The word YEARS has appeared in at least 213 clues on different crosswords.

YEARS definition(s):

• (many) years

• An unusually long time.

plural of year.

• a prolonged period of time; "we've known each other for ages"; "I haven't been there for years and years"

• a late time of life; "old age is not for sissies"; "he's showing his years"; "age hasn't slowed him down at all"; "a beard white with eld"; "on the brink of geezerhood"

• (colloquial, hyperbole) An unusually long time

• Plural form of year.

• the time during which someone's life continues; "the monarch's last days"; "in his final years"

• years (old)

"""... hopes and fears of all the ___"""
"""Dog ___"" (G
"""Golden ___"" (David Bowie song)"
"""Holding Back the ___"" (Simply Red)"
"""John F. Kennedy: ___ of Lightning, Day of Drums"" (1966 documentary)"
"""One Hundred ___ of Solitude"" (Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel)"
"""Reeling in the ___"""
"""The Best ___ of Our Lives"""
"""The Wonder ___"""
"""The ___ at the spring"": Browning"
"""The ___""; Virginia Woolf novel"
"""The days of our ___"""
"""Through the ___"""
"""Two ___ Before the Mast"": Dana"
'Reelin' in the ___' (1973 Steely Dan song)
10 B.C. and 2000
1066 and 1776
12-month periods
1492 and 1776
"1492, 1776, 2001, etc."
1776 and 1962.
"1982 Kenny Rogers hit ""Through the ___"""
1984 and 2001 e.g.
"2000 and 2001, e.g."
2001 and 2010
"25 B.C. and 1978, e.g."
4 months of Sundays
A coon's age
A dog's age
A long time
A long time.
A rather long time
A very long time
Age components
Age measurement
Age quantifier
Age tallies.
Astronomical and lunar
Astronomical periods
Birthday intervals
Birthday units
"Bringers of wisdom, proverbially."
Calendar considerations
Calendar durations
Calendar notations
Calendar periods
Calendar spans
Calendar units
Candle count
Candles can represent them
Candles may count them
Candles may represent them
"Candles on a cake, symbolically"
Century bits
Century components
Century segments
Century units
Certain revolutions' durations
Chiliad's 1000
College classes
Considerable time.
"Dana's ""Two ___ Before the Mast"""
Decade components
Decade divisions
Decade fractions
Decade segments
Decade units
Decade's 10
Decennium's ten
Earth orbits
Fiscal periods.
"Freshman, sophomore, etc."
Full calendars
"George Harrison's ""All Those ___ Ago"""
Golden periods
Graduating classes
Insurance policy measurements
Junior and Senior
Junior and senior
"Junior and senior, for example"
"LPGA seasons, more or less"
Lean and leap.
Leap and fiscal
Leap and light
Leap and lunar
Long time
Long time.
"Long, long time."
Many months
"Many, many moons"
Measure of age.
Measurements of time
Measures for Earth's travels
Measures of time
Millennium makeup
Millennium's thousand
Months and months
Months and months and months
New Day divider
New ___ Eve (time of an annual ball-dropping tradition that was started by The New York Times in 1907)
New/Day divider
Newcomers in Januaries
Oenologists' concerns
"Oh, so many moons"
Old age
Orbit periods
Orbital intervals
Orbital periods
Parts of dates
Periods of time
Pretty long time
Quite a spell
Quite a while
Quite some time
Revolutionary periods?
"Senior, junior and sophomore"
Sentence components
Sentence parts
Sentence units
"Sentence units, often"
Sentence units?
Seven ___ War (1756-63 war won by England and Prussia)
Solar and lunar periods
Some sentence units
"Sophomore and junior, e.g."
TV's 'The Wonder --'
Teens or twenties.
"Teens, for example."
Ten ___ After
Ten make a decade
The Best ___ of Our Lives
The Twenties.
The five in a lustrum
The time of one's life?
There are five in a lustrum
They may be golden
They'll last for months
They're a part of every century
They're always advancing
Thirty ___ War
"Threescore and ten, perhaps."
"Thurber's ""The ___ With Ross"""
"Thurber's ""The ___ with Ross"""
"Time (seemingly) in between checks, for a freelancer"
Time divisions
Time of your life
Time periods
Time periods.
Time spans
Time units
Times of your life
Trips around the sun
Twelve month periods
Twelve-month periods
Twelve-month spans
Vineyard data
Vintage units
What birthday candles represent
What candles may count
What candles on a cake might indicate
What some candles represent
What you might spend to get a college degree
Wine-bottle listings
Word after dog or leap
___ of Decision : Truman's memoirs
Quite a while
Quite a while
Decade makeup
12-month periods
New ____ Day
Annual periods
1984 and 2001
12-month periods
Long time
12-month periods
To finish a story for the listeners takes ages!
A long time
Unknown listeners have aeons!
Numbers following copyright symbols
1984 and 2001
1984 and 2001
Decade parts
12-month periods
12-month periods
12-month periods
1492 and 1776
Decade parts
New ____ Day
Trips around the sun
Units of time
Revolutionary periods
1984 and 2001
Figures on wine bottles
Long time
Millennium makeup
A long time
Decade parts
What many days turn into
Decade parts
Sentence units
Decade parts
Freshman, sophomore, etc
Freshman, sophomore, etc
Quite some time
What birthday cake candles represent