Word: USA

The word USA has appeared in at least 1031 clues on different crosswords.

"""Anytown, ___"""
"""Birthplace"" of songdom"
"""Born In the ___"""
"""Born in the ___"""
"""Born in the ___"" (Springsteen song)"
"""Born in the ___"" (Springsteen tune)"
"""Born in the ___"" (Springsteen)"
"""Born in the ___"": Springsteen"
"""Born in the ___,"" 1984 song"
"""Born in the ___,"" Springsteen hit"
"""Born in the-"""
"""Burn Notice"" carrier"
"""Burn Notice"" channel"
"""Burn Notice"" network"
"""Characters welcome"" network"
"""Covert Affairs"" airer"
"""Dream Team"" letters"
"""Eco-Challenge"" airer"
"""Eco-Challenge"" network"
"""Give ___ break!"""
"""God Bless the ___"""
"""God Bless the ___"" (Lee Greenwood hit)"
"""Graceland"" network"
"""Home of the brave"""
"""House Wars"" airer"
"""La Femme Nikita"" network"
"""Land of the free"""
"""Land of the free""... which ironically has the largest incarceration rate of any nation"
"""Land of the free"": Abbr."
"""Living in the ___"" (Steve Miller Band song)"
"""Made In ___"""
"""Made in ___"""
"""Made in the ___"""
"""Made in the ___"" (clothing label)"
"""Miracle on Ice"" chant"
"""Miracle on Ice"" team"
"""Miracle"" chant"
"""Miracle"" team"
"""Miss Teen ___"" Best Kissers in the World"
"""Monday Night Raw"" airer"
"""Monk"" airer"
"""Monk"" carrier"
"""Monk"" network"
"""Mr. Robot"" network"
"""My country 'tis if thee..."""
"""Party in the ___"" (Miley Cyrus song that doesn't involve twerking)"
"""Playing House"" channel"
"""Psych"" airer"
"""Psych"" cable network"
"""Psych"" network"
"""R.O.C.K. in the ___"""
"""R.O.C.K. in the ___"" (John Cougar Mellencamp hit)"
"""Royal Pains"" airer"
"""Royal Pains"" network"
"""Satisfaction"" airer"
"""Silk Stalkings"" station"
"""Suits"" network"
"""Surfin' ___"""
"""Surfin' ___"" (1963 Beach Boys hit)"
"""Surfin' ___"" (1963 hit)"
"""Surfin' ___"" (Beach Boys hit)"
"""Surfin' ___"" (Beach Boys song)"
"""Surfin'___"" (1963 hit)"
"""The Good Old ___"" (song classic)"
"""The Nifty Fifty"""
"""The Red, White and Blue"""
"""The Star-Spangled Banner"" land"
"""The good ol'"" place"
"""The good old ___"""
"""Touching Evil"" network"
"""WWE Raw"" airer"
"""White Collar"" network"
"""___ Today"""
"""___ Today"" (news source)"
"""___ Today"" (newspaper)"
"""___ Today"" (newsstand buy)"
'08 Ryder Cup champ
'99 Ryder Cup champ
'Born in the ___'
'Born in the ___' ('85 hit)
'Born in the ___': Springsteen
'For unto ___ child is born'
'Good old ___'
'Made in the --'
"'Main Street, ___' (Disneyland attraction)"
'Raw Is War' cable chan.
'Surfin' ___' (1963 Beach Boys hit)
'The 4400' network
(The) Union
1-800-___-LEARN (Department of Education's phone number)
1-800-___-RAIL (Amtrak's phone number)
1980 Olympic hockey gold medalists
1992 Davis Cup winner: abbr.
1992 Olympic hoops champs
1994 World Cup country
1994 World Cup host
"1994 World Cup host, familiarly"
1996 Olympics chant
1996 Olympics country (Abbr.)
1996 Olympics host
1996 Olympics host nation
1996 Summer Olympics host
1999 Ryder Cup champs
1999 Women's World Cup host
1999 Women's World Cup winner
"2 Live Crew ""Banned in the ___"""
