September 4th 2017, Usa Today

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2009 movie that grossed almost $2.8 billion
Annoy pettily
Apple's answer provider
Aquafina alternative
Basketball maneuver
Batman's deeds
Be behind the success of
Beauty contestant's asset
Bill's time-traveling pal of film
Bird on Mexico's flag
Blowhard's trait
Bubble shape
Bum out
Caddie's suggestion, at times
Causing a ruptured eardrum, maybe
Ceres or Eris
Channel for investors
Chowder morsel
Clouds, as the mind
Consults a crystal ball
Dietary protein unit
Dizzying designs
Do an autumn chore
Flatten with a bulldozer, perhaps
Fundamental, and a word that can follow the first parts of 20-, 31-, 41- and 52-Across
Gem that can diffract light
Golden-years fund, briefly
Goo in a 'do
Got along
Group in a loft
Having a string-bean physique
"In that case . . ."
It may get you kicked out of a casino
Itinerary abbr.
Jimmied, say
Knocker's proclamation
Letter after beta
Like a cigar bar's atmosphere
Like Death Valley
Like fraternity letters
Like Tussaud creations
Links rental
Minimal manpower
Mower's shelter
Neighbor of Pisces
Not in the buff
"Ole!" or "Hooray!"
Pop singer Mama ___ Elliot
Quarterback ploy
Raise to a high rank
Rice-based beverage
"Shake!" offering
Shrinks in fright
Silverman of "Wreck-It Ralph"
Skybox site
Sliced fare at salad bars
Sniveling beast of Oz
Stir up, as curiosity
Storied spy Mata ___
Stubbed extremity
"That's awesome!"
The least bit of
The Pac-12's Bruins
There's no escaping it
Tip jar inserts
Tot's ride, for short
Transporter of gasoline or chemicals
Treats at boardwalk stands
Tugboat blast
UV blocker's rating
Way to a loft
Whole mess
Whom Horton heard
With nothing out of place
Wolf pack's prey, perhaps
Worthy of a fashion magazine cover
Wyatt of the Wild West