The word MANET has appeared in at least 185 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Bar at the Folies-Bergere"" painter"
"""A Bar at the Folies-Berg
"""A Bar at the Folies-Berg
"""Absinthe Drinker"" artist"
"""Absinthe Drinker"" creator"
"""Boy With a Sword"" painter"
"""Father of Impressionism"""
"""Le Bon Bock"" artist"
"""Le D
"""Le D
"""Le Fifre"" artist"
"""Luncheon on the Grass"" artist"
"""Luncheon on the Grass"" painter"
"""Luncheon on the Grass"" painter Edouard"
"""Music in the Tuileries"" painter"
"""Music in the Tuileries"" painter, 1862"
"""Olympia"" artist"
"""Olympia"" painter"
"""Olympia"" painter Edouard"
"""Olympia"" painter
"""Oysters"" artist"
"""Picnic on the Grass"" painter"
"""Portrait of Berthe Morisot"" painter
"""Spanish Guitar Player"" artist"
"""The Absinthe Drinker"" painter"
"""The Asparagus"" painter"
"""The Balcony"" painter"
"""The Balcony"" painter
"""The Balcony"" painter
"""The Bar at the Folies-Bergere"" artist"
"""The Dead Toreador"" painter"
"""The Dead Toreador"" painter
"""The Fife Player"" painter"
"""The Fifer"" artist"
"""The Fifer"" painter"
"""The Fifer"" painter
"""The Guitarist"" painter"
"""The Luncheon... "" painter"
"""The Spanish Guitarist"" painter"
"""The Spanish Singer"" painter"
"""Torero Saluting"" painter"
"""Un bar aux Folies-Berg
'Dejeuner sur l'herbe' painter
'Le Fifre' painter
'Olympia' artist
'Olympia' painter
'Olympia' painter Edouard
'Olympia' painter.
'Spanish Singer' artist
'The Fife Player' painter
"*""Before the Mirror"""
19th C. painter
Artist Edouard
Artist Edouard ___
Artist Zola defended
Artist befriended by Zola
Artist championed by Zola
Artist friend of Degas
Artistic friend of Zola
Certain LACMA work
"Creator of a series of etchings based on ""The Raven"""
Degas contemporary
Edouard at an exhibition
Edouard of art.
French Impressionist
French Impressionist Edouard
French Impressionist.
French artist
"French artist who painted ""The Absinthe Drinker"""
French artist.
French forerunner of impressionism
French impressionist
French impressionist artist Edouard
French impressionist painter
French impressionist
French impressionist.
"French impressionist; ""Olympia"" was his masterpiece"
French painter
"French painter of ""The Fifer"""
French painter
French painter.
Frenchman who made quite an impression
"He painted ""Olympia."""
He painted Morisot
He painted Zola: 1868
"His ""Boating"" is in the Metropolitan Museum"
Home of Creighton University.
Impressionism originator
Impressionist Edouard
Impressionist artist
Impressionist forerunner
Impressionist known for painting caf
Impressionist leader
Impressionist master
Impressionist originator
Impressionist painter
Impressionist painter.
"Impressionist who painted people on lawns, in caf
Impressionists' leader
In A Boat painter
Legion of Honor recipient of 1881
Louvre name.
Monet contemporary
Monet's contemporary
Museum name.
Noted Impressionist
Olympia artist
Olympia painter
One of the fathers of Impressionism
Painter Edouard
Painter Edouard.
Painter friend of Zola
"Painter of ""Girl with a Parrot"""
"Painter of ""Olympia"""
"Painter of ""Olympia."""
"Painter of ""The Absinthe Drinker"""
"Painter of ""The Fife Player"""
"Painter of ""The Spanish Singer"""
Painter of Earthling and Martian (5)
Painter of Olympia
Painter of Zola's portrait
Painter of a Zola portrait
Painter of caf
Painter who made quite an impression
Painter who's one letter off from another painter
Plein-air painter
Plein-air painter.
Portraitist of Zola
Pre-impressionist painter
Prolific painter of Paris
The Balcony series artist
Zola portraitist
Zola portraitist
Zola's artist friend.
Zola's portraitist
“The Absinthe Drinker” artist Edouard
Painter of Zola's portrait
Painter Edouard
Painter Edouard
"The Fifer" painter
French painter of café scenes
Painter often confused with Monet
"Luncheon on the Grass" painter
Exhibitor at 1863's Salon des Refus�s
Artist clearly masterly, not gross!
�douard who painted "Le D�jeuner sur l'herbe"
"Olympia" painter Edouard
That artist fellow at the end of the street
A male and French - an artist
Edouard who painted Zola's portrait
Artistically, he provided mother with curtain material
Meant to develop into artist
''Olympia'' painter
Edouard who painted "The Fifer"
Painter Édouard
"The Fifer" painter Edouard
"Le Fifre" painter
Meant to create as an artist
"The Fifer" painter Edouard
Noted Impressionist
French painter
Meant to develop as artist
"Luncheon on the Grass" painter
Meant to develop as an artist
''Olympia'' artist
"The Luncheon on the Grass" painter
"Olympia" artist
His works mark the start of modern art
"Olympia" painter
Masterly trap for an artist!
French artist Édouard
Artist, a master at reticulation
"La Musique aux Tuileries" painter