Word: TEED

The word TEED has appeared in at least 281 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ Off,"" book by Dave Hill"
--- off (ired)
"A bit off the ground, ""up"""
A little bit off the ground
"Angered (with ""off"")"
Angered (with off)
"Angry (with ""off"")"
"Angry, with ""off"""
"Angry, with 'off'"
"Annoyed (with ""off"")"
"Annoyed, with ""off"""
"Began (with ""off"")"
Began a golf game
Began a hole
"Began a hole (with ""off"")"
"Began a hole, with ""off"""
"Began a round, with ""off"""
"Began golfing, with 'up'"
"Began, with ""off"""
"Bugged, with ""off"""
Cheesed (off)
"Committed a flagrant foul, e.g."
"Cross, with ""off"""
Did a balancing act?
"Drove on a course, with ""off"""
"Drove, with ""off"""
Elevated for driving
"Elevated, as a golf ball"
"Fit to be tied, with ""off"""
"Fuming, with ""off"""
Golf term
"Golf term, with ""up"""
Golf term.
Got off the ground
Got ready at Doral
Got ready for a drive
Got ready to drive
"Got ready to drive (with ""up"")"
"Got ready to drive, with ""up"""
Got ready to drive?
Got set on 18
Got set to drive
"Got the ball off the ground, maybe"
"Hardly calm, with ""off"""
"Initiated, with ""off"""
"Irate, with ""off"""
"Irate, with 'off'"
"Irked, with ""off"""
Just off the ground
"Just off the ground, maybe"
Kind of off
Like a propped pigskin
Like a readied golf ball
"Like golf balls, at times"
Like some golf balls
"Mad, with 'off'"
"Miffed (with ""off"")"
"Miffed, with ""off"""
"Miffed, with 'off'"
Mounted a golf ball
"Nettled (with ""off"")"
"Nettled, with ""off"""
"Offended, with ""off"""
On the tee
"Opened a hole, with ""up"""
Pissed (off)
Placed on a peg
Placed the golf ball
"Plenty mad, with ""off"""
Poised a golf ball.
Positioned a golf ball
Positioned the ball
Prepared for a drive
Prepared for a drive?
Prepared for clubbing
Prepared to drive
Prepared to drive a golf ball
"Prepared to drive, with ""up"""
Prepared to drive.
Prepared to drive?
Prepared to hit a driver
Prepared to kick off
Prepared to play golf
Prepared to start a golf hole
Propped a peg for Tiger
Propped slightly off the ground
Propped the pigskin
Put down one's ball
Put in a certain place
Put on a peg
"Put on a peg, perhaps"
"Put out, with ""off"""
"Put up, in a way"
"Raised, in a way"
Readied a golf ball
Readied a golf ball for a drive
Readied for a golf shot.
Readied for the drive
"Readied to drive, with ""up"""
Ready for a drive
Ready for a drive?
Ready for kickoff
Ready to be driven
"Ready to be driven, in golf"
"Ready to be driven, say"
Ready to be driven?
"Ready to be hit, as a golf ball"
Ready to drive
"Ready to drive, as a golf ball"
"Ready, as a golf ball."
"Ready, with ""up"""
"Riled, with 'off'"
Set a little ball on the big ball
Set the ball up
"Set to drive (with ""up"")"
"Set up a Titleist, say"
Set up a golf ball
Set up for a drive
Set up the ball
Set up the golf ball
"Set up, as for a drive"
Slightly elevated
"Sore, with ""off"""
Start for up or off
Started (off)
Started a golf game
Started a golf hole
"Started a golf hole, with ""up"""
"Started a golf hole, with 'off'"
"Started a golf round (with ""up"")"
Started a hole
"Started a hole, with ""up"""
Started a hole.
Started a round
Started a round of golf
Started golf
Started golfing
Started golfing angrily?
Started like Snead
Started off a game
Started on the links
Started the golf game
Started to play a round
"Started, at golf"
"Started, with 'off'"
Ticked (off)
Up or off
"Upset, with ""off"""
Used a links peg
"Very upset (with ""off"")"
"Very upset, with ""off"""
What many golf balls become
"With ""off,"" irate"
"Word before ""up"" or ""off,"" to a golfer"
Word with up or off
___ off
___ off (angered)
___ off (angry as a golfer?)
___ off (angry)
___ off (annoyed big-time)
___ off (annoyed)
___ off (began)
___ off (began).
___ off (beside oneself)
___ off (drove a golf ball)
___ off (drove)
___ off (furious)
___ off (headed for the green)
___ off (in a snit)
___ off (irate)
___ off (mad)
___ off (miffed)
___ off (pissy)
___ off (played the first hole)
___ off (plenty mad)
___ off (really annoyed)
___ off (riled up)
___ off (riled)
___ off (sore)
___ off (started a golf hole)
___ off (started a hole)
___ off (started a round)
___ off (started golfing)
___ off (used a driver)
___ off [irate]
"___ off, in golf"
___ off.
___ off: angry
___ off: annoyed
___ off: drove
___ off: irate
___ off: irked
___ off: peeved
___ off: sore
___ up
___ up (got ready to drive)
___ up (prepared to drive)
___ up (prepared to play golf)
___ up (prepared to play some golf)
___ up (set to drive)
"___ up, in golf."
Ticked (off)
Irate (with "off")
Ready to be kicked off
Started golf match, ... off
Ready for driving
Started a hole
Started golf match, ... off
Positioned a golf ball
Plenty angry, with 'off'
___ off (angry)
Started golf game, ... off
Started golf match, ... off
Angry with "off"
___ off (plenty mad)
Prepared to golf (with "up")
Ticked (off)
Ticked (off)
Started golf match, ... off
Started golf match, ... off
Prepared for a long drive?
Prepared for a long drive?
Prepared to drive on a golf course
Set up for a drive
Started golf match, ... off
Ready for a kick, with "up"
___ off (irate)
Ticked (off)
Ticked (off)
Started golf match, ... off
Started golf match, ... off
Started a hole
Arranged, ... up
Plenty sore, with "off"
Ready for driving, as a golf ball
Started golf game, ... off
Ticked (off)
Like a ball ready to be driven
Arranged, ... up
Put out, with 'off'
Started a hole
__ off (started a golf game)
Started golf match, ... off
Ticked (off)
Like a propped ball
Really mad, with "off"
Ticked (off)
___ off (began a round)
Got ready for a drive
Started golf game, ... off
Like golf balls at the start of a hole, usually
Prepared for a drive
Ticked (off)
Started golf match, ... off
Really bugged, with "off"
Started a golf hole
____ off (mad)
Angry (with "off")
Started golf match, ... off
Propped (up), as a golf ball
Miffed, with "off"
Prepared a golf ball
___ off (started a hole of golf)
Arranged, ... up
Started a hole
Arranged, ... up
Started golf match, ... off
Placed on a golf peg
Aggravated, with "off"
Like a readied golfball
Started a hole
Cross, with ''off''
Arranged, ... up
Prepared to drive
____ off
Started golf match, ... off
Angry, with 'off'