Word: TOE

The word TOE has appeared in at least 896 clues on different crosswords.

TOE definition(s):

• hit (a golf ball) with the toe of the club

• (golf) the part of a clubhead farthest from the shaft

• That part of a shoe or sock covering the toe.

• To mishit a golf ball with the toe of the club.

• Something resembling a toe, especially at the bottom or extreme end of something.

• part of a shoe or sock covering the toe

• To touch or reach with the toes; to come fully up to.

• To furnish with a toe.

• any equivalent part in an animal

• To fasten (a piece) by driving a fastener at a near-45-degree angle through the side (of the piece) into the piece to which it is to be fastened.

• walk so that the toes assume an indicated position or direction; "She toes inwards"

• Each of the five digits on the end of the foot.

• An advanced form of ballet primarily for the females, dancing ballet primarily using a Pointe shoe.

• An alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle with positive toe (or toe in) signifying that the wheels are closer together at the front than at the back and negative toe (or toe out) the opposite.

• (cricket) the tip of the bat farthest from the handle

• (golf) To mishit a golf ball with the toe of the club.

• One of the extremities of the foot.

• An alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle with positive toe (or toe in) signifying that the wheels are closer together at the front than at the back and negative toe (or toe out) the opposite.

• The long side of an angled cut.

• each of the five digits on the end of the foot

• To touch, tap or kick with the toes.

• forepart of a hoof

• one of the digits of the foot

• drive (a golf ball) with the toe of the club

• The journal, or pivot, at the lower end of a revolving shaft or spindle, which rests in a step.

• alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle

• (golf) the extreme end of the head of a club.

• A lateral projection at one end, or between the ends, of a piece, such as a rod or bolt, by means of which it is moved.

• touch with the toe

• An equivalent part in an animal.

• A projection from the periphery of a revolving piece, acting as a cam to lift another piece.

• drive obliquely; "toe a nail"

