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LA Times August 21 2017
1970 Kinks hit
Abundant farm yield ... and what the first words of the answers to starred clues comprise?
Adam's grandson
__ and dined
And others, in Lat.
Batman's hideout
Bookcase unit
Cake decorator
Chicago Fire's org.
City where Joan of Arc died
Close-cropped hair style
Close friend
Colorado-based brewery
Colored like Easter eggs
Curve in a road
Curved foot part
DEA agent
"... disguised as Clark Kent, mild-__ reporter"
Donna Summer's music
Dungeness and Alaskan king
Easier said __ done
Fairy tale start
*Feature of gated community entrances
Fever with chills
Fifth month
Foreign relief org. created by JFK
Garner from the fields
*GEICO product
"Go back" computer command
Got giggles out of
Hotfooted it
"I got a great break!"
ID card picture
Image maker, briefly
Infant foot warmer
Like checks, when splitting the tab
Like "X-Files" cases
Low, sturdy cart
Match, as clothing colors
Music media holders
Over the hill
Pac-12 sch.
Past the deadline
*Plaything for a backyard swimming spot
Roof projection
See 9-Across
Skunk's defense
"Sorry, that's not happening"
*Source of showroom shock?
Spun, as a baton
Stretch across
Subscribers' continuations
Tax form org.
Thankless sort
The Stones' "__ Tonk Women"
"The Waste Land" poet's monogram
Traveller in London's Tube
Warns of
Wield a divining rod
With 15-Across, Apple media player since 2005
Year before AD yrs. started