September 7th 2018, Evening Standard - Cryptic

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A gesture I wouldn’t care to make
A role in “Separated”
Act in accordance with instructions and you’ll succeed
Almost capsizing when catching the first fish?
As an insult, said it’s trickery
As the successful oil prospector’s money was?
Black dog that’s done a lot of travelling?
Bound to get a table to eat in the Chinese restaurant
Caught in, has got free from the bonds
Cellmate you’re part owner of a flat with?
Character that dropped the case in the chase
Copy it in a mite shakily
Could be colder, one observed
Dislike taken to the thing I have on
Don’t just lie there! Dress!
For the records, they’re non-U books
Gathering I, too, could become one
Go off and you don’t eat
Gold-lined cages awash with flowers
Gracious, sire, that’s wonderful!
Group that was démodé from the start
Has fantasies about being in a mother’s embrace
Having got myself onto the train, unpacked the clothes
If he’s fast, we’ll get over quickly
In the home, where there’s space to have a tug-of-war?
Is inclined to be less worried about work
Jots down some music
Jumps up when I get into difficulties
Moderate one’s anger
Name something the jewel thief is after
Not thick: that’s easy to see
Only snatching victory when you find the answer to
Reductions by the TUC?
Rewritten, perhaps, later by the editor
Riddled with bullets, as taught to?
Says the animal should get the odd rest
Specifies how old the girlfriends are
Sticks one in with the pies
Such a remark as “All brushes are the same” is?
The head woman in “1”
They may be packed with people the doctor’s seeing
To put it briefly, give a girl your promise
Unruffled though having caught a runaway steed
What the barman does when one gets him out of his stupor?
Who tipped off the clerks?
Work out that the two had a key to get in