Word: TAN

The word TAN has appeared in at least 838 clues on different crosswords.

"""10. I don't ___, I burn"""
"""Baywatch"" complexion"
"""Baywatch"" complexion?"
"""Baywatch"" shade"
"""I don't ___, I burn"""
"""I'll ___ your hide!"""
"""Joy Luck Club"" author"
"""Like Nashville with a ___"" Shawn Mullins lyric"
"""Saving Fish From Drowning"" novelist Amy"
"""Tall, ___ and terrific"""
"""The Bonesetter's Daughter"" author"
"""The Hundred Secret Senses"" author"
"""The Hundred Secret Senses"" author Amy"
"""The Hundred Secret Senses"" novelist"
"""The Joy Luck Club"" author"
"""The Joy Luck Club"" author Amy"
"""The Joy Luck Club""author"
"""The Kitchen God's Wife"""
"""The Kitchen God's Wife"" author"
"""The Kitchen God's Wife"" author Amy"
"""The Kitchen God's Wife"" writer"
'Saving Fish From Drowning' author
'Saving Fish from Drowning' writer Amy
'The Bonesetter's Daughter' author
'The Bonesetter's Daughter' novelist
'The Hundred Secret Senses' author
'The Joy Luck Club' author
'The Kitchen God's Wife' author
*Hef title
...and this
"1, for 45
24 Saranac black and ___
A ___ and Sandy Silence
A bather may want one
A light brown
A spray might be used for one
Absorb sunlight
Absorb the sun
Acapulco acquisition
Acquire a bronze tone
Acquired during downtime
Acquisition for some vacationers
Ale shade
All that's left after an expensive vacation?
Almost burn
Amy of best-sellerdom
Amy the writer
"Amy who wrote ""The Bonesetter's Daughter"""
"Amy who wrote ""The Joy Luck Club"""
Ant turns color
Any of seven Chinese puzzle pieces that can form a square
Appearance after getting out of a bed?
Apply a strict hand
Army Rangers beret color
Aruba product
August color
Author Amy
Author Amy-
"Author of ""Saving Fish From Drowning"""
"Author of ""Saving Fish from Drowning"""
"Author of ""The Bonesetter's Daughter"""
"Author of ""The Joy Luck Club"""
Autumn color
"Avoid burning, perhaps"
Bake in the sun
Bask at the beach
Bask on deck
Bask on the beach
Basker's acquisition
Basker's goal
Basker's hue
"Basker's objective, perhaps"
Basker's pride
Basker's quest
Basker's reward
Basking goal
Basking objective
Basking on the beach result
Basking product
Basking result
Bath product?
Bather's goal
"Bather's objective, perhaps"
Beach acquisition
Beach bonus
Beach boy's color
Beach bronze
Beach brown
Beach bum's hue
Beach bum's shade
Beach color
Beach goal
Beach goer's acquisition
Beach hue
Beach lover's goal
Beach perk
Beach product.
Beach rat's giveaway
Beach shade
Beach souvenir
Beach souvenir?
Beachcomber's acquisition
Beachcomber's shade
Beachgoer's acquisition
Beachgoer's goal
Beachgoer's pride
Beachgoer's pursuit
Beachgoer's quest
Beachgoer's shade
Beachgoers often get one
Beat soundly
Beige shade
Beige's kin
Bikini line surrounder
Bikini-wearer's object.
Biscuit or almond
Black and ___
Black and ___ (bar order)
Black and ___ (breed of dog)
Black and ___ (early British soldier in Ireland)
Black and ___ (early English soldier in Northern Ireland)
Black and ___ (kind of coonhound)
Black and ___ coonhound
Black and ___: two-beer drink
Black's partner
"Booth offering, perhaps"
Booth souvenir
Booth takeaway
Bronze relative
Bronze shade
Bronzed by the sun
Bronzed from the beach
Bronzed novelist?
"Bronzed, at the beach"
Brown from the beach
Brown from the sun
Brown hue
Brown in a bed
Brown in the sun
Brown on the beach
Brown shade
Brown skin
Browning work?
Burn without pain
Bygone M&Ms color
Bygone M&Ms hue
Calculator button
Camel hair color
Camel or caramel color
Camel shade
Camel's color
Camel's cousin
Camel's hair color
Camel's-hair color
Camel- or caramel-colored
Camelhair color
Capture the bronze?
