Word: YETI

The word YETI has appeared in at least 386 clues on different crosswords.

"""Abominable"" one"
"""Abominable"" one."
"""And ___ love her till I die."""
"""Snowman"" in a fur coat"
"""Tintin in Tibet"" creature"
"""___ Will Praise"" (hymn)"
"""___ do fear thy nature"": Lady Macbeth"
"""___ still wonder..."" (speculation regarding Bigfoot?)"
A hoax sighting
Abominable Snowman
Abominable Snowman.
Abominable mountaineer
Abominable one
Abominable sight?
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman.
Animatronic creature at Disneyland's Matterhorn
Annapurna denizen
Apocryphal beast
Apocryphal mountain climber
Arizona people
Asian Bigfoot
Asian Sasquatch
Asian apparition
Asian apparition.
Asian cryptozoology topic
Asian legend
Asian of legendary status?
Asian sasquatch
Asian threat
Baffling being of Bhutan
Beast of the East
Bhutan beast
Bhutan beast of legend
Bhutan denizen
Big Foot cousin
Big Foot relative
Big scary white dude
Big snowman
Big white dude in Tibet
"Big white dude who hangs out in Nepal, frightening everyone"
Big-footed abominable one
Bigfoot cousin
Bigfoot in Asia?
Bigfoot kin
Bigfoot of the Himalayas
Bigfoot relative
Bigfoot's Asian cousin
Bigfoot's Asian cousin?
Bigfoot's Himalayan cousin
Bigfoot's Tibetan cousin
Bigfoot's cousin
Bigfoot's cousin?
Bigfoot's kin
Brand of coolers
Certain snowman
Cold-climate cryptid
Cousin of Bigfoot
"Creature a.k.a. ""Meh-teh"" and ""Migoi"""
Creature in Disney World's Expedition Everest
Creature of legend
Creature sought by cryptozoologists
"Cryptobiologist's interest, perhaps"
Cryptozoological beast
Cryptozoological phenomenon that's likely just a Tibetan blue bear
Cryptozoological topic
Cryptozoologist's pursuit
Cryptozoologist's quarry
Cryptozoology figure
Cryptozoology subject
Cryptozoology topic
Dubious sighting in the Himalayas
Eastern Bigfoot
"Eastern creature sought in episodes of ""Finding Bigfoot"""
Elusive Himalayan
Elusive Himalayan creature
Elusive Tibetan
Elusive creature
Elusive creature of Nepal
Elusive creature of Tibet
Elusive giant of legend
Elusive legend
Elusive subject
"Everest ""sighting"""
"Everest climber, supposedly"
Everest snowman.
Fabled Himalayan Snowman.
Fabled Himalayan creature
Fabled Himalayan snowman.
Fabled snowman
Fabled snowman.
Feared wild man of Everest
Figure in falsified photos
Figure that's unbelievable?
Frosty's Tibetan cousin?
Furry Himalayan legend
Giant in the Himalayas
Giant of legend
Hairy Asian giant
Hairy Himalayan
Hairy Himalayan humanoid
Hairy Himalayan legend
Hairy Himalayan mystery
Hairy Himalayan of lore
Hairy Himalayan of myth
"Hairy Himalayan, reportedly"
Hairy Himalayan?
Hairy creature
Hairy himalayan
Hairy humanoid
Hairy humanoid of legend
Hairy legend
Hairy legend of the Himalayas
Hairy mountain beast
Hairy mountain sighting
Hairy mystery
Hairy wonder
He's a hairy Himalayan
He's a legend among climbers
He's abominable
High-elevation enigma
Him a Himalayan
Himalaya wonder
"Himalayan ""Bigfoot"""
"Himalayan ""Monsters, Inc."" character"
Himalayan Bigfoot
Himalayan Sasquatch
Himalayan abomination
Himalayan apparition
Himalayan beast
Himalayan beast of legend
Himalayan beast of myth
Himalayan bigfoot
Himalayan creature
Himalayan creature also known as the Abominable Snowman
Himalayan creature of legend
Himalayan cryptid
Himalayan denizen
Himalayan enigma
Himalayan figure
Himalayan giant
Himalayan haunter
Himalayan he-man?
Himalayan hoax
Himalayan horror
Himalayan hulk
Himalayan humanoid
Himalayan legend
Himalayan monster
Himalayan mystery
Himalayan mystery creature
Himalayan mystery monster
Himalayan mystery.
Himalayan myth
Himalayan recluse
Himalayan scourge
Himalayan sight?
Himalayan sighting
Himalayan snowman
Himalayan snowman of legend
Himalayan snowman?
Himalayan terror
Himalayan that you probably wouldn't want to pet
Himalayan track maker
Himalayas legend
Himalayas sighting
Himilayan creature
Hirsute Himalayan
Hirsute Himalayan apparition
Hirsute legend
Hirsute mystery
Hirsute mystery man
Hulking Himalayan of legend
Humanoid cryptid
Humanoid of legend
It haunts the Himalayas
"John Ratzenberger voiced one in ""Monsters, Inc."""
