some soldiers
It can be used when making solders and soldiers
It measures 1.5 on the Mohs scale
It might take the cake
It'll help you make bronze
It's in bronze
It's in the can?
Its atomic number is 50
Its atomic number is 50.
Its atomic number is half of fermium's
Its atomic symbol is Sn
Its chemical symbol is Sn
Its chief ore is cassiterite
Its symbol in Sn
Its symbol is Sn
Jack Haley's metal
"Kind of ""Man"" to America"
Kind of badge
Kind of badge or can
Kind of badge or cup
Kind of badge or horn
"Kind of badge, cup or horn"
Kind of can
Kind of can or cup
Kind of can or ear
Kind of can or man
Kind of cup or ear
Kind of cup or horn
Kind of ear
Kind of ear or god
Kind of ear or horn
Kind of ear or soldier
Kind of ear.
Kind of foil
Kind of foil or soldier
Kind of god
Kind of god or horn
Kind of horn
Kind of horn or star
Kind of smith or soldier
Kind of soldier
Kind of soldier or lizzie
Kind of star or soldier
Kind of type or horn
Kipper container
Kitchen container.
Kitchen foil material
Length of a boxing round
Light metal
Like Oz's woodman
Like a heartless man of film
Like a sheriff's star
Like an Oz man
Like an Oz resident's makeup
Like an Oz visitor's makeup
Like certain ears
Like musically challenged ears?
Like some ears
Like some ears or gods
Like some gods and soldiers
Like some plates
Like some toy soldiers
Like the Oz woodsman
Like the Wizard's heartless visitor
Like the heartless man
Lizzie material
Lizzie metal
Lizzie or ear
Lizzie or hat
Lizzie or soldier
Lizzie's first name?
Lizzie's makeup
Lizzie's makeup?
Lizzie's predecessor
London can
Main element in pewter
Main ingredient in an Oscar
Majolica glaze
Majolica metal
Major Indonesian export
Makeup for a star?
Makeup of some Victorian ceilings
Makeup of some old soldiers?
Malaysian export
Maleable metal
Malleable element
Malleable metal
Man or soldier lead-in
Man with Dorothy?
"Martinets, at heart"
Material for a roof or a can
Material for a toy soldier
Material for a whitesmith
Material for an Oz man
Material for little soldiers
Material for some cans
Material for some cups
Material in T. Williams's roof
Material in many camping utensils
Material in some plating
Material used in old ceilings
Metal container
Metal for cans
Metal found in pewter
Metal given on a tenth anniversary
Metal in bronze
Metal in much window glass
Metal in pewter
Metal in solder
Metal in solder.
Metal in some bronze
Metal used in solders
Metal whose chief ore is cassiterite
"Metal with the symbol ""Sn"""
Metallic element
"Metallic element with the symbol ""Sn"""
Metallic plating
Most of pewter
Muffin holder
Muffin pan
New York's ___ Pan Alley
Not t'ick
Old can material
Old foil metal
One of the elements.
Only element whose name is three letters long
Only three-letter element
Opposite of tout
"Oscar material, mostly"
"Oscar statuette, mostly"
"Oscar's makeup, mostly"
"Oscars, for the greatest part"
"Oscars, mostly"
Oz Woodman's makeup
Oz Woodman.s material
Oz man's makeup
Oz man's metal
Oz visitor's makeup
Pan material
Pantry item
Part of a movie dog's name
Part of bronze
Part of pewter
Part of pewter.
Part of the alloy britannia
Part of the alloy britannium
Paul Revere medium
Penny whistle material
Pet food container
Pewter base
Pewter component
Pewter constituent
Pewter element
Pewter ingredient
Pewter ingredient.
Pewter metal
Pewter or bronze ingredient
Pewter part
Pewter's base
Pewter's chief constituent
"Pewter, in part"
"Pewter, predominantly"
Pie holder
Pie plate
Pie plate.
Piece of bakeware
Place for cookies
Plate material
Plating choice
Plating material
Plating metal
Plating option
Popcorn gift container
"Preserves protector, in Paddington"
Primary component of pewter
Principal constituent of pewter.
Product from cassiterite.
Product of Bolivia
Product of Bolivia.
Product of cassiterite.
Provider of spam protection?
Roof material
Roof material in a Williams play title
Roofing material
"Roofing material, sometimes"
Rustproofing agent
Sardine can
Sardine can material
Sardine container
Sardine holder
Sardines holder
Sealed container.
Shack roof material
Shallow baking pan
Shallow pan
Shanty material
Sheriff's star material
Shortest element
Shortest-name element
Shortest-named element
Silver-white element
Silver-white element.
Silvery element
"Sn, chemically"
"Sn, chemically speaking"
"Sn, in chemistry"
"Sn, in science class"
"Sn, in the lab"
"Sn, on a table"
"Sn, on the periodic table"
"Sn, to a chemist"
"Snowy's owner, when doubled"
Snuff holder
Soft metal
Sold(i)er material
Solder component
Solder element
Solder fodder
Solder ingredient
Solder ingredient.
Solder material
"Solder material, or soldier material"
Solder metal
Solder or soldier material
Soldering metal
Soldier material
Soldier material?
Soldier or solder material
Soldier's leader
Soldier's makeup?
Some plating
Some smiths work in it
Some soldiers' makeup
"Sonic Youth's ""Rain on ___"""
Sort of smith
Sort of soldier or hat?
Spam holder
Spam may be in it
Spice holder
Squash court telltale
Stannary material
Stannary stock
Stannite yield
Stannous chloride component
Stannous element
Stannous fluoride component
Star material
"Star material, maybe"
Star material?