Car color
Caramel color
"Caribbean cruise reminder, maybe"
Catch rays
Catch rays?
Catch some rays
Cause of lines at the beach?
Certain booth occupant's goal
Certain parlor's offering
Certain shoe shade
Chamois hue
"Change color, perhaps"
"Change colors, in a way"
Change on the beach?
Cheesy agent might have spray-on one
Chinese Olympic diver: 1984
Chinese-American novelist
Classy Caddy interior color
Color at the beach
Color close to beige
Color like chestnut
"Color of Dodie Stevens ""Shoes with Pink Shoelaces"""
Color of a camel
Color of caf
Color of camel's hair
Color of coffee ice cream
Color of sand
Color on the beach
Color with lines?
Come home with the bronze
Complexion tone.
Convert hide into leather
Convert into leather
Convert to leather
"Convert to leather, as a hide"
"Convert to leather, as hide"
Coppertone user's goal
Crayola color
Crayola shade
Crayon hue
Cure hide
Cure or brown
Cure rawhide
Dachshund color
Dark from the sun
Darken at the beach
Darken in a salon
Darken in the sun
"Das Racist ""All ___ Everything"""
Decorator's color
Discontinued color of M&M's
Drab crayon hue
Dress leather
Dropped M&M's color
Earth tone
Ecru or fawn
Ecru relative
Ecru to you
Effect of the sun
Employ solar energy recreationally
Emulate the Kardashians
"Enjoy a salon, maybe"
Erstwhile M&M's color
"Evidence of time on the links, perhaps"
Expose to UV rays
Fall fader
Famous Amy
Fan-___ (Chinese card game)
Fan-___ (card game also called parliament)
Fancy calculator button
Farmer's ___
Farmer's ___ (sunburn that shows the outline of your t-shirt)
Fawn or camel
Florida acquisition
Former M&M's color
Former color of M&M's
"Frank Zappa album ""Studio ___"""
Geometry shortening
George Hamilton acquirement
George Hamilton acquisition
George Hamilton feature
George Hamilton's hue
George Hamilton's trademark
Get baked
Get baked at the beach
Get bronze
Get bronzed
Get dark
Get darker
"Get darker, in a way"
Get some sun
Get the bronze
Get the bronze?
Get what you bask for
Get what you bask for?
Girl from Ipanema's complexion
Give a good whippin'
Give a licking
Give a licking to
Give a whipping to
Give a whuppin'
Glove color
Glove shade
Go for the bronze
Go for the bronze?
"Go to the salon, perhaps"
Golfer's summertime acquisition
Gotten on beach post-tour
Grab some rays
"Grabbed post-tour, on beach"
Hamilton's hue
Handbag hue
Hawaiian souvenir?
Hawaiian's hue
Hazel's cousin
Healthy glow
Healthy look.
Heliophile's aim.
Hose color
Hosiery shade
Hosiery shade.
Hot weather acquisition
Hue akin to toast.
Hue for chinos
Hue that's neutral
"If you're fair, it's hard to get one"
It adds color
It can come in a spray
It fades in the fall
It may be acquired in a booth
It may be acquired on the beach
It may be obtained in a bed
It may be replicated by a spray
It usually fades in fall
It's acquired on the Riviera
It's acquired on the beach
It's exactly what you basked for
It's hard to get if you're fair
It's often picked up at the beach
Japanese land unit
John Boehner feature
John Boehner trademark
Jones Beach objective
Joy Luck Club creator
"Just back from the beach, apparently"
"Just back from the beach, obviously"
Just bask for it
"Kenny Chesney's ""All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good ___"""
Khaki color
Khaki shade
Khaki's cousin.
Khakilike color
Kind of jeer?
Lancome lets you get one from a bottle
"Lay ""a la playa"" at Mazatlan"
Lay out in the sun
Leather color
Let have it
"Lie naked on a roof, perhaps"
Lie on the beach
Lie out in the sun
Lifeguard's favorite color?
Lifeguard's hue
"Lifeguard's shade, often"
Light brown
Light brown shade
Light color
Light earth tone
Light shade
Like George Hamilton
"Like Jimmy Buffett, usually"
Like beach bums
Like beachgoers
Like camel's hair
Like lifeguards
"Like lifeguards, probably"
Like many a lifeguard
Like many golfers after playing the Mercedes Championships
Like many lifeguards
Like most lifeguards
Like one who spent a lot of time in bed?
