Word: OKIE

The word OKIE has appeared in at least 275 clues on different crosswords.

"""Dust Bowl Ballads"" subject"
"""Grapes of Wrath"" character"
"""Grapes of Wrath"" escapee"
"""Grapes of Wrath"" figure"
"""Grapes of Wrath"" figure."
"""Grapes of Wrath"" migrant"
"""Grapes of Wrath"" subject."
"""Grapes of Wrath"" type"
"""Of Mice and Men"" character"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" character"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" extra"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" figure"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" itinerant"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" migrant"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" migrant worker"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" subject"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" traveler"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" type"
"""The Grapes of Wrath"" worker"
"""___ From Muskogee"""
"""___ From Muskogee"" (1969 hit)"
"""___ From Muskogee"" (1970 hit)"
"""___ From Muskogee"" (Merle Haggard tune)"
"""___ From Muskogee,"" M. Haggard hit"
"""___ from Muskogee"""
"""___ from Muskogee"" (Haggard)"
"""___ from Muskogee"": Haggard"
"""___ from Muskogie"""
'-- From Muskogee'
'30s migrant
'30s migrant worker
'The Grapes of Wrath' type
'___ from Muskogee'
1930's dust bowler
1930's migrant
1930s dust bowler
1930s itinerant
1930s migrant
1930s migrant to California
30's migrant
30's migrant worker
<I>___ from Muskogee<I>
"A Joad, for one."
A Joad.
"Ado Annie, e.g."
Any Joad
Any of the Joads
"Any of the Joads, e.g."
"Any of the Joads, for example"
Arkie neighbor
Arkie's neighbor
Arkie's neighbor.
"Buck Owen's song ""California ___"""
Certain migrant
D.P. in the 30's
Depression Era figure
Depression Era migrant
Depression era figure
Depression era migrant
Depression figure
Depression migrant
Depression-era drifter
Depression-era figure
Depression-era migrant
Dorothea Lange photo subject
Drought victim
Dust Bowl denizen
Dust Bowl denizen of literature
Dust Bowl displacee
Dust Bowl escapee
Dust Bowl figure
Dust Bowl fugitive
Dust Bowl migrant
Dust Bowl refugee
Dust Bowl traveler
Dust Bowl victim
Dust Bowl witness
Dust Bowl-era migrant
Dust bowl escapee
Dust bowl farmer
Dust bowl fugitive
Dust bowl fugitive.
Dust bowl migrant
Dust bowl refugee.
Dust bowler
Dust-Bowl migrant
Dust-bowl escapee
Dust-bowl fleer
Dust-bowl fugitive
Dust-bowl migrant
Dust-bowl migrant of the 30's
Dust-bowl resident
Dust-bowl victim
Dustbowl emigre
Dustbowl victim
Erstwhile wanderer of the West
Fruit picker: Colloq.
Garth Brooks or Toby Keith
"Grampa Joad, for one"
Great Depression migrant
Great Plains resident in a Merle Haggard song
Haggard title word
Haggard word
"Haggard's ""___ from Muskogee"""
"Haggard, proudly"
"Joad of ""The Grapes of Wrath"""
"Joad, for one"
Kind of accent used by Ado Annie
Lone Star Stater's northern neighbor
Ma Joad was one
"Ma Joad, for one"
Ma or Pa Joad
"Many a ""Grapes of Wrath"" character"
Many a Dust Bowl migrant
"Merle Haggard hit ""___ from Muskogee"""
"Merle Haggard hit, ""___ from Muskogee"""
Merle Haggard or Woody Guthrie
Merle Haggard song character
Merle Haggard title word
"Merle Haggard tune ""___ from Muskogee"""
"Merle Haggard's ""___ From Muskogee"""
"Merle Haggard's ""___ from Muskogee"""
Merle Haggard's '-- From Muskogee'
Merle Haggard's '___ From Muskogee'
Merle Haggard's '___ from Muskogee'
"Merle Haggard, in song"
"Merle Haggard, self-admittedly"
"Merle Haggard, self-descriptively"
Migrant farm hand
Migrant farm worker
Migrant farm worker.
