Word: ARM

The word ARM has appeared in at least 725 clues on different crosswords.

ARM definition(s):

• prepare oneself for a military confrontation; "The U.S. is girding for a conflict in the Middle East"; "troops are building up on the Iraqi border"

• (anatomy) The extended portion of the upper limb, from the shoulder to the elbow.

• To prepare a tool or a weapon for action, to activate.

• portion of the upper limb from shoulder to elbow

• A limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal.

• A long, narrow, more or less rigid part of an object extending from the main part or centre of the object, such as the arm of an armchair, a crane, a pair of spectacles or a pair of compasses.

• A branch of an organization.

• To supply with armour or (later especially) weapons.

• armor (armour)

• To supply with arms.

• A weapon.

• weapon

• A bay or inlet off a main body of water.

• a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb

• To take by the arm; to take up in one's arms.

• to prepare a tool or a weapon for action

• A group of patients in a medical trial.

• part of object

• a division of some larger or more complex organization; "a branch of Congress"; "botany is a branch of biology"; "the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages"

• A pitcher

• The upper limb, extending from the shoulder to the wrist and sometimes including the hand.

• To prepare oneself for a military confrontation.

• Power; might; strength; support.

• any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm; "the arm of the record player"; "an arm of the sea"; "a branch of the sewer"

• (usually used in the plural) A weapon.

• To cover or furnish with a plate, or with whatever will add strength, force, security, or efficiency.

• any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"

• To be pitied; pitiful; wretched.

• Poor; lacking in riches or wealth.

• To prepare a tool or a weapon for action; to activate.

• (obsolete or dialectal, chiefly Scottish) Pitiful; wretched.

• portion of the upper appendage from shoulder to wrist

• (in the plural) heraldic bearings or insignia

• One of the two parts of a chromosome.

• heraldic bearings

• heraldic bearings or insignia

• To supply with arms or limbs.

• The extended portion of the upper limb, from the shoulder to the elbow.

• to supply with weapons

• To furnish with means of defence; to prepare for resistance; to fortify, in a moral sense.

• To fit (a magnet) with an armature.

• the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm

• supply with arms; "The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan"

• (obsolete or dialectal, chiefly Scottish) Poor.

• the part of an armchair or sofa that supports the elbow and forearm of a seated person

• To supply with a weapon or weapons.

• body of water

• The portion of the upper human appendage, from the shoulder to the wrist and sometimes including the hand.

• A part of an object (usually rigid and relatively long) that extends from the centre or main section.