• the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes

"""... on the light fantastic ___"""
"""...and upon the great ___ of his right foot"" (Lev 14:28)"
"""Big"" digit"
"""Head to ___"" (#1 hit of 1987)"
"""Head to ___"" (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam #1)"
"""Head to ___"" (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam hit)"
"""Head to ___"" (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam #1)"
"""Head to ___"" (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam hit)"
"""Little piggie"""
"""Little piggy"""
"""Little piggy,"" in a children's rhyme"
"""Low digit"
"""Piggy"" on a tot's foot"
"""The ___"" (Lou Groza)"
"""The ___"": placekicker Lou Groza's nickname"
"""This little piggy..."" digit"
"""Wiggle your big ___"" (self-directed command from The Bride in ""Kill Bill"" after she awakens from her coma)"
"""___ the line!"""
"#1 hit of 1987 ""Head to ___"""
'Little piggy'
'Little piggy' in a children's rhyme
- the line
--- the line
1939 Hart Memorial Trophy winner Blake
A boot may have a steel one
A minimus is a little one
A minimus is the smallest one
Alignment calculation
"Amputated body part in ""The Big Lebowski"""
An X on a game board
An area of Italy
An extremity
Angle a nail
Area of Italy
"Baby's ""piggie"""
"Baby's ""piggy"""
Baby's 'piggy'
Baby's piggy
Baby's plaything.
Bad dancer's target
Balance beam gripper
Ballerina's asset
Ballerina's axis
Ballerina's balancing point
Ballerina's digit
Ballerina's perch
Ballerina's pivot
Ballerina's pivot point
Ballerina's prop
Ballerina's support
Ballet dancer's digit
Ballet pivot
Ballet point
Ballet support?
Bath water tester
Bath-water tester
Bather's water-tester
Bathtime tester
Bathwater temperature tester
Bathwater tester
"Bathwater tester, perhaps"
Beat tapper
Big ___
Big ___ (body part)
Big ___ (common name for the hallux)
Big ___ (hallux)
Big ___.
Big and little digit
Big digit
"Big or baby, e.g."
Big or little
Big or little digit
Big or little digit?
Big or little dipper
Big or little dipper?
Big or little follower
Big or little foot part
Blake of NHL fame
Bodily digit
Body digit
Body part dipped in a swimming pool
Body part often injured in the middle of the night
Body part shown off in a thong
Body part susceptible to frostbite
Body part that can be stubbed
Body part that sometimes taps
Body part with a nail
Boot feature
Boot part
Boot tip
Boot's end
Brogan part
Bunion locale
Bunion site
Bunion's place
Bunion's spot
"Calabria's place in the Italian ""boot"""
"Calabria, vis-
Camel ___
"Canary in the coal mine, at a swimming pool"
Certain digit
Certain hold
Certain limb's end
Certain little piggie
Certain water-tester
"Chipped part of a statue, maybe"
Clog part
Clubhead part
Common darning spot
Common gout site
Common gout spot
Corn grower
Corn grower?
Corn holder
Corn locale
Corn location
Corn place
Corn setting
Corn site
Corn spot
Corn-growing location
Crude pool thermometer?
Crude thermometer in the pool?
Dactyl or hallux
"Dactyl, e.g."
Darn site
"Darn site, perhaps"
Darn spot?
Darned spot
Darned spot?
Difference between the ai and the unau
Digit down low
Digit for 11 to 20
Digit for 11 to 20?
Digit in a pump?
Digit on a certain citizen
Digit on the foot
Digit on the line?
Digit that gets socked
Digit that may be big
Digit that may be big?
Digit that's sometimes stubbed
"Digit with a ring, maybe"
Digital extension?
Digital feature
Digital print source?
Digital temperature gauge?
Drive a nail obliquely
Drive obliquely
Drive slantingly
End of a game
End of a golf club
End of a once-over
End of a sock
"Extremity sporting a ring, maybe"
Familiar tapper
Fetish for 19-A apparently
"Final X, maybe"
Finger's counterpart
First body part dipped in the water
"First thing in the water, usually"
First thing into the pool
"Follow, as the party line"
Follower of tic-tac
"Foot ""finger"""
Foot digit
Foot end
Foot feature
Foot feature with phalanges
Foot part
Foot unit
Foot wiggler
Foot's end
Football propeller
Footsie player?
Forepart of a hoof
From head to ___
Front of a shoe
Frostbite victim
"Frostbitten appendage, frequently"