Migrant fruit picker.
Migrant in the 30's
Migrant of the '30's
Migrant of the 1930's.
Migrant of the 1930s
Migrant of the 30's
Migrant of the West
Migrant on the Mother Road
Migrant worker
Migrant worker of fiction
Migrant worker.
Migrant worker: Colloq.
Migratory farm laborer.
Migratory worker
Migratory worker.
Muskogee denizen of the '30s
Muskogee native
Muskogee native in a Haggard hit
Muskogee native of song
Muskogee resident of song
Neighbor of an Arkie
Norman native
Old migrant
"One of many in ""The Grapes of Wrath"""
"Pa Joad, for one"
Panhandle migrant
"Panhandler, perhaps"
"Panhandler, possibly?"
"Pejorative for a certain farmer, once"
Pride of Muskogee?
Reba McEntire claims to be one
Reba McEntire says she's one
Route 66 migrant
Sooner State migrant
"Sooner State resident, informally"
Sooner alternative
Sooner in history?
Sooner migrant
"Sooner, slangily"
Steinbeck D.P.
Steinbeck Sooner
Steinbeck character
Steinbeck character.
Steinbeck emigrant
Steinbeck figure
Steinbeck migrant
Steinbeck migrant worker
Steinbeck nomad
Steinbeck or Faulkner character
Steinbeck panhandler?
Steinbeck protagonist
Steinbeck topic
Steinbeck's Joad
"Steinbeck's Joad, e.g."
Steinbeck's Joad.
"Steinbeck's Tom Joad, e.g."
"Steinbeck's Tom Joad, for one"
Steinbeck's migrant
Steinbeck's migratory worker
Stillwater resident
"Tam Joad, for one."
Tex's neighbor
Tex's neighbor to the north
The Grapes of Wrath type
Thirties' migrant
Tom Joad e.g.
Tom Joad was one
"Tom Joad, e.g."
"Tom Joad, for example"
"Tom Joad, for instance"
"Tom Joad, for instance."
"Tom Joad, for one"
"Tom Joad, notably"
"Tom Joad, notably (but fictitiously)"
Tulsa dweller
Wanderer of the West: 1930's
Wandering worker of the bad old days
Western migrant worker
Woody Guthrie persona
"Woody Guthrie, notably"
Word in a Haggard title
Worker on the move.
“The Grapes of Wrath” itinerant
Muskogee resident of classic country
Dust Bowl migrant celebrated by Woody Guthrie
Muskogee resident of song
Merle Haggard's "___ From Muskogee"
Dust Bowl migrant
Tom Joad, e.g.
''Grapes of Wrath'' character
Steinbeck character
Tom Joad, for one
Many a Dust Bowl migrant
"___ from Muskogee" (Haggard tune)
Tom Joad, for one
Tom Joad, for one
Steinbeck character
Sooner migrant
Tom Joad, notably
Dust Bowl refugee
"___ From Muskogee"
Depression-era migrant
Norman native, informally
Depression Era refugee
Tom Joad, for one
"— From Muskogee" (country hit)
Pa Joad, for one
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant
"The Grapes of Wrath" figure
Dust Bowl denizen
"___ From Muskogee" (country tune)
Any of the Joads
''Grapes of Wrath'' migrant
Depression-era migrant
Tom Joad, e.g.
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant
1930s migrant to California
Any of Steinbeck's Joads
Tom Joad, for one
Dust Bowl emigrant
Steinbeck migrant
Dust Bowl migrant
Dust bowl farmer
Steinbeck migrant
Sooner, affectionately
'30s migrant
Steinbeck migrant
Dust Bowl figure
Dust Bowl migrant
"The Grapes of Wrath" figure
Steinbeck migrant
Neighbor of a Jayhawker
Person from Tulsa, for short
Any of the Joads
"___ from Muskogee" (Merle Haggard song)
Sooner Stater
"The Grapes of Wrath" character
Dust Bowl refugee