"""Long"" legal weapon?"
"""Strong ___ of the Law"" Saxon"
"""The Long ___ of the Law"" Warren Zevon"
"""The Man with the Golden ___"" (Nelson Algren novel)"
"""Thou hast a mighty ___"": Psalm 89"
"""We ___ to parley"": Churchill"
"""With him is an ___ of flesh"" (2 Chron. 32:8)"
"""With him is an ___ of flesh"" (2Chr. 32:8)"
'One ___' (Tennessee Williams story)
A Vegas bandit has only one
A curl exercises it
A firth is one
A sleeve covers it
A slot machine has one
Ability to throw
Ace's asset
"Activate, as a bomb"
"Activate, as a fuze"
"Activate, as a torpedo"
"Activate, in a way"
Adirondack chair feature
Administrative branch
"Administrative branch, e.g."
After straight or strong
Aikman's asset
Air ___.
An ace has a strong one
Anconeus muscle's location
Anthropometer's measurement
"Atalante, to the Aegean"
Auxiliary group
Bagpipes cradler
Balance part
Band location?
Band's place
Barbed wire tattoo spot
"Bazooka, e.g."
Bench-pressing limb
Biceps locale
Biceps setting
Biceps site
Biceps' place
Blazer part
Blood-giving site
Bodily member
Body appendage
Body or sofa part
Body part lost by Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen in 1984
Boxer's measurement
Bracelet locale
Bracelet site
Bracelet spot
Brachial artery setting
Brachium's locale
Brady's weapon
Branch of the sea
Brassard site.
Bring the heat?
Business end of a slot machine
Certain extremity
Certain limb
Chair part
Chair part.
Chair support
Chaperone's offering
Classic slot machine feature
Clemens asset
Clemens's asset
Coat part
Coincidence's is long
Common ink spot
Common place for a tattoo
Common tat locale
Common tattoo location
Common tattoo spot
Company division
Contents of a sleeve
Crane component
Crook's place
Curved part of an anchor
Doll snap-on
Elbow locale
Elbow site
Elbow's locale
Elbow's location
Elbow's place
Elbow's site
"Engage, as a security system"
Equip for battle
Equip for war
Equip with M-16's
Equip with M-16s
"Equip with M-16s, e.g."
Equip with Uzis
Equip with firepower
Equip with weapons
"Equip, as a posse"
Escort's offer
Escort's offering
Escort's offering to a lady
Escorts offer it
"Estuary, e.g."
Father of the bride's offering
Fielder's asset
"Figuratively, might."
Fire or fore follower
Fire or side attachment
"Firth, e.g."
Fjord vis-
"Flipper, say"
French weapon
Funny bone's location
Furnish with firepower
Furnish with weapons
Garment part
Get battle-ready
Get prepared for battle
Get ready for a fight
Get ready for war
Get ready to fight
"Get ready to fight, maybe"
Get ready to rumble
Gird up
"Give a Glock, perhaps"
Give a gat
Give a gun to
Give a piece to
Give a piece to?
Give bombs to
Give guns to
Give munitions to
Give pieces to
Give someone a piece
Give the gun?
Give weapons to
Gulf of Finland vis-
"Gun, e.g."
Half a huge cost?
Half an exorbitant fee?
Half an exorbitant price?
Half of a steep price?
Hammer's partner
Hammerlocked limb
Hand attachment
Hand holder
"Hand holder, so to speak"
Hand holder?
Hand out peashooters
Hand waver?
Handy thing?
Hangman drawing
Hangman line
Hangman segment
Heater or repeater
High limb?
Higher limb
Home to the flexor carpi ulnaris
Home to the humerus
Home-loan biz inits.
Human forelimb
Human limb
Humerus home
Humerus limb
Humerus locale
Humerus location
Humerus place
Humerus setting
Humerus site
Humerus site.
Humerus spot
Humerus's locale
Humerus's place
Hurler's asset
Hurler's pride
Injection location
Inlet from the sea.
Inlet of the sea.
Inlet of water
Inlet or cove
"Inlet, vis-
"Irish Sea, ___ of the Atlantic"
"Islands' body part (with ""The"")"
"Islands: ""The ___"""
Issue materiel
"Issue pikes and poleaxes, e.g."
Issue weapons
It can be twisted
It could get sleeved at a tattoo parlor
It gets bigger with curls
It has biceps
It has biceps and triceps
It has triceps
It holds your hand
It holds your hand?
It may be slung in a sling
It may be twisted
It never lets go of your hand
It stays by your side
It's connected to this puzzle's theme
It's held in a hammerlock
It's often by your side
It's on your side?
It's put in a sleeve
It's said the law has a long one
It's twisted during coercion