"Frostbitten foot part, frequently"
Golf club head part
Golf club part
Golf-club part
Gout spot
"Gout target, often"
Gout's chief target
Gout's target
Gymnast's pointed part
Hallux or dactyl
"Hallux, e.g."
"Hallux, for one"
Hammer at an angle
Hammer in obliquely
Hammer obliquely
Hammer on a slant
Head opposite
Head's antithesis
Head's opposite
"Heed, as the party line"
Heel's companion
Heel's partner
Heel's partner.
Heel-and-___ (jogger's stride)
Hockey great Blake
Hold or dance
Hold or nail preceder
Hoof part
Hose part
Important part for a jig
Instrumental Japanese band
It can be big or little
It can be painful when corny
It can be stubbed
It can draw a line in the sand
It gets socked
It has a nail
It has a nail you shouldn't strike
It hurts when you stub it
It may be corny
It may be painted
It may be pinched
It may be stubbed
It may be tapped at a concert
It may be tapped by a musician
It may be tapped when you listen to music
It may collect stubs
It may have a painted nail
It may provide one's sole support
It may test the water
It may test the waters
It might get stubbed
It taps to a good tune
It taps to the music
It tests the water
It tests the waters
It touches the rubber
It's first into the tub
It's nailed
It's often pointed in gymnastics
It's padded on a pointe shoe
It's shown off in a thong
It's sometimes stubbed
It's stubbed
It's tapped
It's tapped out of impatience
It's usually first into the tub
It's visible when you're wearing sandals
Italian area
Italian region
Italy's bottom
Italy's tip.
Jam locale
Kicker's asset
Kicker's digit?
Kicker's pride
Kicking unit
Kickoff point
Kid's piggy
Kind of dance
Kind of dance or hold
Kind of dance or shoe
Kind of dance.
Kind of dancer
Kind of dancer.
Kind of dancing.
Kind of hold
Kind of hold or dance
Kind of nail
Kind of shoe
Last O of O-O-O
Last X of X-X-X
Last of three X's
Last third of a game with nine boxes
Ledge grabber
Limb's end
Line in the sand drawer
Line nudger
"Lisa Lisa loves from ""Head"" to this"
"Lisa Lisa loves her baby from ""Head"" to this"
"Lisa Lisa's ""Head to ___"""
Little corn grower
Little corn grower?
Little digit
Little dipper?
Little pig?
Little piggie
"Little piggie, for one"
Little piggy
"Little piggy, in a children's rhyme"
"Little piggy, in a tot's rhyme"
"Little piggy, maybe"
"Little piggy, really"
"Little piggy, so to speak"
Little piggy?
Loafer front
Loafer part
Locale for phalanges
Locomotives: Abbr
"Lou ""The ___"" Groza"
"Lou ""The ___"" Groza, memorable NFL placekicker"
Lou Groza's nickname
Low digit
Low digit?
Low wiggler
Lower digit
Lower extremity
Lowest digit
"Milton's ""light fantastic ___"""
"Minimus, e.g."
Musical tapper?
Musician's tapper
NHL Hall of Famer Blake
Nail aslant
Nail holder
Nail locale
Nail setting
Nail site
Nail spot
Nail's place
Nailed item
Nailed thing
Nether digit
"Nursery ""piggy"""
Nursery rhyme piggy
"Obey, with ""the line"""
Occasional tapper
Oft-stubbed appendage
Oft-stubbed digit
Oft-stubbed extremity
Oft-tapped item
One O of OOO
One little piggy
One may be given a ring
One may be stubbed
One of 10
One of a foot's five
One of a rhino's 12
One of five little pigs
One of five on a foot
One of ten
One of ten below
One of ten on the body
One of the 10 lowest digits?
One of the little piggies
One on the Statue of Liberty is almost three feet long
One out of 10
One out of ten
Onesie wearer's piggy
Part of Italy
Part of Italy on a map
"Part of Italy where Calabria is, figuratively"
Part of Italy where Cape Spartivento is
"Part of Italy, say"
Part of Italy?
Part of a boot.
Part of a foot
Part of a foot.
Part of a golf club
Part of a pair of tights
Part of a pump.
Part of a shoe.
Part of a sock
Part of an overshoe.
Part of kitty's paw
Pavlova's pivot
Pavlova's pivot point
Pavlova's turning point?
Pedal digit
Pedal piggie
Pedicure target
Pedicured item
Pedicurist's focus
Pedicurist's work area
Pedicurists target
Peen of a hammer
Phalanx locale
Phalanx location
Piggy for one
Piggy in a child's nursery rhyme
Piggy who went to market
"Piggy who went to market, e.g."
"Piggy, e.g."
"Piggy, figuratively"
