Word: WHEE

The word WHEE has appeared in at least 128 clues on different crosswords.

"""Here we go!"""
"""Hey, this is fun!"""
"""I feel like I'm flying!"""
"""Is this fun or what?!"""
"""Isn't this fun?!"""
"""Isn't this fun?"""
"""This is an awesome ride!"""
"""This is fu-u-u-un!"""
"""This is fun!"""
"""This ride is a joy!"""
"""This ride is awesome!"""
"""This ride is fun!"""
"""This ride is fun-n-n!"""
"""This ride is great!"""
"""This water slide is fun!"""
"""This. Is. Awesome!"""
"""What a fun ride!"""
"""What a ride!"""
"""What fun!"""
'What a blast!'
'What a ride!'
Amusement park shout
Amusement-park cry
Call on a coaster
Carnival ride cry
Celebrator's sound
Child's exclamation of delight
Coaster cry
Coaster rider's cry
Coasting cry
Cry at the top of a roller coaster
Cry from a carnival ride
Cry from a coaster
Cry from a slide
Cry from a thrill ride
Cry from a water slide user
Cry of delight
Cry of delight.
Cry of excited delight
Cry of exhilaration
Cry of glee
Cry on a roller coaster
Cry while careering downhill
Cyclone sound?
Enthusiastic cry
Exclamation of delight.
Exclamation of elation
Exclamation of pleasure.
Expression of delight
Expression of pleasure
Exuberant exclamation
Exuberant outcry
Exultation exclamation
Ferris wheel cry
Fun sound
Glad cry
It's cried on a slide
It's heard on roller coasters
Jubilant sound
Kid's sliding board cry
Merry-go-round sound
Midway cry
"Part of a theme-park chorus, maybe"
Playground cry
Playground shout
Rider's yell
Roller coaster cry
Roller coaster exultation
Roller coaster rider's comment
Roller coaster rider's shout
Roller-coaster cry
Roller-coaster rider's cry
Roller-coaster sound
Rollercoaster cry
Rollercoaster rider's sound
Shout from a swinger?
Shout from the playground
Shout of joy
Sled rider's cry
Sledding shout
Sleigh rider's exclamation
Slider's shout
Slider's shout on the playground
Slider's sound
Sound from the slide
Sound made by a swinger?
Sound of a child on a swing
Sound of delight.
Sound of glee
Spree or glee sound
Swinger's cry
Thrill ride cry
Tilt-a-Whirl cry
Tilt-a-Whirl rider's shout
Tobogganing cry
Water park whoop
Water slide user's cry
Water-slide shout
Word heard on a roller coaster
Yell from the roller coaster
Amusement park cry
Shout on a roller coaster
"Look ma, no hands!"
Roller coaster cry
Sledder's cry
Cry of glee on the playground
"What fun!"
"This is awesooooome!"
'So much fu-u-u-u-un!'
"This is fun!"
Roller-coaster cry
''This is fun!''
Roller coaster cry
Cry of glee
Child-on-a-ride cry
"This is a fun ride!"
"This is a fun ride!"
Roller-coaster rider's cry
Exclamation from a kid on a waterslide
Delighted shout from the roller coaster