2002 Winter Olympics host
2002 Winter Olympics site
2002 Winter Olympics site (Abbr.)
2008 'Redeem Team' uniform letters
2013 America's Cup winner
2014 FIBA World Cup winners
2015 FIFA Women's World Cup champs
2015 Women's World Cup champs
2015 World Cup winner
232-yr.-old land
24-time Ryder Cup winner
32-time Davis Cup champ
33-time Walker Cup winner
A free country
Abbr. in a Springsteen album title
Abbr. inserted in the three longest answers
Abbr. often omitted from addresses
Abbr. on a spacecraft
Abbr. on a stamp
Abbr. on pen-pal envelopes
Abbr. on stamps
"About 3,600,000 sq. mi. of the Western Hemisphere"
About 6.5% of the Earth's land
About one-third of it is forested
All fifty.
All-time top medal winner at the Summer Olympics
Am. nation
Amer. or part of it
American's Olympics cheer
An Olympics chant
"Anytown, ___"
Apollo letters
Army monogram
Army monogram.
Atl./Pac. divider
Basic cable channel
Basic cable network
Between Can. and Mex.
Between Mex. and Can.
Biggest contributor to NATO's budget
Bin Laden fixation
Birthplace in a 1984 charter
Birthplace in a 1984 hit
Birthplace in a Springsteen song
Birthplace of The Boss
Bloomberg Television carrier
Book by Dos Passos
Born In the ___
Born in the ___
Brother Jonathan: abbr.
Bruce's birthplace
Bruce's birthplace?
Bush country
Bush country?
"CA, VA, GA, LA, etc."
Cable TV channel
Cable TV network
Cable channel
Cable channel that shows 'Monk'
"Cable channel with the slogan ""Characters welcome"""
Cable inits.
Cable network
Cable network inits.
Cable network owned by NBC Universal
Cable viewer's option
Cable watcher's choice
Calif. and Conn. are part of it
Call letters for a Michael Phelps fan?
Can. neighbor
Can.'s neighbor
Can.'s southern neighbor
Can./Mex. separator
Canada neighbor: Abbr.
Canadian neighbour (abbr.)
Certain Olympic team letters
"Channel that, along with CBS, aired the 2000 Masters"
Chant at Lake Placid in 1980
Chant at Sochi
Chant at the L.A. Olympics
Chant at the Olympics
Chant during the 2002 Olympics
Chant during the Olympics
Chant from Lake Placid in 1980
Chant heard at the Olympics
Chant heard at the World Cup (just never in the finals)
Chanted letters
Charter NATO member
Charter member of NATO
Chivas ___ (Major League Soccer team from California)
Clothing-label letters
Coalition of the Willing member
"Cold War country, briefly"
"Cold War country, familiarly"
Cold War letters
Cold War side
Columbia: Abbr.
Common Olympics chant
Country blessed by Lee Greenwood
Country for 229 yrs.
Country in Jerusalem?
Country in a Springsteen title
Country in the ctr. of Jerusalem?
Country monogram
Country north of Mex.
Country of which Dick Cheney became vice president in 2001
Country south of Can.
Country station?
"Country that joined the Allies in Apr. 1917, declaring war on Germany and changing the direction of World War I"
Country that skips every other letter in the starred answers
Country where H
Country where you'll find lots of geckos
Country whose lowest pt. is Death Valley
Country with borders on three diff. oceans
Country: Abbr.
Crownable Miss
Cuba's neighbor
"D. Shore sang ""See the ___ in your Chevrolet"" (1,1,1)"
D.C. milieu
D.C.'s country
D.C.'s home
D.C.'s land
D.C.'s nation
Dennis Conner's country
Divided country
Dogpatch ___ (bygone theme park)
Dos Passos book
Dos Passos epic
Dos Passos novel
Dos Passos opus
Dos Passos subject
Dos Passos title
Dos Passos trilogy
Dos Passos trilogy title
Dos Passos trilogy.
Dos Passos work
Dream Team initials
Dream Team jersey letters
Dream Team letters
Dream Team team
Dream Team's land
Dream Team's team
Eleven score and thirteen year-old initials
End of a Lee Greenwood title
End of a Springsteen title
End of a patriotic cheer
End of an Anytown address
Export initials.