"Piggy, in a nursery rhyme"
"Piggy, of a sort"
"Piggy, to a kiddy"
"Piggy, to a tot"
Pigskin propeller
"Pinky, for one"
Pirouette pivot
Pirouette pivot point
Pirouette point
Pirouetter's pivot
Pivot for a pirouette
Pivot point when en pointe
"Pivotal point, perhaps"
Place for a Dr. Scholl's pad
Place for a callus
Place for a hole in a sock
"Place for a hole, often"
Place for a nail
Place for a ring
"Place for a ring, perhaps"
Place for polish
"Place for polish, perhaps"
Placekicker's pride
Podagra afflicts it
Podiatrist's concern
Podiatry subject
Podophile's nibble
Pointe balancing point
Polish place
Pool temperature tester
Pool tester
Pool water tester
Pump part
Pump part.
Pump's point
Punt propeller?
Punter's asset
Punter's pride
Reggio's locale in Italy
Reinforced ballet shoe part
"Rhythm keeper, sometimes"
"Ring bearer, maybe"
Ring holder
Ring location
Ring site
Sand digger
Sand-wedge tip
Sandal's lack
Section of Italy
Shoe end
Shoe front
Shoe part
Shoe part that may pinch
Shoe part.
Shoe tip
Shoe tip.
Shoe's end
Shoe's tip
Single digit
Site for a ring
Site of the phalanx bone.
Skating supporter
Slipper part
Slope bottom
Small corn grower
Small digit
Small digit?
Sneaker part
Sock end
Sock front
Sock knitter's finale
Sock or foot part
Sock part
Sock part.
Sock section
Sock section.
Sock tip
Sock's end
Sole mate?
Something nailed
Southern Italy
Southern Italy area
"Southwest Italy, familiarly"
Spot for a nail
Stay on the line
Sticking organ
Stiff ballet shoe part
Stocking end
Stocking part
Stocking point
Stocking stuffer
Stocking stuffer?
Stocking's end
Stocking's tip
Stub a ___
Stubbed digit
Stubbed extremity
Stubbed foot part
Stubbed item
Stubbed part
Stubbed thing
Stubbing victim
Sub-unit of a foot
"Support for one ""en pointe"""
Swimming pool tester
Swimming-pool tester
Talon locale
Talon's location
Tap it
"Tapper, at times"
Taps at sound of good band
Temperature tester
"Temperature tester, perhaps"
Terminal digit
Terminal member.
"The end of Italy, shapewise"
The gecko's is covered with microscopic suction cups
The hallux is one
The third O of OOO
The third of three X's
The winning X
"Third O, say"
Third X
Third X in a game
Third X or O
"Third X, in a game"
"Third X, in a simple game"
"Third X, perhaps"
"Throwing Muses ""Heel ___"""
Tic-tac follower
Tic/tac triplet
"Time keeper, at times"
Tip for a ballerina
Tip of a boot
Tip of a golf club
Tip of a mule
Tip of a shoe
Tip of a slipper
Tip of a sneaker
Tip of a sock
Tip of a wing tip
Tip of a wingtip
"Toddler's ""little piggy"""
"Toddler's ""piggy"""
Toddler's piggy
"Tot's ""little piggie"""
"Tot's ""little piggy"""
"Tot's ""piggy"""
Tot's 'piggy'
Tot's piggy
Tub temperature tester
Turf ___ (football player's malady)
Turf ___ (gridder's malady)
Turf ___ (sports injury)
Turf ___: common football injury
Turning point for Pavlova?
Turning point?
Type of dancing
Type of digit
Type of hold
Type of nail?
"Ungulate's hoof, essentially"
Unit of a foot?
Unit smaller than a foot
Unit smaller than a foot?
Votes against
"Water temperature ""gauge"""
Water temperature gauge
"Water temperature gauge, sometimes"
Water temperature gauge?
Water temperature tester
"Water temperature tester, perhaps"
Water tester
"Water tester, at times"
"Water tester, maybe"
"Water tester, often"
Water tester?
Water-temp tester?
Water-temperature tester
Water-testing digit
Water-testing item
Wedgie part
Where a nail is found
Where a ring might be worn
White Swan's sore spot
Wing tip part
Wing tip tip
Wing tip's tip
Wing-tip tip
Wingtip section
Wingtip tip
Wingtip's tip
Winning X
Winning X or O
"Word after big, middle, or little"
Word before hold or nail
"Word with ""hold"" or ""nail"""
"Word with ""tapper"""
Word with dance or hold
Word with dance or shoe
Word with hold or nail
Word with hold or tag
Word with in or out
Word with tapper
Word with tip or hold
Word with turf or camel
Wrestler's hold
"Writing ""implement"" at the beach, often"
XXX part
XXX part?
Zac Brown might dip one in the water