It's twisted in a hammerlock
It's up one's sleeve
It's up your sleeve
Jacket part
Jacket sleeve
Jacket's sleeve
Jumpsuit part
Ken Stabler's pride
Kind of chair
Kind of chair or rest
Kind of limb
Kind of wrestler
Kind of wrestling
Kind of wrestling done while sitting
Krzysztof Oliwa broke one in October
Law member?
Law's limb
Law's long member
"Left ___, where the performance artist Chris Burden was shot by his assistant in ""Shoot"""
Leg partner
Leg's partner
"Lever on a casino ""bandit"""
Lever part
Limb held in a hammerlock
Limb in many a gym logo
Locale of a radius
Locale of the brachium
Locus of the humerus.
Long ___ of coincidence.
Long ___ of the law
Long law limb
Long or strong ender
Lounge-chair part
Magazine article
Magazine article?
Make dangerous
Mannequin part
"Manufacturing division, e.g."
Max Scherzer's pride
"Mechanical ""bandit"" feature"
Montana resource?
Montana's pride
"Nelson Algren novel, ""The Man with the Golden ___"""
Old-fashioned turn signal
One hanging by your side
One may be in a cast
One of Doc Ock's six
One of Steve Austin's was bionic
One of a bodily pair
One of a chair pair
One of a swinging pair?
One of an octopus's octet
One of eight on an octopus
"One of two drawn in ""Hangman"""
Operational division
Opposite of a leg
Outfielder's asset
Outfit for combat
Parka part
Parka sleeve
Part missing from a vest
Part of a blouse
Part of a chair.
Part of a crane
Part of a slot machine
Part of a sofa
Part of an octopus
Part of an organization
Part of some chairs
Peacoat part
Phonograph feature
Phonograph part
Phonograph part.
"Pistol, e.g."
"Pistol, say"
Pit opener
Pitcher's asset
Pitcher's concern
Pitcher's power
Pitcher's pride
"Pitcher, slangily"
Pitching ___
Pitching ability
Pitching asset
Pitching need
Pitching power
Place for a band?
Place for a bracelet
Place for a brassard.
Place for a shot
Place for a tattoo
Place to take a shot
Popeye's pride
Popular place for a tattoo
Prepare for action
Prepare for action.
Prepare for battle
Prepare for combat
Prepare for conflict
Prepare for war
Projectile firer
Provide firepower for
Provide guns to
Provide pieces for
Provide weapons
Provide weapons for
Provide weapons to
Provide with Patriots
Provide with guns
Provide with heat
Provide with heat?
Provide with heaters?
Provide with weapons
Pullover part
QB's weapon
Quarterback's asset
Quarterback's pride
Radial nerve setting
Radius locale
Radius location
Radius setting
Radius site
Radius's area?
Radius's limb
Radius's locale
Radius's place
Radius's setting
Ready for action
Ready for assault
Ready for battle
Ready for combat
Ready for war
Ready to rumble
Recliner part
Record-player part
Rest or wrestle preceder
Rick Allen of Def Leppard has only one
Robot part
Sea extension
Sea offshoot
Sea section
Send weapons to
"Set to go off, as a bomb"
"Set to go off, say"
Shirt part
Shirt sleeve
Shirt-sleeve filler
Shot site
Shot spot
Shrug part
Side or straight follower
"Singular feature of some ""bandits"""
Site of the brachial artery
Sleeve contents
Sleeve filler
Sleeve holding
Sleeve insert
Sleeve insert?
Sleeve occupant
Sleeve site
Sleeve tattoo spot
Sleeve's contents
Sling's contents
Slot lever
Slot machine feature
Slot machine handle
Slot machine lever
Slot machine part
Slot machine's one
Slot-machine lever
Slot-machine part
Slots feature
Sofa end
Sofa extremity
Sofa part
Soldiers do it
Some bandits have one
Something a push-up exercises
Something up a sleeve
Something up one's sleeve
Something up your sleeve
Sphygmomanometer spot
Sphygmomanometer's place
Spot for Popeye's tattoo
Spot for a band
Spot for a shot
"Spot for a tattoo, perhaps"
"Spot to wear a pedometer, perhaps"
Starfish appendage
Starfish feature
Stick figure stick
Stick-figure line
Stick-figure stick
Stiff or side
Stock with weapons
Straight or fire
"Strengthen, in a way"
Strong-___ (pressure)
Supinator locale
Supply (with)
Supply a gun
Supply heat to?
Supply weaponry to
Supply weapons
Supply with Stens
Supply with Uzis
Supply with ammo
Supply with guns
Supply with heat
Supply with heaters
Supply with weaponry
Supply with weapons
