Word: ULT

The word ULT has appeared in at least 118 clues on different crosswords.

ULT definition(s):

• The final (ultimate) syllable of a word or other utterance.

• in or of the month preceding the present one; "your letter received on the 29th ult"

Abbr. for the most extreme
Absolute (Abbr.)
Absolute: Abbr.
Beginning's opp.
Business abbr.
Business abbreviation
Business letter abbreviation.
Business-letter abbr.
Conclusive: Abbr.
"Consultants, at heart"
"Consultants, at heart?"
End: Abbr.
Extreme abbr.
"Extreme, for short"
Extreme: Abbr.
Extreme: abbr.
Farthest (Abbr.)
Farthest or highest (Abbr.)
"Farthest or highest, briefly"
"Farthest or highest, for short"
Farthest: Abbr.
Final (Abbr.)
Final (abbr.)
Final for short
Final result (abbr.)
Final result: abbr.
"Final, briefly"
"Final, for short"
Final: Abbr.
Final: abbr.
Furthest or highest (Abbr.)
Greatest (Abbr.)
Happening last mo.
Highest: Abbr.
Highest: abbr.
In the last (month): Abbr.
In the last month: Abbr.
In the preceding mo.
In the preceding month: Abbr.
Last (abbr.)
Last in a sequence: Abbr.
Last in a series: Abbr.
Last in a series: Abbr. that nobody uses
Last in a series: abbr.
Last in seq.
Last mo.
"Last month, in a bus. letter"
Last month: Abbr.
Last of a series (abbr.)
Last word?: Abbr.
"Last, abbr."
"Last, briefly"
"Last, for short"
Last: Abbr.
Last: Prefix
Last: abbr.
Like z: Abbr.
Max. or min.
Maximum (Abbr.)
Maximum degree (Abbr.)
"Maximum degree, briefly"
Maximum degree: abbr.
"Maximum, for short"
Maximum: Abbr.
Maximum: abbr.
Most intense: abbr.
"Most remote, briefly"
Nth (abbr.)
Nth deg.
Nth e.g.
Nth: Abbr.
Nth: abbr.
Of the previous month: Abbr.
Opposite of prox.
Preceding month: Abbr.
Prior mo.
Relative of inst.
Supreme: abbr.
The best (Abbr.)
The max.
The previous mo.
"To the max, for short"
Utmost (Abbr.)
Utmost (abbr.)
Utmost or extreme (Abbr.)
"Utmost, abbr."
Utmost: Abbr.
Absolute greatest (Abbr.)
Last: Abbr
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Absolute greatest (abbr.)
Absolute greatest (abbr.)
Short of correspondence last month
Short of correspondence last month
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Consultant's core?
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Of the month preceding the present one, in short
Last (Abbr.)
Extreme abbr.
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
The absolute best (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)
Last (Abbr.)