The word WIRES has appeared in at least 71 clues on different crosswords.

WIRES definition(s):

third-person singular simple present indicative form of wire

plural of wire

• Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wire.

• Plural form of wire.

Assortment around the surge protector
Cellular phones lack them
Cellular phones' lack
Circus props
"Contacts, in a way"
Current carriers
Current conductors
Does electrical work
Does some electrical work
Electric connections
Electrical lines
Electrician's concern
Filigree materials
Finish lines
Hidden mikes
"Hidden mikes, slangily"
Hides a mike on
Items often pulled.
Items wrapped in friction tape
Juice carriers
Juice containers?
Junction box contents
Live and high
Live ones
Marionette attachments
Marionette movers
Marionette parts
Mess behind a computer
Mess under a desk
Metal strings
News sources
Paperless cash transfers
Parts of mobiles.
Piano parts
Piano's tone producers
Pipe cleaner centers
Pre-Internet communications
Press room sights
Readies a network
Sager telegrams
Sends a telegram
"Sends money, perhaps"
"Sends, like money"
Some come from computers
Some guys
Some informants might wear them
Some messages from messengers
Some money transfers
Telegraph messages
They may be hidden in walls
They may get crossed
They sometimes get crossed
Wallendas' walkways
Western Union transmissions
What spies may wear
What undercover cops wear in detective novels
Marionette movers
Snitches sometimes wear them
Hidden mikes, slangily
Piano parts
Circuitry connectors
Leads that may get crossed
Array around a surge protector