Word: ZEN

The word ZEN has appeared in at least 274 clues on different crosswords.

"""And now, your moment of ___"""
"""Everything ___, I don't think so"" Bush"
"""Moment of ___"" (""The Daily Show"" feature)"
"""Your Moment of ___"""
"""Your Moment of ___"" (""The Daily Show"" feature)"
"""Your Moment of ___,"" closing segment of ""The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"""
"""___ Master"" (nickname for Phil Jackson)"
"""___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"""
"""___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"": '70s best-seller"
"""___ in the Art of Writing"": Ray Bradbury collection"
'___ in the Art of Archery' (1953 book)
-- Buddhism
A way to enlightenment
Asian school of thought
Bodhidharma's movement
Bodhidharma's philosophy
Branch of Buddhism
Branch of Buddhism.
Buddhism branch
Buddhism doctrine
Buddhism faction
Buddhism school
Buddhism sect
Buddhism type
Buddhist branch
Buddhist cult
Buddhist discipline
Buddhist meditation
Buddhist path
Buddhist school
Buddhist school with retreats
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect at heart of citizenship (3)
Buddhist sect.
Buddhist state
Buddhist way
"Bush's ""Everything ___"""
"Bush: ""Everything ___"""
"Calm, so to speak"
"Calmness, in slang"
Certain Buddhist teachings
Certain school of Mahayana Buddhism
"Chill, as it were"
"Chilled out, as it were"
Chinese discipline
Contemplative practice
Cult of Orient
Deeply paradoxical
Discipline symbolized by a painted circle
"Discipline that teaches ""beginner's mind"""
Discipline that uses koans
Eastern approach
Eastern discipline
Eastern school
Eastern sect
Eastern state?
"Easygoing, in slang"
Enlightenment-seeking discipline
Enlightenment-seeking school
Enlightenment-seeking sect
"Final word that Jon Stewart says on ""The Daily Show,"" typically"
First word in the title of a Robert M. Pirsig book
Form of Buddhism
Form of Buddhism.
Form of shiatsu
"In slang, chilled ouT"
Insight by meditation
Introspective group
Introspective sect
It examines koans
It focuses on paradoxes
It involves studying paradoxes
Japanese Buddhist sect
Japanese cult.
Japanese path of enlightenment
Japanese school of meditation
Japanese sect
Japanese sect of Buddhism
"Jon Stewart's ""moment of ___"""
Kind of Buddhism
Kind of Buddhism.
Kind of Buddhist
Kind of garden
Kind of master
Kind of riddle
Kind of state
Kind of state in the East
Kind of state that's peaceful
Koan poser's sect
Koan teaching
Koan-posing sect
Lama's enlightenment
"Last word said on ""The Daily Show,"" often"
Like some gardens
Like some rock gardens
"Literally, ""meditation"""
Mahayana Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism sect
Mahayana branch
Mahayana movement
Mahayana movement with mondos
Master's discipline
"Master's discipline, perhaps"
Means of enlightenment
Means to enlightenment
Means to self-awareness
Meditating school
Meditation discipline
Meditation method
Meditation principle
Meditation subject
Meditation system
Meditative Buddhist sect
Meditative discipline
Meditative faith
Meditative movement
Meditative philosophy
Meditative practice
Meditative religion
Meditative school
Meditative school of Buddhism
Meditative sect
Meditative thought
Meditative worship
Meditator's school
Moment of ___
Movement called Ch'an in Chinese
Movement in which mondos are asked
Movement traced to an ancient flower sermon
Movement whose members seek satori
Movement with mondos
"One with the universe, so to speak"
Oriental cult
Oriental sect
Path of enlightenment
Path to enlightenment
"Peace, of a kind"
Philosophical interest for John Cage
Philosophy Robert Pirsig matched up with motorcycles
Popular kind of Buddhism
Pursuit of satori
Religion derived from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama
Religion featured in Kerouac's books
Religion touted in Kerouac novels
Religious doctrine
Rinzai school's teachings
Road to enlightenment
"Road to enlightenment, for some"
Robert Pirsig title word
"Robert Pirsig's ""___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"""
"Robert Plant ""Now and ___"""
"Robert Plant: ""Now and ___"""
Roshi's movement
Satori practice
Satori-seeking discipline
Satori-seeking sect
School of Buddhism
School of Buddhism.
Sect in Japan.
Self-contemplative practice
Self-realization sect
Some masters' mastery
Some meditation
Source of enlightenment
Spiritual path
Start of a Robert Pirsig title
State to be in
Subject of the Flower Sermon
The Daily Show's 'moment of ___'
Totally chill
Totally chill about everything
Totally chill approach
Type of Buddhism
Type of garden with rocks
Unstructured Buddhism
Variety of Buddhism
"Vietnamese viewpoint, frequently"
Wonderful state
"Word from the Mandarin for ""absorption"""
"Word from the Sanskrit for ""absorption"""
Your Moment of ___: Jon Stewart's show ender
___ Buddhism
___ Buddhism.
___ Buddhist
___ Buddhist.
___ Master (NBA coach Phil Jackson's nickname)
___ buddhism
___ garden
___ garden (peaceful refuge)
___ master
___ state
___ state (blissful self-awareness)
___ state (pleasant place to be)
Type of garden with rocks
Buddhist discipline
Buddhism branch
Buddhist sect
Meditative school
Peaceful and relaxed
Introspective sect
Form of Buddhism
Last character to have space for religious sect
Type of garden
School of Buddhism
Citizens embrace form of Buddhism
Satori school
Tranquil and minimalistic
Path to enlightenment
Buddhist sect
Buddhist meditative practice
Subsidiary building
"Moment of ___" (Trevor Noah bit)
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Kind of Buddhist
Path to enlightenment
Buddhist sect
Eastern state?
Meditative school
School with paradoxes
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Buddhist school
Kind of Buddhism
Introspective movement
Buddhism variety
Meditative school
Meditative sect of Buddhism
Buddhist sect
___ state
"Your Moment of ___," and a hint to what's added to the starred answers
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Meditative kind of state
Meditative discipline
Buddhist school
Enlightenment-seeking sectend
Form of Buddhism
Craze never included Buddhism
School of Buddhism
Buddhist sect
Buddhist sect
Enlightenment-seeking sect
Buddhist discipline
Kind of state
Branch of Buddhism
Meditative practice
___ Buddhism
Buddhist sect
"___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (1970s bestseller)
Buddhist discipline
Meditative faith
Meditative school of Buddhism
Buddhist school
Satori-seeking discipline
___ garden (place to meditate)
Buddhist sect
"Your Moment of ___" ("The Daily Show" segment)
Buddhist sect
Buddhist doctrine
Buddhist discipline that was recently added to the official Scrabble dictionary
"Your Moment of ___" (final segment of "The Daily Show")
Buddhist discipline
Meditative practice
Eastern state
Branch of Buddhism
Buddhist sect
Branch of Buddhism