___ clip (bike attachment)
___ clip (bike part)
___ clip (biker's accessory)
___ clip (pedal part)
___ dancer
___ dancer.
___ hold
___ hold.
___ loop (skater's jump)
___ loop (skating move)
___ pick (figure skate part)
___ ring
___ shoe
___ shoe.
___ tag
___ the line
___ the line (conform)
___ the line (obey)
___ the line.
___ the line: conform
___ the mark
___ the mark.
___ the party line
___-tapper (catchy tune)
___the line
Gout target usually
Wing tip tip
One little piggy
Golf club part
Low digit
Water tester
Southern Italy informally
Sole end?
Turf ___ (football ailment)
Conform, ... the line
Part of a boot
Heel %26 ...
Foot feature
Tot's "piggy"
One may be stubbed
Digit that gets socked
Tip of a shoe
Little piggy
Stubbed digit
Place for a nail
A bad dancer might step on it
It's tapped in impatience
Pinky __
Sole neighbor
Sock end
Foot part
Audibly pull a digit
It adds a little to a foot
Sock part
Sock part
Foot part
One's lowest digit?
Ballerina's pivot point
Foot digit
Little piggie, for one
"Big" or "little" digit
Conform, ... the line
Water tester
Tip of a wingtip
Wing tip's tip
Foot part
One's lowest digit?
Foot digit
Part of the foot
Football propeller
Boot part
Bad dancer's victim
Big or little, it's to note
Sock part
Digit of the foot
Foot part
Lowest digit?
Foot digit
Body part found in tomato enchilada
It's regularly socked
Water tester
Tip of pumps
Low digit
Ballet pivot
Foot digit
Ring site
Pirouette pivot
Foot part
One's lowest digit?
Wingtip's tip
Water tester
Foot part
Foot part
The lowest digit?
The lowest digit?
Boot part
Lowdown digit
Lowdown digit
Heel & ...
Tip of shoe
Tip of a sock
... the line
Foot digit
Foot digit
Sock part
Sock part
Tip of a shoe
Bunion's spot
Sock tip
Sock tip
Sock tip
Sock tip
Shoe part
Heel & ...
Pirouette point
Tot's ''little piggy''
Foot digit
Foot part
Water tester
Little piggy, in a rhyme
Sock end
Reinforced part of a work boot
Foot part
One's lowest digit
Tot's piggy
Ballerina's balancer, sometimes
Water tester
Hoof, essentially
It may be corny or stubbed
Foot part
One's lowest digit?
Something stubbed
Foot part
Runner's ___ (marathoner's woe)
Water-testing digit
Sneaker section
Foot part
Reportedly draw a digit
Foot part
One's lowest digit?
Bathwater temperature tester
Foot feature
Pivot for Pavlova
Water tester
Boot front
Sock part
Flat tip
It may be jammed
Foot 4-Down
Tip of a shoe
Foot part
Foot digit
Shoe tip
Baby's "piggy"
Foot digit
Boot tip
Sock front
Foot digit
Lowest digit
Gout target, often
Shoe front
Reinforced part of a work sock
Sock end
Sock part
Lower digit
Stubbed extremity
Water tester
Sock end
___ the line (obey)
Sock end
Foot digit
Foot digit
Sock part
Small water tester
Water tester
Tip of shoe
Corn site
___ the line (obey)
Conform, ... the line
Sock part
Tot's "piggy"
Heel & ...
Tip of a sock
Toddler's "piggy"
Pirouette base
Water tester
Tot's ''little piggy''
Foot digit
Water tester
Tip of a shoe
Sock part
One end of a sock
Foot part
Reportedly draw digit
Foot digit
Water tester
Foot part
Body part
Foot part
Reportedly draw digit
Conform, ... the line
Foot digit
Sandal's lack
Heel & ...
Little piggy
Shoed thing
Low digit?
Stocking stuffer found in the long Across answers
Corn site
Heel & ...
Foot digit
Reinforced part of a work boot
Water tester
Low digit
Sock part
Ring site
Sock section
See 36-Across
Foot digit
Foot digit
Foot digit
Foot part
Lowest digit?
Conform, ... the line
Water tester
Digit on a foot
___-tapper (catchy tune)
Lowest digit?
Hose end
Lower digit
Tip of shoe
Often-stubbed digit
Lakeside temperature gauge?
Shoe ender
Tip of a sock
Gout target, usually
Stubbed body part
Big __
Tip of a shoe
Trowel used on odd foot part
Conform, ... the line
Turf ___ (football malady)
Tip of a shoe
Foot part
Lowest digit?
Characters in Dostoevsky's Tests the Water
Little piggy
Occasionally stroked David Mellor's erogenous zone, allegedly
Sock tip
Heel & ...
Heel & ...
Sock part
Low digit
Sock part
Low digit
One out of 10
Sock tip
With 7-Down, bit of foot jewelry
Foot part
Firstly tap on elfin digit
Sock part
Talon's place
Sock section
Foot part
Sock part
Golf club part
Heel & ...
Stubbable body part
Water tester
Person's digit