Word: ODS

The word ODS has appeared in at least 215 clues on different crosswords.

""" ___ bodkins!"""
"""- bodkins!"""
"""___ bodkins!"""
'___ bodkins!'
Abuses an Rx
Alleged forces.
Army attire: Colloq.
Army garb
Army togs
"Army togs, for short"
"Army togs, for short."
Army togs: Colloq.
Army uniform.
"Army uniforms, for short"
"Army uniforms, for short."
Army uniforms: Colloq.
Binges (on)
"Binges, briefly"
"Binges, for short"
Bodkins lead-in
Bodkins opening?
Bodkins preceder
Cases for E.M.T.'s
Cases for EMT's
Cases for EMTs
Causes of some DOAs
Causes of some EMT calls
Certain military officers: Abbr.
"Certain uniforms, for short."
Certain uniforms.
Certain uniforms: Abbr.
Clothes of a kind.
Coal scuttles
Does too much
Doesn't know when to stop
"Drops too much, perhaps"
Drug misuses
E. R. cases
ER cases
ER drug disasters
"Eats more of than is wise, with ""on"""
"Eats too much of, with ""on"""
"Emergency room cases, for short"
Emulates many a grown-up child star
"Eschews moderation, maybe; Abbr."
Exceeds one's Rx
Exceeds the limit
Exceeds the limit?
Exceeds the speed limit?
Excessive amts.
Excessive indulgences
"Excessive intakes, briefly"
Eye docs
Former GI uniforms
Former fatigue clothes.
G. I.'s garb
G.I. duds
G.I. garb
G.I. issue
G.I. uniforms
G.I. wear
G.I. wear.
G.I.'s garb
G.I.'s togs
G.I.'s uniform.
GI uniforms
GI wear
GI's garb
GI's uniforms
"Gets too high, for short?"
Goes beyond sating
Goes overboard with the X
"Goes overboard, slangily"
Goes too far on a trip?
"Goes too far, briefly"
Gorges oneself (on)
Has a bad time on a trip?
Has a little too much molly
"Has more than enough, briefly"
"Has much too much, briefly"
Has one too many
"Has one's fill and more, briefly"
Has too much
"Has too much coke, briefly"
"Has too much coke, maybe"
"Has too much fun, in a way"
Has too much of a bad thing
"Has too much of, in a way"
"Has too much of, with ""on"""
"Has too much, briefly"
"Has too much, casually"
"Has too much, for short"
"Has too much, in brief"
"Has too much, informally"
Has way too much
"Has way too much, briefly"
"Indulges to the extreme, informally"
"Indulges too much, briefly"
"Ingests too much for short,"
"Ingests too much, briefly"
Is too liberal with the horse?
Isn't temperate
Kind of potato
Many ER cases
Mil. guard chiefs
Mil. wear
Military wear: Abbr.
More than feasts (on)
"More than stuffs oneself, briefly"
Officers: Abbr.
Optometrists' degrees
Overdoses on the street
"Parties a little too hard, maybe"
"Pharmacological mishaps, briefly"
Pigs out (on)
"Pigs out (on), briefly"
"Pigs out (on), for short"
"Serious drug cases, for short"
Shakespearean swear word
"Shows no moderation, briefly"
"Shows no restraint, briefly"
Some E.M.S. cases
Some E.M.T. cases
Some E.R. admissions
Some E.R. cases
Some EMT cases
Some ER admissions
Some ER cases
Some G.I. togs
"Some emergency cases, for short"
Some garb for GIs
Some hosp. cases
Some serious hosp. cases
"Takes a fatal dose, briefly"
"Takes a lethal dose of, for short"
Takes in too much
Takes in way too much
"Takes the whole bottle, perhaps"
"Takes to much of, in a way"
Takes too many hits
Takes too many pills
Takes too much
Takes too much LSD
"Takes too much LSD, e.g."
"Takes too much X, e.g."
"Takes too much briefly,"
"Takes too much junk, briefly"
Takes too much of a drug
"Takes too much of, in a way"
"Takes too much of, with ""on"""
"Takes too much, briefly"
"Takes too much, for short"
"Takes too much, in a way"
"Takes too much, quickly"
"Takes way too much, briefly"
Temporary commanders
"Uniform's, for short."
Uniforms for BIs
Uniforms of a sort.
"Uniforms, for short."
"Uses too much, slangily"
___ bodikins
___ bodkins
___ bodkins!
"___ bodlkins, old oath"
___-bobs (mild oath)
Puts away too much briefly
Some ER cases
Some E.R. cases
Brief binges?
Some E.R. cases
Pigs out (on), briefly
Has way more than enough, for short
Takes too much, briefly
Takes too much, in a way
Has to go to the ER
Takes too much, briefly
Pigs out (on), briefly
Some E.R. cases
Has much too much, briefly
"__ bodkins!": old oath
Consumes too much, informally
Rx abusers, perhaps
Takes too much, briefly
Takes too much, briefly
Pigs out (on), for short
"___ bodkins!"
Takes too much, briefly
ER crises
Has too much, for short
Really binges, in brief
Has too much, informally
Takes too much, for short
Has too much, briefly
Goes overboard (on)
Has way too much: Abbr.
Some tragic ends, for short
Has too much
Takes too much, briefly
Exceeds one's Rx
Some ER cases
Many ER cases
___ on (takes far too much of): Abbr.
Has too many narcotics: Abbr.
GI uniforms
Some E.R. cases
"___ bodkins!"
Pigs out (on)
Has too much, for short
Has too much
Takes too much, in med. lingo
Pigs out (on), briefly
Has too much, briefly
Some E.R. cases