FDR's country
Famous fifty: Abbr.
Famous trilogy by John Dos Passos
Fifty states
"Fifty, yet one: Abbr."
Fifty-star place
First nat. with a nuclear weapon
"First nation to develop the atom bomb, 1945"
Forever stamp letters
Former USSR rival
Fourth of July celebration inits.
Fourth-largest country in size (Abbr.)
Frequent Olympics winner
Frequent gold medalist in Olympic basketball
Frequent gold-medal team in Olympic basketball
From Cal. to Me.
G-8 member
G-8 summit attendee
G.I. initials
G.I. initials.
G.I.'s monogram.
G7 member
G8 Summit participant
G8 country
G8 member
G8 nation
GI's grp.
Gannett's ___ Today
Georgia's country
Georgia's land: Abbr.
Gold medal-winning team at the Sydney Olympics
Good place to live because it's free
Gp. with 50 members
Gringo's origin
Group of Death team in the 2014 World Cup
Group of fifty
Grp. with 50 members
Gunther subject in 1947
"Gunther's ""Inside ___"""
Hollywood's Hagen
Home of 300 million plus
Home of about 300 million
Home of more than 300 million
Home of over 300 million (Abbr.)
Home of skaters Baiul and Kwan
Home of the Dream Team
Home of the brave
Home to all NFL teams
I.O.C. member
IMF member
IOC member
Initials in the news.
Initials on a rocket
"Initials on a rocket, perhaps"
Inits. on a rocket
Intl. superpower
"It carried ""Monk"""
It comes before Today?
It was born July 4th
It's N of Mex.
It's a free country
It's between Can. and Mex.
It's between the Atlantic and Pacific
It's free
It's in the Security Council
It's in the center of Jerusalem
It's in the center of Jerusalem?
It's in the heart of Jerusalem?
It's north of Mex.
It's sometimes colored red and blue: abbr.
It's south of Can.
It's south of Canada
It's west of the Atl.
Its GNP is seven times that of the U.K.'s
Its age is 200 plus
Its area is about 3.7 million sq. mi.
"Its capital is Washington, D.C."
Its flag has 50 stars
Its members are represented by stars
Its personal savings rate is about one-third of Japan's
Its seal has an olive branch
Its wine consumption has increased 400% since 1970
Jeff's home country
Jingoist's chant
"John Cougar Mellencamp's ""R.O.C.K. in the ___"""
John Dos Passos trilogy
John Dos Passos work
"John Dos Passos's ""___"" trilogy"
John Gunther subject
John Gunther topic
"John Mellencamp's ""R.O.C.K. in the ___"""
"July 4 (independence from England, 1776)"
July 4 honoree
July 4th birth
July 4th honoree
Kerri Strug's team
Kyoto Protocol holdout: Abbr.
Kyoto Protocol shunner
Kyushu city
Kyushu town
Lady Liberty's land
Land between Can. and Mex.
Land north of Mex.
Land north of Mexico
Land of Thanksgiving.
Land of stars and stripes
Land of the Grand Old Flag
Land of the Grand Old Flag (inits.)
Land of the free
"Land of the free, for short"
Land with the country code of 1
Large part of N.A.
Last part of a Lee Greenwood title
"Lee Greenwood's ""God Bless the ___"""
Legendary Olympic hockey team of 1980
Letters chanted at some sporting events
Letters chanted during a Ryan Lochte race at the Olympics
Letters for a certain Olympics team
Letters on Challenger
Letters on Forever stamps
Letters on a CARE package.
Letters on a Forever stamp
Letters on a stamp
Letters on all new Postal Service stamps
Letters on an Olympic jersey
Letters on an Olympics jersey
Letters on many exported arms
Letters on stamps
Letters on stamps on American letters
"Letters seen in red, white and blue"
"Linda Ronstadt's ""Back in the ___"""
Location of Anytown?
"MA, IN, LA, ND, etc."
"MI, LA, et.al."
