Word: OAK

The word OAK has appeared in at least 452 clues on different crosswords.

"""About his head he wears the winner's ___"": ""The Two Noble Kinsmen"""
"""Charter"" tree"
"""For ye shall be as an ___ whose leaf fadeth"" (Isa. 1:30)"
"""For ye shall be as an ___"" (Isa. 1:30)"
"""For ye shall be as an ___..."" (Isa. 1:30)"
"""Heart of ___,"" old sea song"
"""King of the forest"""
"""Mighty"" fine home for a squirrel?"
"""Mighty"" metaphor"
"""Mighty"" plant"
"""Mighty"" tree"
"""Red"" or ""white"" tree"
"""Tie A Yellow Ribbon..."" tree"
"""Tie a Yellow Ribbon"" tree"
"""Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole ___ tree"""
"""Yellow Ribbon"" tree"
'Mighty' tree
A mighty tree
A wood.
Acorn bearer
Acorn dropper
Acorn in 2057
Acorn in adulthood
Acorn later
Acorn maker
Acorn producer
Acorn product
Acorn source
Acorn sprouter
Acorn that made it
Acorn tree
Acorn's aspiration
Acorn's destiny
Acorn's source
"Acorn, a while later"
"Acorn, eventually"
"Acorn, in 2020?"
"Acorn, in many years"
"Acorn, later"
"Acorn, someday"
"Acorn, ultimately"
Acorn-acorn link
Acorn-dropping tree
Acorn-producing tree
Adult acorn
Adult acorn?
Alternative to cherry and walnut
An oenophile might detect a hint of this
"Arnold's nickname, ""the Austrian ___"""
Artificial fly
Barrel material
Barrel wood
Bay Area airport code
Beech family member
Beech relative
Beech's kin
Black or red tree
Bluejack or holm
"Bluejack, e.g."
Bookcase material
Bookshelf wood
"Bookshelf wood, perhaps"
Bourbon barrel wood
Bourbon flavorer
Bourbon flavoring
Bourbon-barrel wood
Bucket material
"Bucket material, often"
"Bucket material, perhaps"
Bucket wood
Butcher block wood
C&W's ___ Ridge Boys
"Cabinet makeup, perhaps"
Cabinet material
Cabinet wood.
Cabinetry choice
Cask material
Cask wood
Cerris or roble
Certain woodwork.
Charter ___ (tree on Connecticut's state quarter)
Charter ___ of Hartford fame
"Charter ___, symbol on the Connecticut state quarter"
Cherry alternative
Chest material
Classy cabinet wood
Cognac cask wood
Common deciduous tree
Common flooring wood
Common furniture wood
Common hardwood
Common street name
Composition of many a cask
"Connecticut's ""Charter"" tree"
Connecticut's Charter ___
Cork is one
Cork source
Country music's ___ Ridge Boys
Dark blonde wood
Deciduous tree
"Desk material, perhaps"
Desk wood
Dresser wood
"Dresser wood, perhaps"
Druids' sacred tree
Durable hardwood
Durable wood
Durable wood.
Durmast or roble
England's national tree
Erstwhile acorn
Exemplar of might
Exemplar of solidity
Exemplar of strength
Exemplar of sturdiness
Fine flooring material
Flavor associated with Chardonnay
Flavor in some wines
Flavor tasted in some wine
Floor wood
Flooring choice
Flooring material
Flooring of a kind.
Flooring option
Flooring wood
Former acorn
Furniture maker's choice
Furniture material
"Furniture material, sometimes"
Furniture wood
"Furniture wood, often"
Good wood
Grove constituent
Grown acorn
Grown-up acorn
Hard wood
Hard wood.
Hardwood source
Hardwood tree
Hardwood tree.
Hardwood variety
High-quality table wood
Hoosier cabinet wood
House shader
"Ilex, for one"
Image on Connecticut's state quarter
Iowa's state tree
Iowa's tree
It has strong arms
"It was ""once a nut like me"""
It's high and mighty
Its fruit is an acorn
Jerusalem ___
"Katherine Hepburn as a tree, evidently"
"Katherine Hepburn, tree-wise"
Keg wood
Kind of finish
Leaves on a dime
Light-colored wood
Live ___ (Texas county)
"Live ___, Georgia's tree"
Major ___: Sherwood Forest attraction
Maryland emblem
Maryland's state tree
Material for a bucket
Material for wine barrels
"Material for wine barrels, perhaps"
Material of a certain old bucket.
Mature acorn
Matured acorn
Might symbol
Mighty beech
Mighty hardwood
Mighty sight in the yard
Mighty sprouter
Mighty symbol
Mighty tree
Military-insignia leaf
Mission furniture makeup
Music's --- Ridge Boys
Mythical gem
National tree of Germany
Natural symbol of strength
Nesting place
New Jersey's state tree
Office furniture wood
Oklahoma's ___ Tree National golf course
One of Iowa's state symbols
Paneling material
Paneling wood
Parquetry wood
Pin ___
"Pin, scrub, red or white"
Place for a smart squirrel
Plant on a Connecticut quarter
Poison ___
Poison or live
Popular firewood
Popular hardwood
Popular street name
Popular wood
"Quercitron, e.g."
Red or poison
Rendering on Connecticut's state quarter
Roble or durmast
Shade of brown.