Sweater part
Swing maker
Swing swinger
Take up weapons
"Takes out, as some beer bottles"
Tank top's lack
Target of many a shot
Tattoo place
Tattoo site
Tattoo spot
Taylor Swift writes lyrics on this
The Adriatic vis-
"The Caribbean, to the Atlantic"
The Six-Million Dollar Man had a new one
"The Skagerrak, to the North Sea"
"The Terminator's remains at the end of ""The Terminator"""
The law has a long one
The law's is long
The law's long limb?
The law's reach
The long ___ of the law
Thing up one's sleeve
Throwing ability
"Timor Sea, vis-
Tone ___ (part of a phonograph)
Tone ___ (phonograph part)
Tree or sea part
Triceps locale
Triceps location
Triceps site
Trombonists need a strong one
Trunk attachment
Trunk attachment?
Turnstile part
Turntable attachment
Turntable extension
Turntable part
Type of chair
Type of wrestling
Ulna locale
Ulna setting
Ulna site
Ulna's locale
Ulna's location
Ulna's place
Ulna's setting
Ulna's site
Unpredictable loan arr.
Upper appendage
Upper limb
Usher's offering
Usher's offering to a lady
Vaccine spot
Vest's lack
What a coercer twists
What a fan grabs
What a shoulder holds
What a sleeve covers
What an ace might ice
What you have up your sleeve
What you need for a hand out?
What's strong with Louis and Neil?
"Where Wilco got a ""Shot""?"
Where a hurler hurts
Where a pitcher hurts
"Where a sailor often has a tattoo, in the movies"
Where biceps and triceps are
Where shots may be received
Where the humerus and ulna are
Where the radius is.
Where the ulna is
Where to find a humerus
"Where to see a band, perhaps"
"Wilco ""A Shot in the ___"""
Wilco took a shot in this?
"Wilco's ""A Shot in the ___"""
With stiff or straight
"Word before and after ""in"""
Word before lock and load
"Word with ""twisting"" or ""wrestling"""
Word with band or chair
Word with hole or pit
Word with pit or rest
Word with strong or straight
Word with twisting or wrestling
Work it out with curls
Wrestling type
Wrist-elbow connector
Yard extension?
You may need a shot in it
You may wrestle with it
___ candy (attractive date)
___ candy (attractive party accompanier)
___ of the sea
___ of the sea (inlet)
___-twist (exert pressure)
Sofa part
Place for a shot
Escort's offering
Equip for war
Slot machine feature
Shot target
Ulna's place
Upper limb
Escort's offering
Prepare for action
Quarterback's asset
Equip with weapons
Human limb
Phonograph part
Supply with weapons
Upper limb
Branch discovered in disharmony
Chair part
Hangman segment
The long ... of the law
It has biceps
Human limb
One of five on a starfish
Charming with member
Sleeve filler
Jacket sleeve
Inoculation location
Upper limb
Sofa part
Pitcher's pride
Elbow's site
Elbow location
Activate, as an alarm
Sleeve filler
Slot machine lever
Sleeve filler
Equip with Uzis, say
Charming around branch
Pitcher's pride
Shortstop's asset
Shortstop's asset
Give mace or a mace to, e.g.
Give mace or a mace to, e.g.
Sleeve filler
Sleeve filler
What a radius is part of
Elbow locale
Elbow locale
Inlet, for instance
Activate, as a bomb
Charming around branch
Upper limb
Provide with guns, cannons and such
Charming around branch
Place for a 12-Down
Type of chair
Body part
Funny bone's place
Escort's offering
Salmon ___ ( British Columbia town)
Tommy John surgery site
Upper limb
Upper limb
Charming with member
Provide weapons
Operational branch
Give weapons to
Charming around branch
Make ready for battle
Charming around branch
Upper limb
You may wrestle with it
21 Down filler
Wrist's locale
Reliever's asset
Shot spot
Turnstile feature
Sofa support
Biceps site
Radius setting
Sleeve filler
Administrative branch
Upper limb
Biceps' place
Charming around branch
Radius setting
Biceps location
Body part
Pitcher's pride
Slot machine lever
Body part
Branch of pharmacy
Escort's offering
Charming involves branch
Furnish with weapons
Radius setting
Charming around branch
Sleeve filler
QB's asset
Charming in branch
Limb with biceps and triceps
Activate, as a security system
Charming around branch
Upper limb
Elbow location
Pitcher's pride
Charming around branch
Hangman line
Charming around branch