Made in ___
Made in ___ (garment label)
Made in the ___
"Madison Square Garden Network, today"
Maine land
Md. locale
Mellencamp's 'R.O.C.K. in the ___'
Member of NATO
Member of NATO.
Member of U.N.
Member of both OAS and NATO
Member of the U. N.
Men's 4x100 meter medley relay winners at the 2008 Olympics
Mex. neighbor
Mex.'s neighbor
Mia Hamm's 1999 team
Michael Phelps' team
Middle of a patriotic cheer
"Miley Cyrus hit ""Party in the ___"""
"Miley Cyrus's ""Party in the ___"""
Military initials.
Military monogram.
Miss Teen ___
Miss Teen ___ (beauty pageant)
Miss ___
Mobile col.
Mobile college
Monk and Psych network
Monk broadcaster
Monk's station
Monogram seen at Olympics.
Most populous NATO member
N A country
"N. Y., Ill., Cal., etc."
N.A. country
N.C.A.A.'s Conference ___
"N.J., Nev., Mo., et al."
NAFTA member
NAFTA participant
NAFTA ratifier
NAFTA signatory
NAFTA signee
NAFTA signer
NATO charter member
NATO founding member
NATO leader
NATO member
NATO member: Abbr.
NATO nation
NBC sister channel
NBC sister network
Nafta ratifier
Nafta signatory
Nafta signer
Nat. currently ranked 11 on FIFA's world ranking
Nat. south of Canada
Nat. that has hosted the most Olympics
Nat. that is the world's largest consumer of cocaine
Nat. that makes up roughly one quarter of the world's GDP
Nation N. of Havana
Nation n. of Mexico
Nation north of Mex.
"Nation that's played host to the most Winter Games, for short"
Nation where most Mormons and Scientologists live
National monogram
Nationalistic chant
Neighbor of Can.
Neighbor of Canada: abbr.
Neighbor of Mex.
Neighbor of Mex. and Can.
Neighbor to Can.
Network named for a nation
"Network that aired ""Monk"""
"Network that aired ""The Dead Zone"""
"Network that airs ""Necessary Roughness"""
"Network that airs ""WWE Raw"""
"Network that once aired the ""Cartoon Express"""
"Network with ""Suits"" and ""Royal Pains"""
"Network with the new ""Kojak"""
New START signatory
New World country: abbr.
No. American country
North American country: Abbr.
Northern neighbor of Mex.
"Not the native country of Paul Shaffer, Mike Myers, or Martin Short"
Noted basketball team
O.A.S. member
O.A.S. member.
OAS member
OPEC customer
OPEC's largest customer
Odessa or Moscow locale
Often-chanted letters
Old Glory's country
Old Glory's land
Old Glory's nation
Olympian's letters?
Olympic basketball powerhouse
Olympic basketball team
Olympic chant
Olympic competitor
Olympic dream team
"Olympic hockey winners, 1980"
Olympic jacket letters
Olympic jersey monogram
Olympic powerhouse
Olympic softball powerhouse
Olympic squad
Olympic stadium cry
Olympic-jacket letters
Olympics chant
"Olympics chant, often"
"Olympics chant, perhaps"
"Olympics chant, say"
Olympics cheer
"Olympics cheer, for some"
Olympics competitor
Olympics letters
Olympics monogram
Olympics participant
Olympics powerhouse
Olympics shout
Olympics team
One nation
One of NATO's founding members
One of the G7 nations
One of the WWII Allies
One of the three NAFTA signatories
"One place to see ""NCIS"" reruns"
One signatory to Nafta
Only host country to win the Women's World Cup
Org. of 50 units
"Original ""Burn Notice"" airer"
Our nation
PRC rival
Part of N. A.
Part of N. Amer.
Part of N.A.
Part of North Amer.
Part of North America
Part of an Olympics chant
"Part of the ""We Are the World"" group"
Patriotic chant
Patriotic letters
Patriotic monogram
Patriotic monogram.
Patriotic shout
Patriotic trio.
Permanent U.N. Security Council member
Permanent member of the U.N. Security Council
Place to see in your Chevrolet
Place with a president
Political convention chant
Popular cable channel
Postage stamp letters
Powerful 229-year-old
Powerful Olympics team
Pretoria was its administrative cap.