Start to type
Tea holder
Tea or flour container
Tenth anniversary
Tenth anniversary gift
"Tenth anniversary gift, traditionally"
Tenth anniversary material
Tenth anniversary symbol.
Tenth wedding anniversary gift
Tenth- anniversary symbol
Tenth-anniversary gift
"Tenth-anniversary gift, traditionally"
Tenth-anniversary metal
The ___ Man
"The ___ Man (""The Wizard of Oz"" character)"
The ___ man
The only three-letter element
The stuff some soldiers are made of
There may be fish in it
Three-letter element
Three-letter metal
Tobacco holder
Tole metal
Tout's opposite
Toy soldier material
"Toy soldier material, sometimes"
Toy soldier metal
Tuna container
Two-thirds of a canine star
Type of can
Type of cup or soldier
Type of ear
Type of foil
Type of foil or can
Type of plate or soldier
Type of soldier
Type of type
U.S. import
Western star makeup
What a copper badge is made of?
What a heartless man was made of?
What a soldier's made of
"What one man is made of, in Oz"
What some soldiers are made of
What whitesmiths work with
"When repeated, hero of children's lit"
White metal
Whitesmith's medium
Whitesmith's stock
Window-glass ingredient
Woodman's composition
Woodman's material
Woodsman's makeup
Word before ear or horn
Word before ear or soldier
Word that may precede the first word of this puzzle's theme answers
Word with Man or can
Word with ear or can
Word with ear or horn
Word with foil or can
Word with horn or plate
Word with horn or whistle
Word with type or horn
Word with whistle or cup
___ Lizzie
___ Lizzie (Model T)
___ Machine (David Bowie band)
___ Machine (Late 80s David Bowie band)
___ Machine (former David Bowie band)
___ Pan Alley
___ Pan Alley (musical era/movement of New York)
___ Pan Alley (songwriters' district)
"___ Woodman (""The Wizard of Oz"" character)"
___ Woodman.
___ can
"___ can (destroyer, in Navy slang)"
___ fish
___ fish (torpedo)
___ foil
___ foil hat (conspiracy theorist's cover)
___ foil.
___ god
___ lizzie
___ lizzy
___ plate
___ soldier
___ soldier.
___ whistle
Bit of bronze
Solder component
Common foil material
Bronze ingredient
Pie pan material
Spam's place
About 92% of britannium
Element #50
Can material
It's between indium and antimony on the periodic table
__ can
Foil metal
Can metal
Badge makeup
Gift on a 10th anniversary
Malleable metal
Can material
Sardine container
Altoids container
Airtight sealed container
Malleable metal
Soft metal
Pewter component
Light metal
Metal container
Metal in bronze
Big Australian export
Pie dish
Metal in bronze
Oscar composition, mostly
Hitting with can
Element above lead in the periodic table
Malleable metal
Metal can
Metallic element
Malleable metal
Hitting with a container
Light metal
Metal can
Stannous element
___ Pan Alley
With 78-Down, tone deafness
Hitting with container
Metal container
New York's ___ Pan Alley
Hitting with can
Metallic element
Element used in electroplating
Metallic element
Like the woodsman of Oz
Smaller than a tiny metal box
Hitting with can
Hitting with can
Soft metal
Soft metal
Soft metal
Soft metal
Hitting with can
Metal can
Element in pewter
Element in pewter
Container whose letters appear in 'container'
Hitting with container
Hitting with container
Hitting with a can
Hitting with a can
Solder stuff
Solder stuff
Anchovy holder
Metallic element
Metallic element
Hitting with can
Hitting with can
TV dog, Rin Tin ...
Metal container
Metal container
Metal container
Metal container
Soft metal
Metallic element
Pewter component
Tiny container?
Light metal
Bronze component
Metallic element
Container for kippers
Oscar, mostly
May have been Cornish, but it's up north
Metallic element; symbol Sn
Badge or cup metal
Metallic element
Hitting with can
Sardine container
Hitting with can
An element of rust protection
Toy soldier material
Soldier material
Hitting with can
Metal in window glass
Soft metal
Soft metal
Pewter component
Food container
Hitting with metal
Altoids holder
Light metal
Metallic element
Common can material
Can metal
Foil metal
Soldier material?
Soft metal
Can metal
Bauxite product
Toy soldier material
Bronze ingredient
#50 on a table
Element with the shortest name
Metal container
Pewter component
Soft metal
Metallic element; symbol Sn
Malleable metal
Pewter, in part
Metallic element
Common can material
Light metal
Spam container
Can material
Corrosion-resistant coating
Hitting with container
Foil metal
Can metal
Badge material
Common alloy
Metallic element
Can material
Metallic element; symbol Sn
It's up North, this style of loaf
Heating with element
Oz woodman's makeup
Rust-free extract of platinum
It's canny to keep biscuits in one
Metallic element
Metal container
Metal in solder
Can material
Anniversary gift between pottery and steel
Metallic element
Metal in pewter
Metallic element
Can material
It's above lead on the periodic table
Pie dish
Hitting with container
Metallic element; symbol Sn
Light metal
Part of pewter
Metallic element
Sardine container
Altoids container
Light metal
Malleable metal
__ Pan Alley
Metal container
Sardine holder
Metallic element
Pewter component
Roofing material
Hitting with can
Soft metal
Light metal
Woodman's makeup, in Oz
Metallic element; symbol Sn
Pewter component
Bronze ingredient
Can material
Badge material
Metal container
The —, 1979 drama starring David Bennent based on a 1959 novel by Gunter Grass
Cupcake holder
Metallic element
Element with the shortest name
___ ear
Whitesmiths work with it
Can turn nit around
Cookie holder
Can material
Badge metal
Metal can
Metallic element
Old star makeup
Sardine container