Shade tree
"So-called ""monarch of the forest"""
Solid desk wood
Source of acorns
Source of cork
Squirrel nourisher
Squirrel's food source
Squirrel's hangout
Squirrel's home
"State tree of Illinois, Iowa and Maryland"
State tree of Iowa and Maryland
State tree of Maryland and Iowa
Stately tree
Stout tree
Strength standard
Strength symbol
Strong furniture wood
Strong tree
Strong wood
Sturdiness symbol
Sturdy building material
Sturdy furniture material
Sturdy one
Sturdy shader
Sturdy tree
Sturdy tree in the beech family
Sturdy wood
Sylvan symbol of strength
Symbol of durability
Symbol of might
Symbol of mightiness
Symbol of solidity
Symbol of strength
Symbol of strength.
Symbol of sturdiness
Symbol of sturdiness.
Symbol of the Conservative Party in England
Table wood
"The A's, on scoreboards"
The Charter ___ (picture on Connecticut's State Quarter)
The ___ Ridge Boys
Timber tree
Tough wood
"Tree called ""mighty"""
Tree covered with cork
Tree for a yellow ribbon
Tree held sacred by druids
Tree in the beech family
Tree known as 'king of the forest'
Tree loved by squirrels
Tree of Iowa
Tree of the beech family
Tree on Connecticut's state quarter
Tree on a Connecticut state quarter
Tree on the Connecticut quarter
Tree sacred to Zeus
Tree sacred to the Druids
Tree symbolizing strength
Tree whose wood is used for furniture
"Tree with a yellow ribbon, in song"
Tree with a yellow ribbon?
Tree with acorns
Tree with lobed leaves
"Tree with yellow ribbons, in song"
Tree with yellow ribbons?
"Tree you ""Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round"""
Type of hardwood
Type of hardwood lumber
"Virginia's ___ Hill Academy, alma mater of 20+ N.B.A. players"
Wainscoting wood
What all U.S. bourbon must be aged in
Whiskey barrel wood
White ___ (Connecticut state tree)
Wine barrel material
Wine barrel wood
Wine cask material
Wine cask wood
Wine flavorer
Wine flavoring
Wine-barrel material
Wine-barrel wood
Wine-cask material
Wine-cask wood
Winery wood
Wood flooring option
Wood for a chest
Wood for flooring.
Wood for furniture.
Wood for wine barrels
Wood furniture makers would buy
Wood that flavors bourbon
Wood type
Wood used for wine barrels
Wood used in barrels
Wood used in wine barrels
Wood you might hit on a bad drive?
Word after poison or solid
Word with poison or live
Word with poison or solid
"Yellow ribbon holder, in song"
Yellow ribbon locale
Yellow-ribbon tree
Yellow-ribbon tree of song
"Yellow-ribbon tree, in song"
Yellow-ribboned tree
Yellow-ribboned tree?
"___ Brook, Illinois"
___ Hill (James Monroe's home)
"___ Hill, Rochester (site of the 1989 US Open)"
___ Lawn (suburb of Chicago)
"___ Lawn, Chicago suburb"
"___ Park, Ill."
___ Ridge Boys
___ Ridge National Laboratory
"___ Ridge, TN"
"___ Ridge, Tenn."
"___ Ridge, Tennessee"
___ Ridge.
___ leaf cluster
___ nut (acorn)
___-leaf cluster
Country music’s ___ Ridge Boys
Symbol of sturdiness
Common deciduous tree
Acorn maker
Cask material
Flooring material
Common tree
Sturdy tree
Wine barrel wood
Common deciduous tree
Acorn bearer
Acorn's tree
Sturdy tree
Sturdy wood
Sturdy tree
Mighty tree
Connecticut state quarter tree
Shade provider
Acorn tree
Flooring choice
Sturdy tree
Acorn dropper
Strong wood
Symbol of sturdiness
Acorn bearer
Tree that's popular with squirrels
Iowa's state tree
Makeup of many casks
Sturdy tree
Sturdy tree
Epitome of strength
Sturdy tree
Butcher block wood, often
Butcher block wood, often
Sturdy wood
Sturdy wood
Acorn bearer
Whiskey barrel wood
Whiskey barrel wood
Sturdy furniture wood
Sturdy furniture wood
Mature acorn?
Mature acorn?
All right to have a tree
All right to have a tree
___ Park, Ill
Tree type
Tree type
Wine flavorer
Wine flavorer
Deciduous tree
Sturdy tree
Sturdy tree
Wine flavorer
Acorn tree
Symbol of sturdiness
Tree symbolizing might
Acorn tree
Solid wood
Mighty tree
Symbol of strength
America's National Tree
Sturdy tree
Tree sacred to the Druids
Royal tree?
Sturdy hardwood tree
Wood for a whiskey barrel
Charter __: historic Hartford landmark
With lake, place in Manitoba
Acorn bearer
Cask material
Wood for wine barrels
Solid wood
Common tree type
Barrel wood
State tree of Iowa
Acorn, eventually
Sturdy tree
Barrel wood
Source of acorns
Nothing special hugging a tree
Acorn bearer
Acorn dropper
Evergreen or deciduous tree or shrub whose fruit is the acorn
Strong wood
Tree with acorns
Deciduous tree
Wood used to age spirits
Common cask wood
Certain hardwood
Hard wood
Sturdy tree
Cabinet wood
Acorn tree
Cooper's wood
'Red' or 'white' tree
Wood for wine casks
Official tree of several states
Symbol of sturdiness
Acorn tree
Furniture wood
Symbol of strength
Acorn producer
Tree sacred to Zeus
Tree of Iowa
Sturdy tree
The ___ Ridge Boys (country/gospel quartet)
Flooring wood