Word: WAND

The word WAND has appeared in at least 163 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"" prop"
Airport security item
Airport security tool
Airport security worker's device
Airport-security tool
Archery target
Bar code reader
Bar-code reader
Conductor's baton
Conjurer's prop
Conjurer's rod
Conjuring prop
Cosmetics applicator
Divining rod.
Fairy Godmother's prop
Fairy equipment
Fairy equipment.
Fairy god-mother prop
Fairy godmother prop
Fairy godmother's gadget
Fairy godmother's item
Fairy godmother's magic tool
Fairy godmother's need
Fairy godmother's prop
Fairy godmother's tool
Fairy's fistful
Fairy's prop
Fairy's stick
Good witch's accessory
Hand-held scanner
Harry Potter accessory
Harry Potter has one
Harry Potter possession
Harry Potter prop
Harry Potter's contains a phoenix feather
Harry Potter's had a phoenix feather core
Harry Potter's is made from holly
Harry Potter's stick
Harry Potter's was made of holly with a phoenix feather core
Hogwarts accessory
Hogwarts stick
Hogwarts student's baton
It's waved in magic acts
Mage's stick
Magic Castle prop
Magic ___
Magic act prop
Magic baton
Magic item
Magic maker
Magic prop
Magic rod
Magic rod.
Magic show prop
Magic stick
Magical baton
Magical rod
Magical stick
Magical tool
Magician's need
Magician's prop
Magician's rod
Magician's staff
Magician's stick
Magician's tool
Makeup accessory
Mascara applicator
Ollivander's purchase
Ollivanders purchase
Pixie stick
Pixie stick?
Potter's accessory
Potter's pointer
Potter's prop
Potter's tool
Potter's tool?
Producer of magic
Prop for Doug Henning
Prop for Potter
"Prop for a ""rabbit in the hat"" trick"
Prop waved over a hat
"Puchase at ""Ollivanders"" in the Harry Potter series"
Purchase at Ollivander's shop
Queen Mab's rod
School tool for Harry Potter
Source of magic
Source of magic dust
Spelling aid?
Stick for a magician
Stick up for Harry Potter?
The magic stick
Tinker Bell accessory.
Tinker Bell prop
Tinker Bell's prop
Tinkerbell prop
Trick stick
Vacuum cleaner attachment
Voldemort's is made of yew
Weapon at Hogwarts
What Queen Mab waves
What a magician may wave
Willow shoot
Willow shoot.
Wish bringer
Wish bringer's prop
Witch's prop
Wizard's instrument
Wizard's prop
Wizard's stick
Wizard's tool
Magician’s prop
Magician's prop
Magic stick
Staff in magician's bar
Tool needed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Magic show prop
"Wicked" prop
Magician's stick
Wizard's prop
Wizard's prop
Fairy's rod
Fairy's magic stick
Magic stick
Magic stick
Magic stick
T.S.A. tool
Wizard's prop
Manservant (5)
Magic stick
Magic stick
Staff from magician's bar
Magic stick
Wizard's prop
Magic stick
Stick to pale daughter
Stick to pale daughter
Hand-held metal detector
Tinker Bell costume accessory
Wizard's rod
Magic stick
Stick to pale daughter
Prop for Potter
Prop for Potter
Harry Potter's is made of holly
Stick to pale daughter
Magic stick
Fairy's rod
Magician's stick
Wizard's rod
Stick to pale daughter
T.S.A. agent's tool
Magician's stick
Potter's tool