Pro-American chant
Prov. bordering Manitoba
Psych airer
Quick land?
"Red, white and blue initials"
"Red, white and blue inits."
"Red, white and blue letters"
"Red, white and blue letters?"
"Red, white and blue place"
"Red, white and blue team"
Red-white-and-blue inits.
Redeem Team letters
Repeated cheer at the Olympics
Retton's letters
Ryder Cup competitor
Ryder Cup side
Ryder Cup team
SALT signer
Sausage center?
Sec. Council member
Second-largest English-speaking country
Second-largest W. Hemisphere country in area
Security Council member
Security Council permanent member
See 35A
See title (and where to find all the postal abbrs. that make up this puzzle's theme answers)
Separator of Mex. and Can.
Seven-time Olympics host
Shuttle letters
Side in a Ryder Cup competition
Signer of SALT I and II
Solheim Cup team
Something seen on Forever stamps
South of Can.
Southern neighbor of Can.
Space shuttle letters
Space-minded nation.
Spike alternative
Springsteen birthplace
Springsteen birthplace?
"Springsteen was ""Born"" in it"
Springsteen was born there and Berry was back there
"Springsteen's ""Born in the ___"""
Springsteen's 'Born in the ___'
Springsteen's birthplace
Springsteen's birthplace of song
"Springsteen's birthplace, in song"
Springsteen's birthplace?
Stadium chant
"Stadium chant during the 1980 ""Miracle on Ice"""
"Stadium chant, possibly"
"Stadium chant, sometimes"
Stamp letters
Stars and Stripes land
"Stars and Stripes land, briefly"
Stars and Stripes land: Abbr.
Stars and Stripes monogram.
Stars and Stripes' land
Stars and stripes land
Stars represent its constituents
Stars-and-stripes land
Start of a patriotic cheer
States briefly?
Summer Olympics powerhouse
Superpower inits.
Superpower's letters
Surfin' locale of song
TBS competitor
TNT alternative
TV's ___ Network
Team ___
Team in Group C of the 2010 World Cup
Team managed by Tommy Lasorda
Team once managed by Tommy Lasorda
"The Beach Boys' ""Surfin' ___"""
The Boss' birthplace
"The Colonies, now: Abbr."
The NCAA's Conference ___
The heart of Jerusalem?
"The land of cheap smokes and booze, to we in Can."
They win many gold medals
Third most populous nation: Abbr.
This land
This puzzle's theme
Today in the news?
Today preceder
Today's newspaper letters?
Top medal winner at the 1996 Olympics
Top medals winner at the 1996 Olympics
Traditional Olympics basketball powerhouse
Traditional Olympics powerhouse
Traditional basketball powerhouse
"Transvaal, Natal, et al.: Abbr."
"Trilogy that includes ""1919"""
Two-time winner of the Women's World Cup
U. N. member
U.N. member
U.N. member nation
U.N. member.
UK ally
UN Security Council member
UN char. member
UN charter member
UN member
"USSR rival, during the Cold War"
USSR's Cold War foe
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam lives there
Uncle Sam's country
Uncle Sam's land
Uncle Sam's place
W. Hemisphere land
"Wash., Ariz., etc."
Washington is its cap.
Well-known monogram.
West Point initials.
Western Bloc member
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show network
What a bald eagle represents
What the five longest answers have in common
What to see in your Chevrolet
What's hiding in each of the four theme answers
"Where ""The Boss"" was born"
Where Americans live
Where Anytown is
Where Bruce Springsteen was born
Where Bruce Springsteen was born?
Where DC is capital
Where Harleys are made
Where Harleys are mfd.
Where Natal is.
Where Sousa winds up
Where Springsteen was born
"Where Springsteen was born, in song"
"Where Springstein was born, in the ___"
Where Tabasco sauce is mfd.
Where fifty are one
"Where many things are ""made"""
Where many things are made
Widely known monogram.
