Word: UNI

The word UNI has appeared in at least 460 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bi"" halved?"
"""Bi-"" halved"
"""Corn"" or ""cycle"" starter"
"""Cycle"" or ""lateral"" prefix"
"""Mono"" cousin"
"""Verse"" or ""form"" prefix"
A quarter of tetra-
A single opening?
A third of tri-
"Athlete's attire, informally"
Athlete's garb
Athlete's kit
Athlete's outfit
"Athlete's outfit, briefly"
"Athlete's outfit, casually"
"Athlete's wear, for short"
"Athlete's wear, informally"
Attachment for verse or cycle
Aussie college
Aussie's college
Aussie's place of higher learning
Aussie's school
Before lateral or sonant
"Beginning for ""lateral"""
Beginning for lateral or sex
Beginning to form?
Bi halved
Bi preceder
"Bi, halved"
Bi- half
Bi- halved
Bi- less one
Bi- minus one
Bi- preceder
"Bi-, halved"
"British slang for ""college"""
Cellular opening?
College abroad
College for a Brit
College here
"College, Down Under"
"College, abroad"
"College, across the pond"
"College, casually"
"College, in Down Under slang"
"College, in German slang"
"College, in the U.K."
"College, slangily, abroad"
"College, slangily, to a Brit"
"College, to an Aussie"
Commercial prefix with vision
Common prefix.
Corn lead-in
Corn opening?
Corn or cycle leader
Corn or cycle preceder
Corn or cycle prefix
Corn or cycle start
Corn or cycle starter
Corn or form lead-in
Corn or form leader
Corn or form preceder
Corn or form prefix
Corn or verse preceder
Corn starter
Cousin of mono-
Cycle attachment
Cycle beginning
Cycle beginning?
Cycle lead-in
Cycle opener
Cycle opening
Cycle opening?
Cycle or form
Cycle or lateral prefix
Cycle or verse beginner
Cycle or verse prefix
Cycle preceder
Cycle prefix
Cycle start
Cycle start?
Cycle starter
Cycle starter?
Dimensional lead-in
Directional beginning
Directional prefix
Down Under school
Equivalent of mono-.
Etruscan Juno
Far less than quadri-
"Flinders in Adelaide, e.g., briefly"
Foot or hand
Football jersey
"Football player's kit, for short"
Form front
Form front?
Form heading?
Form intro
Form opening
Form opening?
Form or corn preceder
Form or verse lead-in
Form starter?
Half of bi-
Half of half of half of octo-
Half of half of tetra-
Intro to corn
Intro to sex?
Introduction to sex
Introduction to sex?
It can lead to sex
It may come before sex
It may precede sex
"Jersey and shorts, say, briefly"
Kin of mono-
Kind of cycle
Kind of cycle or form
Kind of form
Kind of lateral
Lateral beginning
Lateral lead-in
Lateral opening
Lateral opening?
Lateral or cycle lead-in
Lateral prefix
Lateral start
Lead-in for form
Lead-in for verse or cycle
Lead-in to -tard
Lead-in to sex at a hair salon?
Less than bi-
Mono kin
Mono's cousin
Mono- cousin
Mono- kin
Mono- relative
Mr. Miyagi's portrayer
Not multi
Not multi-
Numerical prefix
Numerical prefix.
Numerical word form
One (prefix)
One at the beginning
One at the front?
One at the start
One before bi
One starting?
"One, to begin with"
One-fourth of quadri-
One-quarter of quadri-
One: Comb. form
One: Comb. form.
One: Pref.
One: Prefix
One: Prefix.
One: pref.
One: prefix
Opening for sex
"Oxford, e.g., to its students"
Perth postgrad school
"Place of higher education, in slang"
"Place of higher learning, to an Aussie"
"Player's outfit, informally"
Preceder of bi-
Prefix akin to mono-
Prefix before brow
"Prefix for ""corn"""
"Prefix for ""cycle"" or ""form"""
"Prefix for ""form"""
Prefix for 'one'
Prefix for corn
Prefix for corn or cycle
Prefix for corn or form
Prefix for corn or verse
Prefix for corn.
Prefix for cycle
Prefix for cycle or form
Prefix for cycle or sex
Prefix for dimensional
Prefix for form
Prefix for form or corn
Prefix for form or cycle
Prefix for form or sex
Prefix for form or verse
Prefix for lateral
Prefix for one
Prefix for sex or verse
Prefix for verse
Prefix for verse or corn
Prefix for verse or cycle
Prefix for verse or form
Prefix like mono-
"Prefix meaning ""one"""
"Prefix with ""brow"""
"Prefix with ""corn"""
"Prefix with ""cyclist"""
"Prefix with ""form"""
"Prefix with ""sex"" or ""corn"""
"Prefix with ""verse"""
"Prefix with ""verse"" or ""cycle"""
Prefix with -form
Prefix with -verse
Prefix with brow
Prefix with cameral
Prefix with cellular
Prefix with cellular or body
Prefix with code or color
Prefix with color
Prefix with colored
Prefix with corn
Prefix with corn and form
Prefix with corn and form.
Prefix with corn or brow
Prefix with corn or cycle
Prefix with corn or form
Prefix with corn or form.