"Like sandpaper, typically"
Like some bums
"Like star on beach, post-tour"
Like the girl from Ipanema
Luggage shade
M&M color replaced by blue
M&M hue
M&M's color discontinued in 1995
M&Ms color replaced by blue
Make into leather
Make leather
Male gobblers
Malibu hue
Many a beachgoer's hope
Many a sunbather's goal
Many people get one in the summer (and so do this puzzle's theme entries)
Markings on a Manchester terrier.
"Maui ""souvenir"""
Miami by-product
Miami color.
Might get a spray-on one for shoot
Neutral c
Neutral color
Neutral shade
Neutral tone
"Neutral, to a decorator"
No-no from a dermatologist
Noted John Boehner feature
Noted San Francisco novelist
Novelist Amy
Oak bark
Offering of some salons
Old M&M color
Old M&M's color
One might be orange if it's fake
One of Crayola's standard colors
One of two Crayola colors with the shortest name
Oribi's hue
Out-lying result?
Pale brown
Palomino color
Palomino's color.
Pantyhose shade
Parlor product
Pastel shade
Pendleton acquires this at the beach
Pongee color
Prepare a hide
Prepare leather
Prepare pelts
"Prepare, as leather"
Preserve hide
Process leather
"Process, as leather"
Prominent San Francisco author
Recline poolside
Result of basking
Result of exposing oneself at the beach?
Result of some bathing
Result of some time in a bed?
Result of sun exposure
Riviera acquisition
Riviera shade
Salon acquisition
Salon color
"Salon goal, maybe"
"Salon goal, sometimes"
Salon offering
Salon treatment
"Salongoer's goal, maybe"
Sand relative
"Shade acquired at gyms, maybe"
Shade at the beach
Shade at the beach?
Shade for a lifeguard?
Shade for a surfer
Shade from the sun
Shade from the sun that's inserted in this puzzle's theme answers
Shade from the sun?
Shade in the summer
Shade of brown
Shade of suede
Shade of summer
Shade of summer?
Shade on a beach
Shade sought in summer
Shade that fades
Shoe color
"Shoe color, often"
Shoe hue
Shoe shade
Shoe shade.
"Sin/cos, in trig"
"Sit in a salon, say"
Sit out by the pool
Sit under a lamp
Skin shade.
Skin tone
Skin tone.
Skip the bronzer
Soak up rays
Soak up some rays
Soak up some sun
Soak up the sun
Soft shade
Sol-searching result?
Something picked up at the beach
Something some people return from vacation with
Something that may be brought back from the beach
Something to get in a bed
Souvenir from Aruba?
Souvenir from a tropical vacation?
Souvenir from the beach?
"Souvenir of Maui, maybe"
Spank but good
Spray-on salon treatment
"Spring Break souvenir, maybe"
Steal my sunshine?
"Stereophonics ""T-Shirt Sun ___"""
Stocking shade
Suede shade
Summer acquisition
Summer coat?
"Summer goal, maybe"
Summer hue
Summer shade
Summer shade.
Summer shade?
Sun ___.
Sun bather's goal
Sun shade
Sun shade.
Sun shade?
Sun worshiper's goal
Sun worshiper's shade
Sun worshipper's goal
Sun-bath result
Sun-lover's hue
Sunbather's acquisition
Sunbather's acquistion
Sunbather's aim
Sunbather's desire
Sunbather's goal
Sunbather's objective
Sunbather's quest
Sunbather's shade
Sunbather's souvenir
Sunbathing result
Sunlamp goal
Sunlamp product
Sunlamp result
Sunning result
Sunny day acquisition
Sunshine product
Surfer's shade
Surfers shade
Tahiti tourist's tone
Take the sun.
Tarnish classroom figure involved in wrongdoing (5)
Tend to hide?
"The Clash ""Atom ___"""
"The Clash's ""Atom ___"""
The Joy Luck Club author
"The T in GTL, on ""Jersey Shore"""
The girl from Ipanema had one
Topcoat color
Touch of sun.
Treat hide
Treat hides
Treat leather
"Treat, as a hide"
"Treat, as hide"
"Treat, as leather"
Trench coat color
Trenchcoat color
Trig fig.