Winner of 34 medals in Salt Lake
Winner of 37 medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics
Winningest nat. in the Summer Olympics
Women's World Cup champs of 2015
Women's World Cup powerhouse
World Baseball Classic team
World Basketball powerhouse
World Cup chant
World Cup team
World power
"World power, for short"
World power.
World power: abbr.
World pwr.
Yank insignia
Yank's home
Yanks' home
"You obviously read it (with ""Today"")"
___ Funds (education-loan guarantor)
___ Network
___ PATRIOT Act (3)
___ Patriot Act
___ Patriot Act (2001 measure)
___ TODAY (newspaper)
___ Today
___ Today (colorful newspaper)
___ Today (newspaper since 1982)
___ Today (newspaper)
___ Today (popular publication)
___ Weekend (Gannett publication)
___ Weekend (Parade rival)
___ for Africa
"___ for Africa (""We Are the World"" group)"
Olympics chant
TS Eliot’s birthplace
Nation n. of Mexico
"WWE Raw" network
'Mr. Robot' network
Mex. neighbor
NATO member
NATO charter member
“Forever” stamp letters
Olympics chant
Olympics jersey initials
Dream Team country
Main Street, __ (Disneyland area)
Neighbor of Mexico
FIFA Women's World Cup champ
Land of presidents
Made in ___
Where DC is capital
Can. neighbor
Shuttle letters
Inexcusable cover-up by Mexican neighbour
"Royal Pains" network
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Winner of the most 2016 Olympic medals
Olympic powerhouse
Anytown, ___
Pres.'s domain
"Born in the —"
Ryder Cup team
Moscow Olympics boycotter
Home of the brave
Red, white and blue country
American republic (1,1,1)
Patriotic monogram
Mex. neighbor
G7 member
Land "across the pond" from the U.K.
NATO member
Place celebrating red, white and blue
See 38-Down
Mex. neighbor
Ryder Cup entrant
Yankee land
Nation north of Mex
Much of N. Amer.
Neighbor of Canada
Olympics chant
Half a patriotic cheer
"Born in the —"
Land between Can. and Mex
Can. neighbor
"Born in the —"
Neighbor of Mex.
Mex. neighbor
Letters on a Forever stamp
Chauvinistic cheer at the Olympics
Olympic jacket letters, for some
Refusal to include land
Old Glory's land
Home to all but one MLB team
Olympic jersey initials
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
NATO member
Dream Team's land
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Mex. neighbor
Olympic powerhouse
Stars and Stripes land: Abbr.
"Mr. Robot" carrier
Olympics chant
Refusal to include country
UN member
UN member
Olympics jersey letters
Can. neighbor
Nation with a pyramid on its currency: Abbr.
Nation with a pyramid on its currency: Abbr.
__ Today
__ Today
Olympic jacket letters
Olympic jacket letters
Land between Mex. and Can.
Land between Mex. and Can.
"Suits" airer
"Suits" airer
One side in golf's Ryder Cup
Place between the Pacific and Atlantic
Place between the Pacific and Atlantic
UN member
UN member
Dos Passos trilogy
Dos Passos trilogy
Olympics chant
Olympics chant
UN member
UN member
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Mex. neighbor
Mex. neighbor
Country that won the most Olympics medals in Rio
Country that won the most Olympics medals in Rio
Most populous NATO member
Can.'s neighbor
Mex. neighbor
Can.'s neighbor
Letters on Forever stamps
The States (1,1,1)
American republic (1,1,1)
Forever stamp designation
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Olympics chant
"Mr. Robot" airer
NATO founding member
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Team with 121 medals at the Rio Olympics
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Home of Ithaca, Athens and Olympia
Mex. neighbor
It has a grand old flag
Most populous NATO member
The States (1,1,1)
Home of the brave
Yank's home
Nation between Can. and Mex.
Mex. neighbor
Mex. neighbor
"Born in the __"
Dos Passos trilogy
Neighbor of Mex.
