Word: UTA

The word UTA has appeared in at least 151 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Challenge for the Actor"" author Hagen"
"""Key Largo"" actress Hagen"
"""Respect for Acting"" author Hagen"
"""Respect for Acting"" writer Hagen"
"""The Other"" actress Hagen"
(missing clue)
1993 New York City Marathon winner Pippig
27 Actress Hagen
"A debutante, at heart"
Abbr. on Salt Lake City buses
Acting coach Hagen
Acting expert Hagen
Acting guru Hagen
Acting instructor Hagen
Acting legend Hagen
Acting teacher Hagen
Acting teacher's first name
Acting-teacher Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen.
Actress-teacher Hagen
Actresss Hagen
Broadway and crosswords superstar Hagen
Broadway first name.
Broadway legend Hagen
Broadway star Hagen
Broadway's Hagen
Drama teacher Hagen
First name in acting instruction
First name of a famous acting teacher
Genus of lizards
German-born photographer Barth
Hagen from Gottingen
Hagen from G
Hagen in many a stage cast
"Hagen of ""Key Largo"""
"Hagen of ""Reversal of Fortune"""
"Hagen of ""The Boys From Brazil"""
"Hagen of ""The Country Girl"""
"Hagen of ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"""
Hagen of 'Reversal of Fortune'
Hagen of Broadway
"Hagen of Broadway's ""Key Largo"""
Hagen of Hollywood
Hagen of stage and screen
Hagen of stage fame
Hagen of the screen
Hagen of the stage
Hagen of the theater
Hagen of theater
"Hagen often mentioned on ""Inside the Actors Studio"""
Hagen on the stage
Hagen or Pippig
"Hagen who originated the role of Martha in ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"" on Broadway"
Hagen who received three Tonys
Hagen who was married to Jos
"Hagen who was on Hollywood's ""Red Channels"" list"
"Hagen who wrote ""A Challenge for the Actor"""
"Hagen who wrote ""Respect for Acting"""
Hagen with three Tonys
Hagen with two Tonys
"Hagen, of Hollywood"
"Hagen, of the stage"
Hollywood's Hagen
Japanese song.
Japanese verse
Large lizard
Late acting teacher Hagen
Late stage actress Hagen
Lizard genus
Lizard of West
Lizard of the western U.S.
Marathoner Pippig
Marathoner Pippig or actress Hagen
Miss Hagen
Miss Hagen.
Ms. Hagen
Old-time actress Hagen
One of the Hagens
"Original Martha in ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"""
Photographer Barth
Respect for Acting author Hagen
Runner Pippig
"She played Blanche opposite Marlon's Stanley in ""Streetcar"" on Broadway"
"She played Joan on Broadway in ""Saint Joan"""
"She played Martha in Broadway's ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"""
"She won a Tony for playing Martha in ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"""
Southwestern lizard
Stage actress Hagen
Stage coach Hagen
Stage great Hagen
Stage legend Hagen
Stage star Hagen
Stage star ___ Hagen
Stage teacher Hagen
Stage's Hagen
Teacher Hagen
"The Jazz, on scoreboards"
"The acting Hagen, not the singing one"
Theater's Hagen
Theater's Ms. Hagen
Thespian Hagen
Three-time Boston Marathon winner Pippig
Three-time Tony winner Hagen
Tony Award winner Hagen
Tony winner Hagen
Tony winner between Shirley and Julie
Tony-winner Hagen
Tony-winning Hagen
Tony-winning actress Hagen
Western lizard
Wilshire Blvd. gp. that represents celebs
Actress Hagen
Marathon champ Pippig
Hagen of acting
Actress Hagen
Tony winner Hagen
Multiple Tony winner Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
The Jazz, on sports tickers
Tony winner Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
Broadway's Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
"Respect for Acting" author Hagen
Tony winner Hagen
Actress Hagen
Reptile genus
Actress Hagen
Acting pro Hagen
Actress Hagen
Theater coach Hagen
Acting coach Hagen
Broadway's Hagen
Stage great Hagen
Broadway's Hagen
Hagen of the stage
Hagen of Broadway
Broadway's Hagen
Actress Hagen
Actress Hagen
Tony winner Hagen
Tony-winner Hagen