Word: YAKS

The word YAKS has appeared in at least 170 clues on different crosswords.

Asian beasts.
Asian bovines
Asian oxen
Asian ruminants.
Asiatic beasts.
Babbles and babbles
Babbles and blabbers
Bats one's gums
Beasts of Asia.
Beasts of burden
Beasts of burden.
Beasts of the East
Belly laughs
Bhutanese beasts of burden
Big factor in Tibet's economy
Butter sources
Certain beasts of burden.
Chatters away
Chatters endlessly: Slang.
Chatters on and on
Chatty beasts?
Chatty bovines?
Chews the fat
Chews the rag
Does more than chat
Doesn't shut up
Domesticated Asian bovines
Emulates Shannon Sharpe
Flaps one's jaws
Gabs and gabs
Gabs away
Gabs endlessly
Gabs non-stop
Gabs on and on
"Gabs, gabs, gabs"
Goes on and on
Goes on and on and on
Goes on and on and...
Goes on and on on the phone
Goes yadda-yadda
Hairy Himalayan beasts
Hairy Himalayans
Hairy beasts
Himalayan beasts
Himalayan fauna
Hirsute Tibetans
Is a chatterbox
Jaws away
Kin of buffaloes
Lhasa luggers
Long-haired mammals
Long-haired oxen.
Long-haired pack animals
Milk sources for some Tibetan cheese
Not Gnus / Transmits news
Oxen of Asia.
Oxen of Tibet
Oxen of Tibet.
Prattles on
Rattles on
Runs off at the mouth
Runs up the phone bill
Shaggy Tibetan beasts
Shaggy Tibetan creatures
Shaggy Tibetans
Shaggy beasts
Shaggy oxen
Shaggy pack animals
Shaggy-haired wild oxen
Sherpa's herd
Shoots the breeze
Some Tibetans own them
Talkative bovines?
Talks a blue streak
Talks and talks
Talks and talks and talks
Talks and then some
Talks endlessly.
Talks idly
Talks incessantly
Talks it up
Talks nonstop
Talks on and on
Talks one's head off
Talks too much
Talks up a storm
"Talks, talks, talks"
They're big in Tibet
Tibetan animals
Tibetan beasts
Tibetan beasts of burden
Tibetan beasts.
Tibetan bovines
Tibetan creatures
Tibetan critters
Tibetan fat chewers?
Tibetan fauna.
Tibetan herd
Tibetan herd members
Tibetan oxen
Tibetans own them
Ties up the phone
"Ties up the phone, e.g."
Useful beasts in Lhasa.
Wags one's tongue
Wild oxen
Wild oxen.
Won't be quiet
Won't shut up
Won't stop gabbing
Won't zip it
Zoo attractions.
Tibetan herd
Hairy Himalayans
Tibetan herd
Talks nonstop
Tibetan herd
Flaps the gums
Talks nonstop
Flaps one's gums
Flaps one's gums
Wild oxen of Tibet
Wild oxen of Tibet
Continually runs off at the mouth
Continually runs off at the mouth
Rabbits and other animals
Talks and talks
Tibetan grazers
Centuries-old Asian wool sources
Himalayan sources of butter
Shoots the breeze
Talks and talks
Animals that provided hair used in Chewbacca's costume
Tibetan herd
Won't shut up
Tibetan herd
Himalayan pack animals
Chews the fat
Chatters away
Runs on
Tibetan animals
Some beasts of burden
Shaggy critters
Has a gabfest
Tibetan bovines
Shoots the breeze
Talks nonstop