Word: VOTE

The word VOTE has appeared in at least 251 clues on different crosswords.

"""Idol"" watchers might cast one"
"""___ or Die"" (P. Diddy campaign)"
15th Amendment topic
"Aye or nay, e.g."
Aye or nay.
Be part of a select crowd?
"Blackball, e.g."
Booth decision
Butterfly marking
C-SPAN event
Campaign button verb
Can first do it at 18
Candidate's desire
Candidate's exhortation
Candidate's quest
Canvasser's concern
Capitol Hill action
Cast a ballot
Cast ballots
Cast one's ballot
Cast thing
Cast yesterday
Casting ___ (legislative tiebreaker)
Chadless hole in a Florida ballot
Choice in a booth
Choice usually made secretly
Choose a seat?
"Choose, by ballot"
Citizen's duty
Citizen's franchise
Citizen's privilege
Citizen's right.
Congressional action
Declare by general opinion.
Declare up or down
Delegate's prerogative.
Democracy in action
Democracy unit
Democratic Submarines song
Democratic privilege.
"Dial an 800-number, perhaps"
Do a civic chore
Do a civic duty
Do this in a booth
"Drop paper in a box, maybe"
Election action
Election cry
Election selection
Element of landslides
End of many a race
Exercise a 19th Amendment right
Exercise a certain right
Exercise a franchise
Exercise a political right
Exercise a right
Exercise one's 26th Amendment rights
Exercise one's Nineteenth Amendment right
Exercise one's citizenship
Exercise one's franchise
Exercise suffrage
Formal choice
Formally register an opinion
"Go for a party, say"
Go to the polls
Have one's say in the U.S.A.
"Have one's say, in a way"
"Have one's say, in an election"
Have your say
Head to the polls
Help choose the All-Star team
Help decide on an initiative
Help in a landslide
Help pick a pol
Help someone move into a new office?
Hold a referendum
House call?
"Illegal thing to do twice, on election day"
It may be cast
It may result in a landslide
It was 82-0 in the Senate for declaration of war on Japan
It's cast in a booth
"It's cast, then counted"
"MTV program ""Rock the ___"""
MTV rocks it
"MTV's ""Rock the ___"""
Make a choice
"Make an X, maybe"
"Make one's choice, in a way"
Make one's voice heard
Make your feelings count
"Make your feelings count, in a way"
Mark a ballot
November activity
November catchword
November choice
November duty
November exhortation
November imperative
November plea
November responsibility
November tally
November urging
November word
"One man, one ___"
One might be taken with a show of hands
One way to choose
Opinion that's counted
Parliamentary event
Part of a November count
Participate in a democracy
Participate in a primary
Participate in a referendum
Participate in an election
Participate on election day
Party request
Pick a candidate
"Pick a leader, perhaps"
"Pick a party, say"
Pick a pol
Pick a president
"Plebiscite, for one"
Political clout
Politician's plea
Poll position?
Primary action
Primary exercise
Primary feature.
Privilege in a democracy
Privilege of those 18 and over
Proxy's concern
"Pull a lever, perhaps"
"Pull a lever, say"
"Pull a lever, sometimes"
Put a fool on the Hill?
"Raise one's hand, say"
Record a preference
Reminder for November.
"Ritual on ""Survivor"""
Rock the ___
Rock the ___ (nonprofit organization)
"Say ""aye"""
"Say ""aye,"" say"
"Say ""nay,"" say"
"Say ""yea,"" say"
Say aye or nay
Say yea or nay
Select a party
Show of hands
"Show of hands, e.g."
"Show of hands, perhaps"
"Show of hands, say"
Show your hand during a showing of hands
Something to cast
Stand up and be counted
Straw ___
"Subject of the 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments"
Suffragist's goal
Suffragists' quest
Suggest: Colloq.
Super Tuesday action
Susan B. Anthony's goal
"Suspenseful part of ""Survivor"""
Swing ___
Take to the polls
Turn out on Election Day
Turn out on primary day
Use a ballot
Use a certain machine
Use the ballot
Use the polls
"Use your democratic ""voice"""
Verb for today.
What S. B. Anthony wanted
What an office seeker seeks
Word on political posters.
Word seen on many buttons
"Word that goes in both blanks of ""___ early and ___ often"""
Write-in item.
"X in a box, maybe"
"X, at times"
Yea or nay
Yea or nay.
You can't do it until you're 18
You must be 18 to do it
Cast a ballot
Cast a ballot
Help to make a state red or blue
Choose to veto plan
Pull a lever, maybe
Cast a ballot
Campaign poster word
Show of hands, e.g
Participate in an election
Suffrage, with "the"
Take part in ballot
Campaign commercial request
Participate in a primary
Preference indicator
Cast a ballot
Cast a ballot
Take part in ballot
Mark a ballot
Register a preference
Do one's civic duty
Primary imperative?
Participate in a primary
Susan B. Anthony's goal
Be a part of the election process
Choose to veto order
November imperative
Indicate choice in an election
Show one's support, as opposed to getting a broken toe
Cast a ballot
Say "aye," say
Cast a ballot
Yea or nay
Cast a ballot
Choose to veto plan
Popular __
Indicate choice in an election
Election season plea
Roosevelt dismisses loser in the general election
Cast a ballot
Take part in ballot
Choose to veto, possibly
Cast a ballot
Choose to veto, possibly
Take part in ballot
Get behind, with "for"
Cast a ballot
Cast a ballot