Word: YOGI

The word YOGI has appeared in at least 225 clues on different crosswords.

"""A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore"" speaker"
"""Even Napoleon had his Watergate"" speaker"
"""If the fans don't come out to the ballpark, you can't stop them"" speaker"
"""It ain't over 'til it's over"" author"
"""Pic-a-nic basket"" seeker"
"""Pic-a-nic"" basket pilferer"
"""Pic-a-nic"" basket seeker"
"""You can observe a lot by watching"" speaker"
"""You can observe a lot by watching"" speaker, familiarly"
1950s teammate of Mickey and Whitey
1951 MVP
Ascetic of the East
Baseball legend Berra
Baseball name.
Baseball nickname
Baseball nickname.
Baseball's Berra
Baseball's Berra: 3-time MVP
Bear known to attack picnic baskets
Bear of note
Bear of toon fame
Bear of toons
Bear or Berra
Bear or Berra.
Bear that's smarter and also apparently less likely to fatally maul humans than the average bear
Bear voiced by Dan Aykroyd in 2010
Benares holy man
Berra of Yankee legend
Berra of baseball
Berra or Bear
"Berra who said ""a nickel ain't worth a dime anymore"""
"Berra who said, ""It gets late early out there"""
Berra with a record ten World Series rings
Boo Boo buddy
Boo Boo's big bud
Boo Boo's buddy
Boo Boo's pal
Boo-Boo was his sidekick
Boo-Boo's buddy
Boo-Boo's cavemate
Buddy for Boo-Boo
Cartoon bear
Catcher Berra
Catcher for Whitey
Catcher-manager Berra
Certain meditator
Chanter sometimes
Cindy Bear's boyfriend
Coach at Shea
Contemplative sort
Cooperstown nickname
Cross-legged one
Eastern mystic
Famous bear or catcher
Figure of profound wisdom
First name among Hall of Fame catchers
First name among Yankee greats
First name in Jellystone Park
First name in baseball quotes
First name in the 40's-50's Yankees
First name of sentiment's author
"Gautama Buddha, for one"
Gil's successor
Guru's pupil
Hall of Famer Berra
Hall-of-Famer Berra
Hanna-Barbera bear
He caught Don's 1956 World Series perfect game
He caught Don's perfect game
He caught Whitey
He was elected to the Hall of Fame the same year as Sandy
"He's ""smarter than the average bear"""
He's flexible
He's smarter than the average bear
He's third behind Mickey and Babe in career World Series home runs
Hindu ascetic
Hindu ascetic.
Hindu meditator
Hindu mystic
Hindu mystic.
Indian bed-of-nails sitter
Indian cultist
Indian mystic
Jellystone Park bear
Jellystone Park denizen
Jellystone Park name
Jellystone Park notable
Jellystone Park resident
Jellystone Park toon
Jellystone bear
Jellystone resident
Late baseballer Berra
Lead-in to Bear or Berra
Leg crosser
Markedly mystical man
"Meditation master, say"
Meditation mentor
Meditation teacher
Meditative Hindu
Meditative sort
Met man.
Mickey's quotable teammate
Mickey's teammate
Mr. Berra
Much quoted Berra
Much-quoted Berra
Mystic of India
Mystical one.
Mystical person
Nickname among Yankee greats
Nirvana seeker
Oft-quoted Berra
Oft-quoted athlete
Oft-quoted catcher
One in an awkward position?
One seeking enlightenment
One who meditates
"One who sits cross-legged, maybe"
Person holding many positions
Pic-a-nic basket seeker
Practitioner of meditation
Practitioner of omphaloskepsis
Quotable Berra
Quotable Hall of Famer
"Quotable Hall-of-Famer, informally"
Quotable Yank
Quotable Yankee
Quotable catcher
Ranger Smith's b
Ranger Smith's cartoon nemesis
Ranger Smith's nemesis
"Stealer of ""pic-a-nic"" baskets"
Stealer of pic-a-nic baskets
Super stretcher
Teammate of Mickey and Moose
Teammate of Mickey and Whitey
Teammate of Whitey and Mickey
Thorn in Ranger Smith's side
Toon bear
Toon bruin
Ursine 'toon
Ursine toon
Whitey's onetime teammate
Wise and flexible one
Wise one
Word-mangler Berra
Yankee #8
Yankee Berra
"Yankee catcher, familiarly"
"Yankee legend who passed away in 2015, familiarly"
Yankee nickname
Yankee veteran.
Yankee who wore 8
Yankee's nickname
___ Bear
___ Bear (Hanna-Barbera cartoon character)
___ Berra
Teammate of Whitey and Mickey
Malapropian Berra
It's said that he said "I never said most of the things I said"
One holding many positions
Yoga master
Lawrence Peter Berra, familiarly
Teammate of Mickey and Whitey
Boo-Boo's mentor
Jellystone Park bear
Oft-quoted Yankee
Hindu mystic
Hindu ascetic
Hindu ascetic
1950s teammate of Whitey and Mickey
Yoga master
One on a bed of nails, perhaps
Boo Boo's pal
Lawrence Peter Berra, familiarly
Buddha, for one
Meditation leader
Boo-Boo's mentor
Yoga master
Boo-Boo's mentor
Boo-Boo's toon friend
"Pic-a-nic" basket-seeking toon, familiarly
With 65-Across, "It ain't over till it's over" speaker
Yoga master
Philosophy master
Boo-Boo found him bearable
Boo-Boo's buddy
Headache for Ranger Smith
Quotable Berra
Quotable Berra
Jellystone Park bear
Hindu mystic
Berra who said, "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore"
Former Yankee Berra who once declared, "You can observe a lot by watching"
Ursine cartoon character
Classic Yankee nickname
Nirvana seeker
Boo-Boo's mentor
Baseballer Berra
Cartoon bear who annoys Ranger Smith
Yoga master
Yoga master
Jellystone bear
Yankee Berra
Nirvana seeker
Boo Boo's buddy
Jellystone Park denizen
Toon bear
Catcher Berra
Catcher Berra
Cartoon bear
Quotable catcher
Cartoon bear or baseball great Berra
Jellystone Park bear
Guru's student
Cartoon bear
Jellystone bear
Mr. Berra
Boo-Boo Bear's buddy
Wise one