The word SCALE has appeared in at least 354 clues on different crosswords.

"""1 inch = 10 miles,"" e.g."
"""Do re mi fa so la ti do"""
"1 inch = 1 mile, e.g."
"1 inch = 10 miles, e.g."
"1 inch = 100 miles, e.g."
"1 to 10, for one"
"1 to 10, often"
"1 to 10, perhaps"
"1"" = 100', e.g."
"1""=1', e.g."
"1-10, e.g."
"100 to 1, e.g."
A run of notes
"A to A, e.g."
Accumulated cooling-system deposits
Actor's minimum
Actor's minimum wage
Ascend; climb
Assayer's need
Assayer's tool
Attempt Everest
Balance a plate of fish? (5)
Balance instrument.
Balance pan
Balancing device
Basic wage
Bathroom floor item
Bathroom item
"Bathroom item, maybe"
Be a mountaineer
Beaufort ___
Beaufort ___ (wind-rating system)
Blueprint notation
Butcher shop fixture
Butcher shop tool
Butcher's device
Butcher's item
Butcher's need
Butcher's shop item
Butcher-shop device
Butcher-shop machine
Butcher-shop sight
Bygone pharmacy fixture
C to C
Cartographer's concern
Cartographer's concern.
Cartographic concern
Check proportions
Clean a fluke
Clean cod
Clean fish
"Clean fish, in a way"
"Clean, as a carp"
"Clean, as a fish"
Climb over
Climb up
Climb up or over
"Climb, as a mountain"
Common bathroom sight
Deli counter device
Deli counter item
Deli device
Deli-counter need
Delicatessen device
Device for adding up the pounds
Device for losers?
Diet monitor
Dieter's bane
Dieter's device
Dieter's digital device
Dieter's need
Dieter's obsession
Dieter's place of reckoning
Dieter's place?
Dieter's tool
Do a fish-cleaning job
Do to do
Do-re-mi etc.
Do-to-do journey
Do-to-do progression
Drugstore fixture
Feature of a lizard's skin
Fish armor
Fish feature
Fishy cover-up?
From do to do
Gain or loss indicator
Garden pest
Get high on?
Go up
Go up.
Gradation of speech sounds.
Graded system
Grading system
Graduated series
HO or Richter
Instrument for weighing
It carries a lot of weight
It holds its weight
It may be major or chromatic
It may be minor
It might go from 1 to 10
It shows Alec's balance
It'll give you a weigh
It's read in pounds
It's shown on Alec's map
Item a fisherman uses... or removes
Item on a bathroom floor
Justice symbol
Keyboard exercise
Kind of model
Libra holds it
Libra's symbol
Libran symbol
Lie detector for a supposed loser?
Locker room item
Major or minor
Make it to the top
Map feature
Map indication
Map info
Map maker's ratio.
Map part
Map ratio
Measuring mechanism
Minimum union wage
Minimum wage
Minimum wage for an actor
Model aspect
Model info
Model lead-in
Model proportion
Model's ratio
"Model-car ___, e.g. 1:18 or 1:43"
Mohs or Kelvin
Mount a mount
Music practice
Music student's concern
Music student's exercise
Music-lesson chore
Musical exercise
Musical progression
Musical sequence
Musical sequence found at the starts of the answers to the starred clues
"Norm, as in wages"
Nothing special paywise
On a ___ of one to ten
"One to ten, say"
"One to ten, sometimes"
Pare down
Part of a fish
Part of a legend
Pay arrangement
People aren't usually drawn to this
Performer's minimum wage
Pianist's drill
Piano exercise
Piano exercise.
"Piano lesson homework, perhaps"
Piano practice
Piano student's exercise
Piano-lesson homework
Piece of asp?
Piece of fish?
Place to see if a diet works
Plate of fish?
"Plate of salmon, e.g."
Post office device
Post office fixture
Post office need
Postal device
Practice run?
Prepare fish.
"Prepare for cooking, as fish"
Prepare perch
Produce department device
Range of values
Reach the top of
"Reduce, with ""back"""
Relative magnitude
Relative size
Richter ___
Richter for one
Richter or Beaufort
Roadside weighing device for big rigs
Run from a pianist
Run from a pianist?
Salary schedule
Sequence of notes
Shipping department need
Some actors work for it
"Something to stand on to get bad news, often"
Something to step on
Sort of model
Step on it
Step on it!
Step on it?
Surmount a mount
Symbol of justice
"Table of prices, wages, etc."
Tackle an Alp
This puzzle's theme
Tone sequence
Transaction involving $100 balance (5)
Type of model
Unimpressive wage
Union actor's basic pay
Union member's pay minimum
Union minimum wage
Union pay
Union rate
Union wage
Weigh station
Weighing device
Weighing machine
Weighing site
Weight Watchers fixture
Weight Watchers meeting need
Weight displayer
Weight recorder
Weight revealer
Weight watcher?
Weight watcher?^SCAL
Weight-watcher's measurer
What do starts
Where there's a weigh
You may step on it
You might step on it
Zodiac symbol
Map ratio
Deli sight
Item on many a bathroom floor
Beginning piano exercise
Deli counter device
Musical exercise
Weighing instrument
Butcher's weighing machine
Weighing device
Weighing device in proportion
One of those at the bar on the beer is appreciated by musician
Piano exercise
It might reveal what you've lost
Actor's minimum wage
Piano exercise
Weigh-in need
One inch = one foot, e.g.
It's Nero's fault
Of no help at all
Do to do
On a __ of one to ten
On a __ of one to ten
Minimum wage for an actor
Fixture on a fishing dock
Weighing device
Map feature
Weighing instrument
Weighing instrument
Deli counter sight
Cold beer needed after second climb
Clean, as a fish
Oft-stepped-on thing
Weighing instrument
Weighing instrument
Weighing device
Weight watcher's buy
Piano exercise
Weighing device
Butcher shop need
Weighing instrument
Map feature
On a ... of 1 to 10
One of those at the bar on the beer is appreciated by musician
Butcher shop device
Climb up
Map ratio
Weighing instrument
Sole feature
Weighing device
On a ... of 1 to 10
Weighing device
Map ratio
Auction takes note of weighing device
Climb up
Piano exercise
C to C, e.g.
Map ratio
Piano exercise
Locker room item
Rating system
With 45 Down, architect's creation
Weigh-in need
"1 inch = 100 miles," e.g.
Deli counter sight
Weight revealer
Guitar lesson topic
Fishy means of measuring?
Weighing instrument
Flake found in case of Slavic beer
Weighing device
Weighing instrument
Weighing device
Beginning piano student's exercise
Weighing device
Piano exercise
Weighing instrument
Many a Juilliard student's warm-up
Deli device
Tangled laces can be a bit fishy!
Climb up