Word: STP

The word STP has appeared in at least 397 clues on different crosswords.

"""Helping Engines Run Better Longer Since 1954"" product"
"""Interstate Love Song"" band, briefly"
"""Interstate Love Song"" band, for short"
"""Plush"" band, briefly"
"""Plush"" rock band, initially"
"""Plush"" rockers (Abbr.)"
"""Purple"" band (abbr.)"
"""The Racer's Edge"""
"""The Racer's Edge"" Indy sponsor"
"""The Racer's Edge"" letters"
"""The Racer's Edge"" product"
"""The Racer's Edge"" sloganeer"
"""The Racers Edge"""
"""The racer's edge"""
"""Wicked Garden"" rockers (Abbr.)"
'It's the racer's edge'
'The Racer's Edge'
'The racer's edge'
1985 Union Carbide acquisition
1999 Clorox acquisition
"273 K, 1 atm"
500 initials
500 letters
500 letters?
60's-70's hallucinogen
Additive at Indy
Additive sold at AutoZone
Additive sold at Pep Boys
Additive that once sponsored Richard Petty
Additive that sponsors NASCAR racers
"Alt rock group originally called Mighty Joe Young, for short"
Andy's additive
Andy's auto additive
Auto additive
Auto additive brand
Auto additive letters
Auto additive product
Auto additive with a red oval logo
Auto additives co. that hints at this puzzle's theme
Auto fluid ltrs.
Auto maintenance letters
Auto performance brand
Auto-additive initials
AutoZone brand
AutoZone purchase
Automotive brand with a red oval logo
Big Indy 500 advertiser
Big Indy inits.
Big Nascar advertiser
Big Nascar sponsor
Big car racer sponsor
Big initials at Indy
Big initials in auto products
Big inits. at Indy
Big inits. in fuel additives
Big letters in racing
Big name at Indy
Big name in auto additives
Big name in auto products
Big name in fuel additives
Big name in gas treatments
Big race sponsor
Brake fluid brand
Brand at a gas station
Brand for a gearhead
"Brand known as ""The racer's edge"""
"Brand known as ""the racer's edge"""
Brand of brake fluid
Brand of fuel additives
Brand of motor oil
Brand of motor oil additive
Brand of octane booster
Brand of power steering fluid
Brand owned by Clorox
Brand promoted by Andy Granatelli
Brand promoted by Richard Petty
Car care brand
Car care product
Car care product that sponsors NASCAR
"Certain ""edge"""
Clorox's car-product brand
Common Nascar letters
Crankcase additive
Daytona 500 advertiser
Daytona additive
DeLeo brothers band (Abbr.)
Dura Lube alternative
Engine Stop Leak maker
Engine additive
Engine additive brand
Engine additive letters
Engine additive: Abbr.
Engine goo
Engine performance aid
Engine-cleaning brand
Ethanol fuel system treatment brand
Frequent NASCAR sponsor
Frequent race-car sponsor
Fuel additive
Fuel additive brand
Fuel additive letters
GTO booster
Gas Booster brand
Gas additive
Gas additive brand
Gas additive letters
Gas cleaner brand
Gas station display
Gas station product
Gas tank additive
Gas treatment letters
Gas-tank additive
Gasoline additive
Gasoline additive brand
Gasoline-additive initials
Granatelli canful
Granatelli's additive
Gummed item: Abbr.
"Had smash debut ""Core"" (abbr.)"
Havoline competitor
Havoline rival
Iconic Nascar sponsor
Imprinted: Abbr.
Indy 500 advertiser
"Indy 500 advertiser ""The Racer's Edge"""
Indy 500 inits.
Indy 500 letters
Indy 500 logo
Indy 500 sponsor
Indy additive
Indy initials
Indy inits.
Indy letters
Indy racer sponsor
Indy sponsor
Indy supplement
Initials on a Nascar car
Initials seen at Indy
Initials seen at Nascar events
Inits. at a gas station
"It once had a jingle with the line ""One little can will keep you running free"""
"Its slogan is ""The Racer's Edge"""
Letters at Indy
Letters at a Nascar race
Letters in racing
Letters on a track
Logo on many a Richard Petty race car
Logo on some NASCAR autos
Logo seen at the Indy 500
Logo seen on Indy cars
Logo seen on race cars
Long time NASCAR sponsor
Long-time NASCAR sponsor
Long-time Richard Petty sponsor
Longtime Indy sponsor
Longtime NASCAR sponsor
Longtime Nascar sponsor
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor
Longtime auto racing sponsor
Longtime sponsor in NASCAR events
Longtime sponsor of Nascar racers
Longtime sponsor of Richard Petty
Longtime sponsor of racing's #43 car
Lube letters
Lucas Oil competitor
Major NASCAR sponsor
Major car-racing sponsor
Maker of Son of a Gun! Protectant
Maker of Son of a Gun! car care products
Maker of Son of a Gun! protectant
Maker of fuel additives
"Meek Mill single with the repeated exhortation ""PREACH!"""
Mescaline rel.
Motor Up alternative
Motor additive brand
Motor additive logo
Motor fuel additive
Motor oil additive
Motor oil additive brand
Motor oil brand
Motor oil choice
Motor treatment letters
Motor vehicle additive
"Motor-oil & gasoline additive brand (1,1,1)"
Motor-oil additive
Motorsports brand
NASCAR additive
NASCAR advertiser
NASCAR sponsor
NASCAR sponsor since 1970
NASCAR sponsor since 1971
NASCAR supplier
NASCAR-sponsoring additive
NASCAR-sponsoring gas additive brand
Name on an oval
Nascar sponsor
Noted NASCAR sponsor
Octane Booster brand
Octane Booster maker
Octane booster brand
Oil additive
Oil additive inits.
