The word RAMONA has appeared in at least 74 clues on different crosswords.

"""Beezus and ___"" (Beverly Cleary book)"
"""Pest"" of kiddie lit"
"""To ___"" (1964 Bob Dylan ode)"
'Pest' in Beverly Cleary titles
'Pest' of kid lit
1884 Helen Hunt Jackson novel
1884 Helen Hunt Jackson romance
1884 heroine.
1885 novel
1936 Loretta Young title role
1936 Young-Ameche film
1936 Young/Ameche film
A 1927 hit song
A 1927 song hit
Another name for sage
Another name for white sage
Best seller in 1884
Best seller in 1885
Beverly Cleary character
Beverly Cleary character ___ Quimby
Beverly Cleary girl
Beverly Cleary heroine
Beverly Cleary heroine of children's fiction
Beverly Cleary title character
Beverly Cleary's 'pest'
Cleary's Quimby
Del Rio film: 1928
Girl of song
H. H. Jackson heroine
H. H. Jackson heroine: 1884
H. H. Jackson novel
H. H. Jackson's bestseller
Helen Hunt Jackson heroine
Helen Hunt Jackson heroine.
Helen Hunt Jackson novel
Helen Hunt Jackson novel of 1884
"Helen Hunt Jackson romance, 1884"
Helen Jackson heroine
Heroine of 1884.
Heroine of an old novel or song
Heroine of several Beverly Cleary books
Indian heroine.
"Jackson novel, 1884."
Jackson's 1885 best seller
Kid-lit 'pest'
Loretta Young film
Non-Oscar-worthy film of 1936
Not reacting
Novel by Helen Hunt Jackson
"Novel by Helen Hunt Jackson, 1884"
Novel of 1884.
Novel of 1885.
Old film with Loretta Young
"Pickford, Del Rio or Young"
Pop tune of 1927
Quimby in Beverly Cleary books
Quimby of kiddie lit
Sage by another name
Spanish girl of songdom
Title girl of several Beverly Cleary books
Title heroine of an 1884 Helen Hunt Jackson novel
Title heroine of many Beverly Cleary books
Waterfall girl of song
Young/Ameche film
___ Quimby (Beverly Cleary heroine)
___ Quimby of children's books
___ Quimby of children's lit
"___ Quimby, girl of children's lit"
Quimby of kid-lit
Quimby of kid lit
Beezus' little sister, in Cleary books
Beezus' little sister, in Cleary books
Cleary kid-lit mischief maker
Kiddie-lit "pest"