Prefix with corn or sex
Prefix with corn or verse
"Prefix with corn, form, or cycle"
Prefix with cycle
Prefix with cycle and cellular
Prefix with cycle and sex
Prefix with cycle or form
Prefix with cycle or lateral
Prefix with cycle or sex
Prefix with cycle or verse
Prefix with cyclist
Prefix with dimensional
Prefix with directional
Prefix with directional or cycle
Prefix with directional or lateral
Prefix with flow
Prefix with form
Prefix with form and verse.
Prefix with form or corn
Prefix with form or cycle
Prefix with form or sex
Prefix with form or verse
Prefix with lateral
Prefix with lateral and directional
Prefix with lateral and sexual
Prefix with lateral or verse
Prefix with lingual or lateral
Prefix with planar or polar
Prefix with polar
Prefix with polar or cameral
Prefix with polar or lateral
Prefix with sex
Prefix with sex or cycle
Prefix with sphere
Prefix with sphere.
Prefix with tard or form
Prefix with valve
Prefix with verse
Prefix with verse or cycle
Prefix with verse or form
Prefix with verse or lateral
Prefix with vision
Prefix with vocal
Prefix with vocal or sex
Prefix with vocal or verse.
Quadri- minus three
Quadri- quartered
Relative of mono-
Royal opening in the tire industry?
"Sea urchin eggs, sushi-style"
Sea urchin in sushi bars
Sea urchin roe
"Sea urchin roe, at a sushi bar"
"Sea urchin roe, in sushi bars"
"Sea urchin, at a sushi bar"
"Sea urchin, sushi-style"
Sex lead-in
Sex lead-in?
Sex leader
Sex start
Sex start?
Sex starter
Sexual introduction
Sexual start
Single at the beginning?
Single beginning
Single opening
Single opening?
Single prefix
Single start?
Single starter
Single starter?
Single: Comb. form.
Single: Prefix
Single: Prefix.
Single: prefix
Singular beginning
Singular opening?
Singular prefix
Singular start
Soccer player's jersey
"Soccer player's jersey, for short"
Soccer player's kit
Sphere or verse starter?
"Start for ""corn"" or ""form"""
Start for corn
Start for corn or form
Start for sex or corn
Start for sex or size
Start of a cycle
Start of a cycle?
Start of a form?
Start of a verse?
Start to color?
Start to cycle?
Start to form?
Start with corn
Starter for cycle or corn
Starter of sex?
Sushi bar serving
Sushi delicacy
Sushi goody
Sushi item
"Synonym of ""Mono-"""
"Team outfit, briefly"
"Throwback jersey, e.g."
Tri- less two
Tri- minus bi-
Tri- minus two
Tri- thirded
Two less than tri-
Two-thirds of sesqui-
Valve opening?
Verse attachment?
Verse beginning
Verse beginning?
Verse heading
Verse heading?
Verse intro
Verse intro?
Verse introduction
Verse introduction?
Verse opener
Verse opener?
Verse opening
Verse opening?
Verse or corn lead-in
Verse or form start
Verse or sex lead-in
Verse prefix
Verse start
Verse start?
Verse starter
Verse starter?
Where an Aussie gets a degree
Winner of more than half of all the World Puzzle Championships
"Wrestler's attire, informally"
___-ball pens
Prefix with lateral
Prefix with "cycle" or "sex"
Prefix with "cycle" or "sex"
Prefix with corn or sex
Bi- halved
Half of bi-
Half of bi-
Prefix for sex or cycle
Athlete's wear, informally
Prefix with sex or brow
Prefix with form or verse
Cycle starter?
Athlete's wear, for short
"Cycle" beginning
Half of bi-
Prefix with cycle
Kin of mono-
Half of bi-
Canberra school
Half of bi-
College, to Aussies
Half of bi-
Half of bi-
Numerical prefix
Not multi-
Prefix with -versal
A French one at college
A French one at college
Sex starter
Half of bi-
Prefix with "verse" or "cycle"
Half of bi-
Numerical prefix
Start for cycle
Solitary prefix
College of punishment
Numerical prefix
Half of bi-
College, in British lingo
Prefix for lateral
Sea urchin, at a sushi bar
Prefix with verse
Cycle starter
Prefix for lateral
Start to form?
Prefix with "corn" or "form"
Prefix with sex or cycle
Verse lead-in
Prefix with sex or brow
Numerical prefix
Prefix meaning ''one''
Pruning around college
Start of a cycle?
Half of bi-
Half of bi-
Aussie college
Brow beginning
Prefix with corn or form
___-ball pens
Prefix with cycle
Half of bi-
Prefix with lateral
Verse starter
Half of bi-
College: an association of people avoiding working
Canberra school
Octa- minus seven
Start to cycle?
"Cycle" attachment
Half of bi-
Cycle attachment for one?
Lead-in to code, on a computer
It means ''single''
Prefix similar to "mono-"
Prefix for lateral or lingual
Prefix meaning 24-Down
Numerical prefix
Sushi bar offering
Half of bi-
Alternative to ''leo'' in ''leotard''
Place to study marriage that's not working?
Numerical prefix
Half of bi-
Prefix for cycle
Half of bi-
Beginning for "lateral"
Bi- less one
Numerical prefix
Prefix for lateral
One, to start with
Half of bi-
Half of bi-
Prefix with cellular
Prefix with lateral
___-ball (pen brand)