Oil additive letters
Oil additive since 1954
Oil or gas additive
"Oil product introduced in St. Joseph, Mo."
Oil treatment inits.
Oil treatment letters
Oil-treatment letters
One of racer John Andretti's sponsors
Onetime sponsor of Richard Petty and Mario Andretti
Oomph! degreaser brand
P.O. item
Part of the Armored AutoGroup
Pennzoil alternative
Pep Boys buy
Pep Boys product
Pep Boys purchase
Petty associate
"Petty cash source, once"
Petty cash source?
Petty cash supplier?
Petty sponsor
Pit crew's canful
Pit stop can
Pit stop letters
Pit stop product
Pit stop stuff
Popular Formula One formula briefly
Popular additive
Popular fuel additive
Popular fuel additive brand
Popular oil additive
Post-off. item
Postage item: Abbr.
Postal item: Abbr.
Potent hallucinogen
Product at a gas station
Product made by Armor All
"Product with the old jingle line ""One little can will keep you running free"""
Prominent NASCAR sponsor
Prominent sponsor of Richard Petty's #43 car
Race car sponsor
Race sponsor
Racecar additive
Racecar fuel additive
Racecar sponsor
Racer's sponsor
"Racer's sponsor, perhaps"
Racetrack letters
Racetrack logo
Racing car product
Racing initials
Racing letters
"Reunited Scott Weiland band, briefly"
Richard Petty sponsor
Scott Weiland band (abbr.)
"Scott Weiland band, for short"
"Scott Weiland's band, briefly"
"Scott Weiland's band, for short"
Slick 50 alternative
Slick 50 competitor
Slick 50 rival
Son of a Gun! Protectant maker
Son of a Gun! Protectant manufacturer
Son of a Gun! vinyl protectant maker
Speedway letters
Speedway logo
Sponsor at Indy
Sponsor at some NHRA events
Sponsor initials at Indy
Sponsor of some NASCAR drivers
Standard conditions
Talladega decal
Tank addition
The Racer s Edge?
The Racer's Edge
"The racer's edge, commercially"
Theologian's degree.
Ultra 5-In-1 Fuel System Cleaner brand
Valvoline alternative
Valvoline rival
"___ 500, annual race in Ridgeway, Va."
___ Oil Treatment
lndy 500 advertiser
Racer’s brand
Brand at the Daytona 500
Car care brand
NASCAR advertiser
NASCAR sponsor
Auto. engine enhancer
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor
Brand on many an auto racer's jacket
Brand advertised on many Nascar autos
NASCAR advertiser
Octane Booster brand
Letters at Indy
Talladega decal letters
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor
Motor oil brand
Longtime NASCAR sponsor
Inits. at Indy
Inits. at Indy
NASCAR advertiser
Letters at Indy
Letters at Indy
Gas additive brand
Gas additive brand
Letters at Indy
AutoZone brand
Motor oil brand
"The racer's edge" brand
Oil treatment brand
Additive sold at Napa
NASCAR sponsor
Indy racer sponsor
NASCAR advertiser
Eng. oil additive
NASCAR advertiser
"The Racer's Edge"
"The Racer's Edge"
NASCAR sponsor
Initials on some Indy cars
NASCAR advertiser
Fuel additive brand
Speedway brand
Major race sponsor
Big advertiser at auto races
Brand sold at Pep Boys
Oil additive letters
Gas additive letters
Big engine additive
Oil treatment brand since 1954
Valvoline competitor
Engine additive letters
Brand in a ''non-friction best seller'' ad
NASCAR advertiser
Longtime NASCAR sponsor
NASCAR advertiser
Name in fuel additivesend
Additive sold at AutoZone
Pennzoil competitor
NASCAR advertiser
NASCAR advertiser
Fuel additive brand
Auto additive with a mostly red oval logo
NASCAR sponsor
Additive sold at AutoZone
NASCAR sponsor
Common Nascar letters
Engine additive since 1954
Additive sold at Napa Auto Parts
Gas additive brand
Pep Boys purchase
Valvoline rival brand
"The racer's edge" gas additive brand
Its early cans were labeled "Today's Modern Oil Treatment"
It's ''inside every great machine''
Motor oil brand that's a competitor of Pennzoil
Nascar additive
Engine additive brand
Octane Booster brand
Big Nascar sponsor
Fuel additive brand
Car care brand
NASCAR advertiser
Fuel additive brand
Motor oil brand that sponsored Richard Petty
___ 500 (NASCAR race sponsored by a gas additive brand)
Big name in fuel additives
"Inside every great machine" brand
Automotive brand that's a longtime NASCAR sponsor
Fuel additive brand that sponsors NASCAR
Indy brand
Oil additive brand
"The Racer's Edge" brand
Indy sponsor
Brand of fuel additive
NASCAR additive
Fuel additive brand
NASCAR advertiser
Motor oil product
NASCAR additive
NASCAR sponsor
Automotive additive brand
Additive sold at NAPA
"The Racer's Edge"
Engine additive known as "the racer's edge"
Oil additive brand
Auto additive brand
Fuel additive brand
Additive sold at NAPA
Common fuel additive