Word: TUM

The word TUM has appeared in at least 58 clues on different crosswords.

"""Cats"" cat Rum ___ Tugger"
"""The Rum ___ Tugger"""
"""The Rum ___ Tugger"" (""Cats"" number)"
"""The Rum ___ Tugger"" (""Cats"" tune)"
"""The Rum ___ Tugger"" (song from ""Cats"")"
Banjo sound
"Belly, briefly"
Brit's breadbasket
British breadbasket
"By itself or when doubled, a tot's stomach"
Card wool
"Card, as wool"
Chewy antacid
Eliot's Rum -- Tugger
Heartburn relief tablet
One antacid tablet?
"Rum ___ Tugger (""Cats"" cat)"
"Rum ___ Tugger (""Cats"" character)"
"Rum ___ Tugger (""Cats"" role)"
Rum ___ Tugger ('Cats' cat)
Rum ___ Tugger (Eliot cat)
"Rum ___ Tugger (cat in ""Cats"")"
"Rum ___ Tugger: ""Cats"" character"
Rum-___-Tugger (Cats character)
Sound of a plucked string.
Sound of plucked string.
Stomach soother
"Stomach, slangily"
"Stomach, to a tot"
Tot's stomach
Tot's term for the stomach
"Twice, a tot's stomach"
Unit of indigestion relief
"When doubled, tree in ""Jabberwocky"""
"When repeated, child's word for stomach"
Child's stomach when said twice
T. S. Eliot's Rum ___ Tugger
Rum ___ Tugger ("Cats" character)
"The Rum ___ Tugger" ("Cats" jam)
"The Rum ___ Tugger" ("Cats" jam)
Corporation mostly not commenting after setback
Maybe pot's the last thing you'll need during meditation
Rum ___ Tugger
"Cats" Rum ___ Tugger
Childish place to put food and drink
Corporation tax unwarranted methinks, initially
Stomach, to a tot
Rum ___ Tugger ('Cats' cat)
Rum-___-Tugger ("Cats" cat)
Stomach, cutely
Rum ___ Tugger ("Cats" cat)
Tease wool
Just one antacid?
Belly, in babyspeak