The word SADAT has appeared in at least 242 clues on different crosswords.

"""In Search of Identity"" autobiographer"
"""Revolt on the Nile"" writer"
"""Time"" Man of the Year: 1977"
'70s Egypt president
'70s Egyptian leader
'70s-'80s Egyptian president
'70s-'80s Egyptian president Anwar
'78 Peace Nobelist
'78 Peace Prize corecipient
1938 graduate of Cairo's Royal Military Academy
1976 Peace Prize winner
"1977 ""Time"" Man of the Year"
1977 Knesset addresser
1977 Nobel laureate
1978 Camp David guest
1978 Camp David visitor
1978 Co-Nobelist
1978 Egyptian Peace Nobelist
1978 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner
1978 Nobel Peace Prize cowinner
1978 Nobel Peace Prize recipient
1978 Nobel Peace Prize winner
1978 Nobel Peace prize winner
1978 Nobel Prize sharer
1978 Nobel sharer
1978 Nobel winner Anwar
1978 Nobelist
1978 Nobelist Anwar
1978 Peace Co-Nobelist
1978 Peace Nobelist
1978 Peace Nobelist Anwar
1978 Peace Nobelist Anwar ___
1978 Peace Prize recipient
1978 Peace Prize sharer
1978 Peace Prize winner
1978 Peace co-Nobelist
1978 Peace co-Nobelist Anwar
1978 co-Nobelist
1978 co-Nobelist Anwar
1978 co-Nobelist for peace
1978 co-Nobelist from Egypt
1978 peace Nobelist
1978 visitor to Camp David
1979 Camp David principal
1979 co-Nobelist with Begin
1979 peace treaty cosigner
1981 assassination victim
1983 miniseries title role for Louis Gossett Jr.
A Peace Nobelist: 1978
A Woman of Egypt author
Accord signer of '78
Anwar of Cairo
Anwar of Egypt
Anwar or Jihan
Anwar who shared a 1978 Nobel Prize
"Anwar, of Egypt"
Assassinated Egyptian
Assassinated Egyptian leader
Assassinated Egyptian statesman
Assassinated leader of 1981
Assassination victim of 1981
"Assassination victim of Oct. 6, 1981"
Begin contemporary
Begin counterpart
Begin's Nobel Peace Prize collaborator
Begin's Nobel Prize sharer
Begin's Peace Prize co-recipient
Begin's Peace Prize corecipient
Begin's Peace Prize partner
Begin's co-Nobelist
Begin's co-Nobelist in 1978
Begin's counterpart
Begin's opposite?
Begin's partner
Begin's peace mate
Begin's peace partner
Cairo V.I.P.
Cairo bigwig
Cairo leader
Cairo name
Camp David Accords figure
Camp David Accords participant
Camp David Accords signer
Camp David accords name
Camp David accords participant
Camp David accords signer
Camp David conferee in 1978
Camp David confrere: 1978
Camp David guest of 1978
Camp David name
Camp David peacemaker
Chief Cairene
Co-Nobelist for Peace: 1978
Co-Nobelist of 1978
Co-Nobelist with Begin
Co-Nobelist with Begin in 1978
Co-Nobelist: 1978
Co-Peace Nobelist of '78
Egypt's Anwar
Egypt's Anwar ___
Egypt's No. 1
Egypt's President
Egypt's President: 1970-81
Egypt's memorable co-Nobelist
Egyptian Nobel peace prize winner
Egyptian Nobelist
"Egyptian Nobelist, 1978"
Egyptian Peace Nobelist
Egyptian Peace Nobelist Anwar
Egyptian Peace Nobelist Anwar ___
Egyptian Peace Nobelist of '78
Egyptian V.I.P.
Egyptian figure
Egyptian in the news
Egyptian leader
Egyptian leader Anwar
Egyptian leader of the 70's
Egyptian martyr
Egyptian news maker
Egyptian notable
Egyptian peacemaker
Egyptian president
Egyptian president Anwar
Egyptian statesman
Egyptian visitor to Camp David
Expressing regret in response to an Egyptian president (5)
Former Egyptian leader
Former Egyptian president
Former Egyptian president Anwar
Former Mideast leader
Former V.I.P. of Egypt
He made a beginning with Begin
He shared an award with Begin
He succeeded Nasser
He was behind 1971's Corrective Revolution
"He wrote ""In Search of Identity"""
"His childhood heroes were Zahran, Ataturk, Gandhi and Hitler"
Leader before Mubarak
Leader from Talah Minufiya
Leader involved in '70s shuttle diplomacy
Leader involved in 70's shuttle diplomacy
Martyr of Egypt
Memorable Cairo V.I.P.
Memorable Cairo chief
Memorable Egyptian leader
Memorable Mideastern leader
Middle Eastern V.I.P.
Mideast V.I.P.
Mideast peacemaker
Mubarak predecessor
Mubarak's famed predecessor
Mubarak's predecessor
Nasser contemporary
Nasser successor
Nasser's last vice president
Nasser's successor
Nasser's vice president
Nobel Peace Prize co-winner: 1978
Nobel Peace Prize president assassinated in 1981
Nobel-winning peacemaker
Nobel-winning president Anwar
Nobelist Anwar
Nobelist Egyptian
Nobelist at Camp David
Nobelist with Begin
Nobelist with Begin: 1978
Noted Cairene
October War leader
October War president
One-time Egyptian leader Anwar
Peace Nobelist Anwar
Peace Nobelist before Mother Teresa
Peace Nobelist from Egypt
Peace Nobelist of '78
Peace Nobelist of 1978
Peace Nobelist of the '70s
Peace Prize co-winner: 1978
Peace Prize sharer
Peace Prize sharer of 1978
"Peace Prize sharer, 1978"
Peace partner of Begin
President Anwar of Egypt
President assassinated in 1981
President who won a Nobel Peace Prize
Slain Egyptian leader: 1981
Slain peacemaker
Statesman returning verbal flourishes
"Subject of the biography subtitled ""Visionary Who Dared"""
Successor of Nasser
Surprise visitor to Israel in 1977
Third president of Egypt
Time's 1977 Man of the Year
Time's Man of the Year for 1977
"Time's Man of the Year, 1977"
Top Cairene
"Top Egyptian, once"
U.A.R. name
V.I.P. in Cairo
V.I.P. in Eygpt
"With Begin, 1978 Nobelist"
World leader who was Time magazine's 1977 Man of the Year
Yom Kippur War leader
Egypt's Anwar
Egypt's Anwar
He took part in the overthrow of King Farouk
1978 Peace co-Nobelist
Egypt's Anwar
Nasser's successor
Leader who rejected Nasserism
Nasser's successor
1978 Nobel sharer
Nasser's successor
Nasser's successor
'70s-'80s Egyptian president
Egypt's Anwar
Egypt's Anwar
Peace Nobelist Anwar
Egypt's Anwar
Nasser's successor
Peace Nobelist from Egypt
Egypt's Anwar
Anwar of the Camp David Accords
Nasser's successor
'70s-'80s Egyptian president Anwar
Nasser's successor as Egypt's leader
1978 Peace co-Nobelist
Anwar who shared a Nobel Peace Prize
Anwar who was played by Gossett Jr.
Nasser's successor
Anwar with a Nobel
Egypt's Anwar
'70s-'80s Egyptian president
Nasser's successor
Camp David Accords guy
Camp David Accords signer
1978 Egyptian co-Nobelist Anwar
'70s Egyptian leader
President who lived in 47-Down
Nasser's successor
Nasser's successor