Olympic jacket letters, for some
Nation n. of Mexico
USSR's Cold War rival
"Born in the —"
Mex. neighbor
Gambles (4)
Wagers are best lost (4)
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Olympics chant
NAFTA signatory
Can. neighbor
Can. neighbor
21 Across' homeland
2016 Ryder Cup champions (Abbr.)
G8 member
Winner of 46 gold medals at the Rio Olympics
Letters on Forever stamps
One of the Ryder Cup teams
Dos Passos trilogy
Country s. of Canada
American republic (1,1,1)
Charter member of NATO
UN member
Cable channel owned by NBCUniversal
"Mr. Robot" network
Nation north of Mex.
Can.'s neighbor
Dos Passos trilogy
Country with an eagle on its Great Seal: Abbr.
Can. neighbor
Letters on some tee tags
Basic cable channel
NAFTA signatory
Dos Passos trilogy
"Miracle on Ice" team, for short
Major world power
Mex. neighbor
Olympics chant
Miley Cyrus's "Party in the ___"
Mex. neighbor
NAFTA signatory
"Born in the ___"
Letters on Postal Service stamps
Olympics chant
___ Today
Mex. neighbor
Where to send a letter to Uncle Sam
It's south of Can.
2002 Winter Olympics host nat.
Stars-and-stripes land, for short
"Suits" network
One of the three NAFTA signatories
Mexico's northern neighbour (1,1,1)
Place of 300 million
OPEC's biggest customer
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Refusal to include land
Neighbor of Mex.
Anytown, ___
Where many things are made
Letters on a Forever stamp
IOC member
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
D.C.'s nation
Home of the Dream Team
NATO nation
Part of it came from Russia in 1867
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Where D.C. is capital
Basic cable channel
Forever stamp letters
Good ol' place
American republic (1,1,1)
___ Today
Much of N. Amer.
UN member
Olympics chant
It's north of Mex.
"Born in the —"
Much of N. Amer.
''Miracle on Ice'' team
American republic (1,1,1)
Dos Passos trilogy
Olympics competitor
Where Anytown is?
Olympics jersey initials
Nation north of Mex.
Original NATO member
UN member
International superpower
Syfy sister channel
One of five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council
Mex. neighbor
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Can.'s neighbor
Olympic jacket letters
"Mr. Robot" TV network
NAFTA signatory
World Cup cheer
Refusal to include land
The States (1,1,1)
Much of N. Amer.
Forever stamp letters
Refusal to include land
G8 member
"Home of the brave"
Olympic powerhouse
2002 Winter Olympics host
"Born in the —"
"Queen of the South" TV network
Neighbor of Mex.
"Suits" TV network
Its capital is Washington, DC: Abbr.
"Made in the ___"
Can. neighbor
Olympics giant
Mexico's northern neighbour (1,1,1)
Canada neighbor: abbr.
Dream Team letters
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
Country that competes against Europe in golf's Ryder Cup: Abbr.
Red-white-and-blue inits.
"Mr. Robot" TV network
Home to 1/3 billion
1980 Olympics boycotter
Place for California dreamin'
Miss ___ (title currently held by Sarah Rose Summers)
Political convention chant
Cable network
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Springsteen's "Born in the __"
Country that borders the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: Abbr.
'Mr. Robot' network
Much of N. Amer.
Country that's about 100 miles from Cuba: Abbr.
"WWE Raw" airer
It's a free country
A 40-Down signatory
'Born in the ___'
2015 Women's World Cup winner: Abbr.
Letters on Forever stamps
Stars and Stripes land: Abbr.
Letters on Forever stamps
___ Today (national newspaper)
''Home of the brave''
Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the ___"
Inits. on a rocket
Much of N. Amer.
Network showing 'Suits' and 'Mr. Robot'
American republic (1,1,1)
Refusal to include land
World Bank headquarters
SALT signer
NATO founding member
"Born in the ___" (Springsteen song)
Mellencamp's place to "R.O.C.K."
Uncle Sam (1,1,1)
"Suits" network
Open event gold medalist in the 2016 Chess Olympiad
Canada's southern neighbour (1,1,1)
Team that won 121 medals at the Rio Olympics (Abbr.)
Old Glory's country
It's a free country
N. American land
Country that's 242 years old: Abbr.
Dos Passos trilogy