"Trig function, for short"
Trig. ratio
"Trigonometric function, for short"
Tropical vacation souvenir
Trousers color
Turn brown
Turn into leather
Type of line
Typical dachshund color
Use Coppertone products
Use a UV lamp
"Use a booth, perhaps"
Use a certain lamp
Use a switch
"Vacation ""souvenir"""
Vacation acquisition
"Vacation acquisition, maybe"
"Vacation indication, perhaps"
Vacation souvenir
Vacation souvenir that doesn't last
"Vacation souvenir, sometimes"
Vacation souvenir?
"Vacationer's souvenir, perhaps"
Vacationer's souvenir?
Very light brown
"Warm buns, say"
Well-known San Francisco novelist
Whale the tar out of
What some spray-ons replicate
What you might get in a booth
What you'll acquire on the Riveria
What your skin may be after a day at the beach
Whip a hide
"Whip a hide, e.g."
Whip but good
Whip severely
Whip soundly
Work on hide
Work on hides
Work on leather
Work with hides
Work with leather
Yellowish brown
You may get one from a bottle or a booth
You might get one at the pool
You might get one in a booth
You might go topless while receiving one
You might return from the beach with one
"Zonker's is famous, in 'Doonesbury'"
"Zonker's is famous, in Doonesbury"
___ line
Camel’s kin
Thing acquired by many beachgoers
Get what you bask for
Basker's quest
Browning achievement?
Leather shade
Bygone M&M's color
Light brown
Earth shade
Like the girl from Ipanema
Brown colour
Sunbather's shade
Light brown
Amy —, author of 1989 novel The Joy Luck Club
Thing picked up at the beach
Summer hue
Light brown
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Camel or fawn
Salon offering
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Earthy color
Shoe color
Thing sought after on the beach
Catch some rays
Take rays
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Brown shade
Fawn e.g.
Darken as from the sun
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Neutral color
Result of basking
Give a lickin'
Sandy color
Brown shade
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Darken, in a way
Decorator's neutral shade
Light brown
Sandy color
Crow's nest cry
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Brown gives thanks to the new leader
Treat hides
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Cruise activity by the pool
Light brown
Light brown
Beachgoer's goal
Beach or salon acquisition
Suede shade
Suede shade
Bronze in the sun
Bronze in the sun
Earth tone
Use a UV lamp
Color similar to camel
Sunbather's shade
Brown shade
Beach bum's shade
Basker's desire
Basker's desire
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Basker's desire
Basker's desire
Change one's tone?
Brown colour
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Light brown
Crayon color
Light brown
Light brown
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Beach color
Beach color
Shoe shade
Sunbather's goal
Amy —, author of 1989 novel The Joy Luck Club
Sunbather's goal
Salon offering
Light brown
Sandy color
Brown in sun
Sunbather's shade
Work leather
Shoe hue
Shade provided by the sun?
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Summer shade
Summer shade
Light brown
Sun shade
Onetime M&M's color
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Beachgoer's acquisition
Shoe hue
Something that might be picked up at the beach
Sandy color
Sunbather's desire
Instant healthy looking colour?
Brown in sun
Bronze found in Titanic
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Like much sandpaper
Hosiery shade
Earth tone
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Salon offering
Light brown
Earth tone
Camel color
Booth or beach acquisition
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Light brown
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Not all castanets are brown
Shoe color
Light brown
Beat Nathaniel up?
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Colour of a sheet anchor?
Light brown
Vacationer's shade, perhaps
Process, as leather
Bronze in Istanbul
Summer hue
Light brown
Shade similar to ecru
Light brown
Shoe hue
Sand shade
Get some sun
Color similar to khaki
Shade of brown
Summer shade
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Colour instantaneously duplicated?
Catch some rays
Neutral shade
Not all castanets are brown!
Light brown
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Bake in the sun
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Instant sunburn!
Light brown
Light brown
Beachgoer's acquisition
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Almond or caramel
Hazel cousin
Light brown
Inconstant colour?
Light brown color
Work leather
Amy —, author of 1989 novel The Joy Luck Club
Give a whupping
Brown shade
Light brown
Shade similar to khaki
Healthy colour in Istanbul
Color of coffee ice cream
Sun browning