Word: WOOD

The word WOOD has appeared in at least 213 clues on different crosswords.

"""American Gothic"" artist"
"""American Gothic"" creator"
"""American Gothic"" painter"
"""American Gothic"" painter Grant"
"""Ed ___"" (Depp film)"
"""I better knock on ___"""
"""Knock on ___"""
"""Rebel Without a Cause"" co-star"
"""Rebel Without a Cause"" star"
'American Gothic' painter
'Norwegian --' ('65 song)
"A three or a five, for instance"
Actress Natalie
Alternative to an iron
"Alternative to an iron, in golf"
American Gothic artist
American Gothic painter
Anniversary gift after linen
Area for bird watchers.
"Army Chief of Staff, 1910
Artist Grant
Ash or alder
Ash or yew.
Balance beam makeup
Balsa or pine
"Balsa, e.g."
"Balsa, say"
Beech and birch
Biofuel can be made from ___ chips
Birnam or Belleau
"Birnam, in ""Macbeth"""
Board makeup
Brassie or driver
"Brassie, e.g."
"Brassie, for one"
Builder's need
Building material.
Caddie's offering
"Caddie's offering, perhaps"
Caddies suggestion
Carpenter's need
Carpenter's staple
Carpenter's supply
Carpentry material
Certain golf club
Certain stove filler
Cherry or maple
"Cherry, e.g."
Club option
Club selection
Common furniture material
Cord content
Cord contents
Cord under a tarp
Country club club
Couples club
Court drama's beginning with contents of a trunk? (4)
"Covered club, usually"
Driver or spoon
"Driver, e.g."
"Driver, for one"
"Ebony, e.g."
"Ebony, for one"
"Elijah of ""The Two Towers"""
Elm or ebony
Fallen candlepins
Fifth anniversary gift
Fifth-anniversary gift
Fire fuel
Fireplace fuel
Fireside stack
Flooring material
Fuel for a firepit
Fuel for the fire
Furniture material
Golf club
Golf club now made of metal
Golf club.
Golfer's choice
Golfer's selection
Grant in the arts
Grant or Peggy
Guitar material
Iron alternative
"Irwin's driver, e.g."
It's chopped in the fall
Kind of alcohol
Kind of stock for a musical event
Knock on ___
Knocker's target?
Ligneous stuff
Links selection
Lousy conductor
Lumber material
Macbeth's Birnam ___
Makeup of one of the homes of the Three Little Pigs
Material for Washington's dentures
Modeling medium
Morning ___
Mother Love Bone's Andrew
"Natalie of ""Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"""
Not an iron
Oak or elm
Old tennis racket material
Old term for a kibitzer*
"Oliver ___, captain of Gryffindor's Quidditch team from 1990-1994"
PGA driver
Painter of 'American Gothic'
Percussion instrument struck with a mallet
Piled fuel
Pinocchio material
Pipe material
Potbellied stove's fuel
Reading Dynamics proponent
Ronnie of The Rolling Stones
Something to knock on
Spoon or brassie
Stacked fuel
Stud material
Stuff in a trunk
Stuff in a trunk?
Tarheel Al made the 1981 Final Four All-Tourney team
"Teak, for one"
Termite's meal
Termite's treat
"The Beatles' ""Norwegian ___"""
Treat for a termite
Tree material that's a renewable natural resource
US painter
"Walnut, for one."
"Washington's dentures material, according to folklore"
"What ""microcrystalline cellulose,"" listed as an ingredient in some burgers, really is"
"What the ""Mona Lisa"" is painted on."
Whittler's material
Whittling material
Willie of the TOUR
Willie was 8-time Packer All-Pro
"With 34D, a pretty tree"
Word after Ron or Norwegian
Word with shed or work
You saw it
___ ibis.
Fuel for a fireplace
Fireplace fuel
Fireplace fuel
Golfer's choice
Henry —, conductor who founded the Promenade Concerts in London
Small forest
Fireplace fuel
Fireplace fuel
It often has a metal head, ironically
More ___ (Ontario village)
Choice for a par 5 hole, often
Area where trees grow
Lumberyard purchase
Grant in the arts
Evan Rachel —, actress who played Natalie Finch in 2006 comedy-drama film Running with Scissors
In play, it's distinguishable from iron, of course
Would sound like a xylophone, presumably
Golf club
No jungle, it seems a singular place for a Tiger
Fireplace fuel
Verdant area adjacent to Victoria?
Balsa or beech
Winter cord
Fireplace fuel
Fireplace fuel
Unlike college baseball bats, now
Metal or composite club, ironically
Forest club
Walnut, for one
Club made of metal or fiber, now
Fireplace fuel
Mahogany or oak
Small forest
Food for a termite
Pinocchio's makeup
Forest club
Paper source
Misnomer for a modern golf driver
Golf club
Fireplace fuel
Forest club
Material from trees
Termite's meal
Natalie —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Love with the Proper Stranger
What lumber is made of
There's grain in this country area