Word: VOL

The word VOL has appeared in at least 159 clues on different crosswords.

3-D stat
Abbr. next to a knob on stereos
Abbr. on a book's spine
Abbreviation on a TV remote
Abbreviation on many a remote
Amt. of sound
"Big knob, often: Abbr."
Bk. in a series
Bk. number
Book no.
Book: Abbr.
Book: abbr.
Calc calc.
Calc. calculation
Calculus calculation: Abbr.
Cassette knob abbr.
Clicker button: Abbr.
Console abbr.
Cubic meas.
Daily NYSE no.
Division of an encyclopedia: Abbr.
Enc. unit
Ency. part
Encyc. book
Encyc. component
Encyc. part
Encyc. portion
Encyc. section
Encyc. unit
Encycl. unit
Encyclopedia bk.
Encyclopedia unit (abbr.)
Encyclopedia unit abbr.
Encyclopedia unit: Abbr.
Erupting mount: Abbr.
I or II of a series: abbr.
Issue abbr.
It gets high when you turn up: Abbr.
Kind of fire dept.
Knob on a stereo (Abbr.)
Knob on a stereo: abbr.
L x W x H
L x w x h
Lady ___: Tennessee athlete
Leters on a remote
Letters on some remotes
Library abbr.
Library unit: Abbr.
Library-card abbr.
Loudness: abbr.
Mag cover abbr.
Mag. info
"Member of the 2007 Women's N.C.A.A. champion basketball team, for short"
"Neyland Stadium player, for short"
OED unit
One bk. of a set
One of a Tenn. eleven
One of a set of bks.
"P-Q, maybe: Abbr."
Part of an encyc.
"Peyton Manning, before becoming an alum"
"Peyton Manning, in college"
Radio knob abbr.
Radio knob: Abbr.
Radio setting (abbr.)
Radio setting: Abbr.
Ref. book
Ref. set member
Remote abbr.
Remote abbreviation
Remote button
Remote button abbr.
"Remote button with ""+"" and ""-"""
Remote button: Abbr.
Remote control abbr.
Remote control button
Remote letters
"Remote letters, often"
Remote marking
Remote marking (Abbr.)
Remote-control abbr.
"Remote-control button, briefly"
Setting on a CD player
Solid geometry abbr.
Solid geometry calculation: Abbr.
Spotify setting: Abbr.
Stereo knob (abbr.)
Stereo knob abbr.
Stereo knob: Abbr.
Stereo knob: abbr.
Switch on a radio: Abbr.
TN player
TV audio adjustment
TV control
TV control (Abbr.)
TV control (abbr.)
TV control abbr.
TV control: Abbr.
TV dial: Abbr.
TV knob
TV knob abbr.
TV remote abbr.
TV sound setting
Tenn. athlete
Tenn. footballer
Tenn. native
Tenn. player
Tenn. team member
Tennessee athlete
"Tennessee athlete, familiarly"
"Tennessee athlete, for short"
"Tennessee athlete, informally"
Tennessee footballer
Tennessee jock
Tennessee player
Tennessee player for short
"Tennessee player, affectionately"
"Tennessee player, for short"
Tennesseean for short
Tome: Abbr.
"Two liters, e.g.: Abbr."
U. of Tenn. athlete: Abbr
U. of Tennessee athlete
"University of Tennessee athlete, for short"
VCR knob
VCR setting
"W-X-Y-Z for an encyclopedia, maybe: Abbr."
"W-Z, e.g., in an encyc."
World Book bk.
iPod control: Abbr.
Remote control abbr.
Tennessee athlete, for short
Book-spine abbr.
In heraldry, a pair of wings conjoined
Stereo control: Abbr.
In heraldry, a pair of wings conjoined
In heraldry, a pair of wings conjoined
Abbr. on many remotes
Abbr. on many remotes
Sound abbr.?
Univ. of Tennessee athlete
Loudness: Abbr.
Remote abbr.
TV loud-soft control: Abbr.
Abbr. on some remotes
Remote control button
Book-spine abbr.
Remote control abbr.
Remote abbr.
Remote button abbr.
Amt. of space
Encyclopedia bk.
UT athlete
TV control: Abbr.
Remote letters
Loudness knob abbr.