The word TOASTS has appeared in at least 89 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bottoms up!"" and others"
"""Bottoms up!"" and the like"
"""Bottoms up!,"" and the like"
"""Here's to you!"" and others"
"""Here's to you!"" tributes"
"""Here's to..."" proposals"
"""L'chaim,"" etc."
"""Prosit!"" et al."
"""Skoal"" and ""Here's mud in your eye"""
"""Skoal"" and ""cheers"""
After-wedding offerings
Arm-raising events
Bachelor dinner features.
Banquet customs.
Banquet drinks
Banquet recitations
Basks at the fireside.
Brown breads.
Browns bread
"Browns, as bread"
Champagne salutes
Cheers or chin-chin
Cheers! and Salud!
Clinks glasses
Complimentary speeches
"Does a ""bottom-up"" to"
Drinkers' gestures
Drinks at the dais
Drinks to
French ___ (breakfast treats)
Glass-clinkers' proposals
Glass-clinking moments
Glass-clinking rituals
Honors in a way
Idols of sorts
Inspirations for clinking glasses
L'chaim and prosit
Lifts one's spirits?
Light shades
Makes croutons
Moments of raised spirits?
Moments when people might sit around tables and raise spirits?
Newlyweds get them
One thing a best man does
Parts of many celebrations
Party acclamations
Party lines?
Prepares a muffin
Prosit and skoal
"Prosit, etc."
Raises a glass to
Raises one's glass to
Raises one's spirits?
Reception events
Reception highlights
Reception staples
Salubrity salutes
Salutes an honoree
Salutes before drinking
Salutes of a sort
Salutes with words
"Salutes, in a way"
Skoal and cheers
"Skoal, etc."
They may be given by wedding guests
"Times for ""Cheers!"""
"Turns brown, maybe"
Wedding party rituals
Wedding reception events
Wedding reception highlights
Wedding reception rituals
Wedding reception tributes
Wedding rituals
Wedding reception events
Drinks to
Celebrates bread on Sunday
Drinks to
Browns, as bagels
Raises a glass to
Drinks to
Best men offer them
Salutes with glasses