Word: HRE

The word HRE has appeared in at least 205 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ Haw"""
"1,000-plus-year realm: Abbr."
"1,000-year Eur. realm"
"1,000-yr. realm"
Abbr. on old maps
An ancient empire: Abbr.
Ancient pol. entity
Any of four Ottos: Abbr.
Any one of four Ottos: abbr.
Barbarossa's bailiwick (abbr.)
Barbarossa's realm (abbr.)
Baseball scoreboard letters
Box-score initials.
Bygone Eur. realm
Byz. follower
"Byz. successor, in a way"
Central Eur. power until 1806
Centuries-long realm dissolved in 1806: Abbr.
Charlemagne domain: Abbr.
Charlemagne domain: abbr.
Charlemagne ruled it: Abbr.
Charlemagne was its first ruler (Abbr.)
Charlemagne was its first ruler: Abbr.
Charlemagne's dom.
Charlemagne's domagne: Abbr.
Charlemagne's domain
Charlemagne's domain (Abbr.)
Charlemagne's domain (abbr.)
"Charlemagne's domain, abbr"
"Charlemagne's domain, briefly"
"Charlemagne's domain, for short"
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Charlemagne's domain: abbr.
Charlemagne's dominion: Abbr.
Charlemagne's emp.
Charlemagne's letters
Charlemagne's realm (Abbr.)
Charlemagne's realm (abbr.)
"Charlemagne's realm, for short"
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne's realm: abbr.
Charlemagne's reign (abbr.)
"Charlemagne's reign, briefly"
Charlemagne's reign: Abbr.
Charlemagne's reign: abbr.
Charlemagne's state: abbr.
Charlemagne.s domain briefly
Charles V's domain: Abbr.
Charles V's realm: Abbr.
Dom. of Otto
Dom. of Otto II
Dom. of Otto II: 973-83
Dom. of seven Henrys
Domain of Charlemagne: Abbr.
Domain of Charles V: Abbr.
Domain of Otho I: Abbr.
Domain of Otto I (abbr.)
"Domain of Otto I, II, etc."
Domain of Otto I: Abbr.
"Domain of the Hapsburgs, once: Abbr."
Domain that began at the end of the Dark Ages: Abbr.
"Domain where Charlemagne reigned, briefly"
Domain who legislative body was the Imperial Diet: Abbr.
Dominion ended by Francis II: Abbr.
Dominion until 1806 (abbr.)
Dominion until 1806: Abbr.
Dominion until 1806: abbr.
Early 19th c. casualty
East Francia successor: Abbr.
Eur. domain from 800 to 1806
Eur. inits. until 1806
Eur. political entity once led by Charlemagne
Eur. realm that ended in 1806
Fabled racer
First Reich for short
First Reich: Abbr.
First Reich: abbr.
Former fed.
Former power in Eur.
"France/Hungary separator, once: Abbr."
Francis II was its last leader: Abbr.
Francis II was its last ruler: Abbr.
Frederick Barbarossa's realm (abbr.)
Hapsburg domain: Abbr.
Hapsburgs' realm: abbr.
Henry IV's domain: Abbr.
Historic Eur. inits.
Historic realm of Europe (abbr.)
Hohenstaufen dynasty realm: Abbr.
Initials from 800 A.D.
Initials from 962.
Initials in old Europe
Initials of 800 A.D.
Initials on maps of old Eur.
It began in A.D. 800
It began in A.D. 800: Abbr.
It dissolved in 1806: Abbr.
It dissolved when Francis II abdicated: Abbr.
It ended during the Napoleonic Wars: Abbr.
It ended in 1806: Abbr.
It ended when Francis II abdicated: Abbr.
"It included the Kingdom of Burgundy, initially"
It started at the end of the Dark Ages: Abbr.
It was dissolved during the Napoleonic Wars: Abbr.
"It was, ironically, in fact Germanic: Abbr."
Its banner was a double-headed eagle: Abbr.
Its first emp. was Otto
Its flag had a haloed double-headed eagle: Abbr.
Its leader's flag featured a black eagle: Abbr.
Its spiritual head was the pope: Abbr.
Land once ruled by the Hapsburgs: Abbr.
"Leopold II's domain, for short"
Longtime Hapsburg domain: Abbr.
Louis I's realm: Abbr.
Maximilian I's dom.
"Maximilian I's domain, briefly"
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr.
Maximilian I's realm: abbr.
Maximilian's realm: Abbr.
Medieval Eur. domain
Medieval state: Abbr.
"Much of central Eur., once"
Old Eur. domain
Old Eur. realm
Old Germanic empire: abbr.
Old domain: Abbr.
Old realm of Europe: abbr.
Old realm: abbr.
Onetime realm of central Eur.
Otho I's realm: Abbr.
Otho's dom.
Otho's emp.
Otho's govt.
Otho's realm.
Otto I was its first leader: Abbr.
Otto I's dom.
Otto I's domain: Abbr.
Otto I's empire: Abbr.
Otto I's realm
Otto I's realm (abbr.)
Otto I's realm : abbr.
"Otto I's realm, briefly"
Otto I's realm: Abbr.
Otto I's realm: abbr.
"Otto I, for one (abbr.)"
Otto the Great's domain: Abbr.
Otto the Great's realm: Abbr.
Otto's dom.
Otto's domain (abbr.)
Otto's domain: Abbr.
Otto's realm (abbr.)
Otto's realm(abbr.)
"Otto's realm, briefly"
Otto's realm: Abbr.
Otto's realm: abbr.
Otto's short realm
Peace of Westphalia participant: Abbr.
Pol. org. from 962 to 1806
Political div. that ended in 1806
Political entity that lasted from 962 to 1806: abbr.
Realm destroyed by Napoleon: abbr.
Realm ended by Napoleon: Abbr.
Realm from 800-1806 A.D.
Realm from 800-1806: Abbr.
Realm of Maximilian I (abbr.)
Realm of Otto I (Abbr.)
Realm of Otto I (abbr.)
Realm of Otto I: Abbr.
Realm of Otto the Gt.
"Realm ruled until 1806, for short"
Realm that lasted roughly one thousand years: Abbr.
Realm until 1806: Abbr.
Realm until the 19th cen.
The Battle of Austerlitz precipitated its end: Abbr.
Thousand-year dominion (abbr.)
Triply-misnamed political entity (abbr.)
Eur. power until 1806
Domain cited by Ripley as a three-word misnomer: Abbr
Charlemagne’s domain: Abbr
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Francis II dissolved it in 1806: Abbr
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr.
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr.
10th-19th c. confederation
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Otto I's realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.
Eur. realm until 1806
Charles V's realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne domain: Abbr.
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.
Germany, Bohemia, Italy, etc.
Dom. Of Otto
It ended in 1806: Abbr
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Where Charlemagne reigned: Abbr.
Longtime Eur. realm
Realm with an Imperial Diet: Abbr
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.