Legend of climbing expeditions
Legend of the Himalayas
Legend of the mountains
Legendarily giant white dude
Legendary Asian beast
Legendary Himalayan
Legendary Himalayan creature
Legendary Himalayan humanoid
Legendary climber
Legendary creature
Legendary creature that's probably just a Himalayan bear [Angela Halsted]
Legendary giant
Legendary mountain climber
Legendary snow beast
Legendary snow humanoid
"Literally, Tibetan for ""bear from a rocky place"""
Lofty legend
Maker of big footprints in the Himalayas
Manhattan blocks?
Maybe monster
"Menace on Disney World's ""Expedition Everest"" ride"
Monster of the Himalayas
"Mountain ""man"" of myth"
Mountain creature
"Mountain creature, maybe"
Mountain dweller of legend
Mountain giant
Mountain legend
Mountain man?
Mountain monster
"Mountain monster, maybe mythological"
Mountain mystery
Mountain myth
"Mountain myth, maybe"
Mountain sighting
"Mountain sighting, maybe"
Mountain-dwelling beast
Mountain-dwelling cryptid
Mr. ___ (Candy Crush snowman)
Mysterious Asian giant
Mysterious Himalayan
Mysterious Himalayan creature
Mysterious creature
Mysterious figure
Mysterious giant
Mysterious mountain climber
Mysterious sighting
Mystery creature of Tibet
Mythical Asian animal
Mythical Himalayan
Mythical Himalayan beast
Mythical Himalayan monster
Mythical Tibetan creature
Mythical beast of the east
Mythical creature?
Mythical haunter of the Himalayas
Mythical monster
Mythical monster of the Himalayas
"Mythical mountain ""man"""
Mythical mountain beast
Mythical mountain monster
Mythical mountaineer
Mythical threat for Edmund Hillary
"Mythical, manlike mountain monster"
Nepal's ___ Airlines
Nepalese legend
Nepalese terrorist
Newsworthy sherpa sighting
Object of scientific dispute
Peak curiosity
Really cool creature
Rumored Himalayan
Rumored Himalayan beast
Sasquatch cousin
Sasquatch kin
Sasquatch relative?
Sasquatch's Asian cousin
Sasquatch's Himalayan cousin?
Sasquatch's Himalayan relative?
Sasquatch's cousin
"Sasquatch's cousin, perhaps"
Sasquatch's kin
Seven-foot (or so) cryptid
Shaggy Tibetan
Sherpa legend
Sherpa sighting
"Sherpa sighting, maybe"
Sherpa's b
"Sherpa's fear, perhaps"
Sherpa's sighting
"Sherpa's sighting, maybe"
"Sherpa's sighting, perhaps"
"Sherpa's sighting, supposedly"
"Sherpa's tale, perhaps"
Sight on Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds ride
Snow creature of Himalayan lore
Snow line prowler
Snow man of Nepal.
Snowman you won't find in your yard
Snowy beast
Snowy beastie
Snowy creature
Snowy legend
So-far-undiscovered one
"Subject of Animal Planet's ""Finding Bigfoot"""
Subject of Himalayan legends
Subject of Nepalese legend
"Subject of a blurry photo, maybe"
Subject of a onetime Nepali hunting license [true fact!]
Subject of many fraudulent photographs
Susquatch perhaps
The Abominable Snowman
The Abominable Snowman.
This snowman won't melt
"Tibet's ""monster"""
Tibet's Sasquatch
Tibetan creature
Tibetan cryptid
Tibetan legend
Tibetan mythical creature
Tibetan ogre
Tibetan sighting
Tibetan snowman
Tibetan snowman of legend
Tibetan thing
Unlikely Lho-tse sighting
Unlikely sighting on Everest
Wild man of the Himalayas
Hairy Himalayan of myth
Bigfoot's cousin
Elusive giant of legend
Supposed sighting in Tibet
Bigfoot's cousin
Abominable Himalayan
Abominable mountain creature
Mythical Himalayan
Bigfoot's cousin
Abominable snowman
"Abominable" beast
Mountain legend
Bigfoot's cousin
Elusive Himalayan creature
Elusive Himalayan creature
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Creature of Himalayan legend
Abominable snowman
Abominable mountain creature
High-elevation enigma
Snow beast of legend
Mysterious Himalayan
Beast in rare "sightings"
Youngest Girl Scout
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Mysterious sighting in Tibet
Mysterious sighting in Tibet
Mysterious creature of the Himalayas
Mysterious creature of the Himalayas
Asian cryptid
Asian cryptid
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Bigfoot cousin
Bigfoot cousin
Hulking Himalayan
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Snow monster
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
Alp cryptid
Himalayan humanoid
Bigfoot's cousin
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Abominable mountain creature
Mystery creature that Nepali finally reveals
Bigfoot's abominable cousin
Bigfoot's Tibetan cousin
Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
Bigfoot's cousin
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Snow monster
Rumored cousin of Sasquatch
Snow monster
Abominable snowman
Himalayan cryptid
Abominable snowman
Himalayan legend
Hulking Himalayan legend
Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
Himalayan cryptid
Bigfoot's cousin
Abominable snowman
Mountain legend
Dubious sighting in the Himalayas
Abominable snowman
The abominable snowman
Abominable snowman
Wendigo relative
Abominable snowman
Himalayan monster
Snow monster