Word: TRES

The word TRES has appeared in at least 274 clues on different crosswords.

"""Beau"" modifier"
"""Chic"" modifier"
"""Chic"" preceder"
"""Cinco"" minus ""dos"""
"""Dos"" follower"
"""Uno"" + ""dos"""
"""Uno"" plus ""dos"""
"""___ Hombres"" (ZZ Top album)"
"""___ Hombres"" (ZZ Top record)"
"""___ Hombres,"" first Top 40 album by ZZ Top"
"""___ bein!"" (French accolade)"
"""___ bien!"""
"""___ bien!"" (Pierre's approval)"
"""___ bien"""
"""___ bien, merci"""
"""___ bon"""
"""___ charmant!"""
"""___ chic!"""
"""___ chic"""
"""___ int
"""___ magnifique!"""
'-- bien!'
'-- chic!'
'Chic' adjective
'Los ___ cerditos' (Spanish children's story)
'___ bien!'
-- bien
25% of doce
37.5% of ocho
A Spanish crowd?
A crowd in Cancun?
"A crowd, in Spain?"
A fourth of doce
A third of nueve
Adverb for chic
After dos
Andean peak ___ Cruces
Andes peak ___ Cruces
Basic word in Spanish and French
Beau modifier
Bien preceder
Cancun crowd
Chic modifier
Chic preceder
Cinco less dos
Cinco menos dos
Clockface n
"Considerably, in Cannes"
Cuatro menos uno
Cube root of veintisiete
Cuernavaca crowd?
Dos chaser
Dos follower
Dos into seis
Dos y uno
Dos-quatro go-between
Dos-quatro link
Emphasis word for
Enrique's three
Exceedingly: Fr.
Exceedingly: Mus.
"Extremely, in Amiens"
"Extremely, in
Figure of a Spanish count?
Follower of dos
French intensive
French intensive.
"Half of ""seis"""
Half of seis
Highfalutin 'very'
In a high degree: Fr.
"It precedes quatro, in Rio"
"Johann : ""Sehr gut"" :: Jacques : ""___ bien"""
Juan's 3
Lead-in for chic
Lithium's n
Los ___ Reyes Magos
Los ___ mosqueteros
Low numero
MTV ___ (Latino-centered TV network)
"Manuel de Falla's ""El Sombrero de ___ picos"""
Marne modifier
More than un peu
Most on the Moselle
Most: Fr.
Mucho : Spanish :: ___ : French
"Mucho, across the Pyrenees"
"Muy, across the Pyrenees"
Nevado ___ Cruces: Andes section
Nueve minus seis
Nueve's square root
Number after dos
Number between dos and cuatro
"Number learned on ""Sesame Street"""
Number of Los Lonely Boys
Number of film caballeros
Ocho minus cinco
Oh so
Once menos ocho
One-fifth of quince
One-quarter of doce
One-sixth of dieciocho
"Over ""dos""?"
Overly overseas
Parisian's very
Pass start
Pass start?
"Pierre's ""very"""
Quarter of doce
"Quite, in Quebec"
"Siesta time, maybe"
So very
"So very, darling"
Spain : muy :: France : ___
"Spanish ""three."""
Spanish crowd?
Spanish number
Spanish number or French adverb
Spanish number.
Spanish numeral
"Square root of ""nueve"""
Square root of nueve
Square root of nuevo
The square root of nueve
Three : Sp.
Three in Spain.
"Three, in Avila"
"Three, in Barcelona"
"Three, in Granada"
"Three, in M
"Three, in Spain"
"Three, in Spain."
"Three, in Tijuana"
"Three, in Toledo"
"Three, somewhere in the world"
"Three, to Seve"
"Three, to Tiberius"
"Three, to Tom
Three: Sp.
Three: Span.
Tijuana three
Tijuana trio
"Treinta y ___, Uruguay"
Una hora in the afternoon
Uno + dos
Uno + uno + uno
Uno and dos
Uno plus dos
Uno y dos
"Uno, dos, --"
"Uno, dos, ___"
"Uno, dos, ___."
"Veronique's ""very"""
"Versailles ""very"""
Very French
Very French?
Very at Versailles
Very in France
Very in French
Very in Versailles
Very in Vichy
Very much: Fr.
Very pronounced French?
Very to Babette
Very to Veronique
"Very, affectedly"
"Very, at Versailles"
"Very, in Cannes"
"Very, in France"
"Very, in France."
"Very, in French"
"Very, in Lyon"
"Very, in Metz"
"Very, in Nice"
"Very, in Paris"
"Very, in Paris."
"Very, in Rouen"
"Very, in Valence"
"Very, in Verdun"
"Very, in Versailles"
"Very, in Vichy"
"Very, in Vienne"
"Very, in a very chic way"
"Very, on vacation"
"Very, pretentiously"
"Very, stylishly"
"Very, to Gounod"
"Very, to Miss Piggy"
"Very, to Pierre"
"Very, to Ravel"
"Very, to Ren
"Very, to Thierry"
"Very, to Veronique"
"Very, to Villon"
"Very, to Yves"
"Very, to Yvette"
"Very, to the chic"
"Very, to the pretentious"
Very: Fr.
Very: French
"Vichy ""very"""
Vichy very
Way more than un peu
"Word strangely preceding ""catorce"" in a U2 lyric"
"Word used with ""chic"""
Word with chic or bien
"Yves's ""very"""
"ZZ Top's ""___ Hombres"""
___ Cruces (Andean peak)
___ beaucoup.
___ belle
___ bien
___ bien (very well)
___ bien!
___ bien.
___ bon
___ chic
___ chic!
___ chic.
___ gai
___ jolie
___ jolie.
___ leches cake
___ petite.
uno y dos
Oh-so pretentiously
Ocho minus cinco
"— chic!"
Número of Disney Caballeros
Un tercio de los nueve
Diez minus siete
Very: Fr.
Uno y dos
Very, at Versailles
Say a new way
"— chic!"
"— chic!"
"— bien!"
Tampico trio
See 47-Across
Very to Veronique
French 101 word or, with a different meaning, Spanish 101 word
Very, at Versailles
"__ bien!"
Half of seis
"— bien!"
"— bien!"
Tijuana trio
"— chic!"
Number between dos and cuatro
Number between dos and cuatro
Low ''número''
"— chic!"
"__ chic!"
Very, to Fifi
___ leches cake
Very, at Versailles
Number after dos, in Spanish
One-quarter of doce
"— chic!"
Very, at Versailles
Three, in Spanish